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‘Twas the night before Christmas UFO sighting prompts NORAD to intercept sleigh By Ursula Maxwell-Lewis Santa first crossed my radar during an emergency landing in Reykjavik, Iceland. No kidding. There he was, an overweight dude stuffed into a baggy red velour outfit vanishing around a humungous Icelandic snow hill at 1 a.m in a raging blizzard. “Look! It’s him!” I whispered to my mother. “Who?” “Santa! It’s him!” She’d missed him. But not me. Five-year-olds never miss stuff like that. It was a sign. Santa was following us from Scotland to Canada, What a relief. When your parents cart you around the globe in the

middle of winter you worry about details like Santa tracking your movements. Two days later, while temporarily camping out at our friends’ home north of Toronto, someone switched on the radio. “We interrupt this broadcast to advise listeners that NORAD is tracking an unidentified object. It’s coming our way from around Greenland,” the announcer reported. I got goose bumps. “That’s funny.” The announcer sounded mystified. A hopeful peek into the inky night beyond the snow drifting against the storm window yielded no clue at my end.


Santa arrives safely at the 2010 Parade of Lights. But one Dec. 24 it was touch and go, according to frightening radio reports.

“There’s something leaping up and down…and there’s a fat guy… in …. It looks like a sleigh! Don’t worry ladies and gentlemen. NORAD is scrambling aircrafts to intercept.” I was beginning to panic. It was Christmas Eve. What was the matter with these guys? What did ‘in-

tercept’ mean? It sure didn’t sound good. I’d seen Santa filing his flight plan, now some wise guys in this foreign country were going to take him out! Making a ‘phone call’ to the radio station, Mother explained that her daughter had seen Santa recently. That could be who it was.

Within the hour, the program was interrupted again. “NORAD has confirmed the strange object is a sleigh loaded with toys pulled by flying reindeer! A fat man in a red suit seems to be driving – and having a whale of a good time!” See SANTA / Page 3

A log cabin Christmas Fixing up a memorable holiday feast during the long ago winter of 1877 Source: Memories of Mary Jane Shannon, Surrey Archives, Reference Library (920.071133 SHA)

What to have for dinner weighted heavily on my mother’s mind. For there seemed to be absolutely nothing.

By Mary Jane Shannon In the year 1877, my father and mother, an older brother and I, a babe in arms, came to live in what is now the Cloverdale District. In those days there was no name attached to the place, although not long afterward it was named Clover Valley

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by my Uncle William Shannon. It was done in the fashion. On a spring day he was writing a letter to a friend in Ontario, and wishing to head his letter he looked out the door to see the clover growing so luxuriantly that he straightway wrote Clover Valley at the top of the page. Not until 1891 did the district bear the name of Cloverdale which was assigned to its railway station by the Great Northern Railway. This is the story of an





5690 - 176A Street, Surrey 604-574-7431

early Christmas in the new settlement as told to me by my mother. There were anxious days in our log cabin that Christmas so long ago. Christmas day was coming close and what to have for Christmas dinner weighted heavily on my mother’s mind. For there seemed to be absolutely nothing. There were too few chickens, pigs or calves to kill for we had just come to the new settlement. However my mother was suddenly

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inspired with an idea by the sight of the ducks flying over the swamp, and she confided her idea to my father who took his gun and went out and bagged as many of those ducks as he could carry. Then mother went to work plucking, singeing, cleaning and preparing the little birds to be cooked in a large pot along with onions, potatoes and carrots. A few small dumplings were added See GATHERED / Page 3


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Santa arrived by helicopter back on Dec. 2, 1965, when he dropped by Riverside shopping Centre in North Surrey. The arrival was attended by large crowds of enthusiastic children.

ta’s telephone number were mistakenly put through to the CONAD Commanderin-Chief ’s operations “Hotline” instead. The late Harry Shoup of the U.S. Air Force had his staff check the radar for signs that Santa was making his way south from the North Pole, the site says. “Children who called were given updates on his location, and a tradition was born.”

News in brief “His Christmas Eve trip may seem to take around 24 hours, but to Santa it may last days, weeks or even months in standard time.” The tradition of tracking Santa began in 1955, when children began calling CONAD, the predecessor to NORAD, hoping to speak with Santa Claus. A misprint in a department store ad resulted in a big mix-up. Children dialing San-

– Cloverdale Reporter

Even the announcer was getting excited. What a relief! “It’s Santa Claus!” The announcer was positively jubilant. “He’s headed this way! You kids better get to bed!” Off I charged. I knew the rules.

