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CAMEROON 1. Brief History of Cameroon Once upon a time, a sailor called Hanno, while going from coast to coast; he arrived at an unknown destination which he found very special. After spending some time at the coast, he heard a strange sound like water boiling in a pot. It was an intense eruption decided to name this place “Le Char des Dieux” which is now called Mount Cameroon. In 1472, some years later, Fernando Po a Portuguese sailor stopped by that coast. This time he discovered a lot of crayfish and he named that place “Rio dos Camaroes”, meaning “River of Prawns” and from which the name “Cameroon” was founded, to describe our humble nation. In 1884, the Douala chiefs signed a treaty with Germans and it became a German colony, but during the First World War, when the Germans withdrew from the war, Cameroon was divided between France and Britain making Cameroon both a French and English colony. In 1958, the French colony became autonomous and gained its independence on the 1st of January 1960, under the leadership of H.E (His Excellency) Ahmadou Ahidjo (Cameroon’s first president).On the other hand the English colony gained its independence on the 1st of October 1961. The two colonies became united after a referendum on the 20th of May 1972. This united Cameroon was still under the leadership of H.E Ahmadou Ahidjo, who latter gave up his presidential sit on the 6th of November 1982 H.E Paul BIYA. Cameroon, this year celebrated its 50th anniversary of Independence, like many other African Countries. Others national days are l: Unification day: 20th May Youth day:11th February Labour day: 1st may The motto is: Peace-Work-Fatherland The currency is FCFA

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Cameroon Regions and their head quarters Central region


Littoral region


North region


Extreme North region Adamaoua West

Maroua Ngaoundéré Bafoussam

North-West East South

Bamenda Bertoua Ebolowa



Cameroon Location Cameroon is in the Central Africa, at the bay of the Gulf of Guinea. It is located just above the Equator and extends from Lake Chad to the Atlantic coast. It has a Surface area of 475,442 km2 with maximum altitude of 4,070m (Mount Cameroon). Cameroon Shares it boundaries with; - The Lake Chad basin to the

North, - Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Congo to the South, -

Central African Republic to the

East, - Nigeria to the West. Cameroon Climate Cameroon enjoys a tropical climate, humid to the south with the average temperature of 26°C and dry to the North with the average temperature of 30°C.

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Cameroon Population Cameroon has a population of about 18 million inhabitants belonging to more than 250 ethnic groups which are gathering into five main groups as:

Bétis, Bamilékés, Bamouns, Foulbés, Kirdis. Cameroon Languages There are two official languages in Cameroon: French, spoken by over 80% of the population in 8 regions, and English, spoken by 20% of the population, particularly in the 2 Englishspeaking regions

Cameroon Art and Culture Cameroon is looked on as Africa in miniature because more than two hundred ethnic groups such as the Pygmies, Bantus, Sudanese, and Arab-Berbers make up the profuse artistic and cultural heritage of Africa contributing its own unique traditions, art and music to form an extraordinary mixture of culture and art. The “Ngondo”,“

Mpo'o” ,”Nguon” and

“Medumba“ tribes on the coast combine dance, magic, disguise and canoe races. Here, we have different music like Makossa,

Bitkutsi, and Ben-


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Everything adds up to perpetuate age-old traditions and rites of the African continent.

Cameroon Leisure From 400km to coastline, Cameroon is a magnificent place with an agreeable climate throughout the year for holidays and water

sports coupled with its white sandy beaches

and the ocean just a few steps away will make your stay an unforgettable one. The combination of ocean and equatorial forest is simply entrancing.

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Cameroon sport In the south of Kribi between two fishing villages

Eboudja and Eboudjé, the Lobé Falls which plunges directly into the ocean is the most amazed site of tourists by which canoes take you to discover the

pygmies of the equatorial forest. You can’t forget natural reserves and national parks such as Limbe Wild

Life Center (zoo) and Botanical Garden, Korup and Waza national parks Without forgetting football with its Internationals figures such as Roger

MILLAR, Joseph Antoine BELL,

Patrick MBOMA, ETO’O Fils, Rigobert and Alexandre SONG, Achille EMANA. The President of African Football Confederation


There are other sports like basketball JOAQUIN

NOAH, tennis YANNICK NOAH, handball, dance etc. For those interested in golf, there are four magnificent golf courses at Yaoundé,

Douala, Kribi and Tiko.

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Afroxlds 2011 GENERAL OBJECTIVES Leadership Development Members Facilitate regional cooperation strategies Talk about the great problems of Africa To contact directly AIESEC and businesses interact, share ideas, meet different cultures of the continent and elsewhere

Afroxlds 2011FIGURES About 250 leaders from over 20 countries in Africa and elsewhere More than 300 people at the opening ceremony of the conference Approximately 250 people at the Official Dinner.


