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Crysti Sheldon, founder and CEO of Cloud 9 Parties has experienced first hand how a home-based business can transform lives. Over the past two decades, she has worked within the party plan industry as a sales leader and business entrepreneur. As a wife and mother, Crysti understands the importance of financial security and a flexible schedule. With Cloud 9 Parties, she is excited to offer that opportunity to others. Crysti had a clear vision when she started Cloud 9. She wanted to create a unique and cutting edge romance party plan that offers more variety, more opportunity and more support than any other company in the industry. And she did! Cloud 9 Parties offers a unique and exciting new boutique shopping experience. By expanding the traditional intimacy product line with lingerie, shoes, jewelry, shapewear, nail foils, spa products, and perfumes, Cloud 9 Parties appeals to a broader audience and enhances more than just the bedroom experience. The lucrative compensation plan is never-before-seen in the industry and promises every representative the opportunity to earn money. Crysti Sheldon Founder - Cloud 9 Parties Taking Romance to New Heights!

We invite you to check out Cloud 9 Parties and Begin Living Your Dream!

Experience is not required. Our free training program is easy to understand and follow, even if you have never been to a party. Your representative will work with you to make sure that you are meeting your goals on the fast track to success. We also offer our opportunity to those that have had previous party plan experience. Talk to your representative about starting your Cloud 9 Parties career with one of our Transfer Kit options or a direct-to-management level start-up opportunity. It doesn’t matter how you come into Cloud 9 Parties, you can make your dreams come true!

We left the door to earning wide open, just for you! Whether you are looking for a full-time career to replace a current salary, a part time job to bring in extra cash or a means to earn money for an upcoming vacation or special event, you can earn as much as you need or desire. There is no waiting for your paycheck. When you walk out the door to a show you are getting paid, every time. You will not have to wait for an annual raise or promotion, you can increase your income any time you choose.


Cloud 9 gives you freedom! When you set your own hours, you are giving yourself the perfect amount of time for all of the important things in your life. You can attend school activities, enjoy leisurely lunch dates with friends, make dinner plans with your partner, go to the spa and schedule all your other appointments...all without having to ask for time off. Being in control of your own schedule allows you to be in control of your life!

Table Of Contents Go Glam Jewelry, Beauty Accessories, Perfume. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-7 Ready For Romance Bath & Body & Massage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-12 Delicious Fun Everything Edible . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-15 Increase Your Pleasure Heighteners & Tighteners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-17 Wetter is Better Lubricants. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19 Just For Him Everything for Men. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-21 Lover’s Library Books & Games. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-23 VIP Customer Special. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Couples Playtime. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Good Vibrations Bedroom Toys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26-32 Naughty But Nice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34-36 Cloud Collection Hostess Only Shopping Boutique. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37-38 Edition 3 - April 2013


Montego Bay This heart-shaped faux turquoise stone is embraced by a silver frame and is suspended from 3 textured chains and embellished with a silver rose. Item: 113 $28

Show Girl

This sleek design will add allure to any ensemble. Matching earrings included. Item: 102 $42


This shimmering necklace embodies the best of today’s luxury, lifestyle, and design. Item: 107 $18

Macy Vail

This silver cross is adorned with beautiful colored crystals, compliments any outfit, for any occasion.  Our Macy Vail is perfect for everyday! Item: 120 $29

Regal Stripes

Featured is a stunningly beautiful Zebra print necklace set in silvertone with the centerpiece medallion adorning a Fleur de lis encrusted with mini crystals. Matching earrings included. Item: 115 $28


Winter Blossom

This beautiful floral necklace captures timeless beauty, matching earrings included. Item:117 $28

Hoo’s That Girl? This colorful vintage owl has captured the hearts of many. HOO wouldn’t want to add this stylish best seller to their collection? Item: 106 $16

Diamond Cascade Go Glam

Our classic hoop earrings are adorned with crystals that will demand attention.

Personify romance with this whimsical necklace. Item: 103 $18

Item: 121 $22

Love Me Tender

Add some romance to your style with this lovely heart pendant necklace with matching earrings. Item: 111 $22


Add charm and class with this fun bracelet Item: 119 $16

Bow Chic

Get ready to be noticed with our beautiful Bow Chic necklace. This lovely bow features several jet crystals. Not only will it sparkle, but you’ll sparkle when you wear our Bow Chic. Item: 124 $22

Cherries Jubilee

Adorn your neck with our decadent Cherries Jubilee necklace. Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or accessorizing your lingerie for a romantic evening at home. Our Cherries Jubilee is sure to please.

Our Princess earrings make the perfect gift for that someone special and is a must have in your accessory collection.

Item: 104 $22

Item: 128 $12



Starlight Item:132 $15

Take “batting your eyes” to a whole new level with these dramatic and oh-so-sexy lashes. Easy to apply. All eyes will be on yours – become a fascination! *wink*


Item:130 $12

Item: 153 $8

Bubbly Item: 151 $8 Item:162 $8


Item: 154 $8



a Do I need on? Nail Sal No need for a trip to the nail salon for fancy designs when you have our nail foils. Detailed colors and patterns turn your nails into decorative art. Stand out from the crowd!



Item: 163 $8

Item: 155 $8

Swirls n’ Twirls

Item: 164 $8

Black Tie

Item: 165 $8

Hello Kitty

Diva Dust

This sexy shimmer dust is lickable with a vivacious vanilla honey fragrance. Gives skin a sexy goddess glow. Formulated with pheromones for sinful seduction. Gold Silver $19

Body Glitter Glisten up, ladies! Nothing adds flair to your step like a little sparkle. Use this body glitter where you want to be noticed. Streak into your hair for a sexy effect. Perfect for a night out or in.

Item: 650 Item: 652

Crystal Pastel $12

Pure Instinct

This is a gender-friendly sex attractant cologne. Only the highest quality of pheromones are used in this rich combination of rare fragrant essential oils. This fine fragrance is light and sensual, it’s not made to be overpowering so you can wear it alone or combine it with your favorite cologne. If worn alone, it will transform into your own unique scent. Item: 658 $25

Pure Instinct - Travel

Now available in a convenient, purse-size roll on.

