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KINDNESS “Emi and Ella the Elephant” PLAY-BASED Learning Activities Note to the Teacher

Use Beyond the Book Play-Based Learning Activities as a flexible lesson guide with a variety of options from which to choose based on your young students’ interests and ability levels. All activities are high quality, relevant, and appropriate for use in play-based classroom environments. Activities are meant to use after reading the story at least once with children. The activities reinforce student comprehension and application of the story truths.

The intent of this story is to show children the following truths: Showing kindness is a step beyond being nice; it touches the heart. Kind people find the best in everyone. Showing kindness to others makes us happy. Written in collaboration with Progressive Bridges, Inc. 2015

Yellow Box Game: Requires a small box not necessarily yellow. Talk with class about what it means to be kind or to be mean. Teacher puts something inside the box and tapes it shut. At circle the teacher brings out the box and lets the children try to guess what is inside. Whenever a child makes a guess the teacher says, “Sorry, I’m not telling.” Ask the children if they think she is being kind or mean by not telling. After the circle, put the box some place where it can be seen by all the children. Always answer questions about the box with “I’m not telling.” After lunch or at the end of the day open the box and show what is inside. Ask again if they think she is kind or mean. Ask how they would have felt if she had told them what was in the box at the circle. Puppet: Requires a puppet or doll. Talk with class about feelings. What makes them feel good or bad or angry or sad? Have the puppet say things to the class, not individuals that make them feel good. “You are all a wonderful class” or “you are listening very nicely.” Then have the puppet start to say things that make them feel bad. “I don’t like the way you are behaving’.” Go to the back of the line.” Talk about how we all want to feel good and happy. You can help others feel good by being kind and using ‘I like’ statements. “I like it when you share your pencil” Have the children practice ‘I like’ statements. When you hear a negative statement, ask the child to make a good choice instead. Helping Hands: During the month, visit each classroom center. Have the children in the center help compile a list of how they can help each other in the center. Trace a different child’s hand on each list that will be posted in the centers. (Example Block center: 1.Share using the blocks. 2. Hand each other blocks from the shelf. 3. If you did not make it you can’t break it. 4. Help put all the blocks away when your turn is over.) Post this list in the center. It can be used as a reminder to children when they are not helping or sharing. Kindness Picture: In a small group of 4-6 children talk about something that someone else does that you do not like. Then talk about how you would like to be treated. On a piece of paper draw a picture of the other person doing what you do not like. Put a big X on it and turn the paper over and draw a picture of you being treated as you would like to be. The Teacher should print the child’s words on both pictures.

KINDNESS Home Connection Activities

Note to Parents:

It is very important for your child to feel safe about telling the truth. Praise your child for being honest and take the time to talk about what he/she did and why dishonesty is not appropriate. This method of listening to your child and praising him/her for being honest will go a long way in the future. Talk with your parent about how family members show kindness to each other in your home. Draw a picture of yourself doing something kind for someone else. Draw a picture of one of your parents doing something kind for you. With a parent, do something kind for a neighbor (bake cookies, rake leaves, etc.).

WE CONNECTED! We ___________________________________________________________ and talked about _________________________________________________________ together. Our favorite part of the story was when _____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________. I circled the house above of the activity we completed. Student: ________________________________________________ Date: _________ Parent(s): _______________________________________________ Date: ________ This page may be copied for student/parent use.

Kindness PLAY BASED Curriculum