Wednesday, 23rd March 2011:

Opening Ceremony

Monday, 23rd March 2011

Global Village


Partner’s Day Cameroonian Night Saturday, 28th March 2011


Official Dinner

Sunday, 29th March 2011


Closing Ceremony Study Tour



Standard Delegate Fee: 200 USD =139 € = 90.000 FCFA

USD = United States Dollar and 1 USD = 450 FCFA € = EURO and 1 € = 650 FCFA FCFA is CAMEROON Francs CFA

Damage Fee: 25 USD = 18 € = 11.250 FCFA Late Registration Delegate Fee: 250USD=174 €=112.500 FCFA

All the payments will be done only in CAMEROON FCFA.

Cancellation Fee: 125 USD = 87 € = 56.250 FCFA If a delegate cancels his/her registration of AfroXLDS 2011 after the 16th February 2011, he / she are obliged to pay the full Standard Delegate Fee.

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DELEGATES REGISTRATION Your complete personal information is required to attend AFROXLDS 2011 in CAMEROON and you should register online: 1st Delegate Registration Deadline: Friday, 31st December 2010 nd 2 Delegate Registration Deadline: Thursday, 13th January2011 rd 3 Delegate Registration Deadline: Thursday, 10th February 2011 All fields have to be filled in on your Application and an invitation letter will be sent to you as soon as your application is approved. Remember: Register by respecting the different dates mentioned otherwise afterwards all new registration will be considered as “LATE REGISTRATION “and the fee described above will be applied. We ask all MCPs to confirm their country Delegation by email to AFROXLDS 2011! - CCVP Delegate Servicing through brice.yavo@afroxlds2011cameroon.orgh - CCP through VISA INFORMATION The request for an ENTRY VISA to Cameroon can be made at any Cameroon consulate or embassy overseas. Here is the list of things you need to have to apply for your VISA: A VISA APPLICATION must be filled A photocopy of your PASSPORT A round AIR TICKET for Cameroon 2 ID pictures An individual or group INVITATION LETTER Visa FEE Photocopy of the ID of the person who receive

NOTE: The VISA APPLICATION takes some days so please do your best to be on time in order not to miss your flight

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VACCINATIONS Vaccinations are needed when you stay in Cameroon and we strongly advise you to do your VACCINS with your local doctor before arriving. The Requested Vaccine (compulsory) is the YELLOW FEVER Vaccine. The Recommended Vaccines are HEPATITIS A and HEPATITIS B (Not compulsory). To resume, there are vaccines which you should do depending on your country: Africa(central, west, east) and Asia North Africa South Africa Europe USA

Yellow Fever , cholera, meningitis Yellow Fever ,cholera, Dultavax Yellow Fever, cholera Yellow Fever , Dultavax Yellow Fever, cholera, ROR, Dultavax, hepatitis

NOTE: Dultavax or DTP= Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio ROR= Rougeole, Oreillons and rubella The Vaccine should be taken some days before your trip for protecting you against the diseases so go and see your local Doctor rapidly for that.

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LUM SIMANKA M. (Cameroon) Congress Committee President

E-mail: Mobile: + 237 75 48 13 48

Landry NOUMSI (Cameroon) Congress Committee Vice President Finance

E-mail: Mobile: + 237 74 71 04 60

Guy TABUE (Cameroon) Congress Committee Vice President Logistic

E-mail: Mobile: + 237 75 50 90 47

Brice YAVO (Ivory Coast) Congress Committee Vice President Delegate Servicing

E-mail: Mobile: + 225 09 73 21 22

Amani Al Alawi (Bahrain) Congress Committee Vice President Special Event

E-mail: Mobile +973 399 969 37

Eric Paquito MANGA (Cameroon) Congress Committee Vice President External Relations


"The United Nations has long recognized that the imagination, ideals and energies of young men and women are vital for the continuing development of the societies in which they live. And since its inception in 1948, AIESEC has contributed to this development by serving as an agent of positive change through education and cultural exchange. In an era of globalization, your programs have helped young people around the world to develop a broader understanding of cultural, socioeconomic and business management issues.� KOFI ANNAN Former SecretaryGeneral of UN

Mobile: + 237 96 34 32 56

Serge NSOA (Cameroon) Congress Committee Vice President Corporate Development

E-mail: Mobile: + 237 74 73 06 08

Clotaire NTIENOU (Cameroon) Congress Committee Vice President Information System

E-mail: Mobile: + 237 99 35 32 27 Fix: + 237 22 05 76 10

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AfroXLDS 2011 first delagate mailer  

Cameroon is one most beautifull country in africa. 2011 is a particular year because we are hosting AfroXLDS the best African Gathering in A...

AfroXLDS 2011 first delagate mailer  

Cameroon is one most beautifull country in africa. 2011 is a particular year because we are hosting AfroXLDS the best African Gathering in A...