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Since I was a young girl, I have always been drawn to crystals and I loved the magic and mystery of them. Here at The Crystal Company London, not only do I sell beautiful, ethically sourced and hand selected crystals, but I also wanted to dedicate a space for holistic treatments and therapies. I am a Reiki Master, Pranic and Crystal Healer. I love to work with crystals during healing sessions and I have noticed what a positive difference they have made, not only in my own life, but other people’s lives too. It still amazes me how crystals have the ability to shift the energy of whatever environment they are in, and the energy of people’s lives too. By holding crystals or placing them on the body they emit an energy, or frequency, which can help with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This happens because crystals positively interact with your body’s energy field and chakras. Each crystal has different properties and benefits, and your chakras are also associated with different crystals. I hand select each piece of crystal that enters the shop, as it is especially important to me to see and feel the quality and energy of each piece. Some crystals can alleviate stress, some are good for uplifting your mood, some work at improving concentration or creativity, and some eliminate negativity. They can help with many different issues, and can be purchased for many different reasons, but one of my favourite things to do as a healer and crystal lover, is to create bespoke pouches for each person’s individual needs. I do this by intuitively connecting with the person, which then allows me to pick the crystals best suited for them.

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