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April 25, 2018


Ryan Perkins Co-Editor

a service that organically brings followers, viewers and possibly buyers. Our instagram is actually @FourWallsClothing and our website is Fourwallsclothing. com."

Many may not know, but two Clovis High students have started their own clothing company. We talked to Glen Southard and Matthew Speer this month to ask them about their company, Four Walls. Why did you want to start the company? Speer: "I wanted to start the company because I’ve always been interested in clothing, such as street fashion, and I wanted to put our own spin on it and I knew Glen was a good artist and could make designs for the clothes." Southard: "I thought it would be fun and I wanted to get some experience, seeing how I’m going into the graphic design field in college. Not only is this a chance to gain some experience, but a chance to have some success."

Pictured from left to right: Glen Southard and Matthew Speer

walls of your circumstances." Southard: "On our first shirt, it’s a view from above a room and you can see four walls. That’s us, we’ve risen above it." What makes this unique? Southard: "We never really had any hesitation, it was just like, 'Let’s do this!’, 'Let’s get this done!', 'Let’s get out there!' etc." For our readers, how much do your shirts cost? Speer: "Anywhere from $20 to $35. There’s shirts and jackets and clothes like that."

Where did you come up with your name? Speer: "The name Four Walls refers to the four walls of your mental state, like your thoughts and feelings." Southard: "In another way, it refers to the kids who can’t escape Clovis in itself, some feel like they’re trapped." Speer: "Yeah, it’s like the four

Did you get any outside help, or did you start from the bottom? Speer: "We’ve funded it ourselves, we’ve started it ourselves, and the only thing that could be defined as outside

Cielo Rodriguez Guest Writer Austin Hodges Editor-In-Chief Rose Bradley Staff Writer

MARCH FOR OUR LIVES: ‘Now, we fight for our lives.’ The one thing that has rocked the United States in the last few months is encompassed into two tiny earth quaking words: gun

help would be that we bought some art from an Instagram artist." Where do you find the time to do this? Southard: "After work, we’ll both go over to Matt’s house and brainstorm ideas or we’ll take weekends. And a majority of our work has to be done separately because we obviously can’t see each other every single night. I’ll be doing product design all week and then I’ll email it to Matt and he’ll send out the design and buy the product." Speer: "He’s more of the design person and I do most of the business." How are you growing your customer base? Southard: "Our main form of communication and influence is on social media. We pay for

What is the driving force behind Four Walls? Speer: "I want to do something that’s not a basic job and I can be creative and even be my own boss." Southard: "My motivation is kind of weird, it’s more self-perpetual than anything. Once I got started, it just keeps going. Everyday, I’m just drawing possible designs that could be used on our shirts." What are your plans for the future? Southard: "I want to someday be as popular, but nowhere near expensive as Supreme. I want to be a brand that people can allude to. That’s my goal." These entrepreneurs show many forms of leadership in their business, we wish them all well as they move on into the future(s) of their careers.

The Revolution Begins reform. The past month that is all you can hear, on news, television, and social media. It has become America’s latest topic, and it doesn’t seem to go away just yet. According to data from the

Gun Violence Archive, a total of 32 mass shooting incidents occured in January 2017 to April 2018, which had fatalities of 201 deaths and many more injuries. Mass shooting are classi-

2 Purple Press, April 25, 2018

fied by having four or more deaths due to gun violence. The March For Our Lives movement has began a storm of talk about gun reform in Washington and all across the United States.

happen here, in a community we thought was safe, but it did. Truth is, it can happen


