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David Cook and The Anthemic -- Dickenson College (Carlisle, PA) -- 3/3/09 HEROES [no banter vids available] WE'REONLYHONESTWHENWE'RESLEEPING [no banter vids available] LIFEON THEMOON [ crowd is cheering. Someonedoessomething that makes David laugh] David: I'd like to see how long that lasts. ___________[ makes a "take off" motion with his left hand], and looks at Neal] Neal knows what I'm talkin' about. Dontcha neal? David: Alright, We're gonna do a song we actually haven't done in a couple of shows. Uh... [ crowd cheers] David [ moving shoulders forward as if he's warming up]: Let's bring it back. [ crowd cheers] David: But uh, this is on The Record. I hope, I hope everybody here has it. [ crowd cheers] David: That didn't sound like everybody, so... [ crowd cheers louder] David: ...hopefully you guys pick it up. AVALANCHE [ crowd is cheering. Someoneyells "I love you David"] David: I love you too. Thank you very much. [ crowd cheers. David doesa little dance at the microphone] David: So, I'm just excited I got over the flu, to be able to sing. [ crowd cheers. David sniffles loudly into the microphone] David: That was gross. I apologize. Anyway,[ someoneyells out something that makes David laugh] David [ whispering]: I'm trying to tell a story. Shhh.

[ crowd laughs] David: Um...ya' know, the-- I-- the last year and change has been kinda nuts. And uh, I don't know if everybody here is aware, but uh, I was, I was on last season of American Idol. [ crowd cheers] David: I was lucky enough, I was lucky enough to win. And I have everybody -- I hope in this room -- to thank for that. So thanks. [ crowd cheers] David: But uh, the premise of the show is you, you go on every week and you sing these covers. And uh, I thought: Why turn my back on that aspect of all this? So we [ motioning to band] as a group got together and decided we were gonna play a cover for you guys tonight. So [ puts both hands in the air, palms facing audience] don't be surprised. [ crowd cheers] David: But uh...ok. It's by a pretty decent band named Fleetwood Mac. LITTLELIES David: Thank you very much. [ crowd cheers] David: So is everybody havin' a good time? Feelin' good? [:40] [ crowd cheers] David: Yeah? I see uh...I see some various...Greek t-shirts throughout the audience. [ somepeople in the crowd cheer] David: And when I say "throughout" I mean, apparently only three spots. Awesome. You just caught me in a lie. [ crowd laughs] David: We have uh, what uh, what is this? Uh...KAE? Kappa Alpha... [ group of students reacts] David: Wooo. [ motioning to another group] What about down here? Same? [ group reacts negatively]

David: Del-- Whoa! No. Whoa. [ mimics group]. No! [ with a bit of a growl] Noooo! [ back to a normal voice] How dare he. [ to group] What are you-- what are you guys? [ group responds] David [ lifting up his beanie so it's no longer covering his ear]: Say what? [ group responds again] David: I think I heard it. [ to another group] What about you guys? [ group responds] David: Who? [ group repeats what they said] David: Kappa Alpha Theta? [ all the groups cheer] David: So it is all one! Cuz they're-- [ laughs] all three groups go [ mimicking groups and putting hands in the air ] Yeaaaaaaah! I caught you in a lie that time. See? [ crowd laughs] David: It's all reciprocal. And that's the word. [ laughs] We're gonna play one of the uh, the bonus tracks, if that's alright. [ crowd cheers] David: It's called "Breathe Tonight.� BREATHETONIGHT [ first part of banter unavailable] [ A person in the front row is trying to get David to take something from her] David: ...ya know. Alright, hold on. Everybody talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic: A peanut...that'd... [ Somepeople in the audience laugh] David: Never mind. [ David reachesinto the audience and grabs the item from the audience member. It is a note. He opens it up and reads it . He smiles, holds up the note and shakesit, then puts it next to the drum kit. ] KISSON THENECK [ first part of banter unavailable] [ David is playing a riff on his guitar, then stops. Crowd cheers] David: Nothin' yet. [ David glancesback toward Neal, then laughs] David: This is what happens when I do stuff that's not on the setlist. The guys just look at me like: What? Neal: What the hell are we doin' dude? [ David looks back at Neal again] David: I think do what's next on the setlist for now. That's what I think. Neal: Right on. [ David plays another riff, then stops] David: Oh no no, I can do it, I can do it. Hold on. THETRUTH [ David stops after one verse and chorus] David: Ok, that's all I got. [ crowd cheers. David laughs] David: Surprised I got through that much. [ Crowd continues cheering, and David laughs] David: So now back to The Record, if that's alright. [ laughs] This song's called "Mr. Sensitive." MR. SENSITIVE [ crowd is cheering] David: Thank you very much.