Now, 50 years fect. You could later, five-yearsee it all clear olds can probas day. ably track Santa In fact, my unassisted on friend, Maxine, their iPhones. still recalls getBut in the ‘50s ting direct calls imagination was from Santa a kid’s window at her prairie on cyberspace Ursula Maxwell Lewis home around … and the re7 p.m. every ception was always per- Christmas Eve – and

that was in the ‘40s. The town’s a ghost town now. But she’s been back. She says: “There’s still something … different … about that place.” Despite the tumbleweed and the prairie dust she still pictures the buildings. And, she’s impressed her greatgrandchildren with tales

of those phone calls. Maxine and I have talked about it, and we agree. It’s like the old song says: “Me ‘n Gran’paw, we believe.” But, of course, we were there. Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night! – Ursula Maxwell-Lewis is

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Santa used to place direct phone calls From page one



Heli Santa

SURREY ARCHIVES COLLECTION SA 1992.036.4167, SA 1992.036.4168

By the time you read this, Santa and his reindeer-powered sleigh will have already left the North Pole for a magical journey. But there’s still time to follow their path at NORAD’s Santa Tracker website (www. or on Google Maps or by using Google Earth. It’s possible to see minute-by-minute coverage of Santa’s location as he delivers gifts to the children of the world. It’s known from Santa Cam images that he uses a herd of flying reindeer for quick transportation, but detailed information remains elusive after all these years. “The fact that Santa Claus is more than 16

centuries old, yet does not appear to age, is our biggest clue that he does not work within time as we know it,” the Santa Tracker website says.



For more info:


604.575.8608 Unit 59 7238 189 Street Surrey, BC

founding publisher/editor of the Cloverdale Reporter




We gathered with much jolity


Neighbours traveled miles over trails through the woods with guns for protection

sAre you paying more than $15.00 per month for alarm monitoring?

From page one

and the liquid thickened into a savoury gravy. Then all was put into a large round milk pan and covered with a pastry crust. This was the main dish. Now dessert must be thought of, so mother brought from the cellar some wild blackberries which she had picked and bottled the summer before. From these she made a number of pies. She also brought from the cellar some jars of

cranberry jelly made from the low bush cranberries which were so plentiful in the marshes and bogs in those days. On Christmas day our neighbours appeared. Some came miles over trails through the woods carrying guns for protection against the marauding cougar and the chance bear who had not settled yet to his winter long sleep. With cheery Christmas greetings and much jollity we gathered around the long table

that my father had contrived with a few planks for this special day. And very festive it looked too with a snow white cloth, a lovely centrepiece of Oregon grape leaves, some dishes of glistening cranberry jelly here and there, and the big steaming pie sitting before my proud father. Never was duck pie more appreciated as on that occasion, and many were the compliments my mother received from the guests who declared over and over

they had never eaten anything so good. The blackberry pie had its share of compliments too. Years afterwards when we had everything such as turkey, plum pudding, mince pie and all

the trimmings, those old friends still spoke glowingly of that wonderful duck pie. Mary J. Shannon Cedarhurst Hospital June 3, 1959

“I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people” Luke 2:10

Christmas Services Friday, December 24, Christmas Eve •4:00 pm German Service •7:00 •7: 00 pm English Service •10:30 pm English Candlelight Service Saturday, December 25, Christmas •10:30 am English Service Sunday, December 26 •9:30 am German Service • 10:30 am English Service


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CALENDAR WINTER ICE PALACE From Dec. 1 to Jan. 2, the Cloverdale Arena hosts the 13th annual Winter Ice Palace. The arena will be transformed into a frozen pond atmosphere that will bring back the good old days. This is a popular event the whole family can enjoy. Admission $3.50 per person. Skate rentals extra. Open Christmas Day and New Years Day. For more information call 604-5026410.

Sampling the merch SURREY ARCHIVES COLLECTION SA 1992.036.88 SA 1992.036.89

BOWL FOR THE ANIMALS Every Tuesday have fun bowling and eat a veggie/vegan meal while you help animals in need. A $20 package includes two games, shoes (non vegan), and a meal. Call ahead to reserve a lane, and say you’re gong for the Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals organization. At Xcalibur Bowling Centre at 12350 Patullo Place, Surrey. Call 604-5802600 ext. 223 and ask for Su. From 11 a.m. to midnight.

Mrs. May McKibbon, head cashier at the Surrey Cooperative Association in Cloverdale with Christmas display and biscuits, Dec. 19, 1963. Access online Surrey Archive collections at

CHRISTMAS TREE CHIPPING AND BOTTLE DRIVE Sunday, Jan. 2 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Clayton Heights Secondary School, 7003 188 Street, Surrey (in the parking lot). We will chip your tree back to nature and recycle your bottles and cans! This is a fundraising event for the Clayton Heights Dry Grad, helping us provide the graduating class of 2011 with a fun, safe, celebration at the end of the school year.

