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Inaugurating Purple Press @ CHS

Staff Writers Christa Lemmons and Christian Masaniai

You may be wondering about why this insert is in your copy of the Clovis News Journal. This is a copy of Clovis High School’s Purple Press at CHS newspaper, which has not produced a paper since December.  This paper had not always been named the Purple Press at CHS. Its roots date back to 1898, when it was named La Sesalpha. The name was changed in 1975 to The Purple Press of CHS, and hasn’t changed since. Until now!  We have put our insert in the Clovis News Journal for funding reasons,and as a more reliable way of getting our articles out for everyone to read. Less stress on our part, and a better way of

Advisor: Mr. Augustine Martinez Front Row: Jerry Coranado, Jerrika Lopez-Wilson, Denicia Aragon, Laural Bettison, Christa Lemmons, Odalys Esquidel, and Christian Masaniai

being productive for everyone’s benefit. Now that we have our insert in the town paper, the entire community, instead of just Clovis High students, can read our articles. The Purple Press @ CHS will produce an insert semi-monthly starting in

the Fall of 2014. Since the paper is now 116 years old, we are in the fifth generation of journalists and writers. We hope to live up to this lengthy and productive tradition and continue a legacy of excellence. 

By having more papers produced it gives our newspaper staff exposure to real world journalism. This benefits us because some of our staff aspire to become future writers and journalists

2 Purple Press, April 29, 2014

“Every man wants to be a gangster” – Albert Camus Jerrika Lopez-Wilson Layout Editor

is interesting compared to other is tempted by. And if the kids with family, friends, ups and plays I have performed in the see what the outcome of the downs, struggles and successes, The students at Clovis High past.”  “gangster lifestyle” is, maybe but the characters in this play School who are enrolled into The play will be performed on they can change for the better.  believe “it's all in the cards”.  the theater class taught by Ms. May 6th, at 6:30 in the Clovis Gangsters make fast money Finally, the play will Crystal Benfield have been High School Lecture Hall by playing hard but losing fast. be exciting and will keep you working on learning lines for located on the south side of the For them, life is a complete on the edge of your seat. You their upcoming play “It’s All In high school between The Rock gamble but they don’t know how will think the actors are really The Cards”.  and the Boiler Room. There to let go of their desire to make the gangsters from back in the I’ve had the privilege to is no cost at all to the general a fast gain with no hard work. day of fighting and gambling interview a sophomore student, They value the easy way, the in order to get what they want. Emilia Sanchez, who is enrolled public. This play is timely shortcut, the quick fix. Life is an But do they really get what they with the class and participating in because of the gangs in our own town and surrounding endurance test, not a strategy for want after giving up so much? the play. areas and because of the gang selfish gain. Life is not a And what they’re giving up are When I asked, “Who are the game. Life is a testimony, filled their very souls. main or primary characters?” she violence that our generation replied “ J. Edgar, who is played by Gage Barnett, and Iris who is played by Elizabeth Brown. When I asked, “What is this play about?” she replied, “It is an old school gangster parody about famous gangsters such as machine-gun Kelly, Pretty- Boy Floyd, Al Capone, and Bonnie and Clyde. When I asked, “Why did you want to participate in this play and why is your character fun to portray?” She replied, “The whole theme of the play Left to Right: Miraha Grey, Emilia Sanchez, Elizabeth Brown, Cortney Thatchure, Tory Cano

Purple Press, April 29, 2014

Hidden fun spread all over the city Jerrika Lopez-Wilson Staff Writter

I hear almost everyday from the people of Clovis, New Mexico, that it is so boring here and that there is nothing to do. Actually there are tons of stuff that you can do, you just have to look for it.  You could go to Casle-Land, which is fun for all ages. You could ask for a helmet and a bat or bring your own, and head to the batting cages which pitch softballs as well as baseballs. You could race your friends down at the go-carts bumping them into the rail. You can make a little wager with your friends and play putt-putt (mini golf), but watch out for those hidden hills. You could go to the water boats, and spray your friends while hitting them with your boat directing them into a different direction, which will give you a chance to spray their blind spots.  You could also go to the bowling alley . You and a group of friends could team up and play a good game of bowling, and the losers could buy lunch at the café located in the bowling alley. You and your friends could go to the

game room. They have games up the wall. The games range from pool to the Simpsons.  You could go to Sonic. You could go during happy hour (2

Ned Houk Park

p.m.-5p.m.) with your friends and make up drink combinations for each other, then watch each other’s faces as they take the first drink. The combinations you’ll come up with would surprise you.  You could also go to the zoo. When was the last time you’ve gone? The city commissioners have all bought little statues

that are placed all around. The zoo looks way different with new animals and new surroundings. You are never too old to enjoy the sight of exotic

animals, especially if you have little kids around. You all can enjoy it and the look on the kids' faces when they see the animals just brings happiness to even the most depressed.  You could cruise Main St. as they did in the old days. Back then it was bumper to bumper, cruising down Main St. blasting


