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SHAPING THE FUTURE FOR HOMECARE The UKHCA Conference at The Care Show 2019

for carea better future for care Building

9-10 October 2019 mingham

NEC Birmingham

Building a better future for care 9-10 October 2019 NEC Birmingham

UKHCA members have exclusive access to Day 1

Day 2 is open to everyone You must be a UKHCA member to attend Day 1 of the UKHCA conference FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT THE CARE SHOW WEBSITE

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elcome to our Autumn 2019 edition of Care2. It has been an interesting Summer with Brexit and our politicians all “promising” how social care is at the top of their agenda, and yet there is no clear vision of what it will come to. We choose to avoid the talks of “What If’s” and “Green Paper” as these seems to be out of anyone’s control and we look to focus on the positive impact happening in our wonderful sector right now. This action packed edition covers almost every aspect a care provider can experience in their day to day lives. Looking at the people, the MOST important stakeholder within any care business, we discover the importance of oral care and the impact it has on older people, the new technology available to help your recruitment and retention strategies, and

how making the most of mealtime can make a huge impact for staff and those in your care. We delve into the interiors within a care home, understanding how the role of interior design in the care environment can have a huge influence on everyone and how to create a luxurious feeling to all those who walk into your home. We also look at security and the benefits of remote monitoring can have reducing accidents and reducing the strain on the NHS. Technology continues to become more prominent in helping care providers improve their levels of care and their business. We speak with specialists who can help you overcome the unseen costs of paper based systems and who across the technical landscape are on their way to outstanding via the help of the digital revolution. Autumn also means THE CARE SHOW, the

most established event within the care sector which provides expert-led CPD accredited conference sessions, hands-on training, latest solutions and networking opportunities to support those connected to and responsible for providing excellent care for others. There is a stellar line up of speakers, some who we speak to in this edition and over 200 leading specialists covering all areas of a care business. Tickets are free to all care providers and this is a year not to be missed. If you have any great stories that you would like to share, or are interested in contributing to future editions of Care2 please get in contact or meet with one of the team at The Care Show at Birmingham NEC on the 9th & 10th October. Michael Corbett, Care Group Manager

24 - 25 JUNE 2020 + ExCeL LONDON

Building a better future for care



9-10 October 2019 NEC Birmingham

24-25 June 2020 ExCeL London

The event for the care community

The event for senior care professionals

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TRANSFORMING LIVES THROUGH DESIGN By Jacqui Smith an experienced healthcare designer, running HomeSmiths with her husband, David. She is an SBID Accredited Designer and Healthcare Council member.


ood design can make the world of difference to how a resident, carer or relative will feel, whether it’s a care home or a retirement living setting. Interior design should not be an afterthought, but integral to a new build or a refurbishment. Choosing the right paint colour, adding a textured wall covering, mixing up the fabric combinations, and adding a couple of table lamps, ensuring finishes have been selected with colour contrast in mind, will make a huge difference to the impact of the redecoration and how residents feel in the space.


As we age our senses deteriorate and some people will experience a degree of cognitive impairment. The design must support these needs and enable residents to live as independently for as long as possible. Difficulties regulating the body clock are common in old age and particularly significant for people with dementia so getting the lighting right is essential. Maximise natural light wherever possible. Window treatments should be dressed back from the window and at the same time allow strong daylight to be filtered when necessary to avoid glare.


“Our showcase at The Care Show will demonstrate the strength and depth of our trusted capabilities which are proven to deliver amplified ROI for healthcare providers”

Well thought through artificial lighting is a worthwhile investment. Selecting the wrong light fitting can have an enormous impact on a scheme and greatly affect the colour rendering of furnishings and wall colours, and also how people feel in a space. Skirting painted to contrast with the floor will outline very clearly where the floor ends and the wall begins. Similarly architrave painted to contrast with the wall will define where the door is. Whilst colour contrast can help define a room, contrast in adjacent flooring surfaces should be minimal. A dark threshold strip or a dark floor mat against a paler toned floor can appear like a step to a person with dementia and might present a trip hazard. Ideally the flooring throughout the home should be consistent in colour regardless of the surface. Colour itself plays an important role in designing for health and well-being. The correct choice of and proportion of colour can make an enormous difference to how a person experiences being in a certain room, affecting how they feel, behave and interact with others.

