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June 2013

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Making a Difference Young Entrepreneurs Academy

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy, YEA!, is the most exciting program we have presented in my tenure at the Clovis Chamber. So often we question whether our hard work really produces empirical results and mostly it does. With YEA!, the products of our efforts will be our young people who will see a benefit in their future lives and careers. This all ties in with the Chamber’s focus this year on the upcoming generations of business leaders and entrepreneurs. We will have an impact on the future of our community and the economy. That is the most satisfying outcome of all that we do. YEA! was created in 2004 at the University of Rochester and is partnered with the US Chamber of Commerce. The Clovis Chamber was chosen as the first in California to give our young people this tremendous opportunity. Not only is our Chamber recognized nationally, so is our school district. The US Chamber knew that we’d put on a first class program. After a rigorous application and interview process, 24 high school students will start this 9 month course running from October through May. We are looking for students with the drive, passion and most importantly, commitment, to prepare themselves for a bright future as

Clovis Chamber of Commerce 325 Pollasky Avenue Clovis CA, 93612

By Senator Tom Berryhill

entrepreneurs. The well planned and proven curriculum will teach them how to recognize and implement their business talents. The first 10 weeks concentrate on investigating business ideas and opportunities. They will develop the basis of their business, choose a name and start interacting with successful business people in the community. The second 10 weeks is the actual development of a viable business plan. Mentors will be available and guest speakers from all walks of life. They’ll learn the nitty gritty of business including financials, taxes, legal regulations, insurance, marketing and networking. One of the six field trips is a visit to the county clerk’s office to register their business. The third 10 weeks sees the implementation of their business. They will learn how to make presentations, speak publicly, even how to dress appropriately. Their business will be featured at a trade show where they can interact with the public and even sell their wares. This all culminates with a presentation before an investor panel where program funds are actually made available to student companies. Besides learning how to create and run a business, the top two students will be flown to New York to compete for national scholarships from the Saunders Scholarship Program. One lucky winner and parent then go on to Washington DC to be guests of the US Chamber of Commerce at its Annual Small Business Summit. We look at all the students as winners. The skills they receive from going through YEA! will last a lifetime. Planning, team building, financial literacy, public speaking, opportunity recognition, networking, creative problem solving

Mark Blackney CEO/President Clovis Chamber of Commerce

Message from CEO/President and conflict resolution are priceless. The improvement in the students’ self esteem and bearing is remarkable from the first day of class to the last. And just think how the YEA! program looks on a college application. The skills and experience they gain far outweigh having a paying job that is so hard to come by in today’s economy. With 99% of YEA! students enrolling in college, it’s obvious the program works. If interested in learning more about the program visit :www.yeausa.or www.fran@ We’ll have no problem registering our 24 students. We have a remarkable group of passionate, ambitious young people in the Valley who will have bright futures. It’s the adult participants we are reaching out to. First of all, the tuition is low so we need financial sponsors who will be given Young Entrepreneurs, continued on page 2

Sacramento Report

As the days heat up, so do the issues in Sacramento. This time of year is filled with deadlines and policy hearings where, generally on a party line vote, commonsense ideas die on the vine while crazy ideas grow like weeds. In the Central Valley our unemployment numbers still remain in the double digits, so measures to spur the economy are high on my radar. In Sacramento these days, the business community is forced to play defense more often than not. Despite the governor’s promise of a rosy budget outlook if voters passed Proposition 30 last fall, the legislature continues to push for tax increases. Whether it is repealing the Net Operating Loss (AB 769 – Skinner), costly work place mandates or one of the no less than six measures to lower the vote threshold to raise taxes – there is a constant and steady assault on the business community. There are a lot of issues before the Legislature right now, but this month I am going to focus on efforts to reform the California Environmental Quality Act. While there has been some movement on reforming or “modernizing” the California Environmental Quality Act, the governor was spot-on when he predicted

