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Katerina Mum to Rico and blogger to all! www.keepingupwithkaterina.com @keepingupwithkaterina Rules. Ever wonder who makes some of them? I know a headteacher makes the rules for a school, I know that organisations make rules for their businesses and I know creators make the rules for their games. But who on earth made the rules for parenting? Who prepared these guidelines that we all seem to follow and feel pressured to adhere to? Now I’m not talking about the responsibilities and duties that you take on when you become a parent, I’m talking about the ones that go a little something like this: of course your child should be sleeping in their own room from 6 months, it’s unheard of that you still carry them around after they’re able to walk, your child should be in a routine and sleeping from 6/7pm from birth. (Ok – the last one was a bit exaggerated, but you get my drift). There are SO many pressures on parents as it is, having a real life Tamagotchi after 9 months of torment on your body is hard enough (trust me those reading this who don’t have any children – if you think keeping a tamagotchi was hard enough you haven’t got a clue) but we have these strange socially inspired rules that seem to lurk to add an extra bit of guilt and shame to our already strenuous roles as parents. This month’s write up was inspired by a conversation with one of my longest friends, Alex, who I’ve been lucky enough to enter motherhood with, with our babies only being 6 weeks apart in age. Me and Alex both seem to stress about different things – but whenever we seem to talk about our lovely little threeangers, there always seems to be this little sense of guilt. It was only the other day during one of our conversations that I realised, if I don’t give a shit that Rico somehow manages to find himself from his bed to my bed more than half the nights during the week, then why should I give a shit about it offending you? Why should I feel ashamed or bad? Does it give me a neck ache for half the week – yes, do I hate it? No. Actually there are times (more often than not) that I love waking up to my little muffin and

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smile at the fact that I didn’t even realise he had climbed in and squished himself right in between me and Jamie looking so peaceful sleeping. If it really bothered me, could I get up and put him back in his bed every time he ventured over? Of course I could – but what does that mean for me? Extra agg in the middle of the night hun – and let’s face it with my alarm going off at 6am 5 out of 7 days – trust me I need every second I can get. I personally do not know one adult, or even a child nearing double figures that still sleep in their parents bed, or would even want to if they had the chance. This doesn’t last forever, all these little stages, the kisses in the playground, the hugs in public, the lovingness of holding your hand walking down the road, it’s all temporary and something that will fizzle out much sooner than we would probably want. I’m learning as a parent to; 1) Pick my battles when it comes to parenting – I’d rather have the argument that “No Rico, you cannot have 5 mini rolls a day.” 2) Cherish every moment – even the ones that sometimes give me an uncomfortable sleep. 3) Not give a shit about how Sue, Sally or Steven parent and to not compare our style or parenting to anyone else’s. 4) To also learn not to judge other parents myself! (We’re all far too quick to do it!) Happy December everyone! The most wonderful time of the year is here. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and an amazing, healthy and happy New Years. Until 2021 my lovelies

Katerina x

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