Do you have a photo you’d like to share with Reporter readers? Email your entries to newsroom@ cloverdalereporter. com. Please include your name and a brief description of your image.

AUDITIONS – WAITING FOR THE PARADE Jan. 3 and 6, auditions for Waiting for the Parade by John Murrell, by 16th Ave. Productions. Five women needed between the ages of 20 and 50. Show dates are April 28 to May 7 at the Coast Capital Theatre. Email for more information.

Lower B.C.’s voting age? Well, duh

AUDITIONS – LOST IN YONKERS Langley Players Drama Club is holding auditions for Lost in Yonkers, by Neil Simon and directed by Mary Renvall. Sunday, Jan. 9 and Monday, Jan. 10 from 7 to 9 p.m. By appointment only, contact Mary by email at maryloo@shaw. ca or Raymond at 604-329-6852. At Langley Playhouse 4307 200 Street. Show dates are April 7 to May 7, 2011. ANNOUNCEMENTS ACTIVATE YOUR VOICE! Don’t just sing in the car or the shower? Share your voice with the world! The Maple Leaf Singers invite you to join our unique show chorus for our 2011 season. No matter where you live, in or beyond Metro Vancouver, you’ll enjoy meeting and practicing with enthusiastic singers from all over and performing at a variety of events. We are particularly looking for first soprano, baritone, and bass voices, but all are welcome to audition. Call Anne Baird at 604922-9827 or email Learn more about The Maple Leaf Singers at

Something must be done about shamefully low voter turnouts. Giving 16-year-olds the vote might be a start Some critics are scoffing – loudly – at the suggestion to lower B.C.’s voting age to 16. Might I suggest that these folks haven’t talked with any live, actual 16-year-olds lately? As editor of the Cloverdale Reporter for the past year and a bit, it’s been my sincere privilege to have met and interviewed local teens. Some harbour dreams of becoming pop stars, others are already star athletes on school or regional teams. Plenty seem to be in a constant state of do-gooder-ism – incessantly fundraising on behalf of local, national and international aid projects. And, god love ‘em, some of these young whippersnappers actually get a kick out of reading, and connecting with, their local newspaper – whether it’s by email and text message, or via YouTube and Facebook accounts, to let us know what’s going on in their lives. (Just like their parents, and grandparents.) Kids today are smart, informed, compassionate, and demonstrate a healthy curiosity about the world, whether it’s the lack of universal access to free elementary education in Kenya or the fact that there are some doubleincome families right here in Cloverdale who don’t earn enough to make ends meet each month – forcing them to turn to the food bank or the Christmas Hamper Program. Sure, I’m generalizing here. Some Grade

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The Fraser Health Crisis Line is recruiting volunteers to provide assistance to people experiencing emotional distress. Extensive training and ongoing support provided. Info packages at Options Community Services 9815 140 Street, Surrey or email Next training starts soon. ONGOING DO YOU EAT WHEN YOU’RE NOT HUNGRY? One bite is never enough? Do you go on eating binges? Is your weight affecting your life? Contact Overeaters Anonymous. You are welcome. No fees, no dues, no weigh-ins, no diets. We are a fellowship. Meetings every Thursday from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at Cloverdale United Church, 17575 58A Ave.

10 students do need supervision to get their homework done and aren’t allowed to drive by themselves – yet. However, the same can be said of any number of people over the current voting age. I categorically reject the notion that people who are 16 are somehow easier to manipulate than the rest of us. Ever tried to guilt a teenager into cleaning her room or drag the vacuum cleaner around for a change? Do we really believe some teenage wastrel is going to summon the energy to shuffle over to the polling stations on election day just so she can spoil a ballot or cast an uninformed, manipulated vote for that super “cool” Mike de Jong guy? Not gonna happen. Some 16-year-olds will take the responsibility – their duty – to vote seriously, and will make sure to get out and exercise it on election day. As for the suggestion that Liberal leader hopefuls de Jong and George Abbott are somehow grasping for easy votes or are pandering to a fickle demographic in floating the idea of lowering the voting age, well, maybe. That doesn’t make it a bad idea. Something does need to be done about B.C.’s shamefully low voter turnouts.