Simply Sexy

A sex attractant perfume for her. Scented with sweet and sensual 3-note fragrances designed to blend with each woman’s own body chemistry. Formulated to entice and arouse by increasing your own pheromone output. Go ahead and get flirty! Item: 662 $29

Item: 660 $21

Beaux Gest

Go get ‘em, boys! Pheromone-enhanced men’s cologne that is sure to get the ladies - or your special lady - all hot and bothered. Wear alone or with other cologne. Item: 636 $29

Bare Essence A pheromone-based perfume for her. Can be applied to the neck to add intoxicating fragrance, while creating attraction. Warning: May bring all the boys to the yard! Original Vanilla

MAX Attract - Hypnotic

This pheromone cologne can be worn by itself or with your favorite scent to increase your own natural pheromones. Long lasting and sure to provide Max sexual attractant! Item - 634 $28

Item: 654 Item: 656

Item: 668 Item: 670 $29

Naughty Secrets Spray on Sex Power! Shhh – it’s a secret! This pheromone body fragrance is bewitching, captivating and simply irresistible! Refreshes skin with fragrance and sensuality. Use to bait and captivate when on the prowl or anytime! Item: 672 Original Make Me Blush Item: 674 Sassy Citrus Item: 676 $19



Our shimmering body dust leaves your skin brilliantly glowing and surprises each of your lover’s kisses with our delectable signature sweet sugarpop flavor Item: P102 $19

SATIN RAIN Spritz this refreshing mist all over your body to enjoy its soothing, hydrating effect. Scented with our signature sugarpop, you will be a sweet treat! Item: P100 $22


Cloud 9 Parties Signature candle burns into a sensual massage oil. All natural soy oil provides a moisturizing effect for all skin types and leaves skin with a beautiful glow. Sugarpop scented. Item: P103 $22

SATIN TOUCH This sensually rich shimmer lotion will leave skin tantalizing to the touch. Infused with pheromones and scented with Cloud 9 Parties irresistible sugerpop fragrance. Item: P101 $24




Keep your favorite toy squeaky clean! Our antibacterial formula is gentle and mild.

WARNING - EXPLOSIVE! This Cloud 9 Parties Exclusive for clitoral or G-Spot use is formulated to heighten erogenous sensitivity and enhance sexual response!

Item: P105 $14

Item: P104 $29


Tasty, Slippery, Fun! This delicious lubricant will make every intimate encounter sweeter! Strawberry Tart Blueberry Muffin $19


Indulge your senses with this Pink Poodle giftset. Included is the refreshing Satin Rain mist, moisturizing Satin Touch lotion, and shimmering Brilliance edible body dust. Scented with our signature Sugarpop scent.

10% savings! Item: P112 $59

Item: P106 Item: P107


Shimmering Bubble Bath

Make your own fun in the bath! This vibrating sponge is perfect for bath time massages or put it in a bubble bath and create your own fun. This discrete toy has a power bullet inside, perfect for some extra fun.

Give bath time a sexy kick with shimmering bubbles! Relax in a bubble bath or use as a shower gel and it will leave you smelling wonderful! 8oz. Item: 220 $15

Item: 218 $22

Kama Sutra Bath Gel

This mint gel cools and tingles in all the right places. Awaken your senses and turn your bath and shower into an invigorating experience. A sensual alternative to bar soap.

Item: 306 $22

Shunga Sea Salts

Fill your tub with sky blue water salted with these beautiful crystals from the Dead Sea and aphrodisiac scented bubbles of velvet. Includes a shell to scoop and a floating candle to set the atmosphere. Aphrodisia Ocean

Item: 224 Item: 226 $36

Glow In The Dark Bubble Bath

Rainbow Souffle

Infused with oxygen, sea salt, amino acids, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, & K. Experience the amazing aroma and skin-renewing benefits of this luxurious nutrient scrub. Skin will feel soft, satisfied, and younger looking. Green Apple / Lemon Blueberry / Raspberry $28


Love Glove

This soft jelly massage mitt has long, sensual nubs on one side and short, soothing ones on the other. Use in the bath or on your lover for a variety of sexual techniques.

Item: 207 $36

Item: 205 Item: 206

Make bath time more interesting with Glow Bubbles! The Glow Bubbles bottle should be exposed to strong light prior to use. Pour generously into running bath water and when ready, turn out the lights. Now relax and enjoy a sensuous bath with your lover! 8oz. Item: 222 $16

Coochy Cream

Coochy Aftershave Mist A silky after shave mist that moisturizes skin while providing a protective barrier between skin and clothing. This skin softening mist will also tighten your pores, reducing irritation to sensitive areas. Can be used on all body parts and even sprays upside down! 4oz.

A gentle, rash-free, conditioning shave cream that can be used on all parts of your body. This product was designed for every skin type, including sensitive skin, and can be used by both men and women. Original Green Tea Blush Citrus 8oz. $19

Item: 228 Item: 229 Item: 230 Item: 231

Original Green Tea Blush Citrus 16oz. $29

Item: 232 Item: 233 Item: 234 Item: 235

Item: 240 $15

Coochy Aftershave Powder

A natural mineral powder that can be used after your most intimate shave to absorb moisture, reduce friction and banish itch. This dry lubricant will not stain your clothes, is lightly scented and contains skin-softening aloe. Can be used on all body parts and was designed for sensitive skin. Item: 241 - $16

Coochy Aftershave Powder


An Anti-Cellulite treatment. Dump the dimples - Slim & trim the thighs! This amazing gel is the most advanced state of the art treatment available for the reduction of cellulite. 4oz.

Coochy Combo

Coochy Mist & Powder Combo Item: 242 $29

Item: 201 $26

My Joy Spot

Tummy Luv

This talc-free spray is enriched with vitamins, natural oil, and botanical extracts to nourish your sensitive skin and provide a fresh clean feeling. 4oz.

Made with Cocoa Butter which reduces dryness, stretch marks and itchiness. Kaylaya Oil penetrates 7 layers of skin to soften lines from the inside out. The skin does not resist this natural oil. Oil based for elasticity. Daily treatments decrease the risk of stretch marks by 39%. Can also be used as a make-up remover and it’s great as a massage oil. 4 fl. oz. round bottle

Item: 244 $13

Item: 203 $26

Silky Sheets

Pink Privates

Intimate area bleaching cream that has been formulated to help lighten and even skin tone in some of the most intimate areas of skin. Pink Privates has been designed to work effectively for both men and women in helping to lighten areas such as the anus, vagina, penis, nipples and even dark underarms and all without using Hydroquinone. Item: 280 $59

Our scented talc spray makes sheets smooth and silky for those romantic encounters. Absorbs moisture and contains moodenhancing pheromones. Available in 7 fabulous fragrances. 4oz. Tickle Me Rain Ooh La La Vanilla Play With Me Plumeria Provocative Pomegranate Make Me Blush Sassy Citrus Passionate Pear $16

250 251 252 253 254 255 256

Body Dew

Keep your skin hydrated and looking young with this carnation oil-infused moisturizer. Use after a bath or shower to replenish oils you have lost. This is a fast absorbing spray that will leave your skin soft and smooth. Add a few spritzes to your bath as a way to relax from a long day or start a romantic evening. 8oz. Original Blush Citrus $18

Item: 246 Item: 247 Item: 248


Head Massager

Happy Heart Massager This massager is sure to relax the muscles and minds of you and your partner. Can be warmed or cooled to retain temperature. A deep tissue massage is a productive form of foreplay!

