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5 MINUTES WITH Love Island’s Callum Jones

Mum Made Me Do It is the brand new podcast from YouTuber and star of Strictly Come Dancing Saffron Barker. Famed for her relatable and family themed viral content, Mum Made Me Do It is co-hosted by Saffron’s mum and best friend Wendy Barker.

Hi Callum! It’s been a really crazy year, you’ve had quite a unique experience in that you were in the Love Island Villa when the pandemic was emerging, how was that for you? I think I’d been out of the villa for a few weeks before we’d heard about the pandemic. So I was lucky enough to have a bit of free time!

Mum Made Me Do It offers a real life insight into the unique and unrivalled bond that is shared between mothers and daughters. In her typically unfiltered style, each week Saffron and Wendy will unpick everything from family life and relationships to periods, body image and boyfriends.

Your time on the show was quite turbulent with Shaughna and Molly, was it quite challenging facing that situation? Yes it was such an intense situation, obviously I didn’t know how she was going to react and of course she didn’t know what was going on. But we got through it!

Speaking of her latest endeavour, Saffron said: “My first ever vlog was on a family holiday and mum has featured in my content ever since, so my followers know that we have a pretty special relationship. She really is my best friend and there’s not a lot we don’t talk about, so listeners can expect a completely unfiltered experience with our podcast. We like to call ourselves ‘the dream team’ and although we are constantly bickering, we have an amazing bond which I can’t wait to share with everyone!”.

Your relationship with Molly has gone from strength to strength, we saw that you visited Greece over the summer and you are now living together, how is it being in lockdown together? Yes we’ve got a bit more space this time so it’s just me, Molly and the dog. The previous lockdown we spent with Molly’s parents. So, it’s a bit more relaxing and chill.

Mum Made Me Do It is available on Global Player, or wherever you get your podcasts, from 20th November, with new episodes every Friday thereafter.

Can we expect some romantic homecooked meals? You definitely can! I love to cook and will be putting it up on my socials, maybe a 3 course meal? We’ve heard that you’re quite the chef… perhaps a Celebrity Masterchef is on the way? Haha fingers crossed! I do like to try different things all the time, I like to experiment. What is next on the agenda for you? I’m really focusing on my cooking for the minute! Getting down to the shops and getting some ingredients, and just spending my time working on my culinary skills. Television Personality, Callum Jones (@_callum_jones)

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