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Katerina Mum to Rico and blogger to all! www.keepingupwithkaterina.com @keepingupwithkaterina With everything in the news recently, I felt it only right to base my March column on mental health. I’ve spoken previously in my blog about how heightened my anxiety got after having Rico, literally hitting new levels I didn’t even know existed. Things have gotten easier and other things harder, I feel like parent anxiety is one of them things that literally “is what it is” and it’s about finding ways to deal and live with them to not make them a hindrance to your life. I found one of the biggest things I have done (and admittedly still sometimes do!) is compare myself to other mums and Rico to other children. I always think about how it must of been in my grandmothers day, it must of been so easy to just get on with your life and focus on yourself, without the constant flaunt on social media of everyone’s lives (she probably only had a couple women in the village she would see every now and again to compete with). Now, what really drove me to write about this, was the fact that this weekend was one of them weekends where I was the person who was making everything look perfect on Instagram when in reality it was a bit of a shit show. In all honesty I didn’t even realise what I’d portrayed against my reality until a friend pointed it out during a moan I was having. If you follow me on Instagram you may of seen I had the absolute pleasure of visiting a stunning safari park and was booked an experience to feed giraffes to celebrate my birthday. Throughout the day I would capture all the best moments on my Instagram, sharing the beautiful scenery, the

food and my time spent with Rico and Jamie. Behind the scenes was a total different story. In reality Rico was throwing himself on the floor if we had to wait longer than 5 minutes in a queue, he’d tantrumed his way into a late 6pm nap and just for the sake of wanting to eat dinner in peace I ended up sitting trying to eat in this posh restaurant with Rico sleeping on my chest in his pyjamas and odd socks (because he refused to wear the pair and I was honestly out of energy for the argument!). It was draining, tiring I was miserable and all in all it was very hard work, but nothing like that showed on anything I was posting. It’s so easy to get into the habit of looking into others lives when they’re so accessible to everyone nowadays and so easy (whether we like to admit it or not) to feel down or unworthy, or too fat, or not as successful, or not good enough based on societies standards or even the harsh standards we sometimes set for ourselves. Well this is my opportunity for any of you reading this who may need to hear it, you are enough, you’re doing a great job and you are loved. If you can be anything in this world, be kind. Rest in peace Caroline x

This months business in spotlight is the wonderful Pro Elite Football Academy. Rico has been going to Pro Elite now for a year, and there’s not one thing we could fault about the fun classes, the enthusiastic coaches and the well thought out sessions. It is not only an amazing place for your little one to start learning football, but a great session where they learn colours, numbers and use their imagination to play. Your little one can start from as young as 18 months with many sessions running daily with hand on heart the most amazing team. Quote my column when getting in contact with them for a Free first session! (Join today and thank me later!)

www.efacademy.co.uk 020 8360 8997

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@proelite.academy @ProEliteFA @proelitetweets Pro Elite Football Academy @proelite.academy

Katerina x

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