This will send shivers throughout your body the moment you try it. The tiny wire extensions gently massage your scalp while the powerful vibrating motor generates a remarkable tingly sensation. Item: 308 $22

Item: 302 $22

Hearts of Fire


Add extra warmth to your touch. Feel the love with this instantly heated massage pad. It’s perfect for relieving muscle tension, reducing stress, and soothing your aches at the touch of a snap. Best of all, you can use it again and again. Warms up to 129F.

Pour this oil and start feeling the warmth or add a small amount of moisture and it increases in warmth. Item: 315 $14

Item: 304 $17

Item: 306 $22

Sliquid Massage Oil

Pick your mood! Invigorating or relaxing? Each scent can turn a massage into a mood enhancer. A unique blend of naturally occurring nut and seed oils, combined certified organic botanicals make this the ultimate companion for a perfect massage! 4.2oz

Playing Footsie Finally a foot massage cream that not only smells and feels great, but has a tantalizing taste! Made with Vitamin E and Shea Butter Enriched. Strawberry Mint Item: 333 $14

Love Glove

This soft jelly massage mitt has long, sensual nubs on one side and short, soothing ones on the other. Use in the bath or on your lover for a variety of sexual techniques.

Rejuvenating Serenity Tranquility $24

Scandal Candle

Making Love

Heat things up with a warm massage! These soy candles are infused with pheromones and loaded with natural oils. The wax never burns, stains, or leaves a waxy residue. 4oz

Turn your massage into a sensual, edible treat!

Kiwi Pineapple Strawberries & Champagne Vanilla Peaches & Cream

Cinnamon 310 Vanilla 312 Strawberry 314 $17

Item: 324 Item: 326 Item: 328 Item: 330 $23

Anti-Stress Massage Lotion Our calming aromatherapy with natural scents, sweet Shea butter and pheromones will make this massage one that you will repeat many times. Sweet Melon Cucumber scent. Item: 303 $19

Magic Massager

Deeply relaxing massager provides total tension release. Its E-Z bend neck and flexible massage action hits all the right spots. It has a soft massage head for total comfort with a unique hi-torque motor that provides exceptionally powerful, yet quiet vibrations. Plugs into any 120V outlet. Item: 332 $64


Item: 316 Item: 317 Item: 318

Cake Body Butter

Delicious, kissable thick body butter. You don’t have to spend all day slaving in the hot kitchen to make your partner’s mouth water. Instantly turn yourself into a sweet treat by dabbing decadent, kissable body butter on your soft skin. Light, fluffy cake flavors make you irresistible! Dare to be delicious! 6.5oz. Angel Food Devils Food Cookie Dough Red Velvet

Item: 334 Item: 336 Item: 338 Item: 340


Cake Lip Plumper

Tingling gloss that smells like cake and makes your lips deliciously kissable. Contains moisturizers, conditioners and vitamins E and C. Gives your pout a fuller and more youthful appearance. Yes please! Angel Food Devils Food Cookie Dough Red Velvet

Item: 350 Item: 352 Item: 354 Item: 356


Cake Edible Lube

Cake Body Spray

Angel Food Item: 358 Devils Food Item: 360 Cookie Dough Item: 362 Red Velvet Item: 364

Angel Food Item: 342 Devils Food Item: 344 Cookie Dough Item: 346 Red Velvet Item: 348

Delicious mouth-watering flavors your partner will not be able to stop tasting! Perfect for oral pleasure. You absolutely must try these yummy bakery gourmet lubricants! 8oz.


Turn yourself into a yummy dessert without all the calories! Delicious, kissable body spray will have your partner going “Mmmmm” and then wanting more. And more and more! 8oz.



Kiss of Fire

This edible sensuous massage oil warms to the touch and breath. Rub, lick, and blow for a pleasantly warm and tasty massage experience! 4.5oz Strawberry Smoothie (Strawberry) Item: 410 Honey Butter (Butterscotch) Item: 412 Hot & Steamy (Sweet Vanilla) Item: 414 $15

Happy Penis

This massage cream is specially designed for men to use alone or with a partner. When applied, Happy Penis will create a warm and tingly sensation that can be used in the bed, bath or shower. Lightly flavored for her pleasure, too! 4oz Cherry Mint Pina Colada Banana

Item: 402 Item: 404 Item: 406 Item: 408


Making Love

This massage lotion warms to the touch and gets hotter when you blow on it. It’s lightly flavored flavor adds an extra sensory experience to your playtime! 8oz Kiwi Pineapple Strawberries & Champagne Vanilla Peaches & Cream

Item: 324 Item: 326 Item: 328 Item: 330

Neapolitan Pen Set

“Lovers” Body Pen Set is an erotic and sensual way to indulge your sweet tooth! Using the pens is a romantic way to create fun messages that are for your partner’s eyes only! Once read, you must destroy the evidence! Item: 416 $19

Shunga Sweet Snow

Make a sweet dessert out of your partner or yourself. Sprinkle exciting flavor all over the body. Softly use the included feather to tease the skin. Honey Strawberries & Champagne $39

Item: 424 Item: 426


Shunga Body Paint Nipple Nibblers This cool and creamy balm will have your nipples smiling and your taste buds tingling. Use on your nipples or lips for a cool and tingling sensation! 2oz. Strawberry Razzleberry Watermelon Buttercream Juicy Grape Berry Bubblegum

Item: 434 Item: 436 Item: 438 Item: 440 Item: 442 Item: 444 $13

Combine adult play with romance. Use this aphrodisiac edible body paint to write poems, draw hearts, flowers and reveal your artistic side. Take your time and enjoy the experience. Then lick it off! 3.5oz. Item: 428 Chocolate White Chocolate Item: 430 Item: 432 Strawberries $21

Nipple Nibbler’s Lip Balms Want to take it with you? This convenient container allows Nipple Nibbler’s to go with you anywhere!