there would be no reform this year. You may have read news articles to the contrary, but I believe the governor is correct in his assumption that nothing of substance will get out of the Legislature. Why? Big Labor, trial lawyers and the environmental community are not interested in easing abuses of CEQA because those abuses work to their advantage in negotiations. Sadly, projects – translation: jobs -- are delayed for years while those groups fight over contracts, the aesthetics of a project and a host of other issues unrelated to the environmental review process. Last week the Senate Environmental Quality Committee held a special hearing on all of the CEQA bills introduced in the Senate. The bills that actually made it out of committee were either opposed by the business community, make merely minor tweaks to CEQA or address just a small sliver of the problem. I also had a bill, SB 787, that I believe would have gone a long way toward addressing CEQA abuses by integrating newer – and sometimes stricter – environmental planning laws with the CEQA process, thus eliminating duplicative environmental review and frivolous lawsuits. It was defeated on a

party-line vote in committee. CEQA is intended to provide an opportunity for environmental review before a project moves forward. The Legislature routinely waives CEQA requirements for NFL stadiums or high-speed rail but leaves the regular development projects flailing in the wind. The sheer fact that only these big ‘sexy’ projects get fast-tracked by the Legislature is a tacit admission that the process is completely broken. My hope is that the governor remains strong in calling for real reform. However, my concern is that the Legislature will make minor adjustments, claim reform and do a victory dance in the end zone. We all remember last year’s so-called reform of the state’s public employee pension system. I always welcome your input on matters before the Legislature. Please feel free to contact me or my office about issues that impact you, your business or your community. You can reach me at 916 651-4014 in Sacramento or in Fresno at 559 253-7122. Visit my web site at www.

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Ken May - Board Chair Rick Snow - Past Chair Snowflake Designs Shelly D’Arcy - Chair Elect Kaiser Permanente Karena Dillon - Vice Chair, Chamber Gives Back Baker Dillon Group Nick Maxwell - Vice Chair, Finance LPL Financial Gary Honeycutt - Vice Chair, Advocacy B.J. Kountry Kitchen Ellie Huston - Vice Chair, Marketing Gina Estrada - Vice Chair, Nominating AXA Equitable


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Young Entrepreneurs

recognition on all correspondence about YEA! as well as in the Chamber Insider that is read by over 60,000 people. They can also serve on the Investor Panel, determining the winning student and deciding the distribution of “investor” funds to the newly created companies. We are looking for successful, dynamic speakers who have the time and interest in working with young people. We’ll need three instructors who can give 4 hours a week for a 10 week period. These will be the ones leading the weekly classes while following the YEA! curriculum.

real student businesses. Near the end of the program, we’ll host a CEO Roundtable where business leaders will tell their business success stories. And a media Meet and Greet that will teach the students the ins and outs of publicity. Interested participants should contact Fran at the Chamber at fran@ The list is long, but I know there are plenty of caring individuals in the Central Valley who want to make a difference in a young person’s life besides adding to your own personal legacy.

Grow Your Business with a Focused Referral Program How can you get other business people to help you grow your business? Become part of a group of other enthusiastic and goal-oriented business people who also want to grow their company and sales by leveraging the power of referral networking. The Clovis Chamber Leads Club, the Marketing Alliance Partners, is full of professionals who look for new business leads for each other. As you interact with customers, vendors and friends, you’ll find opportunities to refer business to other people in your group and the other group members are doing

the same for you! There is only one person per business category and participation is limited to Chamber members in good standing. The MAP Leads Club is a FREE benefit of your Clovis Chamber membership, valued at $500+ per year. Meetings are on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. at Mother Mary’s Italian Kitchen on the northeast corner of Willow & Nees. Call Beth Bridges at 299-7363 or email her at to find out if your category is available.

The Get Smart Mixer Willow International Community College Center hosts the next Mixer on June 19th from 5 to 7. Get an inside look at the new flagship campus of the State Center Community College District. Find out how this campus is going to grow and provide

learning opportunities to a huge student body in the future. Network with the best networkers in the Valley to promote and grow your business. The event will be held at 10309 N. Willow Avenue on the southwest corner of Willow and International Park in the lobby

Speed Networking Returns Speed Networking returns on June 25th after selling out every session. This is the fun, productive way to make valuable contacts, get new leads and get your business known. Participants sit across from each other and have 2 minutes with each partner. When the bell rings, one side shifts over and starts all over again. By the end of the evening, you will have interacted with 23 people. Between the two rounds, drinks and snacks will be served. Costing $18 for Clovis Chamber members and $31 for non-members, the space is limited to only 24 people on a first call, first reserved status. Register by calling 299-7363 or e-mailing Beth at beth@clovischamber. com.