That is why this movement is so important. On April 20th, 2018, there was an organized Mass National shootings are School not just in our Walkout on schools; they the 19th anniare in our testimonies of teachers, stu- think anything will change in versary of the mass shootchurches, places of wordents, adults, and survivors your own community? “Yes. ing in Columbine to protest ship, our libraries, nightclubs, of gun violence and mass We’re a small town and I gun violence in schools movie theaters, concert shootings. As I watched think this terrible, terrible and everywhere. Town venues, and airports. This Emma Gonzales, Cameron smack of reality is something Halls are being organized movement is important for Kasky, David Hogg, Delaney that no town is immune to. by concerned community the well being of all people Tarr, Sam Fuentes, and This really opened people’s members, students and pararound America, to protect others among them who eyes.” 4) How has this moveents, inviting Senators and innocent lives. This movestood proudly in front of the ment made you feel? “It’s Representatives in states ment is not about revoking Capitol, other celebrities made me sad because we around the US to begin the the Second Amendment. and artists like Lin-Manuel shouldn’t have to be fighttalk for reform in our cities This movement is about creMiranda, a writer of the musi- ing to not be risking our lives and states. The march on ating new laws and amendcal Hamilton and In The by going to a school. But I March 24th, 2018 was not ments; to universal compreHeights, filled me with hope. think this generation is going the end of this movement, it hensive background checks, Eleven-year-old kids spoke to be the one that finally was only the beginning. The to bringing the Bureau of of change in gun violence in changes things.” 5) What is March For Our Lives motto Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms schools and in urban comyour school and community st is #NeverAgain. This has to and Explosives into the 21 munities, including MLK’s doing to organize your own end with us, to protect ourcentury with a digitized, granddaughter, nine-year-old part of the March For our selves and others. These searchable database, to creYolanda Renee King who Lives movement? “A group types of massacres need to ating funds for the Center for spoke of her own dream. was put together by Great stop. Finally we are standDisease Control to research There were approximately a Mills alumni that was able ing up for what we believe the gun violence epidemic in million people who marched to get charter buses up to in, for change, for reform, for America, to a high-capacity in Washington, D.C., and the metro to help people life. This revolution has only magazine ban along with an thousands more who had with transportation to the begun. assault weapons ban. sister marches in other citmarch.” 6) Has the response ies like New York, LA, and been positive or negative? “ (Authors note: If you are I, and many others, are Chicago. Positive. We’re a small town interested in joining the now labeled into a generation so we all close and this has March For Our Lives called the “Mass Shooting I spoke to Mollie Davis, brought us together.” 7) And Movement or are interested Generation”. This should a student at Great Mills lastly, why do you think that in how you can personally not be the case in our day High School in Great Mills, this movement is so imporimpact your own future, here and age. Students, or anyMaryland which recently had tant to the future of yourself are some resources and body, should not have to be a shooting, and where one and others in America? “I what you can do: categorized into something life was lost. I asked her a think it’s important because Call/Tweet/Message/Email as gruesome as this. An act few questions. 1) What is this is the first year that kids your local Senator and State of gun violence occurred your name, age, and aspira- born into a post-ColumbineRepresentatives here, in Clovis, NM, and two tions? “My name is Mollie shooting world can vote. This Register to vote (online and beautiful souls were lost. It Davis, and I am in 12th is a generation of kids that on paper) has happened all across the grade. I want to be a theatre have been raised with school Go to https://marchforourUntied States, from California writer, political investigative shooting drills and watching for information to New York, and States reporter, and foster mom.” 2) shooting after shooting on on this movement. Other such as California, New York, How has the March For Our the news. We’re tired of it resources can be found Ohio, and Florida are all piviLives movement impacted and we don’t wasn’t a life like online) otal in any presidential elecyour school due to the shoot- this for our children.” tion. Mass shootings are an ing that occurred in Great The counter argument to this epidemic in and of it. Mills? “A lot of kids who After speaking with editorial is going to be in the weren’t previously planning her, I realized how something May issue, so stay tuned. Before the March on marching ended up going like a tragedy like this can For Our Lives march in to it since it was the weekimpact an entire community, Washington D.C., and as end right after our shootand how it can spark a revomany other marches across ing. I think it opened a lot of lution. And it has. We never the US unfolded on March peoples’ eyes.” 3) Do you thought that it was going to 24th, 2018, I have listened to

Purple Press, April 25, 2018

Summer Reading For The New Millenia Ryan Perkins Co-Editor Krystal Mailman Staff Writer

the struggles of Katniss Everdeen in a dystopian society where kids fight for their lives in order to give their family

risk. And above all, it teaches us that true love is out there, and it may not be there forever.