Part of a brief for one of our residential care clients was to encourage the residents to socialise more. Using a combination of the calming nature of green and the sociable and appetite stimulating properties of orange for the café and dining area, we designed a communal area to engage residents. Six months after the residents moved in we were thrilled to hear that not only did residents socialise more they also ate together, rather than in their rooms, and in doing so consumed more. Art and accessories are an incredibly important part of a home. They can make it feel more domestic, and can be used to engage residents, stimulate memories, and conversations. Art and accessories can also help residents remember where they are and should be enough to aid navigation, and in my opinion, not wayfinding overkill. Like all design, function is the most important consideration. A room might look beautiful but if the furnishings and finishes haven’t been chosen with practicality in mind, it will not work.



UNITED KINGDOM HOMECARE ASSOCIATION (UKHCA) ENGLAND CONFERENCE JOINS FORCES WITH CARE SHOW IN 2019 United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) and CloserStill Media will be joining forces to bring together UKHCA’s England Conference as an integral part of the Care Show from 2019. 8

Andrew Heffernan, Membership and Marketing Director, UKHCA “Bringing the UKHCA England Conference together with the Care Show, which is already the UK’s largest event for the Care Community, will help us to deliver a great event for UKHCA members, whilst enabling them to access the innovations, best practice and technological solutions offered by the wider Care Show at the same time. The link with the Care Show will create an excellent forum for debating how homecare providers and the social care sector as a whole can meet the challenges and opportunities of supporting an ageing population to live well at home.”

ABOUT UKHCA »» United Kingdom Homecare

Association (UKHCA) is the professional association for more than 2,000 domiciliary care providers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. »» As a member-led professional

association, UKHCA’s mission is to promote high quality, sustainable care services so that people can continue to live at home and in their local community. UKHCA’s members agree to abide by the Association’s Code of Practice, which can be found at www.ukhca. co.uk/codeofpractice.aspx »» UKHCA represents around a

quarter of independent and voluntary sector providers in the UK, and estimates that its member organisations employ over 180,000 homecare workers.

Michael Corbett, Event Manager, Care Show “This marks an incredibly important and exciting moment for the care sector and we are delighted to have the opportunity to offer a unique platform and unlimited support to UKHCA while they move to running their annual conference alongside The Care Show.” He adds: “The Care Show has just celebrated its 20th year of running and is already the largest gathering of care professionals across the whole of the UK and show organiser CloserStill Media is already committed to supporting the care community. In fact, we have also launched our own power of care campaign and petition to get more funding redirected to social care”

ABOUT THE CARE SHOW »» Care Show at Birmingham NEC

on the 9th & 10th October 2019 welcomes over 3500 key decision makers within the care sector. »» Care Show’s mission is to deliver

quality content led and product led experiences for care providers and highlight case studies of excellence within the sector

Register now for your ticket at www.careshow.co.uk/care2


VIRTUAL BECOMES REALITY AS STORM JOINS THE CARE SHOW 2019 It is with huge excitement to announce that the largest UK Care event - The Care Show - will be the proud host and venue for the largest UK online support forum ‘The STORM Care Managers Inner Circle’ Annual Conference.


stablished 2 years ago by Jonathan Cunningham MBE on a family holiday in Fuerteventura, Jonathan was determined to create a safe haven for care managers to share ideas, have a moan or just support each other. Now the virtual care managers’ group has grown to over 1100+! Proudly, it is the only online forum that holds a face-to-face conference each year. 2018 was an incredible success. Sadly, due the rising costs of venues Jonathan regrettably had to cancel this year’s event. The inner circle membership was disappointed. However, Michael Corbett from the CloserStill Media and organiser of The Care Show heard their plight and immediately offered to host their annual conference! Event Director Michael Corbett said “I have watched this vibrant Care Managers Forum grow and grow over recent years. We are now pulling out all the stops to showcase this amazing online care manages forum and welcome these managers to our event too. It

