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Grade 1 Digital Literacy Skills


Information Literacy: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Understands parts of a picture book and their purposes (cover, title, author) Recognizes and can locate picture books that are of interest by browsing the library or the book room Can explain how pictures in books represent ideas and give information Recognizes difference between books that give information and books that tell stories. Understands that new information can be accessed in many ways (in print, orally, in pictures, on posters) Recognizes many types of poetry and nursery rhymes Can follow basic library/classroom procedures designed for use of resources Can form simple questions and begin to explore ways to answer them with information sources provided by an adult. Able to create a simple story with two or more events in order

Technology Integration: Standards 1 & 2: Collaborate to produce original works or solve problems ● ● ● ●

Able to work with others to create a simple product Able to produce an original idea or original story Uses resources with others in a way that assists all in the group rather than prevents others from learning Able to recognize and create a simple timeline of events, with guidance

Standards 2 & 3: Locate information and communicate ideas ● ● ● ● ●

Able to locate factual information from a source as directed by the teacher (PebbleGo, Power Kids, World Book) Able to locate and use information provided on a computer or mobile device Able to recognize earth’s features using an online map or satellite image program Able to locate and read an ebook for enjoyment as directed by teacher Gaining confidence in using alphabet keys on keyboard or mobile device

Digital Citizenship: ● Can explain why and when a login and password are needed ● Understands the idea of a “safe” username ● Uses technology to explore personal interests ● Able to help peers use hardware or software and to share resources ● Able to ask for help when using hardware or software ● Can identify some icons on a computer or mobile device and what they represent

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