Many books have influenced the lives of everyone around us. In this article, we will review some of the best books that have greatly influenced the lives of teens today. These books vary from changing our lives by inspiring us or by giving most readers a universal energy that the author poured into his/ her book(s). Harry Potter Book Series The Harry Potter Series is said to have raised the generation it was written in. The series started in 1997, introducing us to the wizarding world we know and love today. The book is about a humble boy who lives in a borderline abusive household that finds out that he is a wizard. He goes to a magical school and learns his gift, fighting monsters and making many friends/enemies along the way. This book has given thousands of people inspiration to conquer their own universe, no matter how ordinary they are The Outsiders This classic coming-of-age story challenges us to see the best in people in spite of their mistakes. Not only is this story by S.E. Hinton a page-turner, it’s a tear-jerker. The main character, Ponyboy Curtis, embarks on a journey challenging his role in the gang that he was destined to be in. After an accident with a rival gang, Johnny and Ponyboy flee, bringing the rest of the gang together and causing a major fight with a rival gang. The Hunger Games This book series by Suzanne Collins has provided many teens and adult readers a vivid escape to read their ways into. This series shows

food. The book series teaches us to step up for what is right and question the status quo.

The Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings This book series is a fictional scape that shows the advenTo Kill A Mockingbird ture of Sam and Frodo BagThis classic book challenged gins as they destroy the evil many societal norms when force wrecking Mordor. This it was released. From the series teaches its readers perspective of a young girl, a that we need to be courachildhood marked by racism geous when life faces us with is not what Scout Finch want- a challenge. The series by ed. She thought in a simpler J.R.R. Tolkien also teaches and more equal way than the that we must never lose hope adults of her white supremist and that even though we may neighborhood. When her wid- not be the best people, we owed father takes the case can change the world. of Tom Robinson, an African American, Scout doesn’t Narnia Chronicles see anything wrong with it, The Narnia Chronicles is the though the entire town of Lord Of The Rings equivaMaycomb detests it. Near the lent for children. This series end of the book, a mysterious shows us the wonders that person in the Finches' neigh- our own imagination holds. borhood saves Scout and The books teach us that even her brother and she finally in the darkest of times, there realizes that racism will not are wonders that we may not get her anywhere in life, but know about. It teaches its sympathy might. This book is readers to be a leader and not only a standard in today’s not hesitate to take an opporschools, but the meaning and tunity. The series also teachshunning of racism does the es us to never take Turkish book justice in itself. Delight from a stranger. The Fault In Our Stars This very popular book by John Green has influenced its readers in many ways. It’s taught us how to live life and how to quit asking and start living the answers. The book shows us how to be happy in our own world. It shows us not to hesitate and go for the

The Perks of Being A Wallflower This book is an inspiring creation by Stephen Chbosky which shows us to never take anything at face value. This inspirational novel showcases the life of a troubled teen who has dealt with mental illness. Although he


has no friends, he soon finds it’s okay to be a wallflower. After opening up about many things that harmed Charlie as a child, he sees that even though damaged, he is okay just the way he is. The Divergent Series This series by Veronica Roth shows that it’s okay to not fit into society’s categories and to be your own person no matter what the consequences are. In the Divergent series, everyone is divided into different factions based on the personality traits a person has. While some saw this system as a utopia, a girl who fit into multiple factions saw through the system and freed the people of the world from the tyrannical government that was secretly controlling them. The Uglies Series This book by Scott Westerfeld is about a world where the average human is considered ugly and when kids turn 16 they get plastic surgery to become pretty. After they become pretty, their personalities change and they move to a city that is designated for the pretties only. A young girl is excited to become pretty until she meets a group of people who refused the surgery and learns the dark truth of what the surgery does.

