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Beautiful gift ideas with a positive twist Bring a contemporary feel to your home with our very own I-AM candle range. Our I-AM candles are based upon Positive Affirmations, with each scent matching the affirmation! Positive Affirmations are mantras that can help with self-sabotaging and negative thinking. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you will see huge positive changes. What better way to practise and remember your affirmations than with a beautiful scented candle. Whether you feel like you need an uplifting scent/ affirmation or just want to relax, we have something to suit you.



Diddi dance classes are designed to engage and inspire children’s own creativity by using action songs, dancing games, fun exercises, hoops and dance ribbons to our own original, funky pop songs. Classes are suitable for both boys & girls 18 months up.

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