Strawberry Luscious Melon Wild Raspberry Buttercream Icing Juicy Grape Berry Bubblegum

Item: 446 Item: 448 Item: 450 Item: 452 Item: 454 Item: 456 $5



Our shimmering body dust leaves your skin brilliantly glowing and surprises each of your lover’s kisses with our delectable signature sweet sugarpop flavor Item: P102 $19

Cleopatra’s Secret

Sensual enhancement for you… unexpected delight for your partner! Lovingly apply to clitoral area for a tasty and tingly treat. A secret for sensational sex and the perfect oral sex companion. 1oz. Cherry Vanilla Cool Mint Strawberry $14

Item: 470 Item: 472 Item: 474

Sweet Tooth

Tasty, Slippery, Fun! This delicious lubricant will make every intimate encounter sweeter! Item: P106 Item: P107 $19

Naughty Kissable Love Dust

Strawberry Tart Blueberry Muffin

Glistening shimmery body dust is lickable, kissable, tasty and naughty! Apply liberally with the sexy puff anywhere you want to be noticed. Item: 417 $15

Tasty Twist

Comfortably Numb

This incredible tasting edible oral-gasm enhancer will tickle more than just your taste buds! Use anywhere your tongue will travel. 1.5oz.

Say, Aaaaaah! This refreshing mist contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat, helping to suppress the gag reflex and prevent discomfort during oral sex. 1oz.

Mint Chocolate Chip Item: 476 Orange Creamsicle Item: 478 Buttercream Icing Item: 480 $17

Cinnamon Spearmint Mint Chocolate

Item: 488 Item: 490 Item: 492


Flavored Body Kiss Sweeten’D Blow

Oral sex has never been more pleasurable. Make your next oral encounter sweeter with Sweeten’d Blow. Vanilla Bubble Gum Watermelon

Item: 530 Item: 531 Item: 532

Use our flavored massage lotions all over. Leaves your skin sensual and ultra silky soft. Contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E. It’s tasty too! 4oz Strawberry Kiss Orange Creamsicle Vanilla $15

Item: 494 Item: 496 Item: 498



Tasty Twist

This incredible tasting edible oral-gasm enhancer will tickle more than just your taste buds! Use anywhere your tongue will travel. 1.5oz Mint Chocolate Chip Item: 476 Orange Creamsicle Item: 478 Buttercream Frosting Item: 480 $17

Cleopatra’s Secret

Sensual enhancement for you… unexpected delight for your partner! Lovingly apply to clitoral area for a tasty and tingly treat. A secret for sensational sex and the perfect oral sex companion. 1oz Cherry Vanilla Item: 470 Item: 472 Cool Mint Wild Strawberry Item: 474 $14

Mona Lisa

Fancy Pants

WARNING - EXPLOSIVE! This Cloud 9 Parties Exclusive for clitoral or G-Spot use is formulated to heighten erogenous sensitivity and enhance sexual response!

What Makes Mona Lisa Smile? This female arousal lube has all natural ingredients and is fast acting. It is created to increase blood flow to the sexual organs and heighten sensitivity. In addition, its soothing and lubricating effects will delight any woman. 1.25oz Item: 502 $18

Item: P104 $29

Sliquid Organics O Gel

Sliquid Organics Stimulating O Gel is a 100% vegan-friendly clitoral stimulating gel. This wildly popular gel is formulated with naturally-derived stimulating ingredients, including Peppermint Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Menthol. 1oz

Tickle Her Pink Oooh! This is “that thing” that all the ladies go CRAZY for! Rub a pea-sized drop on the clitoris for an instant tingly pick-me-up. Wait 5-10 minutes to experience blood flow magic and intense feelings of touch! Orgasms Galore! Item: 508 $24

Oooooh! That’s It G-Spot Gel With Guide Yes, you have one. Yes, it can be tickled! This gel temporarily increases the size and sensitivity of the G-Spot. 1oz Item: 512 $38

Item: 506 $32

Like a Virgin Enjoy sex like you did before you, um . . . stretched out a little. Feel your vaginal muscles getting tighter! Apply inside the inner walls for a warm pulsating feel, as your muscles contract. Enhances vaginal orgasm too! Contains capsicum in addition to skin-soothing vitamin E and almond oil.1oz Item: 510 $24



it tight!

Liquid Virgin

Create a “Tight Wet” sensation either through vaginal or anal use with this special “Tightening” lube! Liquid Virgin is great for anyone wanting an extra tight sensation during sex! 1oz. Item: 516 $19

Ben Wa Balls When used with your regular Kegal exercise routine, these balls can intensify your orgasms and help increase your pelvic floor health, improving bladder control. Item: 514 $18

“Hug Someone With Your Vagina Today!” LUNA

LELO - LUNA: The world’s bestselling Kegel weights system. LELO’s elegant update on the classic ‘ben wa balls’ offers users longer, stronger, more attainable orgasms; reduced risk of incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders; and a faster return to tone and tightness after childbirth. They are also the only Kegel exercise system to give the option of mixing and matching weights; each set includes two 28g and two 37g beads which can be combined in the silicone harness for a more tailored routine. Item: 993 $59


Sliquid Sassy This is our lube designed just for the wazoo! Just like H20 but a little thicker so it stays in place and creates a more comfortable padding for butt play. 4.2oz Item: 604 $22

Sliquid H2O A clean, fresh and simple water based lubricant formulated to emulate your body’s own natural lubrication. All natural, vegan and female friendly. Glycerin and paraben free. Safe for use with all Cloud 9’s toys. 4.2oz Item: 602 $20

Sliquid Swirl Starting with the H20 formula, some natural flavoring and a hint of aspartame are added to make this an excellent edible lube for intercourse or oral without the after taste. Yum! 4.2oz Cherry Vanilla Pina Colada Green Apple Blue Raspberry Strawberry Pomegranate Pink Lemonade

Sliquid Sizzle All the benefits of H20 with the stimulating sensations of cooling and warming thanks to the added food grade menthol. Cools on contact and warms with friction. 4.2oz

Item: 366 Item: 368 Item: 370 Item: 372 Item: 374 Item: 376


Item: 606 $22

Sliquid Silk

Sliquid Silver A pharmaceutical grade silicone personal lubricant. Super long lasting, waterproof and premium quality. A little goes a long way! 4.2oz Item: 608 $36


Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? With an H20 and Silver combination, we bring you a water/silicone blend that results in a sensual, long lasting, luxuriously creamy lubricant. 4.2oz Item: 610 $24