is clearly a win-win”. On 9th October as part of the Care Show at the NEC, Birmingham the STORM Care Managers Inner Circle Annual Conference will be taking over our keynote stage. Compered by Jonathan Cunningham MBE and with an incredible line up of care speakers. The Inner Circle membership will have their own separate networking hub for refreshments and meeting up in between their Inner Circle speakers presenting from all the stages at the care show. Jonathan said ‘I cannot thank Michael enough for this amazing opportunity. Our membership will be over the moon to be associated and part of the largest care show in the UK, he has saved the day!’ As the Inner Circle moto states #sharingiscaring and they are delighted that the care show are sharing their amazing event with the Inner Circle! #Rockandroll Registrations for The Care Show 2019 are now live. We look forward to welcoming you to The Care Show in October.

JOIN THE STORM CARE MANAGERS FACEBOOK GROUP The STORM Care Managers Inner Circle is one of the largest online support forums for social care managers and executives. Established by Registered Care Manager Jonathan Cunningham its aim to provide a place of incredible mutual support to lonely care managers. It has built a proud UK wide reputation for sharing best practice. To join this Facebook group click the link and become part of this close care manager family.

Register now for your ticket at www.careshow.co.uk/care2


IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE By Michael Corbett, Social Care Portfolio Director at CloserStill Media, Event Director at Care Show and Residential and Home Care Show Your Staff Recruitment is one thing… Many care providers deem themselves effective in managing to recruit new faces, but retention proves to be the real difficulty. Good managers and leaders in social care will always be seeking to improve efficiency and embrace new ways of making their frontline staff feel more useful and valued. A lot of managers have progressed into their roles because they are great carers and leaders, but many have never had “management” or “business” training, which are key to making your staff feel rewarded. Perks and rewards are one-way care providers are looking to make an difference. Incentivising staff through gift and opportunities works well for some, but there are costs involved, which can always have


an impact. Many of the workers in care do not do it for the money, they give everything emotionally and physically because they care. And as they give their all, sometimes simple recognition can make all the difference, appreciate the work they achieve and never under estimate the importance of a thank you. One of our summer favourite incentives was one care home paying to bring an ice cream van to the home and offering free ice cream to all staff and residents. A simple idea can sometimes make a huge difference. Brexit What impact is the uncertainty having on your staff, are you ready. The policy of freedom of movement and mutual recognition of professional qualifications within the EU means that many

of the estimated 104,000 (around 8 per cent) social care professionals currently working in the UK have come from other EU countries (Skills for Care 2018). The proportion of EU workers in the social care sector has grown over time, suggesting that the industry has become increasingly reliant on EU migrants. With the sector already understaffed and the possibility of teams being disrupted with the changes in the EU, the questions is how are you preparing for the situation? Is there an existing strategy which can be replicated? At this stage, your staff from across the EU may be worrying about their own living situation, which could affect their work and why thinking about your team is as important as ever. Make sure you are part of the key debate at The Care Show;” Challenging Times – What

does the sector need to thrive and survive?” Where the Alzheimer’s Society, CQC and Norse Care will be discussing some of the key topics based around Brexit and the impact it can have. Residents Person Centred Care are three words mentioned a lot, but what does it actually mean and how many care providers can honestly say they are doing everything they can for each person they care for. The key values of person-centred care are principled on the physical comfort and emotional support to each and every person in your care. Using information and education to help co-ordinate great care which respects the persons view, while including family and friends input to achieve continuity and the best access to care. It may sound complicated, but a little work to understand the needs, the personality, the

past and even current aspirations of those in your care can go along way to creating a care plan which is tailored to the individual and not a one fits all approach. From their daily activities, to the way your team approach and speak to those in your care, can make a huge difference - not only to the resident, but to their families and even to your staff who will enjoy offering a much more rewarding and ever changing style of care from person to person, which will ultimately create a better environment for everyone. Intergenerational Care Britain is one of the most age segregated countries in the world. This causes loneliness and exclusion, lack of trust, ageism and division between generations. It doesn’t have to be like this. Intergenerational care has long been recognised internationally as having positive effects on the older people and children

