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Cloud Migration Products CloudRecon® CloudSupervisor® CloudOrigin® CloudPilot® Assessment Insights Services® Office Dashboards

CloudRecon® - Infrastructure Configuration Management tools • CloudRecon® assesses your IT infrastructure to

create a cloud migration strategy, recommending which applications should migrate to the Cloud (SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS), as well as providing a Cybersecurity assessment.

CloudPilot® - Application Migration Tools • CloudPilot® scans actual code, database scripts, and application configuration data, to provide detailed recommendations down to the line of code to migrate applications to Azure PaaS.

CloudSupervisor® - Azure Monitoring Tools  CloudSupervisor® runs in an Azure subscription to

provide subscription owners with compliance monitoring at the application level across all their Azure subscriptions. As changes occur to the standards published by CloudOrigin®, applications are monitored to ensure compliance. For customers, managing “drift” is critical due to the afore mentioned feature updates in Azure, due to regulatory changes that guide IT Risk Management.

CloudOrigin® - Azure Guidance Tools  CloudOrigin® is a customizable knowledgebase of all

Azure services settings and configurations, recommended code changes, guidance, etc., for enterprises to define to meet their application standards. It is the knowledge repository that informs the other CloudAtlas® tools. With feature level changes happening every 37 hours in Azure to enhance capabilities and performance, CloudOrigin® ensures that at the point of deployment, as well as during ongoing operations, Cloud-based applications remain in compliance with standards.

AIS(Assessment Insights ServicesÂŽ) ď‚— The SAM Cloud-Ready Review provides the Customer

with and end-to-end analysis of their cloud-ready infrastructure taking into consideration current software deployment, usage and licensing data.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Products - CloudAtlas®  
Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Products - CloudAtlas®  

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