PINK Silicone Formulated from Dimethicone, which is the highest grade of silicone made, along with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, this gentle lubricant cleans up easily and provides the maximum protection from yeast infections and allergic reactions. Item: 612 Item: 614

PINK Water

1.7oz. $32 3.3oz. $44

Pink Water is a glycerin-free lubricant and contains no pigment, so it does not stain fabrics. Fortified with Aloe Vera, it is gentle on your skin and all sensitive areas. It is highly concentrated, yet easy to wash off. Item: 616 Item: 618

1.7oz. $23 3.3oz. $31

PINK Warming Hot Pink is a hypo-allergenic, non-silicone based warming lubricant made especially for women. This gentle lubricant can safely be used on all toys and cleans up easily. Item: 622 Item: 624

1.7oz. $32 3.3oz. $41

PINK Frolic Frolic is an unscented, waterbased and glycerin-free lubricant specifically designed for use with toys. This is a highly concentrated lube that ensures an even, long lasting and slippery smooth coating to your toys. Item: 626 Item: 628

1.7oz. $27 3.3oz. $36


MAX ProtectMoisture Control Balm

Formulated for a man’s unique environment, this product applies as a liquid then becomes powdery, soothing and sensational. Designed to keep a man dry, whether they shave or not. 2oz. Item: 632 $18

MAX Shave-Balls n’ All A shave cream designed for men from the makers of Coochy, made with hair and skin-softening agents for a smooth, rash-free shave. Unscented and pheromone infused! 2oz Item: 630 $12

Beaux Gest

Go get ‘em, boys! Pheromoneenhanced men’s cologne that is sure to get the ladies - or your special lady - all hot and bothered. Wear alone or with other cologne Item: 636 $29

MAX Attract Hypnotic This pheromone cologne can be worn by itself or with your favorite scent to increase your own natural pheromones. Long lasting and sure to provide MAX sexual attractant! 1oz Item: 634 $28

MAX Satisfaction Rub One Out Gel MAX Satisfaction cream can be used with your partner, or solo, for a smooth yet controllable session The formula was designed to provide long-lasting lubrication and is non-irritating, even for sensitive skin. Non-greasy and water soluble for easy clean up. 4oz Item: 644 $21

MAX Head Flavored Oral Sex Gel

This smooth lubricating gel can be used to enhance stimulation during oral play. Max Head is non-irritating and non-staining. Gently flavored for maximum enjoyment! 2.2oz Sugar Daddy 638 Berry 640 Mintastastic 642 $17


MAX Control Prolong Spray Gel Use this spray, enhanced with Lidocaine, to prolong sexual pleasure and reduce male sensitivity. Fast absorbing spray decreases transfer to partner. 1oz Item: 646 $15

MAX Arousal

Formulated with powerful ingredients known to arouse the penis and increase male libido. L-Arginine an amino acid, that enhances the action of nitric oxide present in the body, when applied topically, signals the smooth muscle surrounding the blood vessels in the penis to relax, thus allowing dilation of the blood vessels to increase blood flow/ assists with increased blood engorgement of the penis, stronger libido and exciting sexual sensations Item: 648 $26


The Housewifes Guide to the Practical Striptease Toss your mop and gloves aside...You’re about to Get Naked! Item: 806 $16

Over 100 S&M Sex Tips

She Comes First

This book offers lots of tantalizing ideas for the serious and the casual behind-closed-doors participant.

The essential guide to oral pleasure. The mystery of female satisfaction is solved with this step-by-step fun to read book.

Item: 808 $22

Item: 803 $34


These topnotch crosswords with below-the-belt sensibilities will bring a smile to your lips and a blush to your cheek!

Position of the Day Playbook

After all these years of thinking 69 was our lucky number, our Position of the day Play Book is a collection of wildly popular and best erotic scenarios. 366 total! That’s one for each day of the year plus a little something extra for leap year.

Item: 805 $15

Item: 802 $34

Erotic Massage

Want to give the best erotic massage ever? With over 100 illustrations, Erotic Massage presents detailed, long, flowing strokes for lovers.

Penis Genius

A savvy guide to a man’s most compelling organ and how to work it for his pleasure, as well as your own

Item: 812 $36

Item: 801 $38

50 Shades of Grey Romantic, liberating and totally addictive, Fifty Shades of Grey is a novel that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever. 50 Shades of Grey is a New York Times #1 bestselling erotic fiction. 50 Shades of Grey 50 Shades Darker 50 Shades Freed $23


Item: 976 Item: 977 Item: 978

Dirty Dice

A fun and romantic way to bring a little fun back into your love life. Item: 836 $7

Cosmo’s Truth Or Dare Playing’s easy…and very, very satisfying. Couples simply take turns picking from a set of 120 cards and choosing a spicy “Truth” or an edgy “Dare.” Item: 807 $24

Kinky Cash

Pay the naughty penalty! Indulge yourselves with 24 forbidden desires as you open the pages of this coupon book and follow the instructions inside.

Lust Card Game

It is a game for lovers that allows you to explore both romantic and physical intimacy with your partner. Each game ends with a unique lovemaking experience because there are over 30,000 possibilities.

Item: 816 $10

Item: 824 $16

Bedroom Bucks

Tired of balancing your budget together? Spice up your finances with Bedroom Bucks, a book of play money you can use with your lover. Item: 814 $10

Sex! Card Game Each Sex! card explicitly illustrates either a foreplay activity or a sexual position. Item: 822 $14

Sexy Rendezvous

Sexy Rendezvous is an erotic game that will have lovers stripping, roleplaying, massaging, kissing and having creative sex. Item: 834 $19

Indecent Proposals The game where sexual fantasies are bought and sold. The object is to make enough money to pay for sex. Item: 832 $42


Secret Butterfly

Infinity Scandal Candle

Silky Sheets Hearts of Fire

Cosmo’s Truth Or Dare

Ben Wa Balls

Wild Hare Cherries Jubilee


G-Spot Tickler

Twin Rabbit

Double the pleasure with our dual action rabbit c-ring. One variable controller operates both vibrating bullets. Item: 952 $44

Grinder Grind your way to explosive pleasure with our soft jelly ring. Soft nodules cover the ring for extra sensation.



PICOBONG - KOA - An ideal toy for couples – a flexible accessory for him and an almighty climax for her, Koa is the ring with style that borders on fancy dress.

Item: 984 $12

The tongue is just what you needed to give you and your partner an unforgettable experience.

