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Notes From the Board President July 4th proved to be the Ranch‟s most successful weekend, bringing in revenues over $102,000 for the weekend. We were considered at full capacity and eight memberships were sold over the weekend, with several dozen more processed since then. Every time Lynda and I drive through the gate, we notice more improvements. This week our 5th cabin was delivered. Maintenance will schedule the interior construction and it will be ready to rent shortly. Cabins #1 through #4 are rented to capacity most every weekend and #5 will soon be added to that list. When a cabin is delivered, another old 17 ft. camper is moved to the Powder Mill extension and assessed as to its condition for future use. Also, on the subject of rentals, housekeeping has implemented a new system for cleaning rentals. It has made a significant difference in availability and increased revenues, being more profitable because of the quick turnaround. Have you noticed the changes under the Big Top? On Friday nights you can sit in a cool breezy area and watch a new release family movie on a large screen. Also, the batting cages are now free and they are getting a lot of use. This area has seen more action in the last few weeks than we‟ve ever seen. Story Continued on page 6

July 21st 2011 Weekly Publication

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Outdoor News


Overnight Trail Ride


July Board 2 Meeting

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Ranch 4 Rider News Mud Bog 5 Craft House News Facility Hours


History and Heritage From its beginning, Cloud 9 Ranch has been rich in history. Around every turn you can see both young and old coming together in a place that every member loves for different reasons. It is important that we as members not loose focus of the hopes & goals of the founders of our beloved resort. Our history in "The House on the Hill" by James 0‟Hern describes perfectly the attitude of our origin. Cloud 9 has and continues to be a camping utopia. The Ranch was designed and built for camping families who want to “rough it” with all the modern conveniences close at hand. As the world changes around us, the conveniences expected by members also change. Story Continued on Page 7

August 27th Mud Bog Art Bentley Get Your Gear On! Souvenir T-Shirts Available at The Trading Post! Gift Cards Available!

Overnight Trail Ride For the past several years Cloud 9 Ranch has offered a chance for you to experience an overnight trail ride. This invites the hearty adventurer to experience the Ozark Mountains from the back of a horse. Overnight package includes a 4-5 hour trail ride which departs on Saturday, September 24th, a Cowboy cookout on Saturday evening, overnight campout at the Ranch stables, Cowboy breakfast on the morning of Sunday September 25th, followed by 4 hour trail ride on Sunday morning. You will be guided by truly experienced cowboys and range cooks. The adventure begins at 11:30am at the C9R stables. Cowboys and Cowgirls will be introduced to their faithful mount and the ride will begin through some of the most spectacular parts of the Ozarks. At around 5pm the group will return to the Ranch Stables where you will be able to pitch your tent. All weather tents will make your stay enjoyable no matter what Mother Nature decides to bring. The range cooks will prepare a Cowboy Cookout for the trail ride participants. The evening will include campfire stories, and perhaps a cowboy song or two. You are welcome to bring your singing voice and a guitar if you like. On Sunday morning you will start your day off with coffee (of course) and a Cowboy Breakfast that is to die for. After that it is back into the saddle for another four hour morning ride. This could be the best experience of your life‌..and certainly one you will never forget! Limited Space Available. Book your reservation with Head Ranch Wrangler, Billy Bean. 417-293-1542 Booking Option 1: Ranch provided horse with guided trail ride, dinner on Saturday, Breakfast on Sunday Only $100 Booking Option 2: Guided Trail ride and you provide your own horse, Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday Only $50 *50% deposit due at the time of booking with the full remaining balance due by 10am on August 24th *in cases of cancelation, please note, to receive a refund you must cancel by September 20th

Board of Directors Meeting July 23rd Happy Hour 10AM Board Meeting 11AM Club House Patio Room

