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Katerina Mum to Rico and blogger to all! www.keepingupwithkaterina.com @keepingupwithkaterina I am such a planner. Love planning events, surprises, get togethers, holidays and staycations - the lot. Obviously, the one big thing that I would love to plan that I could never quite manage, is my life. I remember growing up I was around 15 and saying that by 25 I wanted to be married to the love of my life, with a child in our own house (well decorated, with a garden and a pomeranian), thriving in my job as a teacher. That was my plan and it was obviously going to happen because 25 was so long away and you were a proper grown up by then, so it just had to be the case right? Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. What’s the problem you ask? Nothing really. Who’s to say I would have been happy with the life I planned for myself at 15 to have at 25? The problem that we have here are the expectations that you set yourself, the ideology of the life you want to lead, the timeframes you set yourself (realistic or not) and the effect it can actually have on your mood, your opinion of what you’re capable of and sometimes, even at the sweet young age of 25, feeling like you’ve failed. I’ve come to the understanding (finally) that you actually can’t plan your life (I know there will be at least one bride-to-be reading this thinking, who in hell would have thought that a global pandemic would cancel the wedding that they’d been planning for years) and not everything will always work in the timeframes you think you want or that you imagine for yourself. But who’s to say you know better than the man upstairs?

As the years have gone by, i’ve grown deeper in my faith and know and understand now that God’s plan for me is a better plan than I could ever imagine, and he is always on time (even if that’s not on my time). I’m not going to say that I no longer plan, stress or hope - I’ve fallen years behind having my second child and not wanting a big gap between Rico and my 2nd child, but I am trying really hard to not let it cloud the progressions in my life at the moment. I am finally following my childhood dream and feel settled in my career and job (and it feels amazing), I have a beautiful son that rocks my world (not always in the best way ha!), I am lucky enough to have met the love of my life, we have a home together and even though I don’t have a garden yet, not had the wedding of my dreams or the dog, you know what - it could be worse, much worse, and sometimes when we get caught up in trying to plan and control our lives down to the fine details, we must remember what we do have, what we have achieved and also have faith in all that’s to come! Let’s stop putting pressure on ourselves and letting society, films and what our parents plan dictate how we think we should live. We don’t know what’s in store from one day to the next - so let’s enjoy our lives, even if they’re not going in the same straight line we once hoped. Until next time lovelies

Katerina x

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