Item: 987 $59

Item: 983 $38


LELO NOA™: is the premium couples’ massager worn by women when making love. Bringing pleasure and comfort to both partners, NOA™ adds even greater intimacy to lovemaking with amazingly powerful and discreet vibrations. Operated at the touch of a button, its 6 modes guarantee incredible sensations in the simplest package, and it can even be charged via a USB port for more convenience on those romantic getaways. Meanwhile, fully waterproof versatility adds excitement to the shower or hot tub and ensures safe and easier cleaning.


Take love by the horns! Our vibrating c-ring has a variable speed controller and love nubs for that special added sensation. Use on your man or add to any other toy to make it a vibrating delight!

Item: 991 $119

Hand Solo

Item: 951 $28

May the force be with you… and it will with this new open sleeve masturbator. Simply slip your fingers through the silicone hand grip, and rub the contoured inner sleeve up and down your “lightsaber” and get ready for mind-blowing sensations with every stroke!


Super stretchy, sensuously soft, realistic feel, and a row of 5 pleasure beads in the ribbed canal. The utmost in intense stimulation. Flesh Cocoa $26

Item: 917 $59

Pleasure Rings

Item: 911 Item: 913


You get two different and extremely soft rings for years of enjoyment. Delay and enhance the male orgasm with one or several of these rings. Colors may vary.

This handy helper adds an inch of length, additional girth, and super sensation with its pearls and ticklers.

Blue Blow

This fun male masturbation toy actually makes a great tool for YOU to use on HIM! Make a hand job easier or enhance oral with this sleeve. Item: 909 $34

Item 919 $16

Item: 950 $12

The Accommodator The sensation of oral sex will never be the same with the Accommodator around. This pliable latex dong, that comfortably straps on your head, frees you up to use your hands and tongue to their greatest potential, bringing your partner to the state of ecstasy and orgasmic bliss. Item: 924 $49


Squeaky Clean

Keep your favorite toy squeaky clean! Our antibacterial formula is gentle and mild. Item: P105 $14

Cotton Candy Wireless Bullet Get fired up with this wild wireless bullet. 7 modes of vibration with one touch of the button Item: 942 $24

Wild Hare

The ever popular “wild hare” bullet is covered in a soft sleeve with rabbit ears to stimulate and tickle all of your favorite spots. Variable speed controller. Item: 933 $22

Silver Bullet This multi-speed silver bullet is simple, yet versatile. Item: 940 $13

Wireless One Touch Bullet

Bunny Sleeve

Every woman loves dancing rabbit ears! Insert your vibrating bullet into this bunny sleeve for a tickling experience.

Perfectly compact for on-the-go pleasure. It’s small enough to fit into your wallet, discreet enough for your pocket, and powerful enough to get the job done.

Item: 944 $12

Item: 941 $19

7 Function Wonder Bullet It’s wonderous and thunderous, packing 7 functions in one mini bullet vibrator! Item: 939 $29


Super Stretchy Sleeve This soft and stretchy accessory can turn your bullet into a couples toy. Insert your favorite vibrating bullet into the sleeve and Voila! – an instant vibrating c-ring for him to wear and you both to enjoy.


PICOBONG - IPO: The Finger Vibe slips onto the user’s (or their partner’s) fingertip and turns each touch and tickle into a singular sensation. Ipo’s cute frame allows the wearer to apply vibrations where they are wanted most.

Item: 943 $12

Item: 992 $53


PICOBONG - HONI: Mini Vibe offers users a one-way ticket to a whole new world of pleasure. An internal bullet on a string, Honi packs a wallop and gives an experience that users will never forget. Item: 988 $42

Lipstick Vibe

Pocket Rocket This vibrator is ideal for travel and for couples to use together. It’s small, yet powerful and couples find it easy to incorporate into love making, to spice things up or for added stimulation. Item: 934 $14

Masked in the perfect guise and weighing almost nothing, this cleverly disguised little toy will be your little secret. Item: 936 $24

Tutti Frutti

Secret Butterfly

Fun vibrations discreet, quiet, wireless ticklers attach with dual magnets to any garment.

Don’t let the size fool you! This small version of the legendary Magic Massager is tiny but mighty! Features a USB recharging function. Item: 938 $49

Item: 975 $28


Lucky Gem Show off your bling with our Lucky Gem. It has a velvet touch exterior and a strong variable vibe inside. Contoured for your pleasure. Item: 963 $32

Rockin Robin This waterproof vibe is lined with ridges and bends freely to intensify your experience. The vibrating bullet is positioned at the tip for hitting various stimulation points.

Hot Rabbit

A fantastic toy at an amazing price. Dual action motors drive this powerful toy. Waterproof.

Item: 962 $34

Item: 972 $36

Orgasmic Otter This little guy has 7 different functions, an easy one touch button and a soft and flexible material that is latex free. Best of all, this Otter is waterproof. Item: 961 $43


With 5 functions, 5 speeds, and a sleek designer look, this vibe is perfect for beginners and advanced users. Let this multi-use and waterproof massager excite your senses. Item: 1024 $32

Bump n’ Grind

Just what a girl needs for a special night. Vibrations are intensified by the textured shaft. Item: 1025 $28


Sweet Treat


This elegant vibe is made of body-safe silicone and has 10 vibrating settings.  The tip is softly pointed for pinpoint stimulation.  Rechargeable battery provides 90 minutes of joy.

Beautiful, Simple and Elegant. This vibe fits perfectly in your hand and has seven vibrating functions pulsing through the soft, flexible tip.

Item: 1021 $89

Item: 1023 $52

Sugar Rabbit

This bunny vibe is made of body-safe silicone and has 10 vibrating settings for your pleasure.  The thick bunny ears hug your clitoris and the upturned nose provides pinpoint stimulation.  Rechargeable battery that provides 90 minutes of bliss. Item: 1022 $89


This strap on clit stimulator is great to wear during lovemaking, jogging or household chores. I t’s your little secret! Item: 1026 $36

All American Whopper

Finally a dildo sculpted for the size, feel and pleasure of the real thing! The Real Skin All American Whopper feels so good you’ll think it’s real! The incredible suction cup base offers hands-free pleasure and satisfaction. Experience your “All American Whopper tonight.” Ebony Ebony Vibrating Ivory Ivory Vibrating

Item: 1010 Item: 1011 Item: 1012 Item: 1013

$45 $69 $45 $69


Mystique Our Mystique is perfect for exploring butt play. Has a plug on one end for extra enjoyment.