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During the second session, mentors will give 90 minutes a week for 7 weeks. They will assist in creating the business plans and provide guidance and feedback as students think through all aspects of their business creation. We’re looking for an accountant, attorney, e-commerce expert, insurance and niche marketing expert, a social entrepreneur, banker, government resource and sales speakers. Each makes one presentation. We need members of the prestigious investor panel. Panelists will evaluate, judge and provide start-up capital to the

of the big building directly north of the parking lot, Academic Center One. Bring lots of business cards to give out to the over 100 visitors. As usual, this is a FREE event for Clovis Chamber members who are encouraged to bring a potential new member as a guest.

Join Sheriff Margaret Mims at Wake Up Clovis

Women Business Owners Roundtable This month’s Women Business Owners Roundtable will feature Sera Larsen, Consultant, who will share her best tips for thriving as a small business owner. As a management consultant, Sera partners with small business executives to achieve their growth potential. She is the founder of the Fresno-based CEO group, EDGE, a forum for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by collaboration. She is also an instructor for the Small

Business Administration’s Emerging Leaders curriculum. The roundtable will be held on Tuesday, May 28th, 5:30 to 7:30 at Andiamo Ristorante Italiano on Shaw Avenue. There is no admission fee, but please order dinner. This event is open to Clovis Chamber members only and you must RSVP to guarantee a seat by calling Beth at 2997363 or

You are invited to the Hilton Garden Inn on June 21st for breakfast and to hear Margaret Mims speak about her important job as the Fresno County sheriff. With the current situation of prison realignment, Mims will have a lot of interesting stories to share. Arrive at 7:30 to order breakfast, $9.99 + tax. The Sheriff will start speaking at 8. Be sure to bring lots of questions and comments. This event is open to the public. - 3

The Affordable Care Act and Small Business By, Mr. Fred Mora, III, MA, Human Resources Consortium, Inc.

News relating to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or what has been commonly referred to as, “Obamacare,” is nothing new to individuals and businesses alike. Nonetheless, it is important to note that one of the most significant components of the ACA is just about to take place – the mandate that all individuals acquire health coverage and large businesses (over 50 full-time equivalent employees) provide health coverage to their employees or pay a tax penalty. But what does the ACA has to say for small business (25 or fewer fulltime equivalent employees), as well as businesses who employee anywhere from 26 to 49 full-time equivalent employees? The ACA lacks sufficient clarification concerning the treatment of employers that fall in between the definition of a small and large business (in terms of full-time equivalent employees). It is assumed that the federal government will be forthcoming with more information concerning the treatment and of these types of businesses. Nevertheless, employers should note that California has affectively addressed this matter by including employers employing 26 to 49 full-time equivalent employees into the same ranks of small business. As with small business, these organizations will be provided the same opportunity to compare and select from a variety of qualified, competing health plans from private insurance carriers, including group plans once only thought to be offered to large businesses. Additionally, these organizations will currently not be mandated to provide health care coverage

to their workers, as is the case for large employers (with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees). Under the ACA, small business is not mandated to provide health coverage to their employees and will also not be subject to any penalties; however, for those which currently do or are considering providing health care coverage, the ACA, in cooperation with the IRS, extends a small business tax credit to ease the overall burden of health care costs. According the IRS, effective January 1, 2014, an enhanced version of the tax credit will go into effect increasing the credit from 35% to 50% for small business employers and from 25% to 35% for small tax-exempt employers. To view the specifics of the tax credit, visit the following URL for more information: Small-Business-Health-Care-Tax-Creditfor-Small-Employers. It should be noted that the tax credit currently applies to only small businesses which have 25 or fewer full-time equivalent employees. Continuing in the light of small business, the “Small Business Health Care Options Program” or SHOP will soon open up allowing small business employers

to choose the level of coverage they want to offer to their employees, such as b r o n z e , silver, gold or platinum coverage. The employer will also define how much they will contribute to the cost of the insurance (cost share) which can be no less than 50% of the coverage. Once done, employees then go onto the state health insurance exchange and essentially choose from the qualified health plans being offered and which best meets their needs. Employers are billed by and pay premiums to the exchange. The exchange, essentially acting as the employer’s agent, accepts the paid premiums and splits the premium up between all the insurance companies the employees are using. As the date for open enrollment draws near (October, 2013), employers should take this time to begin researching and learning more about the health care law, especially large employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees, as well as small business employers who currently offer or are considering providing health care plans to their workers. Employers may find themselves scrambling for information and making hasty decisions