involved. Studies have shown that for older people social interaction between the generations can decrease loneliness, delay mental decline and lower blood pressure. For the children, it can furnish them with new social skills and boost their confidence among adults. However, despite the benefits, it has yet to become mainstream practice in the UK. Organisations like United for All Ages are striving to reduce the social gap by having 500 centres for all ages by 2023. Hear more about Intergenerational care and the benefits in your community by attending The Care Show at Birmingham NEC on the 9th & 10th October Culture and management style has a huge impact on the people you work with and the people in your care. Focus on all the individuals within your organisation, and most importantly, never forget about yourself. It’s easy to look out for everyone else, but sometimes you have to put YOU first!


The Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms stand at The Care Show will display a complete range of accessible bathroom and wet room solutions.


“Our showcase at The Care Show will demonstrate the strength and depth of our trusted capabilities which are proven to deliver amplified ROI for healthcare providers”

Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms, formerly Gainsborough Specialist Bathing, will be displaying its complete G360 accessible bathroom and wet room services at The Care Show. The Care Show, 9–10 October 2019, NEC Birmingham. Open from 10am daily. 12



art of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group, Gainsborough is now delivering a first in the healthcare sector with its new G360 total solutions. Built on three decades of UK bath manufacturing, G360 encompasses all aspects of specialist bathroom and wet room implementation – from concept to completion and beyond. Senior representatives from Gainsborough will be available throughout The Care Show to explain why these services deliver multiple care and commercial benefits. CQC excellence in the bathroom whilst maximising budget for sustainable care is possible with G360. These unique turnkey capabilities, which are 100% client and bather focused, provide: • Power-assisted baths • Accessible bathrooms and wet rooms

GAINSBOROUGH SPECIALIST BATHROOMS Part of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group, we have been a specialist assisted bath manufacturer for long term and acute care since 1988. Through expert evolution, we are now a total bathroom solution specialist that delivers assured care, safety and accessibility for semi-ambulant bathers, healthcare providers and moving and handling professionals.

• Transfer, toileting and washing equipment • Project design and technical support • Enablement pre-works, installation and project management • Servicing, maintenance and testing Peter Eckhardt, CEO, Gainsborough Healthcare Group, comments: “G360 represents a step-change within longterm care. Care home and hospital procurement now have a single source for infinite accessible bathroom and wet room possibilities. Our showcase at The Care Show will demonstrate the strength and depth of our trusted capabilities which are proven to deliver amplified ROI for healthcare providers. Equally, Gainsborough’s proven synergises with building contractors and developers will also be highlighted – we are the number one choice for a truly holistic approach.” Alongside the high specification wet room feature, Gainsborough will be demonstrating its popular power-assisted Gentona and Sentes baths. The high performance Gentona is an ultra-efficient hi-lo bathing solution that facilitates safer moving and handling and greater dignity for bathers. This ultra-efficient

solution is proven to reduce operational costs and utility consumption by 25% which represents a significant saving over multiple installations. In terms of infection control, the Gentona incorporates world-pioneering antimicrobial BioCote which delivers 99% 24/7 protection against harmful microbes. This silver-ion technology is incorporated during manufacture so cannot be wiped or worn away – ensuring Influenza H1N1, E.coli, Salmonella and antibiotic resistant CPE, CRO, CRE, VRE and MRSA cannot survive on bath surfaces. For bathers with more complex needs, the reclining Sentes will also be on display. This bathing solution facilitates greater postural support and uncompromised access, either via ceiling tracks or mobile hoists. Bathers who can actively transfer benefit from spacious access with the vertical rising side entry door. Once positioned on the integrated seat, bathers can be reclined and semi-submerged in temperature controlled water which is economically managed for optimum usage. Tel: 01527 400 022 Email: info@gainsboroughbaths.com Web: www.gainsboroughbaths.com

Our holistic products and services deliver ultra-efficiency and cuttingedge infection control with a bathercentric approach. Duty of care is safeguarded by our excellence in bathroom and wet room ergonomics that meet the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow. We are a proven partner that delivers all aspects, sustainably. From complete bathrooms and wet rooms to transfer equipment and sanitary ware; project design and management; technical innovation and support; to complete installation and lifetime servicing – Gainsborough is the solution.