This vibrating glass toy has pleasure bumps along the shaft for added stimulation.

This luxury toy features a tilted tip designed to stimulate your G-Spot.

Item: 915 $44

Item: 916 $44

Item: 914 $59

Cupcake Vibrator by Shiri Zinn Got a sweet tooth? The Sweet Cakes Cupcake Vibrator is the perfect retro accessory for anybody who wants their dessert first. With a soft silicone exterior this cupcake will please more than just your taste buds. Five vibration modes include 2 intensity speeds and 3 pulsations. The Sweet Cakes Cupcake Vibrator comes in a retro metal tin for storage and makes a great gift! Item: 1014 $56



See what all the buzzzz is about! This uniquely shaped vibe is bendable to create all types of rotation and movement. Multi-function vibe action and multi-speed rotation with reverse function. Latex free and water resistant.

G-Spot Tickler

Shaped just right for G-Spot and clitoral stimulation, the jelly clitoral nodules, coupled with the vibrating bullet for clitoral stimulation keep you satisfied and content for hours!

Item: 946 $69

Item: 948 $19


This turbo charged G-Bunny is a marvel in erotic technology. Features a unique raised bullet vibe for deep, penetrating G-Spot stimulation.


This Goddess is simply divine and is waiting to take you to your peak of ultimate satisfaction! This dual stimulator has limitless options. Clitoral, G-Spot, vaginal, or anal stimulation. So diverse that it can be used by a man or woman and is great for masturbation or foreplay! Features a removable 7 function vibrating bullet. Made from Pure Silicone with a smooth, satin coating.

Item: 1016 $129

Wild Orchid

Designed with a woman’s contours in mind, this powerful slimline vibe will hit the G-Spot with little effort. Its smooth and slim design provides comfort during use.

Item: 1015 $59

Item: 945 $26


Butterfly Kiss

Waterproof, power packed, 3 speed feminine arouser with G-Spot head and fluttering clitoral butterfly. Item: 960 $32

LELO GIGI: The ultimate connoisseur when it comes to pleasure, focusing on the source of some of the most satisfying sensations a woman can experience. An elegant mid-size G-spot massager as beautiful to the eye as it is to touch, GIGI’s flattened tip is perfect for exploring the possibilities of this most erogenous of zones. Fully rechargeable and whisper-quiet with 5 adjustable stimulation modes, GIGI defines what it means to melt into ecstasy, where pleasure becomes impossible to describe. Item: 990 $125



Tickled Pink

Nubby Rabbit

Stimulating texture bumps cover this triple stimulator creating sensations like no other vibe that you have ever tried! The nubby shaft has strong swirling beads, a rotating head and a vibrating clitoral stimulator. Those exciting all over texture bumps will drive you wild!

This sophisticated vibrator is made of pure, body-safe silicone and has a silky smooth finish that glides over your skin.  Features 7 vibration settings and has a rechargeable battery that provides up to 50 minutes of bliss.

Jessica Rabbit

Honey Badger

This vibrator has all of the bells and whistles that you could ever want.  The Big Tickle features, thrusting, rotating and vibrating features to tease and please.

Ridges, ribbons, and pleasurable massaging nubs line the back of this eager to please toy. Rotating shaft and 7 sensual vibration setting. Item: 1018 $79

Item: 968 $95

KAYA Heart Throb

Get ready for explosive pleasure with exotic vibe.  Features a throbbing shaft, that actually contracts/expands. Not your typical bunny next door. Item: 1020 $79


Item: 1017 $119

Item: 1028 $119

Item: 971 $69

Big Tickle

Experience ecstasy with this luxury vibrator made of body-safe silicone. Enjoy all 7 vibrating settings.  Rechargeable battery offers 50 minutes of happiness!

PICOBONG - KAYA: stands for mind-blowing pleasure—times two. Dual-action vibrations perfectly contoured to the female form, fully waterproof, with a soft, silky exterior and superior power. Kaya is the new rabbit in the daisy field. Item: 989 $99

When you deserve the very best. Powered with 2 powerful whisper quiet motors the vibrations on the stimulating bunny ears will send you into orgasmic bliss. The 3 speed rotating pleasure pearls and gyrating head massages all the right places. Item: 1019 $89


Lover’s Bond Tape Japanese Silk Love Ropes Unsurpassed softness and strength combine to help you enjoy the beauty and passion of restraint with this Japanese bondage rope.

Our 2” wide soft and durable bondage ribbon will stick to itself but not your skin. No knots are needed and each roll contains 60 feet of fun. Safe and non-toxic material. Pink Black

Item: 922 Item: 923


Item: 921 $26

Sensual Non-Pierce Jewelry Kinky Pinky Cuffs

Add a little kink to your bedroom games. These sexy yet safe cuffs will allow you and your partner to explore light bondage in a fun way. Item: 925 $19

Hearts Nipple Ring

These cute non-piercing nipple rings will surprise and delight you and your partner. Go ahead, have some fun!

This 3 piece set is very comfortable, sturdy and hygienic. Non-tarnishing, nonpiercing, adjustable body jewelry. Nickel free. For decorative purpose only.

Item: 955 $20

Item: 956 $29


Pleasure Pops Just give these simple suction spheres a squeeze and put them on nipples or other good parts for a poppin’ good time! They will create a vacuum that will heighten sensation no matter where you put them. Item: 954 $15

Powerful, self-contained, waterproof, smooth and seamless Rubber Coted vibrating nipple clamps. Fully adjustable for comfort and fit. Push button activation. Batteries included. Item: 980 $44

Diamond Paddle

Keep your paddle close and your lover closer with this supple patent leather paddle. Adorned with lustrous white crystals and ready to deliver some serious playtime punishment. Item: 927 $19


Sex Sling

Harness the power of the sex sling! Strap yourself into positions you’ve never tried, all while keeping your hands free for further sexual stimulation. Item: 932 $39

Doggie Position Strap A sex toy you can really “get behind!” This cummerbund harness adds comfort and pizzazz to doggie-style pleasure. Rrrruf! Non-Vibrating $29 Vibrating $49

Leather Flogger Engage in sex and mischief tonight with a crack of the whip. Stroke your partner’s body with all 24 inches of the faux leather wrapped flogger and leave their skin tingled and yearning for more.

Item: 930 Item: 931

Item: 974 $18

Satin Blindfold Explore your other senses with our soft padded blindfold. Great for teasing and keeping your lover in suspense.