We’re well past the point of feigning mild concern. In just eight years, B.C.’s voter turnout has plummeted from 72 per cent in 2001 to slightly over 50 per cent in May 2009. Drastic measures are needed. Fixed election dates that coincide with NHL playoff season aren’t the way to do it. My suggestions include offering incentives (the next voter in line wins a free car!) and on-line voting – an idea whose time has well and truly come, and if you can’t see the merits in that, well, you’re just kidding yourself. We also need to demonstrate that youth issues matter. Critics of lowering the voting age fret about changing the focus of elections from mature issues like the HST or infrastructure spending to supposedly youth-oriented issues like tuition fees and the minimum wage. Anyone who’s been faced with a layoff because their sawmill shut down, their newspaper was put out of business, or because their political party was decimated on election day would understand those issues have broad voter appeal. When you’re an out-of-work adult, school tuition is called “retraining” and minimum wage is called “paying the bills”.



The Cloverdale

– Jennifer Lang, Cloverdale Reporter The Cloverdale Reporter is published every Friday. Advertising deadlines are Tuesdays at 5 p.m.

Office Address: Address: 17586 - 56A Ave., Cloverdale, B.C. V3S 1G3 Contact Us: News: 604-575-2400 | Display: 604-575-2423 Fax: 604-575-2406 | Classified: 604-575-5555

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THE SOUTHEND SUMMIT Swing into the New Year with the Southend Summit. South Surrey/White Rock secondary school jazz students strut their stuff with the one and only Dal Richards. Jan. 8 at the Coast Capital Theatre, 8 pm. Call 604-536-8333. Tickets $10 at participating schools.

The Cloverdale Reporter welcomes letters from readers. Drop us a line at 17586 56A Avenue, Surrey B.C. V3S 1G3 or by email to editor@ Note: Letters are edited for clarity, brevity, legality and taste. Writers must provide their correct name, addresses and phone numbers for verification.

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Staff/Sgt. Shirley Steele, centre, holds a framed photo from the Halloween Costume Parade, organized by the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce and Cloverdale Business Improvement Association. From left: Chamber reps Bill Reid and Brian Young; Shona Yuzwa, Steele and Carrie Chattell of the Cloverdale/Port Kells Surrey RCMP office; and Paul Orazietti, BIA executive director.

Steele welcomed

The District 4 office of the Surrey RCMP has welcomed a new District Commander. Staff/Sgt. Shirley Steele originally opened the first community policing office in Cloverdale in 1991. She brings a wealth of experience in community policing and crime prevention to her new role as District Commander of the Cloverdale/Port Kells district office, located at 5732 176A Street in Surrey. Steele comes from E Division headquar-

ters, where she worked on the research side of community policing. In Cloverdale, she’ll be expected to be an expert on local crime trends, and will consult with individuals, groups and business on an ongoing basis. At the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce luncheon Dec. 14, Steele and her staff were thanked for their support in making this year’s Halloween Costume Parade a success. More than 750 children participated.

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The Cloverdale Arena has been transformed into a Winter Ice Palace for the 13th year. Public skating takes place daily until Jan. 2, including Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Admission is $3.50. For more information call 604-502-6410.

The Surrey Board of Trade has endorsed the Tap into Talent online hiring pool, aimed at matching job seekers with local businesses that need skilled employees. The initiative ive is spearheaded by the Immi-

grant Employment Council of B.C. The program is a website where employers can access a database of skilled landed immigrants who are pre-qualified with appropriate credentials. For more information, visit



FITNESS EXPERTS • GATORS GYM GEAR Clover Square Village #104-17780 Hwy 10, Cloverdale OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK

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Christmas lights displays within easy driving distance of Cloverdale residents.


SEE OUR ONLINE MAP & LIST Holiday Light Displays

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To suggest more displays for this map, email the Cloverdale Reporter newspaper at

Enjoy s ht the lig this ! n Seaso

The warm spirit of Christmas is burning brightly at a host of local homes that are all decked out for the holidays. Here’s a list of displays within easy driving distance for Cloverdale Reporter readers: Cloverdale’s Kinna family (Jay, Diane, Wyatt and Nash) is once again welcoming visitors to their annual display at 16956 60A Ave. as part of efforts to raise money for the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation. Last year, their efforts raised $8,138 for the foundation, their best campaign ever. Donations will be collected this year in support of SMH’s neonatal intensive care unit. The Lagerstroms (Dan, Cindy and Kyle) at 15466 91A Ave. in Fleetwood are also using their amazing light display in aid of a worthy cause – Camp Goodtimes, a cancer charity. The Haggarty Christmas House at 15659 93A Avenue has nearly 15,000 lights, including toy soldiers, candlesticks, lit

