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Located in Caulfield, Missouri

Established 1972

Above Photo Courtesy of

J n D Photography Capturing Life’s Moments

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CLOUD 9 RANCH 417-284-7321 CLOUD9RANCH.COM Special points of interest: Ozark County Mutual Aid Fire Department “Spring Fling” Will Be Held on April 28th, 2012 Cabin and Ranch31 Rentals Sweetheart Specials Through February 29th Get easy access to Cloud 9 Ranch News and Events on-line Through CloudNine RanchOutfitters Facebook!

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The 9 Lines February 9th, 2012

Show Some Love February 14th Cloud 9 Ranch Restaurant Show Some Love Valentine’s Dinner Special February 14th, 2012 Reservation Only~ Beginning at 6PM Ending at 8PM Candle Light Dinner Includes: Rib Eye Steak and Shrimp Baked Potato and Salad $15 per person $25 Couple Limited Space Available RSVP Your Reservation Today! 417-284-7321 Ext 119

Activities Committee Valentine’s Celebration February 18th

Full Service Dinning $20 per Couple $10 per Individual RSVP By February 11th Deb Davis-870-307-9700 Deb Dantin-985-703-2832 Dinner Menu Includes: Chicken Cordon Blue Salad and Baked Potato Green Beans & Rolls Dessert,Tea and Coffee

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February 9th, 2012

St. Patty’s Weekend ATV Treasure Hunt ~ Find The Gnomes March Madness………..Coming to Cloud 9 Ranch in the form of an ATV Treasure Hunt! March makes all of us start getting ready for spring. This year we are going to kick off our season with a little something different. We hope you will join in the fun!

One of the 12 Gnomes Donated for the St. Patty’s Weekend Find the Gnome Treasure Hunt

ATV Treasure Hunt: Registration Begins at 1PM Registration Location: Trading Post Parking Lot Entry Fee: $5 per person(16 and Over)-100% of entry fees will be given away as bonus prizes! Treasure Hunt begins at 1:30PM-As ATV Riders leave the Trading Post Parking Lot they will be handed their list of Clues that lead to the Gnomes. Find as many Gnomes as you can BUT you have to be back by 5PM with your Gnome(s). 5PM-Dirty Gnome Game Begins. How this works, If you bring in a Gnome you are ready to play. Gnome number 1 goes first and picks a prize. Gnome number 2 goes and either takes the prize from #1 or picks a new prize. Do you get the idea???? (it’s like dirty Santa game). What happens if you return without a Gnome? You have the option of buying back in the game. Buy in will cost $10. But don’t sweat it…. The Prizes are well worth it! (And Again...100% of the entry fee goes back to the game) Something you should know…..The Gnomes will be hidden on the Trails. Clues relate to a trail name. So, it is important that you are ready to ride the trails on your Gnome search. Stay posted with the 9 Lines “ATV Treasure Hunt” information. Available on-line through Facebook. Search CloudNine Ranch Outfitters on Facebook or email Additional Information about the ATV Treasure Hunt. This event is being hosted by Ranch Volunteers. Some have given money, some have given prizes, some have given Gnomes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those Ranch volunteers who work so hard and give so much to make the weekends great at Cloud 9 Ranch!

12 Funny Gnomes And 12 Big Prizes

February 17th– Dead Line for submitting items for 2012 vote. February 18thTime: 9:30am - Members Speak Time: 10am BOD Meeting March 17th-Time: TBA Location: Cloud 9 Ranch Patio Room April 21st– Time: TBA Location: Cloud 9 Ranch Patio Room May 19th-Time: TBA Location: Coud 9 Ranch Patio Room June 16th-Time: TBA Annual Meeting Location: Big Top

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February 9th, 2012

Ozark County Times ~ Do you have the pictures to prove it? While the majority of our Ranch Members do not call Ozark County home, they certainly do call Ozark County their home away from home. The Ozark County Times has listed on their website and facebook page a contest that every Cloud 9 Ranch member should be involved in. To Quote the OCT: Want to see your photo and name in print and win $100? You can by entering your photographs in the Ozark County Times annual magazine published in late March. We are inviting amateur photographers to submit quality photos for use in the magazine. From Feb. 22 through Feb. 27, the Times will hold a contest on our Facebook page. Our Facebook fans will be able to vote for their favorite cover. The winner of The Real Ozarks cover contest will be awarded $100 for the use of their photo on the cover. Other photographs will be used in the magazine to illustrate the scenic beauty and recreational opportunities in Ozark County. Photos must have good color and contrast. Prints should be at least 4''x6'' with the name, address and phone number of the photographer attached to the back of each photo. (Do not write with a ballpoint pen.) Digital photos (of at least 150 dpi) may be emailed to JPEG or TIFF files are preferred. Keep in mind, the larger the photo, either in print or digital, the better the quality of the reproduction. The deadline for entering photos is Feb. 18. If your photo is used, credit will be given to the photographer. If you have questions, call the Times at 679-4641 and ask for Regina.