4 Purple Press, April 25, 2018

Scott Westerfeld wrote this series that teaches us that we are perfect just the way we are. The Inheritance Cycle This book is full of adventure, fantasy, and, most importantly, dragons. When a young boy that discovers an egg

in the woods, it hatches into the thing he least expects: a dragon. When the dragon hatches, the boy’s world gets turned upside down and the only way he can survive is through the help of his friends and the dragon. The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paoli shows that it’s okay to

ask for help, and sometimes even crucial to do so. Many people consider books to be just a form of entertainment but few realize the messages and life advice many books give. Books can provide people with help and

advice from where they least expect it. If you’re interested in the messages of these and other books, stop by your local library to read and check out some books for some advice you may be needing.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Rose Bradley Unique McLendon Staff Writers

There are multiple horror movies made over the years. They basically all end the same. A monster or person comes after them, then they run from it and end up getting captured and die. So typical, because everyone knows what is going to happen next. These top seven stories are different from the typical. These movies leave you on the edge. 7. The Lure The Lure is about two maneating teenage mermaids who fell in love with the same human man. The mermaids lure their prey in by singing, which is appealing to the human ears. Their singing is also called a siren. The Lure can bite off more neck than they can swallow. People are entranced by the mermaids’ seductive transformations and voices. The movie was created because in the 14th and 18th century mermaids were shown to be cute and cuddly but the author wanted to show that not all mermaids were cute and cuddly. This is a movie you can show to people who say all horror movies are the same. The movie could eventually function as a metaphorical life lesson. 6. The Transfiguration The Transfiguration is about a boy named Milo, who is in love with horror and vampires, he even starts killing people to drink their blood. Milo thinks that he needs to drink blood from other people to survive although he doesn’t. When he meets a girl named Sophie, he starts to change. When they

2. It Comes At Night It Comes At Night is about an open wound of pain, regret, loss and the mundane ache of simply existing. It Comes At Night is about a mysterious apocalypse and out of the apocalypse only two families are alive, they are forced to live together in order to met, she was cutting herself. has the ability to communisurvive. It Comes At Night When he went to talk to her, cate to all spirits. Maureen was written after the author’s he was more interested with then has an unknown source father had died, so this movie the blood on her arms and sending her ambiguous mesis about how much pain didn’t care about meeting sages. the author was in and what her. People look at the kid as loss he feels. In the movie a child with an inner evil or 3. Raw he can’t express how much a modernized update of the Raw is about a girl who has family is important to him. iconic monster. came to the age of partyHis parents believe that their ing, drinking, having fun, seventeen-year-old son is ev5. Prevenge and learns who she is as erything to them and believe a person on the verge of The Prevenge is about a that to lose their son would seven month pregnant wom- adulthood. She just started be to lose everything worth an who is a natural butcher. college and her sister has living for. The author uses his This woman murders people already been there for a personal fantasies to explain while now. The college was daily. Her unbirthed child what living is to a person his helps her murder people. for veterinarian schooling. age. He explains how for The young girls’ parents are The child is a small voice someone who hadn’t fallen followed by a giggle that tells veterinarians and encourage in love or started a family, life the mother that she must kill their daughter to become a can’t compare to how imporother people. The Prevenge vet too, but desperate to fit in tant family is. The movie uses is someone or something that she eats raw meat for the first our human fear of letting go hates all human beings even time. She didn’t just choose of the people we love. It also to eat it, but was forced to if they are not bad people. uses the fear of a person The woman follows a simple eat duck kidney. She is now confronting death and losing addicted to meat. She then pattern which is kill, reflect, our loved ones. recap on what happened, kill, experiences consequences rinse, lather, and repeat. The as her true self begins to 1. Get Out Prevenge shows the relation- emerge. In the movie she is Get Out is about a guy ship between a parent and a almost entirely as a self-connamed Chris, who is scared tained metaphor. This movie child. to meet his girlfriend’s paris mainly 4. Personal Shopper about The Personal Shopper is canniabout a young girl named balism. Maureen, who thinks that she The girl is seeing her dead twin broth- is now a er. Maureen is connected to cannibal her brother in multiple ways, and soon and they even have the same finds out heart condition but only her that she brother died from it. She is not the thinks that he is going to try only canto contact her from the Great nibal at Beyond. Maureen thinks that the colhe will contact her in his old lege. house so she stays there waiting for him to come. She

