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Storeitoffsite storeitoffsite is a company with a lot to offer. We provide unmatched reliability through our data protection solutions. Our custom solutions feature a remarkable level of technologies and data center redundancy.

Cloud Services Lexington Ky There o e as a ti e he te h olog as just a a essor in business. It had little, or no effect, on a company's ability to fulfill its mission. As companies began to move core business operations into technology based operations, suddenly, a serious issue was discovered. When the technology failed, the company's mission was interrupted. Furthermore, depending on the significance of the failure, the financial impact on that company could be devastating.

But delaying updates, proper monitoring and backup can be even more expensive—or even fatal to your company.

Lexington Cloud Services Today we operate in an environment where most core business processes require technology. It allows for a high level of management, productivity and competitiveness, unlike what many companies have ever experienced. At the same time, there are threats that constantly target that technology, such as equipment failure, viruses and malware, power outages, and even rogue personnel. Any one of these can cause a significant amount of downtime which can place a company at serious risk, or worse. Keeping all of this hardware and software up to date and in proper operating condition is expensive.

Central Kentucky Cloud Providers First of all, it’s i e to ha e a repli atio s ste that is eas to use a d a i h to ai tai . Let’s fa e it, if ou’re running your own business, you barely have time to focus on executing the essential daily tasks. The last thing you need to worry about at the end of a long day is data storage and your replicated backup appliance. With a ro ust arra of features to offer, e’re al a s e ited to learn about new clients and how our customizations may be able to help them. The backups are thorough and the entire system is easy to administer because you do ’t ha e to ju p i to a foreig o puti g environment to get started.

Central Kentucky Cloud Solutions Here in central KY, we service a number of businesses in a variety of ways. Many of them take advantage of multiple service packages, combined and tailored to fit their individual needs. We can sit down with you, face-to-face, and come away with a customized plan to suit your particular business needs. Oka , e’re goi g to le el ith ou. You ha e to a k up our data, a d e’re goi g to tell ou so e of the reaso s h . First of all, ou alread k o h . It’s our data, a d ou do ’t a t to lose it. Whether it’s just a fe files or our e tire usi ess, it’s orth taki g the ti e to ake sure it’s safe.F or more informationn visit our website:

Coud Services Lexington Ky  

A storage area network (or SAN, which rhymes with Stan) is a dedicated, high-speed network that transfers and provides access to block data...

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