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Mar 01 MOUNT ST. MARY'S COLLEGE (Newburgh, NY) Before I Did It For You - from You guys'll cheer at anything, won't you? [guitar noodling] [To Neal] They WILL cheer at anything..._______________ [To audience shouter] I love you too! Before Life On The Moon - from _________Dude, great crowd, dude. [Picks up something from floor] Hold on a second. Hold on, don't start playing yet. [Laughs at audience comment, inspects thrown item] Whoever just threw a dog collar at me? Thank you? I'm pretty sure there's nerve damage to my hand, but at least I got this. Thank you very much. [Tossescollar to rear of stage] However, I cannot condone throwing such things___________ [laughs] The next song's about the last year and a half of my life and it's called “Life On The Moon” Before Declaration - from [to “Nurse Debbie” onstage] And, uh, I think I picked your video. So, thank you for coming. And thank you for submitting the video. [to audience]And a thank you for everybody who submitted a video. [Hugs Nurse Debbie, she whispers in his ear, David laughs] “Nurse Hot Lips” is what I've been told to call her...____________.....whatever I want. But, thank you, Nurse Hot Lips. We should, uh, I don't know where my tour manager's at....there he is...we should get her a tee shirt or something, yeah?

Follow that man, right there. [Nurse Debbie leaves stage] And thank you very much, Nurse Debbie. Or Nurse Hot Lips, whatever. When she said, like “You can call me..”, and I didn't hear it, I figured she was gonna tell me her first, you know, her full name or something, but apparently her full name is Hot Lips. Who knew, who knew? So, this next song, I can't even segue. This is “Declaration”. Before Kiss On The Neck – from %20NY/?action=view&current=023.flv and v=zVcAHzQPGAM That's awesome. However, this next, this next noise that we're gonna make actually is a song, and it is ahhh......[Audience member: I love you, David!] I love you too......Man, let me tell ya....There's a love here, in Newburgh. I can tell that there's love, 'cause I got hit with a dog collar. And, let's be honest, nothing says love like a dog collar.......[laughs, band begins to play]You guys met Andy yet? I'll introduce the rest later. Before Mr. Sensitive from and [calls out Joey] Do that thing again. Do it again. Do it again, I wanna see it. Here we go.... [Joey relectantly performs kick, David cracks up laughing]......You know what? If the rest of the

show sucks, I still think that's the funniest thing about it. So, thank you very much. Good night! [Band begins Mr.

Sensitive, David sings first line, then begins laughing. David signals band to stop playing]. I'm

sorry, I need a second longer to _____________. Nobody asked for a professional show, you just asked for a good one, so..... [To band] OK, I'm ready whenever you are. Before Anodyne from [David is introducing band ] That's Joey. That's _______________ purple-panted rock kick. That's Kyle Peek back there on the drums. And Andy and myself have actually shared the stage for quite some time with the gentleman to my left. This is uh, this is the Doctor. And, uh, I had the pleasure, before Idol, for a couple years, I was in a band with these guys called MWK, out of Tulsa. And, uh, we all wrote this next song. Before Hot For Teacher from All right, here's the deal....everybody's gotta get out of their seat, I'm sorry. Before A Daily AntheM from It is ahhh... I think we're like eleven or twelve shows in, and it's already, it's already been a little crazy, but a whole lot of fun. Hopefully, uh, hopefully you guys'll come out for some other shows, we'll see you real soon, cool? All right, then it's a deal. This'll be our last song of the night, guys, thank you very, very much....and, uh, there's a part at the end that maybe you guys'd like to help out on. This song's called “A Daily AntheM�

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Mar 01 MOUNT ST. MARY'S COLLEGE (Newburgh, NY) Before Declaration - from Before Life On The Moon...