9059 63B Avenue An impressive display complete with lighted figures. 8882 156A Street More than 1,000 lights, two inflatable The Land of Christmas display at 20169 32 Santas, reindeers, polar bear, penguins, gingerbread men, angel and more. Ave. in Langley features a three-storey castle and 30,000 lights. Just around the 15499 22 Avenue corner is another large display at 2983 202 Has a brightly lit Canadian flag on the Street. roof as well as thousands of lights. One of the biggest annual displays around Sunday to Thursday from 5-10 p.m. is Listen to the Lights at 4732 207A Street in and Friday and Saturday from 5-11 Langley, featuring more than 120,000 lights pm. Donations for the local food bank accepted. and a computer-controlled light show synchronized to music from the Trans 16681 20 Avenue Siberian Orchestra, Bruce Broughton The Huxtable family light display is Orchestra, Sinead O’Connor and more. bigger and better this year at 16681 20 Tune in to 107.7 FM to listen. Ave. Thoussands of lights, musical trees, and walk-through Christmas displays. 19158 48 Avenue Open nightly until Dec. 26 from 4:30Potters Christmas Store from 5 p.m. 9:30pm. to 9 p.m. at 19158 48 Avenue in Surrey features lights dancing in sync to music, with festive displays inside. Tune to 105.5 The Cloverdale FM to listen. trees, and Santa and his reindeer, who dance to music. From 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. nightly. Donations accepted on behalf of B.C. Children’s Hospital.

See ONLINE for full list and latest updates.

December 26 - 31, 2010 Lindt Outlet Boutique New Westminster 805 Boyd Street, Unit N100 New Westminster, BC (Near Tim Horton’s) For all store locations please visit Offer valid on in-stock merchandise only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer valid at all Lindt Outlet Boutique locations. Offer valid only from December 26 - 31, 2010.


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The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #6

17567 - 57th Ave. Cloverdale 604-574-5300

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! December/January Events December 24.................................................Close at 5pm December 25 & 26 ..................................................Closed

December 28 .... Grammy Winner Redd Volkaert

Tickets $10 ON SALE NOW! Branch closes 6:30pm • Ticket Holders only 7pm-10pm

December 31 .................New Year's Eve Dance

& Fun Night Branch closes 4pm • Opens 6:30pm for Ticket Holders


Surrey Food Bank executive director Marilyn Herrmann. The red dots represent where food bank clients live. The map shows clients come from all over Surrey.

The geography of need Food bank clients come from all over Surrey Between 80 and 100 Cloverdale residents use the Surrey Food Bank even though it’s located in North Surrey, new research conducted by the food bank and the City of Surrey shows. The two partnered in October to get a better idea of where clients are coming from. The result is a map of Surrey with red dots representing where clients live. People from all over Surrey come to the Whalley warehouse. “Every red dot is where a Surrey Food Bank client lives,” executive director Marilyn Herrmann told Black Press. “The myth that people

who come to the food bank live in North Surrey just got blown out of the water.” The food bank serves clients from as far south as 40 Avenue as well as North Delta. It’s outgrown its current home, forcing the agency to contemplate a move to somewhere more suitable. The food bank serves 250-300 families a day, not including the two satellite depots that open on alternating Tuesdays. One is at Zion Lutheran Church in Cloverdale, and the other located at the Boys and Girls Club in North Delta. The Surrey Food Bank is in the middle of its

December fundraising drive. It needs to raise $45,000 to keep the shelves stocked through 2011. Whatever the season, clients don’t stop coming. “We’re not really seeing seasonal changes,” Hermann says. “People seem to need us all the time.” Donate food at local supermarkets, and for more information, call 604-581-5443 or visit. –Black Press

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Branch 6 - Ongoing Activities Monday ......................................................................... Pool • 7:30pm Tuesday ..................................................Darts & Cribbage • 7:30pm Wednesday............................................10 Card Cribbage • 7:30pm Thursday .................................... Euchre • 7:00pm / Darts • 7:30pm Friday .....................50/50 Draw • 4:30 pm / Meat Draw • 5:00 pm Saturday ....................... 50/50 Draw • 4:30 pm/Meat Draw • 5:00 pm

Members and Guests Welcome Lounge hours: Mon - Thurs: 11:30am - 11:00 pm; Fri - Sat: 11:30am - Midnight; Sun & Holidays: Noon - 6:00pm Kitchen Hours: Mon-Tues : 11:30am - 2:30pm; Wednesday - Saturday: 11:30am - 8:00pm Legion closed Sundays (except for special events) effective Jan. 2 Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 11:00am - 5:00pm;

✔ Affordable 1st class accommodation ✔ Delicious home cooked meals ✔ Safe and secure environment ✔ Friends and fun activities ✔ Small pets welcome Call 778-373-0299 today for details about our all-inclusive rates or to book your personal tour.

