Cedar Wings magazine. August - September 2019

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Lebanese Design: pAsT, pREsENT ANd FuTuRE JuNE saw BEIRuT take to the sTREETs, dEMocRATIzINg design by cRIsscRossINg the city through a pRogRAM of unique EvENTs. Over the years, BEIRuT dEsIgN WEEK has developed to ENcoMpAss a wide range of the city’s cREATIvITy beyond pure dEsIgN. Here, we take a look back at 2019’s “NosTAlgIA”-themed week and pIcK our hIghlIghTs. What could be more exciting than the designs of today? The designers of the future! Beirut’s collaborative design platform House of Today has just announced the recipients of their valuable scholarship program. Read on to find out who’s in for 2019.

We also bring news of a special acknowledgement for some of our favorite designers, together with a special Save The Date focus where you can set your travel plans and ensure you satisfy your design-fix (and with a Lebanese flavor too).

housE oF TodAy’s 2019 scholarships Every year since 2015, House of Today has sought to encourage and nurture Lebanon’s most promising young designers by providing funding for graduate or postgraduate study at a respectable product design university in Lebanon or abroad. After awarding scholarships with a total value of $160,000 to Layal Chacar, Carine Nawbar, Ala Tannir, Romy Bechara, Ghyda Kenaan, Riad Chehabeddine, Rawad Baaklini, Micheline Nahra, Aya Iskandarani and Rachel Antoun in previous years, House of Today has just announced a further four students who will be supported during the 2019-2020 academic year. Noor Taan: third year MA in industrial design, Pratt Institute, New York Rouba Akl: first year, MA in interaction design, IED, Barcelona Karel Karkodorian: second year BA in product design, ALBA, Beirut Aya Iskandarian: second year MA in industrial design, La Cambre, Brussels

Noor Taan

Rouba Akl

“This scholarship is my only shot if I want to go on with my studies,” said Akl. “My Master’s has been my biggest priority ever since I graduated. I have been applying ever since and do not in any case want to give up since I find it ridiculous that money can so strongly come between someone’s potential and ambitions.” On receiving the award, Taan commented: “I intend to push the boundaries and challenge myself to produce work based on my culture in relation to other cultures.” The selection is made annually through the Scholarship Qualifying Committee – comprising Rania Abillama, Marc Baroud, Karl Bassil, and Karim Chaya, together with House of today director Jessy Sfeir Bustros and founder and curator of House of Today, Cherine Magrabi Tayeb – who together review each application and portfolio.

Karel Karkodorian

Aya Iskandarian

david/nicolas and Khaled El MAys AD Architectural Digest Germany included Lebanese design team david/nicolas as well as Khaled El Mays on their list of 200 design influencers. Their influencers are people not satisfied with the page 104

current state and want to make the world more beautiful. Other names on the list include Patricia Urquiola, Gucci’s Alessandro Michele and global style brand Hermès.