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Grade 2 Digital Literacy Skills


Information Literacy: ●

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Locates author information in a print resource Able to identify at least two types of information sources (print books, people, encyclopedias) Can locate resources in the library and classroom Understands how to find “just-right” books Able to find a print book using an online library catalog Able to form simple questions and explore ways to answer them Able to connect ideas to their own interests Able to share personal knowledge about a topic, problem, or question with the class Able to ask “I wonder” questions about a topic. Able to select appropriate sources, including picture dictionaries, globes, and simple encyclopedias to answer questions. Able to use simple note-taking strategies Able to write, draw, or verbalize a main idea and supporting details. Can put simple ideas (notes & illustrations) in graphic organizer. Recognizes many types of poetry and can write a poem. Recognizes the numerical order of non–fiction books

Technology Integration Standards 1 & 2: Collaborate to produce original works or solve problems ● ● ● ● ● ●

Able to work with others to create a digital product Able to create an original story using a digital story program Uses technology with others in a way that assists all in the group rather than prevents others from learning Able to create an online timeline As a member of a team, is able to pubIish a digital product and retrieve it later. Can save the digital product for later editing or presentation

Standards 2 & 3: Locate information and communicate ideas ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Able to locate information from an online source (database, ebook, or website) specified by the teacher Able to organize several events in an online timeline Uses alphabet keys on keyboard or mobile device confidently Able to locate and use information provided on a computer or mobile device Able to retrieve factual information from an online map, globe, or satellite image Able to locate and read an ebook or online magazine for enjoyment Able to use a digital tool to organize information (i.e Kidspiration, Wixie) Able to independently log in to online programs provided by teacher for a variety of content area Able to read an online source and use applicable information from the source to answer a question.. Can participate in an online video conference with an expert on a certain topic (i.e. Skype) Can save information produced or from a source for later retrieval Can identify a URL when online Can identify most icons on a computer or mobile device and what they represent

Grade 2 Digital Literacy Skills


Digital Citizenship ● Can create a simple list of sources (titles) ● Understands and follows rules when using school technology ● Understands idea of logging in to one’s own device or program