Red Black Grey

Item: 928 Item: 929 Item: 997


Bed Bondage Restraint Kit Transform your bed into a passion playground with these under-the-mattress bed bindings. Experience the thrill of bondage and role play. Item: 920 $59

Feather Tickler

Spread The Love Bar

Makes for ultimate tickling tactile play. Item: 996 $13

Welcome your lover with open arms and legs with this incredible Spread the Love Bar. Item: 981 $45

Riding Crop

Riding Crop: The compact riding crop is perfect for any domination fantasy or just a good old fashioned spanking. Item 995 $19

Grey Tie

This luxurious silky tie is made of soft, yet strong fabric that lets you turn your bondage play fantasy into reality! Item 994 $14


Love Beads

Our flexible beads are graduated to offer several sizes to play with. Removing these at time of orgasm will intensify your enjoyment. Item: 904 $15

Beads of Paradise

These flexible beads feature a vibrating tip and 6 function controller. Water-resistant. Item: 903 $38

Double Dare

The Double Dare will excite your erogenous zones and leave you begging for seconds. Just the right size to meet all of your sexual needs! Double the PLEASURE! Double the FUN! Item: 905 $34

Tushy Teaser

Little zinger. Backdoor ringer. No bigger than a finger, but so much fun. Soft and flexible jelly for added comfort.

Diving Dolphin

Item: 907 $16

A powerful wireless bullet is included with this wonderful little toy. Removable bullet for easy cleaning. Smooth and flexible for extra comfort. Item: 906 $29

Sliquid Sassy Anal Lube

This is our lube designed just for the wazoo! Just like H20 but a little thicker so it stays in place and creates a more comfortable padding for anal sex. Item: 604 $22


Beaded Rabbit and 50 Things to do with a Rabbit Book Our fun and powerful beaded rabbit is the perfect beginners toy choice for swirling pearl pleasure. Forward and reverse spinning beads. Variable controllers for vibration and rotation.

Retro Rocket

This adorable Pocket Rocket will have you seeing stars! With an engine powerful enough to make the space shuttle quiver and quake, these compact space explorers will take you to the moon. . . and back! Item H1 Retail Price $36 Hostess Price $19

Item H60 Retail Price $89 Hostess Price $28

Happy Rabbit

Treat yourself to an extra-large helping of happiness! Rechargeable, silicone, waterproof and incredibly stylish, the Happy Rabbit sets the new standard for rabbit vibrators. Purple Realistic Pink Natural Black G-Spot

Luv Wand

Fall in luv with your body all over again! Give a little Luv to your more intimate spots with this strong body massager. Luv Wand is ergonomically designed for comfort and able to glide over the body with a firm yet gentle touch. Remember… Luv is all you need!

Item: H25 Item: H26 Item: H27

Retail Price $159 Hostess Price $79

Tingle Bunny

This adorable finger vibe redefines the term “giving someone the finger”! With enough ripples, ridges, and ears for even the flirtiest of fingers, this waterproof silicone vibe is sure to please any naughty spot it comes in contact with! Item: H65 Retail Price $32 Hostess Price $18

Kama Sutra Weekender Kit

Item: H50 Retail Price $89 Hostess Price $49

These small-yet-potent indulgences from Kama Sutra are as flavorful and aromatic as a luscious berry, and they’re ripe for romance any time you desire. This Strawberry Dreams Weekender Kit contains travel sized portions of: Strawberry Dreams Oil of Love, Strawberry Dreams Stimulating Pleasure Balm Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust and feather applicator, Sweet Almond Massage Oil and Love Liquid sensual lubricant.

Aphrodisia Perfume Gorgeously scented body mist with Bijoux Indiscrets signature scent. Comes in a beautiful perfume bottle with a squeeze spray. Item H6 Retail Price $59 Hostess Price $24

Sex Kitten Pillow This darling pillow is plush on the outside, and in dramatic contrast, light pink satin on the inside. It’s the perfect hiding spot for your ‘Naughty Bits’. Item H4 Retail Price $42 Hostess Price $19

Item H2 Retail Price $59 Hostess Price $24

Body Star Vibe

Maneater This insatiable toy has a voracious appetite and will stop at nothing to bring YOU pleasure. Ergonomical curves are designed to cradle every curve of the penis and make him feel a deep resonating vibration everywhere!

Use any surface of the Body Star to massage just the right places. Item H7 Retail Price $69 Hostess Price $32

Item H3 Retail Price $59 Hostess Price $24


Rock Box

Vibrating Panties

Say goodbye to embarrassing panty lines and hello to fun! The powerful bullet tucks away discreetly inside a pocket in the thong and delivers incredible vibrations directly where you want them. It’s your little secret. Item: H75 Retail Price $65 Hostess Price $22

Incredibly Powerful Orgasm Machine!!! Rock Box is designed to deliver the most powerful vibrations you have ever felt to exactly where you want to feel them most. With twin adapters designed for men and women, everyone should get ready to rock, like, now! Item: H30 Retail Price $179 Hostess Price $109

Pin Up Girls Kit These adorable Pin-Up kits offer everything your bombshell needs for a night of teasing and tantalizing. Each kit includes a 3- speed waterproof Glitter Bullet, a tin of clitoral stimulating Bombshell Balm and two sets of batteries all in a darling reusable Pin-Up tin!

Sqweel 2

Sensational new oral sex stimulator has a wheel of TEN teasing tongues that will lap you to orgasm time and time again. Item: H10 Retail Price $79 Hostess Price $39

Item: H20 Retail Price $39 Hostess Price $22

Secret Dancer Pole

The Secret Dancer Home Dance Pole System is a simple yet sexy design made with heavy-duty steel construction that is easy to install. This pole system adjusts from minimum height of 7 feet to a maximum of 9 foot and will support users up to 220lbs. Easy installation and instructions included. Item: H40 Retail Price $169 Hostess Price $89

Hand Jive

This unique waterproof glove vibrates approximately 45,000 vibes per minute (that’s 9000 per finger!) Perfect for the hot tub, shower, G-Spot massage or regular body massage. Item: H70 Item: H71

Right Left Retail Price $79 Hostess Price $45

Fantasy Swing

With the incredible Fantasy Swing you’ll be swinging your sex life back into action in no time at all! This is a perfect addition for the adventurous couple, fully adjustable, extrawide nylon straps for comfort, soft-padded stirrups. Comes complete and fully assembled with installation hardware. Suggested weight limit not to exceed 350lbs. Item: H35 Retail Price $175 Hostess Price $89


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