Send in your Winter inter Fun Photos Email your entries to editor@cloverdale editor@c ter. om m. TTh m bees oones w The best will ttured u edd in in an a uupcoming ppccom com ming edit edi ittio of be featured edition RRepo Reppo pporter oorter. ter. ter er. Don’t er Doon’t D n’t fforge fo oorget orge eet to to thee Reporter. forget urr full fu name and nd a brief include your scription of your y image. description

17528 59th Avenue, Cloverdale, BC Owned and operated by the Cloverdale Senior Citizens Housing Society





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GRAND NUTRITION CENTRE We carry all ll b brand d name products d iin the Natural Health Industry.

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Smoothies Smoothies w itith wi with wit th thi tthis hiss ad a • eexp xpir xpi xp pires iirress JJan ann 5 , 201 2011 20 11

• Fresh Juice • Shots • Paninis • Wraps • Quesadillas Unit 109 18640 Fraser Hwy (604) 575-7741

8 ❖ December 24, 2010 ❖ ❖

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Jan 20 Jan 26 Jan 27

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Veterinary Compounding

DOWNTOWN CLOVERDALE 5778 - 176A Street Surrey V3S 4H3 (T) 604-576-2888 (F) 604-576-2882

A beautiful smile is a gift to cherish at any age. Count on us for a lifetime of quality dental care.  Wishing you the joy of the season from our family to yours!  To schedule an appointment call



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Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Living, working & helping OUR community grow! 109-18408 64th Ave, Surrey •

â?– â?– December 24, 2010 â?– 9

B.C. women’s curling field set

By Jennifer Lang The field has been set for the 2011 B.C. Women’s Curling Championships, hosted by the Cloverdale Curling Club next month. The final four teams competing in the 10-team tournament were decided at separate regional events last weekend, Curl B.C. has announced. Team Thompson of Kamloops and Prince George’s Team Knezevic qualified at the interior regionals in Williams Lake. Royal City’s Team Tasaka and Nanaimo’s Team Backe will also compete at the provincials following the Coastal championships. The complete field for the provincials in Cloverdale Jan. 17 to 23 will be as follows:

1. Kelly Scott, the defending champion (Kelowna) 2. Kelley Law, the B.C. Canadian Team Ranking System points leader (Royal City) 3. Kristy Lewis, in the first coastal berth (Richmond) 4. Jen Fewster, first interior berth (Prince George) 5. Rosalyn Craig, second coastal berth (Duncan) 6. Jill Winters, second interior berth (Nelson) 7. Adina Tasaka, third coastal berth (Royal City) 8. Karla Thompson, third interior berth (Kamloops) 9. Nicole Backe, fourth coastal berth (Nanaimo) 10. Patti Knezevic, fourth interior berth (Prince George)

Now that’s the spirit GROUP WALK

Registration is underway for the Investors Group Walk for Memories. The province-wide Jan. 30, 2011 event is in support of the Alzheimer Society of B.C. The walk organized for Surrey, Langley and White Rock is from 1-2 p.m. at Eaglequest Golf at Coyote Creek, 7778 152 St. It honours Doug

Young re-elected Cloverdale Chamber chooses its 2011 executive

Brian Young

Rounding out the chamber executive are directors Judy Higginbotham, Ferne Northcott, Lynne Pedersen, Robin Reum, Ben Wevers and Bruno Zappone. Bill Reid is executive director. The chamber of commerce collaborates with the Cloverdale Business Improvement Asso-

ciation on various joint projects and special events year-round, including Surrey’s Santa Parade of Lights, held on Sunday, Dec. 5. The old fashioned parade featured floats, marching bands, antique cars and the Christmas light-festooned Big Rigs for Kids. The chamber also works alongside the Surrey Board of Trade and the White Rock/ South Surrey Chamber of Commerce to support businesses in the city of Surrey. The organization represents more than 400 local businesses.

News in brief McMorland, an active member of the Early Stage support groups in Surrey and Langley. He says humour is a huge part of coping with changes and remaining positive. Teams and individuals are encouraged to sign up for the walk. Volunteers, donations and sponsors are also appreciated. Funds

– Cloverdale Reporter

Aqua Ibiza

Purified Water 778-571-1008

Why Pay More?

raised will support more than 70,000 B.C. residents and families living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. To register, visit www. or call 604-533-5277.

RIFLES SEIZED Police seized two high powered rifles, several prohibited rifle magazines and rounds of small arms ammunition during a weekend raid by the Surrey RCMP Gang Enforcement

Team at a South Langley apartment. A 46-year-old man and 30-year old woman, both from Langley and

well known to police, were arrested and are facing a variety of firearms and drug charges. – Black Press

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D .

