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Wartburg College Waverly, Iowa - February 23, 2009 HEROES MR. SENSITIVE So, is everybody having a good time tonight? I’ll ask again, is Everybody.Having.a Good Time.Tonight. How many of you guys enjoyed Ryan Star? Yeah. I’ll tell you what, man. I’ve, uh, I’ve been really blessed the last year or so, to be able to share the stage with some cool people, and I gotta say Ryan kinda tops the list. I mean, that guy is solid and legit and genuine, so, I hope you guys got into him as much as I do. {missing video} I’m talking to you. You’re the jumper. I DID IT FORYOU {missing video} [ Chuckle] I hope you don’t have a boyfriend over here I just said that to. That could end badly. [ Big sigh] Man, thank you guys so much for having us out tonight, man. This has been, uh, three songs in and I’m having a blast. I hope you guys are, too, ya know. [ pause] How’s everybody up in the balcony doing? Are you guys having a good time? Oh, you can stay out of your chairs. That’s cool, man. You guys are at a rock show, ya know. How are you doing, over here in the blue. You keep wavin’. Hi, how are ya? Are you good? Alright. I love it, man. You guys, you guys all act like you don’t know what to do, and then there’s like one person every, like, 20 people that’s just goin’ NUTS. And, uh, I think every one of you should follow suit. It looks good, I’m telling ya. When you do it en masse,it’s [ whispers] fantastic[?]. So, uh, this next song’s about the last, uh, year or so. This is Life on the Moon. LOTM {missing video?} Every guy in this room is like “I don’t know about this dude.” [ Chuckles] This is, uh… [ band starts playing] Oh, this is Declaration. [ shrugs and looks at Andy] We can’t all be winners, Andy. Don’t look at me like that.

DECLARATION {mid-song} Can we turn the house lights up for a second while we‘re doing this? I see a lot of people up in that balcony sittin’ down. v=rCMn0zoNAPM A few, uh, a few days ago, we actually played in, uh, in Cedar Falls. And, uh, was anybody at that show? [loud cheers] Aww, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that. What? Sold out in one hour? Where? Here? Cedar Falls. What about here? [ audience yells 5 minutes/15 minutes] So we’ll just say Waverly won, how’s that sound? And we actually had an off night, last night, in Cedar Rapids. I know! Um, and uh, we went to, uh. Where did we go, Andy? Yeah, we went to this place called Bricks, where I, uh, [ raises hand] handily won at Golden Tee, thank you very much. And, uh. Where else did we go? We went somewhere else. [ Joey whispers to Dave] I wo… Oh, that’s right, Joey won. Sorry, never mind. I’m just telling you guys stories. There’s no moral or punch line. I’m a liar, apparently, cuz Joey won. Man, my banter is off to-night. I’m just gonna play another song, how do you guys feel about THAT? This song is called Avalanche. AVALANCHE {video starts with Johnny Metal swapping out Dave’s guitars} Johnny actually just celebrated his birthday, so…I think. We were actually sitting at a Steak & Shake the night of his birthday, and he told me, he goes “I want nothing more than the people of Waverly, Iowa, to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.“ So what do ya say? Are you guys gonna help me out? [ Neal starts playing. Someonein crowd yells out.] Who…It’s your birthday, too? Pssh, come on up, then. Is that alright with security? Can we get her up here? [to girl’s companion] Are you alright with this, man? I don’t wanna…hey, I’ll just give her a handshake and send her on her way. [responds to another crowd comment] What? You lived in KansasCity? That’s where I’m from. That’s so weird. But we’re in Waverly, Iowa, so maybe we should talk about [ mutters unintelligible words while nudging head toward Johnny] [ talking to security again] So, can we get her up? Is that cool? Yes? No? We can wait, man, I got nothing… [ looks to balcony] Are you guys doing alright up there? Everybody good? I haven’t lost you yet, have I? You guys… [ Neal playing “Take My Breath Away” in background. Dave looks back and chuckles…singsin falsetto] ♫Take my breath away…♫ [ birthday girl apparently climbing up on stage off-camera] Alriiiight…[ speaking to birthday girl ] Alright honey, you get to stand over here on the left, next to Johnny Metal. [editor’s note, poor girl didn’t even get to stand next to David  ] Hello, what’s your name? [ girl tells Dave her name] Carrie! Oooo, it’s Carrie, everybody. Alright, so we’ve got Johnny and Carrie. You guys are gonna help me out, right? Aw, c’mon. C’mon Waverly, Iowa. [ crowd cheers] Alright, 1-2-3 ♫Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday, dear Carrie and Johnny Metal [while

pointing at each], Happy birthday to you. ♫[ gives audience thumbs up. Carrie and Johnny prepare to leave the stage] {missing video} KISSON THENECK and v=fAyWfLFIST0 Let me introduce you to Kyle Peek back here on the drums, everybody. [ drum solo] I want you guys to get loud. Here we go! [ more intro music. Dave walks to edge of stage and motions crowd to get loud.] How’s everybody in Waverly, Iowa, tonight? Andy, I got news for ya. I don’t think they’re ready for what’s about to happen. HOT FORTEACHER Alright! Now I know what you guys are capable of. That’s nice. So uh, I’m actually, uh, I’m really blessed. I get to, I get to do this each and every night, which is nuts in and of itself. But I also get to share the stage with four amazing guys, including two guys I’ve known for about 6 years. To my left, this is Neal. Everybody give it up for Neal. And to my right, my good friend, Mr. Andy Skib. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that’s Joey and that’s Kyle, so everyone give it up for them, too. But, uh, having known these guys for a long time; I was in a band with them back in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Three of you know where that is? That’s awesome. And, uh, so, we had a chance to go out on the road and kinda rough it, a little bit different than we are now. We were in a smelly van, and now we’re in a smelly bus! And, uh, got a chance to write some songs with these guys, including this next one we’re going to play for you now. This song is called Anodyne. ANODYNE Thank you very much, guys. That’s the first time we’ve actually done that, so…… {more banter possible, but not on video} BREATHETONIGHT {no banter on video, can’t remember if there was any} LIGHT ON Waverly, Iowa! Thank you, guys, so much.

[ENCORE] [ Kyle Peek drum solo] Give it up for Kyle Peek. Thank you guys, so much. [ Sighs] This is Bar-BaSol. 1-2-3! BAR-BA-SOL Heh. I said, uh…I said this the other night in, uh, Cedar Falls. Our first show was actually in, [ clarifying] MY first show in Iowa was actually in Cedar Rapids, and it snowed, uh, while we were playing and we got snowed into the club. So, uh, this is much nicer, becausethere’s more of you [ gestures toward audience]. {missing video} So, thank you. A DAILY ANTHEM

2009-02-23 - Feb 23 WARTBURG COLLEGE (Waverly, Iowa) - Jen -25000271  

HEROES LOTM MR. SENSITIVE I DID IT FORYOU AVALANCHE Alright! Now I know what you guys are capable...

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