[ crowd continues cheering] David: This is uh...this is our last show of a three-show set. And then uh, we have a couple days off. But the band and I are actually gonna head back out to L.A. and uh...and shoot another music video. [ crowd cheers] David: I know you guys couldn't get enough of my ugly mug on the first one. [ crowd cheers] David: But uh, this is actually the song we're gonna do the video for. This is uh, we're gonna release two singles simultaneously. And uh, this is one of them. This is called "Come Back to Me." COMEBACKTO ME [ The crowd sings during part of the song] [ crowd is cheering] David: Thank you guys for such a great job. DECLARATION David: You guys wanna, you guys wanna know who [ motions to the band] everybody is? [ crowd cheers. A flying white objects hits David on the right side and falls to the stage in front of him] David: Whoa! [ David stares at the object as the crowd reacts] Andy [ looking into the audience]: Did that come from there? That's not nice. [ Joey picks up the item] David: Did I just get hit in the chest with a dirty diaper? What is this thing? [ Joey throws the object at David and hits him in the face. It drops to the floor again. Crowd laughs. David leans over and picks it up, then laughs] David [ mimicking Joey as he unrolls the object]: Oh sorry, I'm sorry. [ back to normal voice] No you're not. And that's why you're fired. I'm kidding! I'm kidding, I'm kidding. If you guys knew how many times I've fired Joey ...jokingly... [ an audience member yells out "Yeah, Joey!"]

David: "Yeah, Joey" is right. Yeah Joey! You guys can cheer for Joey. That's cool. [ crowd cheers. Joey puts a celebratory fist in the air. David has completed unrolling the object. It is a t-shirt ] David: Am I supposed to wear this? Cuz it says "Mrs. Cook" on the back, and that's... [ crowd laughs and cheers. David looks over at Andy and wads-up the shirt ] David: Maybe uh...Andy over here on the right would like to wear it. [ David tossesthe shirt at Andy] David: Andy! Yeah! [ Andy catches the shirt ] Andy: I don't think I can be Mrs. Cook. I'm sorry. David: Can you repeat that? I don't have you in my ear. I can't hear a word you're saying. It's perfect. [ Crowd laughs. Andy grins and makes a "cut off" sign under his neck with his hand] David: And guys have met Neal and, and Kyle already, right? [ crowd cheers] David: Yeah. I am uh...all joking aside, I'm the, I am the luckiest man alive, cuz I get to travel the country and play music, which is rad. Anybody that gets a chance, do it. Uh...but I get to do it on stage with four...pretty cool guys. So I think you should give it up for them as well. [ crowd cheers] David: And uh, with that, we're gonna play the current single. This is uh, this is "Light On." [ crowd cheers. Someoneasked David if they can have his wristband] David: No, you cannot have my wristband. Just for the record. LIGHT ON David: Thank you guys very much! "We've got one more song and then we're get out of the way. This one goes out to every teacher in the audience this evenin'. [ song starts] David [ to security ]: Ok, security now. What do you think of this audience? What do you think? You think they're good? [ crowd cheers]

David: I don't know. I don't know. We're about to find out though, RIGHT? [ crowd cheers] HOT FORTEACHER ENCORE BAR-BA-SOL [ no banter vids available] A DAILY ANTHEM ENDOFSHOW

2009-03-03 - Mar 03 DICKENSON COLLEGE (Carlisle, PA) - Coolshades -29333683  

David: That was gross. I apologize. Anyway, David: But uh, this is on The Record. I hope, I hope everybody here has it. David: Tha...

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