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Katerina Mum to Rico and blogger to all! www.keepingupwithkaterina.com @keepingupwithkaterina

Even though it’s February – this is my first column of the year, so it’s only right to wish you all a very happy New Year! I hope you’ve all got off to a good start of this year and the decade! I think that where we ended a decade, everyone was a bit more reflective than normal of their achievements and growth (or was it just me?!). I started this year by having a ‘Vision board party’ with some of my favourite ladies and I can’t recommend it enough! For those who don’t know, a vision board is literally a board you create with cut out pictures/words drawings, scribbles of anything you want to obtain/achieve. In a way, a visual to do list (with a bit of extra added sparkle!) The first ever vision board I made was many years ago, before Rico and even before Jamie. Thinking back to it really made me feel grateful – and I realised that the life I’m living at the moment include so much of what I visualised, dreamed of and prayed for (apart from the jeep and hot body but we can’t have it all ha!) Sometimes we get so caught up in forever looking into the future of what’s next to achieve, what’s next to buy, what’s next to do, that we don’t stop and actually appreciate what we have in the moment. As a person who has anxious tendencies – I feel as though I’m forever living in future, what might happen,

what could happen and trying in a way to control and have the best handle on what life might throw my way. So as much as my usual resolutions include, loosing weight, going to the gym (which – shockingly enough to you all – I have yet to even drive near one this year let alone go in) my main resolution this year is to live in the moment. Be present in the present. I’m living a life the single 20 year old me once dreamed of, with my soulmate, in our own house, with a beautiful little human I get to call my son, an amazing group of real friends, a crazy beautiful supportive family, a job I enjoy and in general a fulfilled life (also can’t forget that fact that I get to write my thoughts into a magazine for others to read! How great is that!?). My life is far from perfect and I forever get days that I feel as though I’m not where I want to be or haven’t achieved things I would of wanted yet, but I’ve learned that giving yourself the credit for what you have achieved will help you to give yourself a break and actually enjoy life in the now! Thanks for reading lovelies, until next time

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