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PO Box 50 Caulfield, Missouri

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Established in 1972

Welcome To Cloud 9 Ranch Welcome all Cloud 9 Ranch Memembers and guests. This week, families from all across our nation will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Cloud 9 Ranch Management and Staff would like to extend a warm welcome to our many members and their families who are joining us this week. We hope that you will enjoy your stay at the Ranch and that each and everyone of you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Caulfield, Missouri

Established in 1972

What Cloud 9 ranch Represents

Got Something to sell? Advertise Your Stuff! What Items are allowed? ATV’s, SUV’s, UTV’s etc Cargo Trailers, Trailers, Campers, and Autos. How Do I List My Ad? Ads Must Be Submitted in Writing to the Ranch Office or emailed to: How Do I Pay? Ad Space can be paid for by cash, check or credit card at the office. Checks, along with the Ad can be mailed to: Cloud 9 Ranch c/o Toy Trader PO Box 50 Caulfield, MO 65626 For emailed ads, Credit Card payment can be taken by phone by calling 417-284-7321 When Must the Ad be received by? Ads must be paid in full and must be received by 4PM on the Monday prior to the Thursday print date. What is the cost? Base price for up to 15 words $2.50 Words exceeding 15 add .10 cents per word Business card size photo add $1 per each photo included How long do Ads Run? Each ad will run for one week. Multiple weeks may be purchased but are non-refundable. Additional Information: All ads submitted must include a phone number.

While it is not unusual for people to plan their vacations around the holidays, it is a little unusual that someone would plan their camping vacation for Missouri, in late November when the weather is completely unpredictable. For Ranch Members, James and Doris Taglauer, this is a vacation that was and still is, full of the “unusual”. In November of 1973, James and Doris were living in St. Louis Missouri with their young family of six children. The family had been trying to figure out the logistics of getting a rather large family together for the holidays. Being what they describe as a “Camping Family”, the Taglauers were looking for a place to camp during the holiday when everyone would be able to join them. One afternoon Doris found an ad in the local paper that read “Four Nights Free at Cloud 9 Ranch”. She laughed as she explained, “Free” was good-with 6 kids, we were on a budget’. So the Taglaur family decided that Cloud 9 Ranch was perfect and Thanksgiving of 1973 was going to be in Southern Missouri. Reflecting back, daughter, Kristy Nodurft, who was 10 years old at the time, recalls the first visit to the Ranch. “We were required to take a tour during our stay and our family of eight was piled into one of those green and white Ranch Blazers the Ranch use to have back then”. Kristy went on to describe how the Ranch tour has stuck with her all of these years. She said, “I am not sure why but it was just like it was yesterday, I remember sitting in the very back of that blazer and looking out the back glass as we were driving up from Wilder Springs Campground. There was an endless supply of fallen leaves on the road that created such a swirl as the truck passed over them”. James recalled how, on that first visit, they had pulled down their tiny pop-up camper with them. The weather took a nasty turn and it was bitterly cold. A smile came to Doris’s face and she chuckled “Everyone was so worried about us, people kept stopping by to check on us because we had brought our 6 month old baby, Lisa, with us. I think they were all afraid we were going to freeze to death in that little camper we had back then.” Well, needless to say, the cold weather didn’t dampen the spirits of the Taglauer family. Before that Thanksgiving weekend was over, the Taglauers were new Cloud 9 Ranch Members. Still talking about the little pop-up camper, James and Doris remembered how they were in awe of all the big campers that they seen at Cloud 9 Ranch. James and Doris, who are very good at completing each others sentences, commented “It took us 40 years, and now we have one too”. With that big grin on his face, James was quick to add “I have seen the enemy and he is us”. All of the girls reflected on what they remember as being great times at Cloud 9. The stables were a huge part of what made Cloud 9 Ranch so much fun for the girls as kids. At the time when it was not uncommon for 300 horseback rides to take place in a day, the girls spent a lot of time at the stables. Lisa was eventually asked to help saddle horses and get them ready for riders. She remembered how her favorite time was when she would get be the lead of one of the riding groups. Story Continued on Page 3

