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FEB 21 VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY (Valparaiso, IN) During Heroes David: What's going on? End of Heroes: David: Hello Before Mr. Sensitive David: Thank you guys for coming out. Before Life on the Moon David: This is quite the afternoon, man, I got some friends here, I got some family here. This is actually where my older brother went to law used to go. It's a big trip. So thank you very much for having us out man. It means the world to me. There's a lot of people here...damn.... This next song is about the last year and a half of my life and it's called Life on the Moon. Before Declaration David: ‌ [Laughs] It's like a quarter after two on a Saturday afternoon..... Before Lie

Audience: We love you David. David: [reads sign] It's Rachel's 13th birthday?...Well Happy 13th Birthday to Rachel. Someone in audience: It's my birthday too. Before Kiss on the Neck David: Everyone give it up for Kyle Peek on drums Before Breathe Tonight (2:14 on video) David: Thank you very much. Let me introduce you to Andy Skib here on my right. Before: Hunger Strike David: So, ahh, it got quiet quickly didn't it, wow. I haven't collected my thoughts yet... Talk amongst yourselves, let me thing about what I gotta say and you'll be just fine. [Reads sign] Wanna have a snow ball fight? Umm, I have really sensitive skin.... I just ugh.. I get red and's the thing... [Reads another sign].. I'm burning for Silver. Ahhh [Laughs] You never know, you never know, you never know. But this next song is actually a cover that Neal, Andy and I have actually been doing for years. I've known these guys for a while. Yeah. And we met Kyle and Jazzercise over here through our business.... [About Joey] Does he not look like a 1970's tennis player with that headband on, honestly?

It's a hell of forehand my friend, a hell of a forehand. But, anyway, Joey, stop distracting me quit it. Umm, This next one song is one I'm actually going to share with Mr. Andy Skib over here. This is called Hunger Strike. Song starts: ‌ Feel free to sing along if you like. Before Light On David: Give it up for Andy. Thank You. I gotta say, I gotta say, this is our seventh show of the tour right here and this place has had the best signs, I've to give you all.. Do you like pizza? Umm Duh... Anyway, let me show you something real quick... [stands sideways, shows and pats tummy] I like pizza right there [tummy]. They are feeding me well on the road if you haven't noticed...... So we're going to play the single for you now. Is that ok?..... How many of you guys have heard Light On?..... Alright, well that's good, because there is a part of the song that I need you to sing with me. Before Bar- Ba-Sol David: Thank you so much guys for coming out. This is going to be our last song of the afternoon, so make sure you make some noise. This is called Bar-Ba-Sol After Bar-ba-sol David: Thank you much. Good Night. We'll see you real soon.

2009-02-21 - Feb 21 VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY (Valparaiso, IN) - MsCRC -25868240  

During Heroes Before Declaration Before Mr. Sensitive...

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