should they approach the health care issue too close to open enrollment time. Furthermore, employers should be aware of their upcoming obligation to disseminate the required health insurance exchange notice to all their workers. This notice will address the availability of health insurance exchanges to employees. Employers should anticipate this notice to come out on or around the fall of 2013 (delayed from the March 1st deadline). This notice is expected to be coordinated with the open enrollment period for exchanges. There are many resources employers may explore to catch on the health care law, as well as obtain assistance on making the right decisions concerning their business, such as, but not limited to, appropriate legal counsel, your HR manager/ representative, a human resources consultant, your current health care benefits administrator, the federal Department of Labor (http://www.dol. gov), and other helpful online resources, such as Covered California (http://, the California Health Benefits Exchange (http://www. and HealthCare. gov ( I hope you found this article helpful. The Human Resources Consortium is a professional outsource HR Company which offers valuable, cost-effective HR training, consultation, and services to local businesses. The information contained in this article is not to be construed as the offering of legal advice. Please consult appropriate legal counsel.

Chamber Take Stands By Fran Blackney Business Advocate

The Clovis Chamber’s Advocacy Task Force and the Board of Directors have taken a stand on several bills that are wending their way through the Sacramento Legislature. We oppose most of these bills since they are bad for business while we support two that will help business. The Chamber OPPOSES the following bills: AB152 – Yamada. Provides unemployment benefits to those who are starting a new business. The unemployment fund is currently deeply in debt including monies owed to the federal government that doubled businesses’ federal unemployment taxes. The bill provides very little oversight on the actual efforts made in starting a viable business. AB188 – Ammiano. Redefines the meaning of change of ownership during a sale of commercial property. Would significantly raise business taxes. AB242 – Chau. Privacy policies must be rewritten on internet web sites. SB626 – Beall. Would significantly raise worker compensation costs. Both bills were killed in committee. SB691 – Hancock. Increases penalties 10 fold for non-vehicular pollutants without defining the types and levels of pollutants that would trigger the penalties. Too vague and too broad. AB300 – Perea. Increases fees on the purchase of wireless products to pay for 911 services. Would create a new regulation for retailers to follow. AB1263 – Perez. Increases the number of interpreters for Medi-Cal while unionizing them and paying them $68/hour, a huge increase over people currently in that role. AB10 – Alejo. Increases the minimum wage to $9.25/hour over three years then

indexed to inflation. This is an excessive burden on employers during a recession and hurts low and unskilled workers who won’t get hired. Also raises prices that hurts those on fixed incomes SB25 - Contract Disputes involving Farmworkers. This is essentially card check that the chamber has always opposed. Gives an unfair advantage to union organizers while hurting owners of the farms. The Chamber SUPPORTS two bills so far: AB113 – Perez. This added $2 million to the budget of the Secretary of State to expedite business filing processing. Bill has already been passed and signed by the governor. AB227 – Gatto. Stops drive by lawsuits by unscrupulous attorneys against businesses in alleged violations of Prop 65 regulations. Many involve the posting of signs or labeling bottles. Bill would allow businesses time to fix the problem rather than pay $2,500/day fines. During the next Advocacy Task Force meeting, issues involving an oil severance tax, a soda tax, recycling of fast food containers, lowering the threshold for passage of local taxes, new penalties over the Affordable Care Act, fracking and Environmental Studies will be considered. Despite the proliferation of anti-business proposals coming out of Sacramento, the Clovis Chamber will carry on as sentinels, keeping an eye on what can affect our business members and threaten our economy. We are fortunate to have two pro-business representatives, State Senator Tom Berryhill and Assemblyman Jim Patterson who are looking out for us.