Conservation Committee News In the early part of 2011 Cloud 9 Ranch took the time to get the old pond on Spring Hill restored. Though we all complained some about the excessive rain and flooding around Easter, at least one good thing did come from it. The restored pond was filled with water! Over the course of this year we have went from a pond that was over grown and empty to a nice clean Family Fishing pond. With help from various areas, Ranch families now have a nice place to relax and fish together. Member Jeff Collins, owner of West Plains Marine, was kind to donated the aerator to keep oxygen in the water. The resource development crew has done a great job keeping the surrounding grounds looking nice and mowed so members have easy access to the pond. Because of the popularity of the fishing pond, there has been a parking area and walking path constructed for easy access to the pond. The pond parking is located below the pond on Hill Country road. The parking area was needed in order to keep the high traffic off of the grass area. With the hot weather we have had, you Continued on Page 4

Thursday July 21st Card Bingo 6:30PM 15 Games at 25 Cents per game



July 22nd

July 26th

Continued Line Dancing Lessons Activities Committee


Spaghetti Dinner

Patio Room

5PM Patio Room Live Music Ranch Jammers

Famous Quotes: Change is the law of Life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future….

7PM Patio Room


Don‟t Miss the Rodeo Action at 7PM

John F. Kennedy

Friday July 22nd Conservation Committee Fish Feeding 7AM Spring Hill Pond

Conservation Committee Meeting 6PM


Caulfield, MO

July 23rd

Rodeo Arena

Adult Bingo 6:30PM $13 to Play all Night Need 20 players to Play the Progressive Coveral in 59 numbers $50

Wednesday July 27th Craft Class 10AM Build A Bird House

Cruiser Ride & Potluck



July 24th

Start at Lonesome Chapel Service

“Now Showing” Family Movie Night Big Top At Dusk Popcorn, Soda and other Snacks available at the pool snack shack!

Wilder Craft House





Water Aerobics Family Pool Monday-Saturday 9:30AM-10AM Through Labor Day See You at the Big Top!!!

July 25th Get Your Ranch News On Line!

Patio Room

Ranch Rider Club News LABOR DAY POKER RUN How about a change of pace? Are you ready for a NIGHT RIDE! The Ranch Riders will be sponsoring the Labor Day Poker run on Sunday, September 4th and want to change it up a bit. The last evening ride we

Cloud 9 Ranch Mud Bog And Art Bentley Concert August 27th

had was in „07 and we have had many requests for a repeat. We will launch sometime around twilight and come in after the sun goes down. So plan to beat the heat and join us on September 4th. More details to

Get Your Concert T-Shirt in the Trading Post Today!

follow! As always, we WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME volunteers! From marking trails, signing folks up, to riding clean up, volunteers make the poker run fun for all. It is a good way to meet new people and get reacquainted with old friends.

Thank You to all the employees who “feasted” with us. We hope you enjoyed the dinner. Thank you to the special members who provided food and the help getting ready, and cleaning up. Cloud 9 Ranch Employee Appreciation Committee

School House News Flags Wanted

A flag burning will be held Memorial weekend in 2012. The School House Committee is requesting donations of old American flags for this ceremony. No small flags please. These may be brought to the School House on Saturdays or Sundays from 2PM to 4PM. They may also be given to Ed Horton, Doris Hutto, Deb Dantin, or Deb Johnston. The School House is open Saturday and Sunday from 2PM –4PM for tours. Watch for the Open/Close sign on our main sign.

Ask to See What Our Ranch Sign Looked Like in 1972!

From page 2 can already see where traffic has started creating a path across the grass. Not only do we want to keep the grounds looking nice, but it is important not to kill the grass in that area because this will eventually create an erosion problem with run off into the pond. As a new addition to the Family Fishing Pond, we now have a new brick grill located by the Spring Hill pond. This was built with the intent that families would be able to have a nice place to cook outdoors and picnic. As funds are available, the C9RCC will be helping out more in developing this area into a family friendly Ranch amenity. If you would like to be apart of positive Ranch growth, come to a Conservation Committee Meeting. Learn how you can help preserve and restore the natural resources at Cloud 9 Ranch. The next meeting is July 26th in the pavilion.