CAPABILITIES, ESTABLISHED EXCELLENCE From Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms, the new name for Gainsborough Specialist Bathing.


Specialist assisted baths


Trusted enablement, installation and management Lifetime suppor t and servicing



NEW Safe accessible bathrooms and wet rooms NEW Seamless transfer, washing and toileting solutions NEW Project design with vision


01527 400 022



© Gainsborough Healthcare Group. 10 & 11 The Oaks, Clews Road, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 7ST.




If you would like to nominate a carer that has gone above and beyond with their work in the care sector, let us know on social media or email careshowteam@closerstillmedia.com JULY


Carer of the month


You are The Care Show’s

Carer of the Month for September 2019

RACHAEL WHEAVER Rachael arranged with her colleague Danielle Walker to make it possible for a resident to attend an event on her 80th Birthday to attend a tribute night to Rod Stewart the Lady is Rod Stewart’s no 1 fan they both made it possible for the lady to have a night to remember they arranged for him to present her with a bouquet of flowers and make a real fuss of her.


LEILANI YANES Leilani is very hard working, friendly, sincere and reliable staff. Leilani is the one who I can look up to if I need any help with the unit work at any time irrespective of whether it is directly or indirectly related to patients care and safety. She also take initiative to support the unit in other ways too. Leilani is very punctual and she is an amazing role model to her colleagues.

KERRIE OWEN Kerrie goes above and beyond for all residents, knows every resident like the back of her hand. If residents have no relative or close friends she will go shopping for them in her own time. Always on call for staff when they need her. Nothing is ever to much trouble and always happy to help. Residents always feel safer when she is in and families more reassured.




Carer of the month

Carer of the month

Carer of the month




Kelly Ibbotson

Carla Barningham

Tracey Willett

You are The Care Show’s

Carer of the Month for May 2019

You are The Care Show’s

Carer of the Month for April 2019

You are The Care Show’s

Carer of the Month for March 2019





Care Show 2019 is set to be more educational, more interactive and more creative than ever before.

»» Design – How your care home

environment can make a huge impact on your staff and residents. Looking at interior design and architectural build. »» Dementia – Highlighting case

ow are you feeling today ary

Regulation Regulation s! Regulation s! s!



okeder o b y inall on for h ling arahg hand in mov course

ack at Birmingham NEC on the 9th & 10th October, The Care Show will provide expert-led CPD accredited conference sessions, hands-on training, latest solutions and networking opportunities to support those connected to and responsible for providing excellent care for others. You’ll learn and see more in two days at The Care Show than you would in months from your office. It can often feel like you’re too busy to take time out, but spending even one day at the event dedicated to helping you find the best solutions will help you to save time through efficiencies in the future. Over 200 manufacturers and distributors covering everything your care home or nursing home would need, will be in attendance, covering everything from flooring to furniture and from fire safety to the latest technology. For Home Care Providers we are delighted to announce our latest partnership with the United Kingdom Home Care Association


Budg cuts?et



studies where excellent care has been delivered and what other services are available for those looking after people living with Dementia. »» Wellness – Supporting your staff

and looking after YOU should be fundamental in every business. Hear about tips to improve the wellness in your company »» Business – Looking at the “how

(UKHCA) who will be hosting their annual England Conference and AGM at the show. This means The Care Show will be the main event in the calendar from any domiciliary care provider to gain the latest insight to what is happening in their sector and meet with suppliers and specialists who can help improve your business and the levels of care. Also new for 2019, is our partnership with The Storm Care Managers Inner Circle, who will hosting their annual conference at The Care Show, inviting their 1100 strong membership of care managers to attend their largest event to date. Jonathan Cunningham, the founder of STORM Care Managers Inner Circle said: ‘Our membership will be over the moon to be associated and be part of the largest care show in the UK, he has saved the day!’ As the Inner Circle moto states #sharingiscaring and they are delighted that the care show are sharing their amazing event with the Inner Circle! #Rockandroll

to” of improving your business. From filling your beds to how to retain your staff, there is something for every manager and owner to learn on their journey to becoming OUTSTANDING »» Regulation and Compliance –