“the jams”. Of course this was when gas was 98 cents. There is just something about cruising historic downtown Main St. that will make you smile. We have so many little shops on downtown Main St. Have you ever been in any of them? You could go to the Crafters Mall, which has a little bit of everything and always has a sale. They have everything from candy to collectors’ sock monkeys. There is even a restaurant upstairs. You can park your car and just walk up and down Main St. You can stop by Penny Lane and see all the antiques inside. Make sure you stop by the Lyceum Theatre and look at the maroon colored tiles outside, notice the dates on them, they go back to Buddy Holly’s time!  In conclusion there are activities to do in Clovis New Mexico. You just got to look for it. Go out and leave your footprints around town. Make memories so that when your children and grandchildren ask you what you did for fun you will have colorful memories to tell them about.

4 Purple Press, April 29, 2014

Olaf's Summer

Laurel Bettison Staff Writter

Since it came out, "Frozen" has been a movie that certainly enthralls children. but more impressively, adults have fallen in love with the movie as well. The character Queen Elsa breaks free and lets her powers come loose, even if it partially by accident. Seeing that even after all the years of Elsa shutting her sister, Anna, out, she still loves Elsa and would do anything for her. This, by the way, becomes one of the biggest, twists in kids' movie ever. The story line pretty is brilliant, and so are the musical numbers. On Youtube, for examples, the song “Do you want to build a snowman” has over 16 million views, while “Let it go”. has over 200 million views.  Obviously, because it is a

children’s Disney movie, there is a love story involved. Spoiler Alert! Don’t read ahead if you haven’t seen this totally amazing movie! However, it is not a totally normal Disney love story. Yes, Anna falls in love with a man she just met, and wants to marry him, but Elsa tells her one of the greatest lines in children’s movie history: “You can’t marry a man you just met” which after all of the other Disney movies telling us otherwise, is impressive that they finally say that. Apart from the love story, the characters are also very relatable and

Nicole Takeda in Digital Photography completes a project.

loveable; Olaf, for example, the snowman, warms our hearts with his intoxicating personality. While Anna shows us that family is always number one, even Elsa shows us that we cant just shut people out. MCT Photo

MCT Photo

Purple Press, April 29, 2014

Gatsby chosen prom theme


Staff Writer Laural Bettison

Prom is finally here again! Saturday, May 3rd, prepare to step back in time to the 1920's and celebrate like we've been invited to Jay Gatsby's biggest party of the year. Prom committee has asked interior decorator Grace Fiske to help us with our prom this year.  On top of killer decorations, the Civic Center has expanded their dance floor, and prom

committee has decided to have two water stations this year in order to keep lines shorter. We also are going to have a photographer for when you first walk in the door and we've rented a photo booth. A photo booth! There's a lot more surprises in store for us that won't be revealed until that night. With this information we hope you can join us for Prom at Gatsby's 2014. Layout Editor Denicia Aragon

Wildcat Talent

So many things are happening so soon, such as graduation, prom, plays, but let's not forget about a very important aspect of all high school traditions: the Talent Show! A way to show your talent whether it’s singing or dancing or juggling bowling pins in the air on the bike, it’s your time to show the school what you’re made of and what you’re great at. It’s also a way to see your friend’s hidden talents that you never even knew about.  The tryout was on Monday April 28th 2014, but the actual

performances will be on May 7th, 2014 in an a.m. assembly hosted by Mrs. Howalt and Mrs. Clark as a buyout. So, make sure to bring two dollars you can get in to see the show. The talent show is a high school experience that no one should miss. The entire school should be present to show our support for those performing and see that people are brave enough to show their talent to us all. Some amazing artists will be performing at this year’s show, so bring two bucks, get out of class, and support this year’s talent show!

6 Purple Press, April 29, 2014

Clovis High School Yearbooks ARE SELLING!!!

Staff Writer Odalys Esquivel

Clovis High School’s Purple Press/ Yearbook fundraiser has sold an average of 2 books every day since March 20th. Yearbooks range from 1946 to 2013, the 1977 yearbooks beng high in demand, but there are no more left. The idea of selling previous yearbooks as a fundraiser originated with Mr. Martinez. However, the idea of publicizing the fundraiser in the CNJ newspaper came from his close friend, Dr. Shirley Rollinson of ENMU. She thought it would bring attention to the Clovis community if shown in the newspaper.  So Mr. Martinez presented the idea to the education editor of the CNJ , Ms. Crow, and she liked the idea and decided to publish a new story.  The education editor of Channel 10 Amarillo read the newspaper article, called Mr. Martinez, and wanted to do a television feature, where students explained the fundraiser. This caught the attention of more people. People have lost their past yearbooks in fires, or while moving, or just wanting another copy.  This fundraiser is to help earn money for journalism supplies, class field trips, and journalism

