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David Cook and The Anthemic -- Ole Miss/Ford Center (Oxford, MS) -- 2/15/09 HEROES MR. SENSITIVE David: You know, I will say it. [to light guy] You wanna turn the house lights on for just a second? [crowd cheers as lights come up] David: Thankfully, I saw you. It's just nice to see so many faces, ya' know? [crowd cheers] I DID IT FOR YOU David: Well welcome to show number three. [crowd cheers] David: Man it's uh, it's, it's actually really cool to be here, man. Thank you guys so much for havin' us tonight. [crowd cheers] David: I heard uh, they told me backstage before the show that, that, that it was sold out, which is awesome. Thank you, again, for that. [crowd cheers] David: And that uh, but it was also first come, first served on seating. So I heard some people were gettin' pushed around and moved down, so... [crowd cheers] David: You know. Sorry if anybody got hurt. That's a bummer. [crowd yells things at David] David [reading sign in audience]: "Southern nurse available to heal boo-boos on your sw-- ohhhh I.... [crowd laughs] David: I'll paraphrase. A Southern nurse available to heal...some sort of affliction on your.....sweet.....posterior.

[crowd laughs] David: High class. Nah-- [laughs] [audience laughs] David: You mean this one? [turns and sticks out his rear]. Uhhhhhh [crowd cheers] David: Every guy in the audience goes: "Did he really just do that?" That's kind of a nerd thing to do. David: Uhhh, so yeah, ummm, my name's David....Cook. And uh... [crowd cheers] David [puts finger in the air and turns it in a circle, referring to band]: ...these are my friends. And uh... [crowd cheers] David: I came, I came, I, I won American Idol last season. So... [crowd cheers] David: Thanks. And uh, right after the finale, I got to sit down and start writin' for this record. And uh, one of the first songs I actually had a chance to, to write is, uh, this song called "Life on the Moon." It's about-[crowd cheers] David: Thank you, yeah. Apparently you have heard of it. That's awesome. And uh, yeah, it's just kind of about the last year and a half and how....weird everything's been. So uh...this song's called "Life on the Moon." LIFE ON THE MOON David: What am I doin' here? This is weird. Uh...I was playin' acoustic gigs a year and a half ago, so....this wins. [crowd cheers] David: This next song is uh...the first song on The Record.

DECLARATION David: Give it up for Ryan Star! [crowd cheers] David: This is uh, this is actually our fourth show. We did, we did a-[audience members yell stuff at David] David: What? [audience members repeat what they said. David snorts, amused by what they said] David: For those of you in the back, again, I can't repeat it, but...hilarious. [crowd laughs] David: Um...ya' know, we had a chance to play a show with Ryan back in December in Atlanta. And dude, very passionate individual. And, and uh, to be able to share the stage with someone that feels the music that much is very cool. So it's an honor to have him on stage with us. [crowd cheers] David: Uhhhh so I'm on this stage because I sang covers on a TV show. [laughs] [crowd laughs] David: So we're gonna do a cover now. This is uh, a little Fleetwood Mac. LITTLE LIES [first part of banter unavailable] David: You guys show up. This is really good [laughs] [crowd laughs] David: uh, I, I don't know if anybo-- if anybody here's watched the sh-- the Idol show. [crowd cheers] David: I didn't, I didn't really make much of a secret of the fact that what was, what's really kinda near and dear to my heart is, is uh, cancer research and cancer funding, and, and trying to raise a cure. And uh... [crowd cheers]

David: So uh, I-- part of doin' that was I wanted to write a song that kind of conveyed that idea. Um, so I wrote this song to my brother Adam, who has been battling uh, brain cancer for about twelve years now. And this song's for him. PERMANENT David: So Valentine's Day was yesterday. [crowd cheers] David: Did everybody here have a Valentine? [crowd cheers] David [points to Neal]: You guys can have Neal if you want him. [crowd cheers] David: This next song's a hidden track on The Record, but we love playin' it anyway. It's called "Kiss on the Neck." KISS ON THE NECK [first part of banter unavailble] [David is introducing the next song] David: ..."Straight Ahead." STRAIGHT AHEAD David: Ah, I love you man. BREATHE TONIGHT [Johnny Metal brings out another guitar for David. David takes the guitar and hands his other one to Johnny Metal, who walks off stage] David: Everybody give it up for Johnny Metal!

[crowd cheers. Andy tries to say something but David doesn't hear him] Andy: Dave can't even hear me when I'm talking. David [to Andy]: Give it up for Gabe! [crowd cheers] David: Yeah, Gabe too! Andy: Enough of Johnny Metal. [David and Andy talk over each other] David [laughs]: Enough of Johnny Metal.... Andy: We started this war! David: Oh yeah. See, Andy decided tonight that we were gonna start a war against Johnny Metal, Neal and I's tech, and their tech. But I...I think we're winning. We're, we're, there's no stake here. We're not gonna go anywhere with it. It's just crazy. David: So uh, I wanna make sure I thank uh, the Angel ticket fund. I know uh, part of the, part of the merch money that we make tonight goes towards the Angel ticket fund. I think that's really cool, uh, that you guys do that, so yeah. David: And also, I gotta thank the Front of House manager for giving your students extra credit for showin' up tonight. Hopefully they're still havin' a good time and not just here for the grade, you know what I mean? And no, I'm not a tripod, for those who were inquiring. [crowd screams. David laughs] David: It had to be done, it had to be done. So um, we're gonna play the single now, if that's alright with you guys. Is that cool? LIGHT ON [After the first verse of the song, someone with a cell phone gets David's attention] David [to audience member]: Call it on the phone, I'll talk to it. [While David is on the phone, the band plays "on hold" music] David: Hello?

[There is a very long pause before the conversation continues] David: Hello? I can't, I can't...I don't have a password to enter. Alright, I guess you lose. [hangs up phone] We tried, we tried. [hands phone back to audience member] There ya' go. Sorry for the break in the action, we just had to talk to somebody. [crowd cheers] David [to Kyle]: Alright Kyle, you wanna count us back in to the second verse? David: So uh, last night we did this song in uh, Biloxi. [crowd cheers] David: But I kind of uh...I kinda fell on my ass in the middle of the song. So I'm gonna try really hard not to do that here in Oxford tonight. But if I do, just know that it's part of the gig. David: Ladies and gentlemen, Kyle Peek! [Band plays intro to the song] David: Make some noise if you're a teacher. [a few people cheer] David: Anybody? I see a few. You should give your students good grades, they came to the show. HOT FOR TEACHER ENCORE David: Kyle Peek! [crowd cheers] David: Thank you guys very much. This is uh....this is our favorite song to play. It's called "Bar-Ba-Sol." BAR-BA-SOL

David: Thank you so much to Ole Miss, and the Angel Ticket Fund, and to everybody here in Oxford for havin' us out. This means the world. So thank you very much. [crowd cheers] David: This is uh....gonna be our last song of the night. For real this time. And uh, this is actually a song I wrote, God, almost four years ago, called "A Daily AntheM." And uh, if you guys will happily oblige, there's a song-- a part of the song at the end you guys should uh, hopefully sing along. So we'll see what happens. [sighs] A DAILY ANTHEM David: Oxford Mississippi, thank you guys so much. END OF SHOW

2009-02-15 - Feb 15 UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI (Oxford, MS) - Coolshades -25452625  

MR. SENSITIVE I DID IT FORYOU David: Well welcome to show number three. David: You know. Sorry if anybody got hurt. That's a bummer. David:...

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