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CULTURE For 32 years Tandoori Nights have provided delicious Indian recipes and outstanding service. Celebrating their signature dishes and authenticity, we delve into what sets them apart from the ordinary.

Tandoori Nights in Cockfosters High street has established itself among its customers as one of North London’s finest Indian restaurants. For 30 years it has prepared and served both classic and modern Indian dishes using carefully selected ingredients and prepared by chefs immersed in the culture and cuisine of the sub continent. The modern surroundings and attentive service transport you to any up market restaurant in the West End. A standard one does not normally expect from a local establishment but with street parking and reasonable prices, a better choice for the discerning customer than an angst filled night in Central London. The real star is the food delicately and subtly spiced leaving a warm, lingering flavour on the palate, as all great Indian dishes do. The robust Lamb dishes are complemented by lighter well portioned side dishes of Saag Aloo or the meaty vegetarian dish of Panner, a lightly spiced Indian cheese. Whether you opt for Pilau rice or plain steamed rice, the quality of the famous Basmati origin is apparent in the first mouthful, less rice more a culinary adventure in the foothills of the Himalayas. The succulent chicken dishes whether high on the heat scale or moderately spiced for the less brave among us are fabulously flavoured with cumin, cardamon, cloves and an array of spices that I leave to the very capable chefs in the Tandoori Nights Kitchen.

The modern surroundings and attentive service transport you to any up market restaurant in the West End. A special mention must go to the Tandoori clay oven dishes, so many times the measure of a great Indian restaurant. The Tandoori Chicken was moist, marinated to perfection and seared beautifully in the intense heat of the Tandoor oven. I suggest that you take a serious look at the wine menu, well stocked with some fine wines to enhance the spice, or a great selection of beers to cool the palate. Worth more than a passing visit, Tandoori Nights should be a fixture in your culinary diary.

020 8441 2131

27 Station Parade, Cockfosters Road, Herts EN4 0DW www.tandoori-nights.net

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