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The first predictive maintenance and energy saving IoT solution for multi-site organisations

Our purpose is to make today’s world more sustainable by helping prevent the needless waste of energy and resources

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We are excited to be able to share something completely new with you – a new business using AI in a unique way to solve a very specific set of business challenges. Mindsett is the first predictive maintenance and energy saving IoT solution for multi-site organisations. Using our own hardware and software, we’ve developed a system that harnesses the principles of gamification to inspire and monitor behaviour change. The result is an innovative and open standard system with a payback of typically one year. A wholly owned subsidiary of Cloudfm Group, winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation 2019, Mindsett benefits from the engineering experience and partner network of the fastest growing FM company in the UK. Our purpose is to help make today’s world more sustainable by reducing the unnecessary waste of resources, time and energy. It’s our contribution to tackling climate change, applying our expertise in technology and property management to behaviour change.

Who we are

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A little bit of history

Built in partnership with brands such as PizzaExpress and KFC, Mindsett represents the next level in facilities and energy management, with additional benefits in areas such as compliance, food hygiene and customer experience. Cloudfm also boasts a track record in technology-driven behavioural change, with the award-winning Freedom platform delivering sustainable cost savings, matched by industry-leading levels of compliance and transparency. Freedom typically delivers








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Bringing this knowledge and insight to IoT, the Mindsett leadership team is committed to sustainable commercial and environmental change. Described by PizzaExpress as the “Fourth Revolution”, IoT will transform the way that we manage buildings, from asset level up. It starts with technology but it needs people, and at Mindsett we believe we have a performance model that delivers. Leadership Team

Steve Corbett

Chief Technology Officer and the driving force behind Freedom, Steve has delivered significant gains in productivity and cost savings for clients such as KFC, PizzaExpress, ASK, Zizzi, The Range and TUI. He brings 22 years of digital transformation and automation experience.

David Attoe

IoT Development Director, David has 20 years of commercial experience in finance for organisations such as Prezzo, The Ministry of Agriculture, Vodafone and ExxonMobil, ensuring that Mindsett delivers aspirational goals matched by enviable returns.

Helen Tidswell

A Brand Director with 18 years’ experience, Helen is responsible for sharing Mindsett’s core values and insights, and is committed to building a community of likeminded individuals and companies that want to work together to effect genuine change.

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“IoT offers the potential for truly transformative gains in business. The scope for organisations to simultaneously reduce costs, increase quality and control risk is tremendous – not for nothing have these technologies been identified as a key element of what some have called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This initiative extends our longstanding partnership with Cloudfm, building on the company’s cuttingedge FM technology platform, to bring new efficiencies to this and other key processes in our business.” Siobhan Fagan Group IT Director

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Having established the principles and technology behind Cloudfm, the next challenge was how to use our expertise to help customers with the bigger challenges. / 09

Using IoT to eliminate waste We’ve identified three key areas of waste common to most organisations:



These contribute to higher costs, a larger carbon footprint, unhappy customers and lower employee engagement.

We keep it simple Systems that rely on multiple checks and balances are difficult to work with, prone to failure, demotivating for staff and stifle innovation. Our goal is not to make people expert in systems. We build systems that are a joy to use so people can focus on what they do best – delivering great customer service.


Mindsett inspiring behavioural change of the UK’s emissions target reduction will be achieved by a significant change in societal and consumer behaviours combined with low carbon technologies.

* Committee on Climate Change, May 2019

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KEY Capacity


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One size doesn’t fit all We know how complicated and fast moving the hospitality sector is, with multiple systems and regulations vying for attention. Traditional strategies to manage these environments include:

Checklists Dashboards Emails Spreadsheets Newsletters Laminated reminders

But experience tells us that blanket instructions rarely work. Lasting change requires an understanding of the precise context in which the restaurant is operating, and the desired change has to be continuously reinforced. Restaurant staff will typically revert to established ways of working within three weeks. Mindsett anticipates the demands of the restaurant environment. It captures everything we’ve learned about how patterns of behaviour are formed in the restaurant environment, enabling managers to save energy and positively impact their P&L.

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The Mindsett solution Pizza oven



N Transmitter

Refrigeration N







Hot water


Other assets N



Distribution board / 13

Mindsett is built using AI and ML. It’s an intuitive system that treats each restaurant as an individual entity with specific characteristics and issues.

Machine learning & AI








The first truly end to end solution Hardware designed to understand hospitality assets, such as AC, hot water or bespoke units such as pizza ovens and fryers Open standard gateways: Lora and Wi-Fi AI interacting at site and central level to respond to individual challenges and best practice Machine learning to refine improvements and identify further savings Gamified app for users and dashboard for strategic oversight

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We design the reward structure of the app in partnership with clients. For example, we can link to an existing CSR initiative by planting a real tree for each virtual tree grown on the app in response to energy saving measures taken over time. / 15

But we don’t stop there

The real power of Mindsett begins where most systems end. We take the minute by minute data and apply principles of gamification to inspire staff to modify their behaviour to achieve waste reductions.

