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Kindergarten Digital Literacy Skills


Information Literacy: ● ● ● ● ● ●

Recognizes and can locate picture books that are of interest with guidance Can follow basic library book check-out and check-in procedures Recognizes that pictures in books represent ideas and give information Can organize simple ideas (notes & images) Recognizes that stories have a beginning, middle, and end Can form simple questions and begin to explore ways to answer them with information sources provided by an adult.

Technology Integration: Standards 1 & 2: Collaborate to produce original works or solve problems ● ● ●

Able to work with others to complete a task Able to work with others to create an original story Able to recognize a simple timeline of events

Standards 2 & 3: Locate information and communicate ideas ● Able to locate information on a computer or mobile device, with guidance ● Able to recognize earth’s features using a map or globe ● Able to locate and read a book for enjoyment as directed by teacher Digital Citizenship: ● ● ●

Understands that a login and password are sometimes needed to access online resources Demonstrates proper care of print resources, computers, and mobile devices. Able to help peers and to share resources