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More Good News from Clovis Chamber Members As the spring time days continue, we still are receiving Good and Great News from our Clovis Chamber members. Congratulations to The Heart of the Horse Therapy Ranch as they are the winners of the First 5 Fresno County, Hands-On Hero Award in Health. Details: 297-7100 Katie Avila of New York Life is part of a massive move of the entire Fresno New York Life staff to its new location at 205 E River Park Circly, Suite 205. The relocation involves more than $1 million in tenant improvements. Details: 447-3900 Klein DeNatale Goldner is pleased to announce that Aimee Kircher, Esq. SPHR, has taken over its affiliate, KDG Human Resources Solutions (HDG RHS) under the new name Central Valley HR Solutions (CV HRS) effective May 1st. She can be contacted at 470-7796 or 3859-5840 Jeff D. Brown has joined local solar industry leader, Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. as the General Manager. He brings 32 years of solar industry experience to SolTek which recently completed the largest solar project in Clovis history by installing solar systems on the Clovis police and fire headquarters and two Clovis fire stations. Sol-Tek is a division of Westech Systems, Inc. Details: 269-5222 M&M Century 21 just expanded its office territory into Santa Cruz County with the opening of its Capitola office on April 22nd. It is now serving the San Joaquin Valley, Northern California and the Bay Area with 27 locations. They thank the community of Clovis for its continuing support. Details: 326-5111 DOV Sound has expanded to DOV Sound Events, now offering professional event planning and coordination. Their

new office is conveniently locatd at 55 Shaw Avnue, Suite 203 in Clovis. Stop in for a great cup of coffee and help them celebrate these exciting changes. Details: 334-3803 The Business Organization of Old Town, B.O.O.T., is looking forward to a busy Memorial Day weekend in Old Town. The 3rd Friday night of the Farmers Market will take place from 5:30 to 9:30 with Country Love as the band. Then on Sunday, visit Glorious Junk Days. They are expecting over 150 dealers so the fair has grown dramatically over the years. Visit for more information. Real Goods Solar will power 18 Stockton Unified School District schools and facilities with solar energy. The 17,000 solar panels totaling 5.1 megawatts are expected to save the district $600,000 in the first year, which will directly benefit school programs and services district wide. Details: 650-2554 One of our newest chamber members is ParleyShot Commercial Photography, owned and operated by Christian Parley, a photojournalist formerly with the Fresno Bee. He is excited to offer Google Business Photos to our local companies. In its first year, Google Business Photos worked with over 100,000 companies nationwide to showcase their businesses. Call Christian to use this new technology for your business. Details: 840-6222 In late April, Clovis Unified School District was named one of six California Business for Education Excellence (CBEE) Honor Roll Districts for 2012, the only San Joaquin Valley district to receive that honor. This is the first time CBEE has awarded its Honor Roll designation

to school districts. The award recognizes those districts successfully meeting the needs of all students, especially those facing language and poverty barriers. A large majority of Clovis Unified schools have been recognized individually for CBEE as Individual Honor Roll Schools. Details: 327-9092 Organized by Choice just launched a new and improved website. Check it out at Details: 871-3314 Monica Kelly opens Yoga Class at the Clovis Veterans Memorial Building. Toga for Big Bodies and Out-a-Shape Bodies are welcome as well as Group Hypnosis for Optimal Health. Details at www. Oakhurst Galleries has some new antique dealers within the shop. Carol and Ann have brought a fresh look, lots of retro, glassware, etc. etc. The fun thing is it gives a new look and a boost to all the existing dealers. The Pines Resort and Ducey’s on the Lake remind you that Bass Lake is full of Water, Fish and lots of Family Fun. Ducey’s on the Lake and Bar & Grill also have an exciting new menu filled with delicious new entrees. Details: 642-3121 The Perfect Vacation is getting all excited about its new (and bigger) location right across from the Clovis Chamber on the west side of Pollasky. The exterior boasts a new coat of paint – the doors will be finishied this week. The inside is almost done except for the flooring. They hope to move in late May or early June. Details: 324-8150 The Golden LivingCenter Clovis, honored their terrific nurses for their compassionate care during National