CQC, KLOEs, safeguarding – make sure you are aware of the latest rules and your team are doing everything to be compliant. Be ready for your next inspection »» People – Without your staff and

those you care for, you wouldn’t have a business. Are you doing everything you can for those key stakeholders. Learn from leaders within the sector »» Technology – A growing sector

within care. Learn about case studies where technology is making a positive impact and learn about new innovations to help improve levels of care.




“You’ll learn and see more in two days at The Care Show than you would in months from your office” 17



Sponsored by:



10:50 Care Badge 11:15 Robin Batchelor, The CARE badge

Future of commissioning – improving the care outcomes Bev Maybury, Strategic Director for Health & Wellbeing, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council 10:10 Sharon Ballantine, Business Development Manager 10:55 Doug Sheperdigian, Director, Atlantic Customer Solution Glen Garrod, Immediate Past President, ADASS, and Executive Director of Adult Care and Community Wellbeing, Lincolnshire County Council

11:20 STORM Care Inner 12:00 Circle Conference Panel: Challenging Times – What does the sector need to survive and thrive? Christine Asbury, CEO, WCS Care 12:05 Kate Terroni, Chief Inspector of Adult Social 12:50 Care, CQC Samantha Nicklin, Head of Public Affairs and Campaigns, Alzheimer’s Society Nigel Reeve, Regional Director, Norse Care 13:00 The transformative power of technology in home care: join the revolution 13:30 Max Parmentier, CEO & Founder, BIRDIE Why all care homes should aim to 13:35 achieve an outstanding rating? 14:05 Issac Theophilos, Author, Outstanding Care Homes 14:10 Thank you for the music Ian Donaghy, Dementia Campaigner/Speaker, 14:50 BIGIAN.CO.UK The journey to outstanding – excellence in end-of-life care Bernadette Mossman, Healthcare Director, 14:55 Vida Healthcare 15:50 Charlotte Lindley, Hospice Manager, Marie Curie Hospice, West Midlands James Rycroft, Managing Director, Vida Healthcare Business troubleshooting – ask the experts 16:00 Charlie Jones, Clinical lead, BKR Consultancy 16:50 Ben Challinor, Consultancy Director, Caresolve Jon Chapman, Director, Pinders



Teaching care homes – how to inspire and impact others Kate Sanders, Practice Development 11:10 Facilitator, Foundation of Nursing Studies 11:50 Carinna Lumayno, Deputy Manager, Kineton Manor Nursing Home Somi Clement, Clinical Lead, Kineton Manor Nursing Home 12:05 Encouraging youth to be part of the social 12:55 care sector, what can we do? 14:05 Session delivered by Access UK 14:45 Intergenerational care – realising the benefits in your community Stephen Burke, Director, United for All Ages Lorraine George, Childcare Development 14:55 Worker, Torbay Council 15:50 Henriette Lyttle-Breukelaar, Executive Director for Marketing and Innovation, Extra Care Charitable Trust Jo Revie, Head of Commissioning, Athena Healthcare Group


The Care Show



Sponsored by:



10:30 Session delivered by 11:00 LINET/Wissner Bosserhoff

10:15 Please be seated - and let’s get healthy! Diana Moran BEM, The Green 10:45 Goddess, Shackletons Limited The Funding Market – an update on current trends 10:55 David McHattie, Head of Healthcare, Barclays 11:25 Derek Breingan, Head of Health & Social Care Sector, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Jeremy Huband, Head of Healthcare, HSBC

What are the design principles of a contemporary care home? 11:05 Damian Utton, Director, Pozzoni 11:45 Architecture Ltd Clare Cameron, Director of Later Living Team, PRP