ents in fear of them not liking black guys. When they reach the house, he feels weird about being there. He finds out multiple secrets that he would never expect to see. Chris finds out that her grandparents are black and act very strange. When Chris first started figuring out that everything was starting to become weird was when the

grandma kept unplugging his phone from the charger. The grandma was trying to keep him from contacting everyone outside from the house. Chris then found a box full of pictures of his girlfriend dating multiple black men and black women. The one picture of the girl she dated looked exactly like her grandmother. After finding out the truth of

everything, he gets out from the trap, kills everyone, and is saved by his best friend. If it wasn’t for his friend, he would be dead too. These horror movies were beautifully, but scarily, made horror movies. These top 7 movies accomplished so much within 2-3 hours. These horror movies, unlike

Purple Press, April 25, 2018

Don't Hate The Player Or The Game

Donovan Hackett Staff Writer

Video games aren’t exactly uncommon in society. However, these electronic games have gained a bit of a sports industry and are slowly becoming more popular. Gamers of high skill are paid to play the games they enjoy and excel at. This is the industry known as e-sports. Pro-athletes argue that video games are not a sport and should not be considered as such and that gamers should not be dubbed athletes. A sport is defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. As a gamer the most physical exertion I have ever done in a game is rapidly pressing buttons and selecting weapons to use. However, it is still exertion and plenty of skill. Thus, by definition, e-sports are indeed sports. These games range in genres and game-play. With several games such as Overwatch and League of Legends in the field, there is a lot of variety. While most games with tournaments involve teams, some games are not the case. One such example of this is the Mortal Kombat games where competitors enter as single people rather than teams. Not all games in e-sports have to be new. Exampled of this includes World of Warcraft, Halo 3, and Smite. One thing all games have in common however is

an online function. Some games have an offline mode, but you are more likely to find a game with an online mode that includes dedicated players and a competitive system. Unfortunately competitive modes have several negative factors. One such example of a factor happens to be hackers. If nobody likes cheaters then they certainly hate hackers. These people take the fun out of the game by killing with cheats and taking guns and materials without having to find anything. It is always infuriating to deal with a hacker and game developers add antihack software most of the time. Another problem that isn’t exactly positive is that most online games have a toxic community. Toxic players aren’t uncommon, but can have negative consequences on the games. In video games toxic players are people that tend to be angry with just about anything in the game. More often than not the matters that they complain about are how they believe their team is incompetent, a bad team composi-


other horror movies, came from personal life stories. These movies were not just picked by myself, but were voted over around the school and others from outside of school. These top seven movies were the most popular 2017 movies in Clovis, NM.

world cups and leagues are rarely held in the same place two times in a row. This is to give more people in the world an opportunity to pay less for travel or not have to travel at all. People and teams from all over the world play these games and I personally support it. People travel from faraway places for a common purpose whether they are competitors or audience. Nobody is here to create strife, but rather play their game and have fun playing or watching and not letting prejudices reign supreme. These sports bring people together and, while I have never personally been to one, think that these events are quite amazing. Let it also be known that these tournaments are often streamed on twitch, YouTube, or their own website. Esports are fun for all people involved. Players getting together and playing their game is great, but

tion, or believing that people are letting the enemy team win (this is also known as throwing) and will often throw themselves Communities have been working to fix these problems and have actually been quite successful. Anticheat software has caught a multitude of cheaters and banned them from the game either temporarily or permanently. Toxicity is not quite as addressed, but some games, such as Overwatch, include a report system where you can report abusive or harassing chat These do not stop major Bring your end of events. current year report All over card to either the location and we will world give you a games FREE TACO Hilltop Plaza, 136 W. 21st, Clovis are for every A* 1208 W. First St., Portales played *Free taco for every A you have earned for the end of year/last grading period of the year. Report cards must be presented before June 20. and

FREE tacos

for As

6 Purple Press, April 25, 2018

to think these pro gamers were once like us. We can rise to be just as good or even better than these gam-

ers. The problem of cheaters and toxic players is growing smaller and smaller. These tournaments encourage unity

and fun. All in all, esports how these games advance should be encouraged in my along with their competitive opinion. I don’t think I am the scenes. only one excited to see about

Krystal Mailman Elizabeth Schneider Staff Writers

the Commander’s Call, it was the first time in our JROTC’s history that a cadet was ever given this award.