Nurses Week, May 6 – 10 and their hard working caregivers during Nursing Home Week, May 13 – 17. They also honored all the wonderful mothers both visitors and residents for their tendernss and concern. Jill Hendrickson of Jill Hendrickson Transformational Coaching received a Certificat of Appreciation from New York-based dance judge Kristina Staykova for rocking the house with a cha cha she preformed with collaborative coaching client Franco Peraza, founder of BailaFresno, at Ballroom Live’s April showcase. The Valley Animal Center is honoring our soldiers by reducing adoption fees for the month of Memorial Day! Adoption fees are slashed by $50 for active military or veterans all of May. Details: 233-8690 ARTCO, a leader in Web Site Design and development since 1993, has recently redesigned the web site for, an industrial safety e-commerce website. ARTCO has also created a new website for to promote the band’s upcoming trip to Normandy to celebrate the 70th anniversary of D-Day. is the new website developed for the Fresno County & City Republican Women Federated to provide information about the organization and its events. Details: 322-0989 Online website building and Internet marketing company, SEO Built, has grown to a staff of nine in 2013. According to owner Anthony Harron, more staff on the SEO Built roster means more opportunities for the team to take on larger projects. Details: 840-9416 - 5

Don’t Panic If You Receive an IRS Notice

A letter from the IRS will probably increase your heart rate a little. Don’t panic; many of these letters can be dealt with simply and painlessly. Each year, the IRS sends millions of letters and notices to taxpayers to request payment of taxes, notify them of a change to their account, or to request additional information. The notice you receive normally covers a very specific issue about your account or tax return. Each letter and notice offers specific instructions on what needs to be done to satisfy the inquiry. However, the letters also have to advise you of your rights and other information required by law. Thus, these letters can become overly lengthy and sometimes difficult to understand. That is why it is important to either call this office immediately or forward a copy of the letter or notice so we can review and handle it accordingly.

Do not procrastinate or throw the letter in a drawer, hoping the issue will go away. Most of these letters are computer generated and, after a certain period of time, another letter will automatically be generated. And, as you might expect, each succeeding letter will become more aggressive and less easily dealt with. Most importantly, don’t automatically pay an amount the IRS is requesting unless you are positive you owe it. Quite often, you will not owe what is requested and it will be difficult to get your payment back. It is good practice to have this office review the notice prior to making any payment. It is important to deal with any IRS correspondence promptly and correctly. This office can handle these matters for you, so please call for assistance. Contact or call (559) 326-2029.

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Chamber Offers Facebook Webinar In its continuing effort to help local businesses grow and succeed, the Clovis Chamber is offering the opportunity to take part in a special webinar covering the use of Facebook to promote your business. It will take place on Tuesday, June 6th at 1:00 pm. Presented by Frank J. Kenny, participants will learn proven Facebook strategies to increase awareness of your business and relationship building strategies and tools that help people know, like and trust you. Most importantly, you’ll be able to turn customers into advocates. Frank Kenny is an international speaker and leading authority on social media and tech for small and medium businesses, especially members of business associations. He is on the faculty of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Organization Management, instructing on Integrating Strategic Technology Solutions, Technology Tools and Trends, and using Data to Grow and Sustain your Organization. He has also been a mentor for the Clovis Chamber of Commerce working closely

Frank J. Kenny

with Membership Director Beth Bridges on our well known networking and social media expertise. The cost is $79 with a large discount for Clovis Chamber members. Please call the Chamber at 299-7363 for the discount code. This is another generous benefit given to Chamber members. To Register, go to ClovisWebinarJune6. Seating is limited so register early.

Social Network with the Clovis Chamber! Follow us on: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Thank You to these renewing members - June 2013 76 Years PG&E, (800) 468-4743, Jeanette Ishii

Dara or Dane Baldwin

66 Years Steve Shute, O.D., (559) 299-4257, Steve Shute 26 Years Jensen & Pilegard, (559) 299-3161, John Ralston 20 to 25 Years Wonder Valley Ranch, (559) 787-2551, Veronica Delgado Clovis Glass Co Inc, (559) 299-2819, Dee Hoover Smart & Final, (559) 298-4057, Allison Church Save Mart #98, (559) 322-8021, Robert King 15 to 19 Years Glacier Bay Shave Ice, (559) 291-2350, Ellen Bell Designs In Oak Furniture, (559) 348-9041, Craig Winter First California Federal Credit Union, (559) 226-8282, 06/19/1995, Dianne Edwards Brooks & Associates, Inc., (559) 298-9135, Troy Brooks Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls, (559) 760-6220, 05/29/1997,