November 21st, 2012

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What Cloud 9 ranch Represents ~Continued from page 2 Lisa sternly said, “As soon as we finished a ride us kids would hurry to sign-up again for the next day. If you didn’t there was a good chance you wouldn’t have a horse to ride”. James and Doris talked how they never seen the kids during the day, they were always busy with something from morning until dark. “The Ranch is great for the kids, we never had to worry about them, and we didn’t always know exactly where they were but knew they were here somewhere”. I asked unsure of the response I would get, “What is different about the Ranch now than when you first bought your membership?” The list was long, there was only one pool, the chapel had not been build, the school house had not been moved, the ATV’s were not here, lots has changed. But more importantly, lots of things have stayed the same. It took me a while to understand what was meant by this response. So I asked, “Do you think that the ATV’s and all the Trails have taken away from what was quality family time?” The second generation of Taglaurs answered the question for me. “Absolutely not!”. We enjoy the trails and riding and we are here because of the wide variety of activities that are available”. Then after some debate the ladies concluded that each of them had been to the Ranch while pregnant with each and every one of the grandbabies. The discussion was hovering around family and for the Taglauers, family is the reason they are members of the Ranch. But not just the flesh and blood family, their Ranch family has played an important role in their lives as well. In August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina, one of the most deadly and destructive Atlantic hurricanes, struck the area where the Taglauer family was living. James was in St. Louis at the time on a fishing trip and had no way of getting back to New Orleans because the airports had been closed. Doris loaded up what she could in the car and started heading to Missouri, first to retrieve James and then heading to the Ranch. James chuckled as he said, “First Doris and I arrived and then just a day or two later all the kids started showing up”. “There was no place else to go”. James described how when they arrived that they didn’t have more than a couple of days worth of supplies with them. Jim Crosby was the head of security at the time and Charlie Baker was the chairmen of the Board of Directors. There was a donation drop-off organized at the Valley Star School House. People made donations of food, clothing and other supplies to help the Taglauers out in their time of need. Members went as far as even loaning camper trailers for them to stay in. During the interview, James thanked God and his Ranch Family for taking care of them during this time in their lives. It was late October before the water had receded enough for the Taglauers to return back to their homes. James still has his favorite sweatshirt, an University of Arkansas Hoodie, that was in the donation box. Jim laughed as he said “I should have wore it today”. The entire family spoke about campfires, meteor showers on Dry Gulch Road and occasional glass of champagne under a full moon. With four generations of Taglaurs ( 7 Memberships!) at the Ranch this week, it was easy to see how much the family enjoys their time at the Ranch. It was such a pleasure for me to spend time with James, Doris, their children and grandchildren. The amount of love they carry in their hearts is evident without ever a word being spoken. They are truly a family that can serve as an inspiration to all of us.