Our solution creates a community where we offer a mixture of: Rewards – nudges towards the right behaviour. Compulsion – prompts for behaviours that are inefficient. Collaboration – shares hints and tips or experiences that promote change and strengthen the whole community. Competition – recognises success which is compounded by peer assessment to encourage alignment. This activity needs to be ongoing and novel – people need reinforcement and variation to pay attention to a new challenge, especially if you want them to internalise and champion the goal.

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The IoT journey

Mindsett has multiple applications, and as a new company we are exploring the possibilities. The main pillars of our current offering are:

ENERGY Through energy monitoring, procurement and behaviour change, we’re reducing restaurants’ energy consumption by 20% on average. Mindsett provides a structured path to Net Zero, with payback typically in one year and immediate benefits for CSR and EBITDA. In this way, energy offers a cost effective entry point for IoT.

COMPLIANCE & RISK This is a universal module that we’ve developed to integrate with the core Mindsett platform. Harnessing the power of the app, it increases productivity and compliance by automating routine checks, such as legionella, food safety and emergency lighting. Paper-based processes can be digitised, and critical factors such as temperature can be communicated to staff, protecting you and your customers. / 17

ENVIRONMENT We’re developing a range of customer experience modules that link customer activity to resource allocation and sales. Our aim is to help companies target energy and attention where they have the most impact. For example, the number of appliances running could be linked to occupancy, and we can also measure the impact of variables, such as air temperature, on customer satisfaction.

PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE Mindsett is the first predictive maintenance solution for multisite organisations, using AI and machine learning to support significant improvements in trading hours, maintenance costs, planned maintenance and procurement. Beyond predictive maintenance we’ll be moving to a prescriptive model, but that’s a conversation for the future once the gains outlined here are realised.

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Sustainability planning is a key focus across the UK, with the restaurant and retail industries coming together as a unified community to bring forward the Government’s Net Zero 2050 deadline. Research has shown that to achieve emissions targets, businesses must align low carbon technology with behavioural change. And it goes without saying, smart energy procurement and consumption, equals a substantial savings opportunity. IoT sensors monitor energy consumption per asset to highlight where operational efficiencies can be improved. Data gathered from sensors provides insight into how capital investment in energy efficient assets has performed against expectation. The AI normalises energy consumption per site in order to generate accurate predictions and to benchmark the site against the wider estate. Energy insights support the smart procurement of renewable energy, which is vital to achieving carbon reduction targets. / 19

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Compliance and Risk

Risk and compliance management can be a long and arduous task. Routine daily checks are often recorded on paper, making compliance documentation difficult to store and produce when required. Automated compliance checks not only provide a permanent digital record, but also save a significant amount on resource. Bluetooth probes automate the process of checking food temperature, creating a more robust audit trail. Every site is better prepared for EHO visits, with accurate and up to date records always available on demand. An electronic record of all compliance checks gives you confidence that during an EHO audit your records are accurate and you can easily produce all the necessary paperwork. / 21


Your existing client data, correlated with ours and analysed through AI, helps you understand how customers will respond to changes in the environment. Our system combines the control of automation and remote access with the flexibility of responding to changes on site as they occur. Mindsett gives you the ability to track passing footfall versus actual customers, enabling real time visibility of conversion rate and giving you the data to plan improvements. Smart cameras track and report your customer demographic, providing valuable insight into who your customers are and what their specific needs might be. Automatic supervision of waiting times, aligned with AI technology, provides insight into the optimum staffing levels required. Sensors monitor air quality and temperature, which is unique to each space and the activity within it, reducing energy consumption and creating benefits for the customer experience.

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Predictive Maintenance

Why react when you can predict? Our intelligent sensors watch over your critical assets 24/7, recording their unique operation. This data acts as a signature which allows us to determine when equipment begins to behave sub-optimally, using AI and machine learning to enable effective lifecycle management. Insight into the behaviour of your assets means that maintenance is only carried out when required, saving the time and cost associated with over-zealous or inadequate schedules. Similarly the data is able to confirm that maintenance work has been completed, and to the right standard. Predictive maintenance warns you of impending failures, giving you vital time to address the issue ahead of an asset breakdown. Combining predictive maintenance with total asset lifecycle management enables more informed decision making over whether to repair or replace. Smarter purchasing is made possible through a wealth of data linked to actual performance and insights gathered across the Mindsett community.

To make today’s world more sustainable by helping prevent the needless waste of energy and resources


People Technology Behaviours Insights

Profile for Cloudfm


The first predictive maintenance and energy saving IoT solution for multi-site organisations Our purpose is to make today’s world more sus...


The first predictive maintenance and energy saving IoT solution for multi-site organisations Our purpose is to make today’s world more sus...

Profile for cloudfm