10 to 14 Years Digital Attic, (559) 324-9341, Ed Cutler Ryan, Saunders & Co., (559) 325-6171, Thomas Ryan TelePacific Communications, (559) 577-1790, Mike Larson Dixon & Associates, Inc., (559) 297-4200, Gary Dixon Emmanuel Lutheran Church, (559) 298-0725, Cristy McNicholas Best Party Rentals, (559) 325-6615, Katie & Matt Houlihan 5 to 9 Years Harmony Bay Apartments, (559) 325-5533, Dee Nims Snowflake Designs, Leotards & More!, (559) 291-6234, LaDonna Snow D & J Sewing Center, (559) 225-4927, Jeannie Hadley ITT Tech Institute, (559) 325-5400, Dr. Michael McClenic Westech Systems, Inc., (559) 455-1720, Helder Domingos Courtesy Moving Service, (559) 252-8000, Jerry Harkiewicz MVP Premier Insurance, (559) 324-7333, Steve Mahlum California Teaching Fellows, (559) 224-9200 , Mike Snell Dumont Printing, (559) 485-6311, Mary Williams

2 to 4 Years Brighton Investment Advisors, (559) 320-0285, Nicholas W Maxwell Crown Services Co., (559) 442-0845, Wendy & Joe Kalpakoff Big Kids Toys Auto Center, (559) 322-8697, Robert Zuercher Real-Time Outsource, (559) 905-0956, Travis ‘Real-Time’ Huff 32 Below Ice Sales/Service, (559) 250-3351, Justin Witte Don Valenzuela’s Autobody, (559) 299-7100, Don & Roseanne Valenzuela Homewood Suites, Clovis, 559-292-4004, Billie Jo Perez The Big Fresno Fair, (559) 650-3228, Lauri King Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, (559) 348-2600, Maryann Garcia First Year Renewal Sequoia Home Health Inc., (559) 765-4315, Kristin Amorino Clovis Bicycle Co., (559) 325-2453 (BIKE), Kirk Bailey

Welcome our Newest Members! CA Paralegal Services (559) 323-9400

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EcoWater of Central California (559) 439-2006

ParleyShot Commercial Photography & Google Business Photo (559) 840-6222

Five Star Moving (559) 477-0366 Jessica Hendrickson

iDealFurniture - Fresno (559) 412-5050

Sequoia Sandwich Company (559) 250-7001

Paul A. Dictos Accountancy Corporation (559) 224-7313 Seven Café & Grill (559) 322-1605

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Are You Kidding Me? The sub title of this article should be, “Common sense is not so common”, Voltaire. When you read the tidbits below, you’ll know what I mean. Let’s start with the institution that Voltaire could be commenting on – education. With all the fretting over political correctness and re-inventing of the curriculum, we have become the laughing stock of the world. The sad part is that it’s our kids who are being hurt by “enlightened” adults’ whacky ideas. Currently, the trend in education is to fight any types of testing. It’s stressful to the kids. It doesn’t really measure what they’ve learned. It’s hard on the teachers. So how do you determine that a child has learned anything? Well, the head of the New York City Teachers Union has the answer. “I can see it in their eyes”, he told Fox News John Stossel. But these tests are even more insidious. 35 teachers in the Atlanta School District were busted in one of the largest cheating scandals in our history. For years, they changed students’ answers in order to get high scores and lucrative cash bonuses. Whose fault is it? Why it’s the tests’ fault, of course. Their union states that the teachers were “forced” to cheat because of the emphasis on testing. None of the accused bothered to actually teach the students the subject matter on the tests. They just changed the answer sheets during cheating parties at each other’s homes. At their hearings, they were held up as good teachers who love the kids. Sorry. “Good” teachers don’t cheat their students just to make a dollar. Did you know that your kids don’t belong to you parents? That’s according to the MSNBC sage, Dr. Melissa Harris-