November 21st, 2012

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The Rest of the Story~ Membership Price The Holidays and the ending of 2012 brings about the time that all of us reflect on what is important to us. Family, Friends, Work, and of course the Ranch. When I reflect back on 2012, I am amazed, once again, the memories that have been made and the friends that have come into my life!!! 2012 has also been a learning experience for me. I was honored in June that the membership voted me to take the one year vacant seat of Don Scott and then honored that the sitting board appointed me as Treasurer. Becoming Treasurer was not only an honor, but it gave me a chance to learn more about the Ranch and the inner workings. Some changes were made in the process and there are many more changes that can be made. Like everything else in life, those changes cannot happen fast enough, but like life, any process changes take time. During the budget process I got to talk to many members, employees and management. A lot of ideas and comments came from all those discussions and I have taken every one of them and tried to validate them into a working formula for the Ranch. Has every one of them been put in place? NO! Are some of the ideas still in the working stages? YES! One of the most nagging issues is the Price of the Deed or the Buy-in a member pays. This one piece was pivotal on getting the Ranch started in 1972 and remains a pivotal monetarily issue today. In the 70’s and 80’s a Ranch membership sold for $7,000 upwards to $14,000 (this is from members that bought in at that time). Since the 70’s the membership price has been lowered and many people have asked why? The answer to this question is not easily answered and so I am going to give you my theory of why the Membership is so much lower than 1972. Up until the mid 1990’s the developer managed the Cost of the Deed or Buy-in. He set the price and so therefore it was what it was. When the developer decided to go into bankruptcy, he sold many memberships for a bargain basement price of $100. This move devalued the Deed in a way that we still wrestle with today. One of the problems I believe that was never addressed was the individual member selling their deed on the open market. The member can set their price and sell it without the Ranch having any say in setting that value. This further devalues the membership price that the Ranch can set. Another issue that the Ranch has to wrestle with, and is actually a big time and money issue, is that we have members not paying their maintenance fees or quitting without doing anything with the deed. Those deeds eventually have to find their way back to the Ranch. This is usually done through the courts system (at the expense of the Ranch) and at that time the courts set the price for those deeds and the Ranch has to adhere to them. With all of these issues and the economic times that we live in, it is almost impossible to set a Membership Deed Price that reflects what the Ranch is really worth to the membership. How can the Board and Management wrestle with this problem? Well , takes education and a commitment of the Ranch Members. Here are a few things that can be done… Treat your Ranch Deed like any other title. TOD (Time of Death) to a family member or friend. Make sure that person knows that it will need to be sold or deeded back to the Ranch if no longer used. If, for whatever reason, you need to sell your deed in the open market, please sell it for a price that matches the current Ranch price. If, for whatever reason, you can no longer afford the Ranch and you don’t want to sell it, please be pro-active and bring the deed back to the Ranch and help us not accrue the expense of going to court. Deed the membership back to the Ranch. I hope that nobody has to worry about ever selling or giving back their deed. I personally would like for the Ranch family to stay as it is today and add more. I am all for, the More the Merrier!!! But I also know that life gets in our way and things happen that are totally out of our control. So please, if you need to make that move, please make a smart move! Here is wishing your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and, if you are lucky enough to be at the ranch, have a Great Time. Happy Holidays Mag Greig

Treasurer ~Board of Directors

November 21st, 2012

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Pay It Forward~ Pride in ownership that will Just in case you’ve never met this couple, let us introduce you to Chuck and Helene Allen. They are Cloud 9 Ranch members who came up with an idea that will benefit Cloud 9 Ranch for future generations. It’s a “pay it forward” move on the part of this couple. First of all, you need to know a little about Chuck and Helene before we tell you what they are doing. Chuck Allen retired from the Air Force in 1977 as a First Sergeant of Security Police Squadron in California. They moved to Caulfield, Missouri in 1981 and became very active in the Caulfield community, helping organize a committee and Chairmen of the first Caulfield Fall Festival to raise funds to build the fire house. Chuck became Vice-President and Helene Secretary-Treasurer of the Caulfield Volunteer Fire Department when it was established in 1982. The couple bought a Cloud 9 Ranch membership around 1983 (when the prices were developer-sized). Living so close, they didn’t camp overnight at the Ranch but invested to enjoy the Ranch in their retirement years. Helene is from Hawaii and around 1986 they moved there to care for Helene’s aging parents. Staying in Hawaii for over 20 years, in 2010 Chuck retired as a Parks/Recreation Maintenance Superintendent, Helene retired as a legal assistant, and they moved back stateside, settling in San Antonio, TX. They have three sons, 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren scattered all over the USA. Cloud 9 Ranch members for almost 30 years but living in Hawaii for most of that time, Chuck and Helene were unable to visit Cloud 9 Ranch since they left Caulfield in 1986. However, they continually supported Cloud 9 Ranch, even sending checks when hearing of a project or need, especially the Employee Appreciation program. Chuck and Helene are some of the first Charter Members of the Cloud 9 Cruisers Club, a service club of dedicated owners who donate money and time to ranch service and support management and ranch improvements with fundraising events. In both 2010 and 2011, they fulfilled part of their retirement dream and were able to spend a few weeks on the Ranch meeting people and building lasting friendships. Now, why should you know all of this? This is a bittersweet time in Chuck and Helene’s life, as they are thankful for family and friends, and the life they have together, but realize it is time to make some changes. Now a retired couple living on social security, the rigors of travel and health issues, retirement didn’t turn out to include Cloud 9 Ranch as much as they had planned. Faced with facts of life, hard decisions had to be made; one of which is giving up their Cloud 9 Ranch membership. They had several options to consider; like selling or deeding back. But they didn’t do either. They have a much better idea; donating their longtime membership to the C9R Fire Department Building Fund, where raffle tickets will be sold and the membership deeded to a new ranch family on New Year’s Eve. The new member’s 2013 Maintenance Fees will be paid and all other proceeds of the raffle will go directly to the Fire Department Building Fund. This is a wonderful gesture on the part of Chuck and Helene Allen. Their longtime membership will still count for something. Their generosity will be memorialized in a way that many would never think of, let alone make it happen. Hopefully, Chuck and Helene will be able to attend as our honored guests for the grand opening of our new C9R Fire Department building when it becomes a reality. But first, we’ve got to help them sell those raffle tickets over the next few months!!! Raffle tickets for a Cloud 9 Ranch Membership (includes 2013 Maintenance Fees paid) are available for $5.00 each or 3 for $10. They are printed in packets of 12 tickets and will be distributed to anyone who wants to help sell them. You can even purchase an entire packet for ONLY $40 (a $20 savings off the one-ticket price). If you want to buy raffle tickets or help sell them, call the Ranch Office at (417-284-7321). Because of just a little bit of creative thinking outside the box, on New Year’s Eve 2012 one lucky new member of our Cloud 9 Ranch family will know the membership they own was cherished for so many years and comes with a history of deep pride of ownership!!! Thank you, Chuck and Helene Allen for support C9R over the years. We at Cloud 9 Ranch hope your golden years bring you many blessings!

