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Thank you to all the students of local Cloverdale Schools and their teachers for helping us create our Christmas is For Kids issue. May every student and teacher and their families enjoy a wonderful Christmas break, and an exciting and happy New Year From the staff at the Cloverdale Reporter.

What Christmas means to Me. To me Christmas means eating and slurping candy cane ice - cream by the fire. It means watching Christmas story on our T.V. It means wrapping holly all over my room. It means my making awesome food. It means having my neighbours over on Christmas Eve, playing Apples to Apples, and listening to my neighbours play the guitar. It means my mom laughing and having lots of fun! That’s what Christmas means to me. By Holly

What Christmas Means to Me. Christmas means spending time with the people I love. One year my grandma gave us a story that was very, very special. We could hear my grandma’s voice reading the story to us. She had recorded the story using her voice in it. We didn’t have to read the story, we just listened. Now every year my family listens to my grandma reading us The Night Before Christmas. By Colby

What Christmas Means to Me. Christmas to me is my family decorating the tree together. It means going to church on Christmas eve, after church we to for a sleep over at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We get to wake up at their house. My sister and I wake up my parents, and then we wake up my grandparents. We all go downstairs together and see what’s in our stockings. After opening our presents we have pepper pot and garlic for breakfast. It takes three days to cook it. That’s one of our favourite traditions It is so, so good! By Jayden

Cloverdale Reporter Christmas is for Kids 2012  

The complete, unabridged version of the Cloverdale Reporter's special advertising feature, Christmas is for Kids 2012.