Perry. She stated, “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities”. So, parents, you’re off the hook. You don’t have to worry about their manners, character or how they do in school. Your community will raise them for you. Now relax, and go sit by the pool and let the collective take care of your kids. God forbid you mention God in school. A mid west track team won the 4x100 meter relay by seven yards and had a shot at the state championship. But, they had to forfeit the victory. It seems that one of its members did the unthinkable. He pointed his index finger to the sky as a thanks to God. Bam! It was considered excessive celebration and they were disqualified. Sigh. Zero-tolerance at two high schools has once again ruined some innocent students’ lives. A Florida teenager combined some household chemicals in an 8 oz water bottle that resulted in a small “explosion” in the chemistry lab. You know the rest of the story. She was arrested and charged with possession and discharge of a weapon on school property and discharging a destructive device. Of course, the honor student was expelled. Then there’s the Eagle Scout, honor student in North Carolina who realized one morning that his shotgun was in his locked truck, left there after skeet shooting with his friends over the weekend. He went into the office and called his mom to come get it from the parking lot. His phone call was overheard and the usual happened to him – expulsion, not able to graduate with his class and the fate of his newly earned college scholarship up in the air.

Our new college grads are having a hard time getting hired. Perhaps a recent USA Today story explains why. It lists many of the bad behaviors shown by these kids during job interviews. It states that about one in five well qualified candidates is ruled out for jobs thanks only to how they act when talking to a company representative. Some of the faux pas include texting and taking phone calls during the interview, dressing inappropriately, using slang and overly casual language and other oddball behaviors including bringing pets along. The most common offense is involving their parents who either want to sit in on the interview or call afterwards to negotiate salary or complain that their kid wasn’t hired. There’s a simple answer to that one – just look in the mirror. Government at work spending YOUR hard earned money. Over $2.4 million has been spent researching whether inappropriate programming on television such as violence and bad behavior, influences pre-schoolers. Surprise. The answer is yes. We could have told them after watching our kids for a day. That costs nothing. As typical of every government program, the unemployment insurance system is wrought with fraud - $3.3 billion worth in 2011. In our age of computers, they just can’t get their act together to determine that people earning incomes and prisoners earning none are receiving these benefits. And of course, there are no repercussions to those who are caught. Our newest government program, Obamacare, is showing its failings early on. Despite promises from the 2012 election, premiums are not going down, people are not going to keep their doctors and it is not a panacea to our health coverage problems. Every facet of the 22,000 page and growing bill is bigger and more complicated. The latest is the complication of the newly formed state exchanges. The 22 page computer enrollment form was confusing to a college educated focus group. Imagine how a low informed resident will fare. The government to the rescue. It is spending $54 million for “navigators” who will assist. California alone is hiring over 21,000 community activists, union members and health professionals at a starting salary of $20 an hour. This is going to be interesting. So another stimulus loan green energy company is declaring bankruptcy. You can add Fisker Automotive to the long list of crony capitalism companies that received hundreds of millions from the administration. Fisker is one of two electric car companies that blew through over $1 billion and are now gone. Another Obama favorite, Honeywell, created a whopping 10 jobs with its paltry $25 million grant

to build a biofuels plant in Hawaii. Its CEO stated that “it’s disheartening” that he wasn’t more successful. I’d just like to know where our hard earned money went. Don’t worry about the sequester. Our brilliant Department of Defense just contracted with a supplier for over 10,000 gallons of renewable jet fuel at $59/gallon. Never mind that conventional jet fuel costs $3.73 a gallon. Uh oh. That old global warming is creating another hazard. According to a dozen left-wing congressmen led by Barbara Lee of Berkeley (need I say more?), climate change could affect our agricultural output that could be harmful to women. Their profound conclusion states that “food insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy and poor reproductive health”. Whew. At least we don’t have to worry about our men. I end with three quick comments: A waitress in Virginia refused service and asked two plain clothes police officers to leave the restaurant. It seems they had holstered guns and she’s afraid of guns. The manager had to quickly clear the misunderstanding up. Poor Katrina Tisdale of Florida. She was going to be penniless until her next disability check so she called the police to help her get a $50 refund from her drug dealer for the cocaine and marijuana she recently bought. Her two 911 calls landed her in jail with a $100 bond. This is nothing new. In 2011 she was jailed for calling 911 because she was robbed by her drug dealer. And last but not least. Pity Henry Gribbohm of New Hampshire. The poor guy spent his whole life savings of $2600 on a carnival game to win an Xbox Kinect that retails for about $600. It’s a sad story. After he blew $300, he raced home to get the rest of his retirement fund of $2300. Soon that was gone also. But all is not lost. He did win a 5 foot, stuffed banana with

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