competitions. It took quick thinking to put the fundraiser together, and as soon as the CNJ published the article, things began falling into place. The yearbook staff is hoping to sell most of these books in time.  As people buy the yearbooks, we are noticing how much the community really cares about the High School. It shows that they actually want to be involved in helping our school out, so that students can be successful in their classes.  We are selling the books on a “First come, first serve” basis. Some years are high in demand, while other years are still sitting in stacks waiting to be purchased. We are selling the books throughout the year for $50 each, and if you are from out of state, add an extra $15.00 for shipping and handling.  Come buy your yearbook today! Buy it for your mom or your sister or your best friend’s father. Maybe your uncle lost his in an accident. Or maybe your cousin lost her book while moving to another state. Don’t hesitate to buy a past yearbook while they are still available. 

Yearbook Inventory

5 2 3 10 5 5 7 5 8 2 8

1966 1965 1969 1973 1971 1979 1980 1981 1983 1994 1996

5 2 5 7 36 5 14 133 141 66 13

1997 1998 1999 2000 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2013

Purple Press, April 29, 2014


Urgent! Just not one day out of the year

Denicia Aragon Layout Editor

Our Earth is a beautiful, wondrous, planet that gives us so much we should be eternally grateful, and the way we begun to show our gratitude is by dedicating an entire day, April 22, Earth Day. An entire day to celebrate the brilliance of our planet and do somwthing in order to keep Earth beautiful. Our Earth is here for us all, 365 days of the year, but why do we only appreciate its beauty one day out of it? Also, with all these signs of our polluting habits such as polluted air, rising sea levels world wide, and drought in our own home town, coming back at us through climate chang This is all the more reason to stop ignoring our Earth and start taking care of it. We need to do something now so this problem doesn’t get any worse. Just because we’re young, doesn’t mean we can’t have an impact. Climate change is at an all-time high and that’s not going to change if we sit around doing nothing. We could all do something. Some don’t believe that climate change is affecting us, or even exists; yet whether you believe it or not; things are occurring that without our action will only get worse. With just a few actions we could change

the outlook for our world and for humanity itself. It is apparent that temperatures are rising and remaining high for a more extended period of time than ever before. The Earth is heating up because of all the energy and gasoline we use. The amount of air seems to lessen as temperatures rise, which gives us less air to breathe. If that’s not a reason to help out what is? There are many ways to help prevent this from getting any worse. Simply turning a light off on leaving a room would save much more energy than you think. Unplug your phone charger after you're done using it, go for a walk instead of a drive; the list goes on forever. Doing little things for your planet, (and your gas/electric bill) can help you and the world around you in the long run. Recycle! One word, that embraces a world of ideas to help our planet. Reusing items can reduce the amount of trash and the amount that is just thrown on the floor trashes the Earth. The more trash we produce, the more in the junkyard and the more the junkyard will overfill and the more our world will look like a huge trash

can. That, or the trash is burned and causes more pollution in the air, we should want to keep our Earth beautiful, not destroy it. Reuse your water bottles and grocery bags, because plastic isn’t biodygradable. Reusing plastic items or buying recycled plastic items would help our Earth twice as much. Climate change is an urgent problem that needs to be taken

seriously. There are so many actions we can take that will make a big impact. Little actions create big results. We need to help fix the problems we created and give our earth the care it needs before we destroy it completely. It’s our one and only home. Why not take care of it for more than just one day out of the year?

Purple Press is a Publication Vehicle for Student Expression The School Board encourages students to express their views in school-sponsored publications and to observe rules for responsible journalism. This means, expression that falls into any of the following categories shall not be permitted: any expression which is false or obscene, libelous, slanderous, or defamatory under state law; which presents a clear and present danger of the commission of unlawful acts, violation of school rules or materials and substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the school, or which violates the privacy rights of others. Student editors of school-sponsored publications are responsible for determining the news, opinion and advertising content of the publication. The publication’s adviser is responsible for supervising the production of the publication and for teaching and encouraging free and responsible expression and professional standards of journalism. The views expressed in The Purple Press are not necessarily those of Clovis High School or the Clovis Municipal School Board of Education. Advisor Augustine Martinez Editor-N-Chief Jerry Coronado Layout Editor: Denicia Aragon Advertising Manager: Christa Lemmons Staff Writers: Christian Masaniai, Jerrika Lopez-Wilson, and Odalys Esquivel Laural Bettison Publisher: Clovis News Journal • 521 Pile St PO Box 1689 Clovis, New Mexico 88102 (575) 763-3431

8 Purple Press, April 29, 2014

Purple Press @ CHS - April 29  

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