Want to have a chance to really get dirty? This is it! Cloud 9 Ranch will be holding a Mud Bog on August 27th. This mud bog will be a timed event where participants compete to have the best time going through our 100 foot mud pit! 50/50 on prize money from entry fees, 4 classes to compete, moving start, larger spectator area and improved pit!

Attention Campers

Craft House News The Craft House will be having a craft class to build butterfly sun catchers. This class will be on August 3rd. The cost is $3.

If you have an emergency and need medical assistance, please call : 417-284-7321. State your location and give a brief description of emergency. In case of extreme weather conditions, storm shelters are located in: *Youth Center (pets allowed) *Chapel basement (no pets)

Class Space is Limited Sign Up Early Are you looking for a fun and interesting way to beat the heat this summer? Why not make the most of the “Dog Days of Summer”? Craft classes held inside the craft house are a great way to stay cool, meet new friends and relax a little on your vacation. The craft house is bringing in a new class idea on August 10th. Have you ever heard of “Potato Jewelry”? Potato Jewelry is an inexpensive and easy way to create your own jewelry. If you are in search of a fun way for your children to make and create gifts, Story Continued on page 7

Severe Weather Information: Thunder Storm WarningSirens Sound 3 short blasts. Tornado WarningContinuous Running Sirens Rental Reservations Reminder to Members and Guests In order to avoid Cancelation charges: Your reservation needs to be canceled or Changed 48 hours before your Arrival Date. Cancelation Charges: No Show reservations will be charged for the first night of the reservation.

Letter From the Board President Continued from Page 1 The Youth Center has a lot going on, too. Our grandchildren were here recently and spent quite a bit of time there. The facility recently got a face-lift. A group of volunteers painted the exterior and Sally, the supervisor, wants a mural painted on the entrance. Anyone having that talent and wanting to do a little extra for the Youth Center, Sally needs to hear from you. Have you noticed the new barbecue grill at the Spring Road Family Pond? The Board approved the Conservation Committee to construct it from surplus brick found not used on the Memorial Wall. A covered pavilion was also approved for this area and will be built as soon as Conservation has the funds. The Outfitters (our new marketing department) is located in the Pavilion. Working with committees, as well as volunteer groups and clubs, plans for traditional and new events on the Ranch are talked about everywhere. The off-holiday events are popular and there are plans to develop more events with groups working together. The Fish Fry down on the gravel bar at Foggy was a good example. We noticed families at the event and lots of new faces working beside seasoned volunteers. All seemed to be having as much fun as the people attending. Our July BOD Meeting will be Saturday, July 23rd, 11:00 a.m. As I said last week, we have two new directors serving the Ranch for the first time. Directors are elected to support, lead and guide Ranch Management in its efforts to maintain and improve Cloud 9 Ranch. Your ideas, concerns and questions are important, however, an individual Director makes no corporate decisions on his/her own. Directors will listen to your concerns, but are prohibited from making determinations on issues not properly presented to the entire Board. If any member wants to discuss a Ranch issue, the deadline for having your name put on the agenda is the Monday before the meeting on Saturday. Ask any Director how to place an item on the agenda at the next scheduled board meeting. Never been to a Board meeting? This month we are starting a new event. At 10:00 a.m. (before the Board meeting) in the Patio Room there will be a Happy Hour (coffee, juice and donuts) where you can meet other members. We hope committees will be represented, as well, for you to ask questions and give suggestions. Don Scott, Board President Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc.

FRIDAY, JULY 22nd Meet and Greet Lonesome Pine by Mini Stage Stop at 5:15PM Trail Ride from 5:30 to 6:30 Potluck to follow at the fire ring back of Lonesome Everyone is Welcome to be apart of the fun!