Brian Young has been re-elected president of the Cloverdale and District Chamber of Commerce. Young, general manager and chief operating officer of the Surrey Golf Club and busy father of two, will serve another year as head of the chamber executive. Elections for 2010/2011 were held earlier this fall, and a new executive for the coming year has now been chosen. Serving once again as vice president is Addison Hubert of Preferred Choice Properties. Treasurer Leona Jones has also been re-elected for another term. Anne Sharkey has been elected secretary.


A dedicated crew of volunteers from Royal Canadian Legion Branch 6 got up before dawn last Saturday morning to package and distribute Christmas hampers to needy local families. Publicity chair Ken Marjoram says 23 hampers were packed and delivered by noon.


for a safe, reliable, fast and friendly ride home

604.588.8888 The Cloverdale

Wishing you the joy of the season!

10 ❖ December 24, 2010 ❖ ❖

The Cloverdale

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Lawyer Referral Service matches people with legal concerns to a lawyer in their area. Participating lawyers offer a 30 minute consultation for $25 plus tax. Regular fees follow once both parties agree to proceed with services. 604-6873221 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.663.1919 (Outside LM).


FLAGGERS NEEDED If not certified, training available for a fee. Call 604-575-3944


Donald’s Fine Foods is a progressive and growing specialty meat processing and distribution company in Langley. We have an opening for a Certified Industrial Electrician.

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Our Hostess will bring gifts and greetings, along with helpful information about your new community.

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EDUCATION INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL Locations in Alberta & BC. Hands on real world training. Full sized equipment. Job placement assistance. Funding Available. 1-866-399-3853

Optician Training Start January 17, 2011 BC College Of Optics 604-581-0101

Preference will be given to those with previous experience in a food processing plant. Must have excellent electrical trouble shooting and repair skills. Experience working in a fast paced and cold working environment.

We Offer Industry Competitive Wages & Benefits With Steady Full-Time Work.

Fax resume 604.533.0896 or e-mail: careers@ ENSIGN ENERGY SERVICE INC. is looking for experienced Drilling Rig, & Coring personnel for all position levels. Drillers, Coring Drillers $35. - $40.20.; Derrickhands $34., Motorhands $28.50; Floorhands, Core Hands, Helpers $24. $26.40. Plus incentives for winter coring! Telephone 1-888-ENSIGN-0 (1-888-367-4460). Fax 780-9556160. Email:

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❖ ❖ December 24, 2010 ❖ 11 PETS 456


RAW DOG FOOD SURREY MEAT PACKERS produces top grade raw dog food from quality meats, vegetables & fruits for the overall health of your dog. Prices start at $1.00 per pound.

PETS 477


CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 856-4866


Beef-Plain(approx. 50lb) $1.00/lb Beef & Veg. $50/50 lbs Chicken Plain $50/44 lbs Chicken w/Bone $44/44 lbs Chicken w/Bone&Veg$50/50 lbs Chicken Backs&Necks$40/44 lbs

Chicken w/Bone&Veg$50/50 lbs Beef, Chicken & Veg. $50/50 lbs Turkey - Plain $50/44 lbs TurkeyNecks aprox22lbs$1.49/lb Turkey w/Bone & Veg. $1.29/lb Buffalo & Veg. $2.49/lb @50 lbs



6050 176th St., Cloverdale (Fair Grounds) Open: Mon-Sat 8:30am/5:30pm

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BERNESE Mountain Dog Pups. Incredible blood line. Show/pet. 99% house trained. Call 604-7400832 or 604-740-2986.


SAVANNAH Cats & kittens for sale $500 & up. All shots & dewormed. Call: (604)576-4402.

Lamb & Veg $1.99/lb@50 lbs


BULL MASTIFF X SHEPHERD pups, ready to go. $500. each. 604556-6149. No Sunday calls.

