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How to add a student account For adding a new member to our LMS we need three steps: Step 1: Login on Step2: Adding the new member to teamlearnlive Step3: Adding the member to

Step 1: Login on 1)

Go to

2) 3)

Enter your Username (email-address) and your password You are logged in on


Step 2: Adding the new member to 4)

Click on “Registrieren Schüler”

3 5) Enter the mandatory information into the gaps:

Profession: choose „Kein Beruf“ Titel: Herr (Mr) Frau (Mrs) First Name Last Name email

And scrolling down:



password Retype password

Confirmation of General terms and conditions

6) Click on the “Registrieren�-Button


Step 3: Adding the member to 7) 8) 9)

Go to Log in Go to “Members”

And click “Add Members …”

6 10)

Choose which status the member to be added shall have. E.g. Author

Type the last name of the member to be added into the line. Attention. It will take a few minutes until the name will be available. If the name is not available, just wait and try it again in a few minutes. Typing in a few letters you will get a result list. The more letters you type in, the more detailed the result will be. If the last name is not sufficient to find the person you want to, you have to type the name in the following way: Last name, First name = Miller, Mike Mind the comma and the space between last name and first name.


Click on the name Click OK 11) Go to Members and add the added member to the different groups. E.g. a German Student belongs to the group Germany. Authors belong to the group authors. 12) You have to repeat Step 3 for the WIKI and the BLOG.

Craeting a student's account  

with this tutorisl you can learn how to create a student's account on

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