History and Heritage Continued From Page 1 Cloud 9 Ranch has had spurts of growth and grown by leaps and bounds, and then at times no growth and almost stagnant. Today we are in a growth spurt. Since April we have sold over 200 memberships and are making needed repairs on our facilities, expanding our rentals, and finding ways of increasing our revenues. When a membership is sold, we are not just selling a vacation. We are selling a life time deed to an outdoor paradise. When we purchase a membership we are making an investment. We invest in our family and we invest in a dream. The dream that was first put in front of us in 1972 is still alive today. For the glory days of Cloud 9 to continue, the dream must stay alive. We must continue to move forward as new members and make the same investment that older members made. Never let us forget that we have not reached our goal. Do not sell your investment short because you fear change. Instead, reflect on the fact that current members will not always be here and for Cloud 9 to remain we must always honor the dream. The original marketing of Cloud 9 Ranch “Spend 2 nights and 3 days with us” has proven to be a great way to show off our Ranch. This marketing tool, along with others used in Cloud 9 history, have proven to be very successful in reaching potential new members - even in today's world. So while some things change, good marketing techniques remain viable through the test of time. As these tried and true methods are again used to promote Cloud 9 Ranch, please remember to do your part in the growth and prosperity of the Ranch. As noted by the author of “The House on the Hill,” while many things have changed at Cloud 9….we can still truly say….There is no place like it”.

Craft Continued from page 5 Then do not miss this chance to learn how beautiful Potato Jewelry is crafted. You will be amazed at the styles and rich vibrant colors that can be achieved from this form of jewelry making. If you would like to view some pictures of completed “Potato Jewelry” pieces you may do so on facebook. Find Cloud Nine Ranch Outfitters on Facebook to see some Potato Jewelry Pictures

Class Space is Limited Book Your Space Today! Anyone that would like to teach a class can learn more about doing so at the Craft House.

The Cloud 9 Ranch Activities Committee will be hosting their monthly Spaghetti Dinner on Friday, July 22nd. All You Can Eat Spaghetti, Salad, Breadsticks & Drink Adult $7.50 Kids (0-12) $3.50

RRC Reminds You: The Ranch Riders Club would like for all off-road

Pick Up Your Copy

riders to not ride alone and

“The House on the Hill”

to take plenty of water with you on all rides. It

By James O‟Hern

takes about a gallon of water per person per day

Available at the Trading Post

in this heat.

“Please ride safely”!

lad We are G Here! You Are


Cloud 9 Ranch….. The Best Kept Secret in the Ozarks!

Cloud 9 Ranch Management and Staff would like to Thank You for visiting The Ranch. It is our sincere desire to make sure you and your family have a wonderful summer vacation. We appreciate all of you who took the time over Memorial Weekend to fill out the survey forms. We have worked hard since then to make even more improvements. You will be happy to know that we are now showing “Family” movies on Friday nights. The new location for the big screen movie is at the Big Top. We have also opened a new Snack Shack at the family swimming pool.

Sunday –Wednesday 1PM-9PM Thursday-Saturday 9AM-10PM Chapel Sunday Services


Accounting Office Monday – Friday


Closed on Saturday and Sunday Trading Post Sunday - Thursday


Friday & Saturday


Gas Station Open Everyday



Find Us on Facebook



7AM– 8PM 7AM– 10PM

Restaurant is Now Serving Pizza ! Swimming Pool Hours/Activities Monday-Saturday Water Aerobics Family Pool 9:30AM-10AM Craft House Wants to Say

To all the Ladies that donated bake goods for the bake sale. The huge success came from your help! Your kindness and support is very much appreciated.

Sunday-Thursday 10:30AM-10PM Friday-Saturday 10:30AM-10:30PM Craft House Tuesday-Saturday 1PM-4PM Enjoy Your Stay At Cloud 9 Ranch!

9-LInes Newsletter for July 21, 2011  

9-LInes Newsletter for July 21, 2011

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