Commander. The Group Commander is the cadet in charge of the entire corps. Following the Group Commander is the Director of

groups of cadets, are properly run. They watch over the Flight Commanders and assist them with any issues they may have.

During this Commander’s Call, cadets took on new leadership roles. There are five cadets known as “top staff” who are the highest ranking cadets in JROTC. Top staff starts the chain of command, which determines who is in charge and whom to ask questions or report an issue to. At the top of the chain, there is the Group

Operations, who oversees operations such as personnel information management, and teams. Third in command is the Cadet Chief Master Sergeant, whose job is to ensure all enlisted personnel are properly taken care of. The last two positions in top staff are Squadron Commanders; their job is to ensure that the flights,

The Squadron Commanders after this Change of Command are Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Ryan Chadbourne and Krystal Mailman. Following them is our new Chief, Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Mykal Morrison. Next in line is the new Director of Operations, Cadet Major Isaiah Hatfield. Last but not least, our last Group Commander was Cadet Col. Corde’ Mailman, she passed down her command to Cadet Major James Burroughs, an upcoming senior. When asked how he felt about his new position he stated “It is truly an honor to lead such an outstanding group of young leaders. I can truly see these young men and women paving the future of our generation.” These new commanders will have a difficult year ahead of them, but with work and dedication they can make this year great for our JROTC.

year, he sees that a felon, Sirius Black, had escaped prison. The next summer, Harry takes every chance he gets to hear news about the infamous Sirius Black.In the Order Of The Phoenix, Harry is taken to the Order Of The Phoenix Headquarters and faces the wrath of boredom. Rowling is unique about starting her books the same

way, yet making the situations totally unique. And no matter what happens, we rest assured that Harry is unhappily safe and sound at the Dursleys every year.

A Ceremony: Commander's Call

On February 14, 2018, the Clovis High School Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) had a Commander’s Call. Throughout the event many things happened, such as: donating the school a flag that was flown on a C-130 in a combat mission, promoting new cadets, instilling new leadership, accepting a donation from the Cannon Spouses’ Club, and recognizing a cadet who recently received the second highest ribbon in JROTC. The Silver Valor Award is the second highest ribbon in JROTC. The ribbon is awarded to a cadet for a voluntary act of heroism that does not put their own life at risk. Cadet Major Isaiah Hatfield received this award for performing CPR on his stepmother after she passed out, effectively saving her life. When Hatfield was presented the Silver Valor Award during

J.K. Rowling Comes of Age

Ryan Perkins Co-Editor

In the December Issue of the Purple Press, I wrote an analysis about the first and second Harry Potter books in the series. This month, I reviewed Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, and Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix. Rowling begins all her novels back at the Dursleys house. She uses her words to describe the perils that engulf Harry every summer throughout the three books. One

didn’t go to Diagon Alley, a magical place to buy wands, clokes, owls, and cash in some galleons (wizarding money). In The Order Of The Phoenix, Ron Weasley’s mother goes to Diagon Al Rowling almost seems ley for the kids, so the place to have the same setting isn’t completely cut out of line for every book because the book. In all of the books, until Order Of The Phoenix, Harry keeps in touch with there wasn’t a year that Harry a character that was introduced in the Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius Black, who was the prisoner of Azkaban and also happened to be Harry’s godfather. This character is said to be one of everybody’s favorite character, including mine, though, he passes in Order Of The Phoenix. Black

is a man that Rowling uses her words to describe but not explain, causing a handful of mystery, which can be either negative or positive, depending on the reader. Once at Hogwarts, Harry, Ron, and Hermione always come across a problem, whether it be helping elves, stopping the Lord Voldemort, finding a solution to the Goblet of Fire