2010 Cover of “The Real Ozarks”

Here is Your Chance to Win $100 for Something

So pull out those Ranch photos and get them sent so you have a chance to have your “Real Ozarks” picture featured on the cover of “Real Ozarks” magazine.

You have probably Already Done! Enter Today “The Real Ozarks” Photo Contest

Cloud 9 Ranch Stables ~ Have you been hanging around the Barn? The Ranch Wranglers are working on the Compound 5 expansion this winter. Members who were not able to get a space in Compound 5 in 2011 have the opportunity to reserve their space in the expansion area for 2012. If you would like to be on the waiting list, you will need to call the Ranch office to insure you have a space available.

Don’t wait too long, spaces are filling up fast. Before you know it, camping season will be here and you do not want to miss out on this convenient way to store your camper. *Stable picture submitted by one of our Young Equine loving members.

Waitin’ On Summer!

Horsin’ Around~ May 19th 2012 Tentitive plans are being made for a Cloud 9 Ranch Horseback Trail Ride Fundraising Event. If you are interested in the Ranch Stables and would like more information about how you can get involved with the trail ride event, contact Billy Bean. More information about the fundraising event will be posted at the end of February.

One of the regulars at the Ranch Stable. Special Thanks For Sending in Your Stable Pictures.

Family Camping and ATV Resort for All Season's


PO Box 50 Caulfield, MO 65626 Phone: 417-284-7321 E-mail:


Feb.14th-Valentine’s Dinner -Restaurant 6PM-8PM Reservation Needed Feb. 18th-Activitees Committee Sweetheart Dinner-Club House March 17th-ATV Find the Gnome Treasure Hunt-1PM Take-off From Trading Post April 7th-Ranch Easter Egg Hunt TBA April 28th-Mutual Aid Fire Department “Spring Fling” TBA May 19th-Fundraising Horseback Trail Ride TBA May 26th-Cowboy Rick Round-Up TBA

No matter if you are visiting us for the first time or if you have been visiting us since 1972, we are glad that you are here. Our staff is working hard to meet and exceed all of your camping and ATVing expectations. Amenities List:

Gas Station


Youth Center

Family Pool


Adult Club House

Cabin/Camper Rentals


Adult Swimming Pool Miles and Miles of Trails

Trading Post Camping

Fishing Hunting

From Mud Puddle to Beautiful Pond Cloud 9 Ranch has been busy this winter making improvement after improvement to the property. The long curvy drive of Cloud 9 Ranch is reach with wildlife and the nature scenery of the Ozark Mountains. As one nears the Ranch gate on the right hand side of the road you will notice that what, in recent years has been a mud puddle, has now been transform back into a beautiful pond. The Ranch resource development crew spent a some time over the last few weeks cleaning out the pond bottom. After the clean out work was completed the Resource Development crew worked sealing the bottom of the pond so that the it would hold water. Even though the spring rains have not yet arrived, the unseasonal weather has blessed us with enough rain to begin filling the pond.

GAS STATION Open Monday-Saturday 10AM-2PM RANCH STABLES By Appointment RESTAURANT Monday-Thursday 7AM-2PM Friday-Saturday 7AM-7PM Sunday-10AM-2PM CHAPEL Sunday Services 10AM ACCOUNTING OFFICE

Take time to enjoy the Monday – Friday 8AM-4PM simple beauty of Cloud TRADING POST 9 Ranch. You never Sunday-Thursday 8AM-4PM know which of God’s Friday –Saturday 8AM-7PM creators may be water on the pond bank as you drive by. Perhaps sooner rather than later you will be able to catch a fish or two from there as well.

The 9 Lines  
The 9 Lines  

The 9 Lines is a weekly publication of Cloud 9 Ranch News and Events. See this issue for more information about the ATV Treasure Hunt on St...