Lamb-Plain $1.99/lb



CHIHUAHUA CROSS PUPPIES, 8 weeks, ready to go. $350 each. Call 604-596-7642. Surrey CHIHUAHUA puppy, male, 12 weeks, very tiny, $550. Call (604)794-7347 CKC Reg. soft coated Wheaton terrier pups, hypo-allergenic. Guarntd. Vet ✓ $1,000. Call 604-533-8992 GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS Ho Ho Ho, only 1 boys left! working line $650 604-820-4230, 604-302-7602 GERMAN SHEPHERD Reg’d pups, quality German & Czech bloodlines. Guaranteed. Call 604-856-8161. MALTESE PUPS: 2 males, 7/mo old, trained, family raised, vet chkd, shots, $500. 604-464-5077. MULTI-POO pups mom Multi-poo dad Poodle. Beaut 2 male blk, 2 fem 1 blk, 1 white w/blk $500ea. 604-720-2727 or POMERIAN Teacup loving babies + mom, 1st shots, wormed, dew claws done $650 + (604)581-2544 POM PUPPIES 1 females, 1 male, white & gold. 9 wks old. $350. (604)462-8027 or 604-506-6413 PUGS, P/B, BLACK. Ready to go. Female $800. Male $700. 604-5956713 or 604-725-2192. (Surrey) PUREBRED Doberman puppies, ready for Christmas. 6 girls, 3 boys $900 obo. 604-807-9095.


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SOMERSET HOUSE LUXURY 3, 2 bdrms available Immediately In suite W & D, F/P, 5 appli. 1 bus to K.G. Skytrain & Mall, Secure U/G prkg. & entry. Small Pets allowed

To view - pls call 604-580-0520





Autos • Trucks • Equipment Removal FREE TOWING 7 days/wk. We pay Up To $500 CA$H Rick Goodchild 604.551.9022 The Scrapper



CLOVERDALE - 64/180 1 Bdrm bsmt, all appls, Incls hydro/cable. N/S, N/P and N/L. $550 Avail Immed. 604-897-4410



CLOVERDALE - New 2 bdrm upper suite on acreage, 5 appl’s, f/p, incl util/net, 5 min to Langley, n/s, n/p. Avail Jan 1st. $1100. Call 604-8034587 or 778-240-4261




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1 Bdrm $850/mo; 2 bdrms from $1000 + hydro. Quiet bldg. Heat, hot water, garborator, f/s, d/w, f/place. Inste storage & u/g pkg. Heated indoor pool & sauna.



BANK ON US! Mortgages for purchases, renos, debt consolidation, foreclosure. Bank rates. Many alternative lending programs.Let Dave Fitzpatrick, your Mortgage Warrior, simplify the process!1-888-711-8818

COLLECTORS SAXOPHONES Soprano Buecher Silver 80 yrs old, excellent condition $3000. Baritone Saxophone 1926 Silver CM Conn Ltd, all original $2700. Call 604534-2997





W/D, F/S, D/W, F/P 1 Parking Stall 2nd floor, North Facing Available Immediately! $900/Month

Call (1)604-855-0010 AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $100 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673

847 SPORT UTILITY VEHICLES 2000 NISSAN PATHFINDER SE. Very low kms (127,000). Mint cond. New tires. $8495 604-833-4999



1991 GMC CARGO VAN 2500, on propane, in good cond. $995. Call: (604) 807-1570 or 850-7431. 1995 FORD AEROSTAR XLT, Great condition. auto, AirCared. $1500. 604-889-0593 2005 Ford 350 super duty diesel, dully, loaded, remote start long box 140,000k. $16,700. 778-833-3536. 2006 CHEVY 1500 EXPRESS van, V6, 100K, exc condition, $16,500. Call: 604-728-3865.

12 ❖ December 24, 2010 ❖ ❖

The perfect gift for someone you love. (Even if that someone’s you.)



Unlimited To Go Bundle


Starting from

Get a 3G phone and 3 months of Unlimited Service


• Local Talk and Text • Province-Wide Long Distance • Voicemail • Caller ID Plus much more


Taxes are extra. To have unlimited use of the features included in each plan, they must originate within the Mobilicity Unlimited Coverage area, see our coverage map for details. ‘Text Messaging’ refers to text and picture messages sent to Canada and the continental US only. Terms and conditions apply. Subject to change without notice. © 2010 Mobilicity. ‘Mobilicity’, the Mobilicity logo and ‘Unlimited to Go’ are trademarks of Mobilicity.

Mobilicity Stores


New Westminster


Crystal Mall

102- 1015 Columbia St Westminster Centre

10255 King George Blvd 8128 - 128th St, Unit 306 Central City Mall Guildford Place Payal Business Centre

Coquitlam 562 Clarke Rd, Unit E (at Como Lake)



8180 No 2 Rd, Unit 128 Aberdeen Mall Admiralty Centre Lansdowne Mall Presidents Plaza

8673 - 120th St, Unit B Scottsdale Mall

Vancouver 568 Dunsmuir St 2390 East Hastings St

6330 Fraser St, Unit 105 8520 Granville St 1463 Kingsway Ave 3081 Main St 526 West Broadway Broadway & Commercial Skytrain Station Harbour Centre il Mercato Mall Tinseltown

Now available at select

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