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Easier and secure access when you need it most Key management is often a concern, especially in data centres or large offices where keys are easily lost or stolen. Electronic digital keypad locks are far more convenient to manage on a large scale; if codes are forgotten or compromised, the locks can be reprogrammed in minutes. Codelocks latest product in the KitLock range, the KL1550 Smart, provides flexible access for end users and makes it much faster and easier for operators to manage and control access to large numbers of lockers, cabinets and enclosures. Be smart Flexible keyless access is available via code and smart card. The lock also supports NetCode, a web-based application, allowing users to generate one-time access codes from a remote location and send the codes via SMS or email direct to the person who needs it. This is useful for service engineers when visiting remote cabinet enclosures. The integration of technology opens up new market areas for Codelocks and allows

standalone digital locks to compete with more sophisticated wireless access control systems. Using an NFC-enabled handheld device (that is purchased separately), operators can upload selective programs and features, and also download audit trail data on demand in a matter of seconds. For access to storage used regularly by a small group of people, up to 50 smart cards can be issued. Codelocks will be exhibiting at Data Centre World, stand A70, 12-13 April 2016 ExCeL London. CONTACT CODELOCKS: 01635 239645 •



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Data Centre Management March 2016  
Data Centre Management March 2016