challenge, or stopping the notorious Dolores Umbridge. Rowling uses her characters and the passion that they all bring to solve the problems that she faces them with. Although the odds are stacked against them, the trio overcome all of their troubles with little to no trouble. One of the greatest things throughout this part of the series is the slow pro-

gression from a children’s book to a more dark, sinister and more realistic setting and plot. As the books evolve, so do the characters. Harry grows older and in The Order Of The Phoenix, Harry becomes a teenager, (not good). Throughout the book, Harry complains about almost any inconvenience and becomes moody.

Purple Press, April 25, 2018


necessarily the best of the books, but they are definitely the most important for the transitional period of Rowling’s writing. The books are, as always, phenomenal and an amazing read that captures its readers and takes them to another universe. If you are interested in this series, visit your local library and read today!

These books are not

"More Than Meets The Eye" Pt. 2

Austin Hodges Editor-In-Chief

Last Month, we covered mostly about the emotional and psychological effects that color has on our minds. However, this month we would love to expand our ideas about some physical implications color has on our world. A color is a valuable tool, not only in civilization but also in nature. Red: Red is used both in civilization and in nature as a form of warning or attention-grabbing. In civilization, red is commonly used on stop signs, emergency vehicle, and EXIT

sign are universally red. Dim Red light is used over white and blue because it is less straining on the eyes. Some common uses of Red light are in dark rooms for developing film, emergency sirens signaling danger, and Red light is used to indicate the flash on a camera. In nature, apples are red to attract animals to spread their seed so that they can reproduce. Other things in life nature that are Red include dying stars, fall leaves, and our blood. Blue: Blue is a very calming color and is used in calm and relaxed envi-

ronments. A light shade of Blue is commonly used to represent baby boys. Blue is also a standard color used in uniforms because it helps the employee to seem more approachable. Phone lights are widely Blue, and Blue light is used in most offices and workplaces because the light often causes more people to be alert during the workday. Not only is the sky Blue, but water is as well because it’s color is a reflection of the sky’s color. Blue is also a rare color in nature. According to Rick Plum “Blue is fascinating because the vast majority of animals are incapable of making it with

pigments,” Yellow: Yellow is a very warming color and is a happy color. The color Yellow is used in cities on many different types of signs. This is most likely because light reflects off of Yellow Signs the best. Yellow is also the most visible color in the color spectrum. Both margarine and butter are different shades of yellow. Street lights, taxis, and tennis balls are also yellow. Eggs are also often yellow. Yellow is also a prevalent color for flowers and many fruits and vegetables are yellow when ripe.

The Purple And The Press

8 Purple Press, April 25, 2018

Adviser: Augustine Martinez Editor-In-Chief: Austin Hodges Co-Editors: Alex Thompson and Ryan Perkins Layout Editor: Ryan Perkins Staff Writers: Donovan Hackett, Travis Nelson, Krystal Mailman, Tony Viescas, Rigo Badillo, Elizabeth Schneider, Rose Bradley, and Unique McLendon

ERRATA: We forgot to include our Editor-In-Chief, Austin Hodges, in the Byline of the ENMU President Interview last issue. Purple Press is a Publication Vehicle for Student Expression The School Board encourages students to express their views in school-sponsored publications and to observe rules for responsible journalism. This means, expression that falls into any of the following categories shall not be permitted: any expression which is false or obscene, libelous, slanderous, or defamatory under state law; which presents a clear and present danger of the commission of unlawful acts, violation of school rules or materials and substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the school, or which violates the privacy rights of others. Student editors of school-sponsored publications are responsible for determining the news, opinion and advertising content of the publication. The publication’s adviser is responsible for supervising the production of the publication and for teaching and encouraging free and responsible expression and professional standards of journalism. The views expressed in The Purple Press are not necessarily those of Clovis High School or the Clovis Municipal School Board of Education.


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Purple Press April 2018  
Purple Press April 2018