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17 Items You Should Keep In Your Dental Kit for Exceptional Oral Hygiene

If asked to name a single item that has made the greatest impact on overall oral hygiene, what would you name? Most of you would probably say a dental kit. Dental kits not only play a major role in maintaining regular dental discipline and having a well-groomed smile, but they also come as a rescue in emergency situations like a sudden toothache or unexpected dental problem. It’s good to have dental supplies close to you always. So, here are the items that you can’t afford to not have in your homemade kit.

TOOTHPASTE AND TOOTHBRUSH Toothpaste is the most common item that is used to promote oral hygiene by preventing tooth decay and gum diseases. They also help in freshening breath and leave your teeth clean and polished.

Toothbrush is one of the most important oral hygiene products that you must have of your own. Invest in a suitablesize toothbrush with soft bristles for your mouth. Also, keep an additional toothbrush in your kit for emergencies.


Debris, dead cells, and bacteria build-up on the tongue can lead to a negative impact on oral health. As the name suggests, tongue scrapers are used to clean the tongue thoroughly to maintain good oral hygiene.

MOUTH RINSE Mouth rinse is an important component of oral health care regime. Antiplaque and antiseptic mouth rinses kill germs and bacteria responsible for gingivitis, bad breath, and other dental problems. Always have a mouth rinse in your kit, and you can ask your dentist to recommend a mouthwash for better care.


Dental floss is something that we should have as it helps in eliminating plaque, and food debris stuck between the teeth, ensuring they are free from infection. Additionally, flossing also helps prevent tooth decay and lessen the risk of developing gum disease.

SANITIZERS, COTTON BALLS AND GAUZE You would never want to use your hands for anything like eating, especially when you have dealt with some dental problems or where water is not available. It is a good idea to keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your dental kit.

Cotton balls and gauze will be necessary during blood loss due in your mouth. The balls can also be soaked in various medicines and applied to gum area or abscess.


Salt, a common household item, is an essential part of your dental kit. You can use salt to rinse mouth if food particles are caught in. Plus, swishing your mouth with warm salt water also helps in reducing toothache.


Clove oil has been used since ages as a natural pain reliever. The oil is analgesic, antiseptic, and antibacterial. You can get clove oil processed and packed especially for dental use at your nearest drugstore.


Gloves are one of the key items in a dental kit. Before taking care of an emergency situation, you need to protect yourself from any body fluid or blood. So, always keep at least one pair of gloves in your dental kit.

PS: It is better to have Nitrile gloves rather than latex gloves as these gloves offer better protection.

TEETHING PAIN RELEIVER AND ORAL GELS Non-narcotic analgesics are the most common and widely used drugs for relieving tooth pain. Medicines like ibuprofen can be used in dental pain emergencies after getting them prescribed by a dentist. So, get these medicine prescribed in advance to manage emergencies.

Always remember to stock up instant pain relief gels to soothe sudden toothache fast. You can get these gels at any of your local drug stores.

BAKING SODA AND CARDEMOM Baking soda is a natural tooth whitener and can also be used as temporary toothpaste. You can mix it with water to form a paste and use it to clean stains from your teeth.

Cardamom is loaded with a lot of health-promoting nutrients like calcium and flavonoids. Chewing cardamom can help eliminate bad breath and also aids in reducing bad bacteria.


Your dental kit must not be devoid of ice packs. Whether you are suffering from toothache or you have your wisdom tooth removed a few days ago, ice packs or any other cold packs will be of great help. So, keep one available every time.

COTTON SWABS AND HYDROGEN PEROXIDE You may be wondering what cotton swab can do for maintaining oral health. Well, these swabs can serve a lot of purposes. These can be used to apply oil to our molars or gums and can also be used to massage oral muscles.

Hydrogen peroxide can come in handy in the case of dental emergency and reducing the number of bacteria in the mouth. You can also occasionally swish with dilute hydrogen peroxide solution to whiten your teeth.

It is hard to imagine exceptional oral hygiene without having a dental kit. Include these essentials in your homemade dental kit. Alternatively, you can assemble it with the help of dentists, pharmacist, and other medical professionals. Else, there are a number of dental clinics in Chennai from where you can buy a ready-made dental kit. The choice of assembling the kit is yours, but you must have one at home.

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17 items you should keep in your dental kit for exceptional oral hygiene  

If asked to name a single item that has made the greatest impact on overall oral hygiene, what would you name? Here are 17 items that you ca...

17 items you should keep in your dental kit for exceptional oral hygiene  

If asked to name a single item that has made the greatest impact on overall oral hygiene, what would you name? Here are 17 items that you ca...