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Some crystals can alleviate stress, some are good for uplifting your mood, some work at improving concentration or creativity, and some eliminate negativity.

Some may need crystal energy for fertility, some may need them to attract love or abundance into their life, or some may need them for recurring headaches! Having crystals around your house or workspace, can also create a better environment. Some crystals bring a calming effect, some help concentration and focus, and some can simply lift the vibe and energy of a room. For me, crystals are a sacred gift from Mother Nature, and their healing properties never cease to amaze me. I feel very blessed and honoured to work with them. From young I have always had the ability to see energy and auras. This is the reason why I naturally flowed into healing and crystals. Ultimately, I love to help people. I am also extremely fortunate to work alongside Joan, Antoinette and Clare. Together, we want to help as many people as we can. Between us all we have a wealth of knowledge and we are all unique in the way we work. We all put our own stamp on the way we do our healing, readings, and holistic treatments. Since opening the shop, I have had such positive and amazing feedback. When people walk in, they thank me for opening a shop like mine and this makes my heart melt. I feel so blessed to have been able to do it all during a pandemic.

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