FACILITY HOURS November 22nd-November 28th Note: *Special Thanksgiving Hours Have Been Listed By Department CHAPEL Sunday Service 10AM ACCOUNTING OFFICE Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM * Closed on November 22nd & 23rd TRADING POST Sunday-Thursday 8AM-4PM Friday & Saturday 8AM-7PM * November 22nd 10AM-2PM GAS STATION Open Daily 10AM-2PM * Closed November 22nd

RANCH STABLES By Appointment Only RESTAURANT Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8AM-2PM Friday & Saturday 8AM-7PM Closed Monday and Tuesday * Closed November 22nd & 23rd

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

C9R Thanksgiving Feast Last week the Activities Committee sponsored Thanksgiving dinner was held for the Ranch Members and their guests. The committee did an amazing job and there was an outstanding turnout for the occasion, with plenty of food and great fellowship for all who attended. Special Thanks to all the volunteers who made the evening possible. Your efforts make C9R a great place to be.

Around the Ranch You may think it is a little to early to be thinking about May of 2013, but we don’t. Plans are underway to change how the Ranch processes the annual newsletter that is published each spring. Traditionally the annual newsletter has been mailed to the membership with the voting packets. This limits the distribution of the newsletter to being received only by members who have a balance of less than $50. Another drawback of this distribution method is in the expense incurred in time, labor, and postage. Each year the Ranch spends thousands of dollars trying to reach the membership for the distribution of documents mandated by our bylaws. Our goal is to dutifully uphold our by-law requirements in the most cost effective way possible. Beginning on December 1st of this year, Members can begin signing up to receive the Annual Newsletter via email. The sign-up form will be posted on the Offical Ranch website: In order for this method of distribution to be effective, members will need to be involved in registering their email address. The benefits of this plan will not only be a cost savings to the Ranch but will also allow all members to obtain the information posted in the Newsletter. We realize that not every single member will have an email address. For those who do not have access to email service, you will still be able to contact the office and requested a printed version of the Annual Newsletter. We would like to encourage our members to be proactive and do their part to help make this necessary change possible.

Activities Committee News Plans have been made for the 2012 Membership Christmas Dinner. This special dinner will be held on December 15th at 6PM in the Ranch Club House Patio Room. To kick off the New Year, the New Years Dinner Will be held on December 29th at 6PM. This dinner will also be held in the Club House Patio Room. All Members and their guest are invited to join in these fellowship meals.

Employee Christmas Party! Well it is that time of year again & the holidays are approaching fast! Any member who would like to help defray the costs of the Employee Christmas Party, please do so at the Ranch office. Your support is appreciated. With our sincere gratitude, C9R Office Staff

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