11:35 Session delivered by 12:05 LINET/Wissner Bosserhoff

11:55 The future of care and dementia interiors Lori Pinkerton-Rolet, Director, 12:25 Park Grove Design

12:35 STORM Care Inner 13:05 Circle Conference

Better Care Systems in an Age of Automation: what we need for technology 12:15 to work well 12:45 Lydia Nicholas, Programme Manager, Better Care Systems, DOTEVERYONE 12:55 Wellness of care workers 13:25 Karolina Gerlich, CEO, NACAS

Why dementia friendly design matters 13:15 Sarah Waller CBE, Associate Specialist, 13:45 Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester

End of Life Care - delivering excellence in practice in care homes 13:35 Prof Keri Thomas, National Clinical Lead, GSF 14:10 Centre CIC for End of Life Care, National Gold Standards Framework Centre for End of Life Care

Improving the safety and reliability of oral 13:50 care for older people 14:20 Rosalyn Davies, Consultant Advisor, Oral Care Innovations

Dementia care: It takes a village 14:15 Yvonne Manson, Operations 14:45 Dementia Manager, Balhousie Care Group

14:30 Session delivered by SBID 15:20


Falls management assessment for 14:50 technology enabled care / Assistive technology within a care environment 15:20 Philip Guest, Business Development Manager, AIDCALL


The Care Show





How evidencing care electronically can 10:15 help care providers meet and evidence CQC KLOEs 10:45 Andrew Coles, Head of Product Management, Person Centred Software

How can care providers improve adult safeguarding practice?

10:50 Liberty protection safeguards - what are the implications for care homes? 11:30 Tim Spencer-Lane, Lawyer

10:25 Dr Kenny Gibson, National Head of 11:05 Safeguarding, NHS England and NHS Improvement

11:40 Taking care of HR 12:10 Adam Pavey, Solicitor, Poole Alcock LLP

Home to decide, the Hilton model of care 11:55 home avoidance 12:25 Anna Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Hilton Nursing Partners Limited

Safer under a Lasting Power of Attorney – 12:20 greater protection for all Andrew Parker, Head of Customer 12:50 Relationship Management, Office of The Public Guardian

Quality improvement in healthcare in care 12:35 homes – How to get it right 13:05 Prof Adam Gordon, Professor of the Care of older People, University of Nottingham

The Provider Information Return (PIR) – 12:55 Making it work for you 13:25 Ed Watkinson, Residential Care & Inspection Specialist, QCS

‘Project Ragnarok’- an automated end to end employee life cycle with fully optimised 13:15 rostering based on resident dependency 13:45 Rachel Smith, head of Business Systems & MI, Orchard Care Homes

Social care meets social media – what’s 13:30 holding the sector back? 14:00 Hannah Montgomery, Managing Director, golddust marketing Caring about complaints – lessons from the 14:05 Ombudsman’s care provider investigations Mark Bednarski, Professional Practice 14:35 Coordinator, Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman

Legal & Regulatory Obligations: A Care Sector Overview 13:50 Elizabeth McGlone, Partner and Head of Employment and Professional Discipline, 14:20 Bindmans LLD Sheetul Sowdagur, Associate, Bindmans LLP

14:40 STORM Care Inner 15:10 Circle Conference Considerations for purchasing a Learning 15:15 Management System 15:45 Steven Embleton, Chief Cloud, My Learning Cloud

Care campaign for the vulnerable 14:30 Jayne Connery, Founder/Director, 15:00 Care Campaign For The Vulnerable

Improving medicines management 16:20 compliance through ATLAS eMAR 16:50 Dr Fiona Headley, KTP Associate Medicines Data Analyst, ATLAS eMAR

De-risking your residents, and your business 15:10 Kelly Greig, Head of Later Life 15:40 Planning, Partner, IRWIN MITCHELL




The Care Show


TECHNOLOGY AND Wednesday 9th October 2019PEOPLE THEATRE Thursday 10th October 2019 WEDNESDAY 9TH OCTOBER 2019


Session delivered by CASPA 10:10 Nuno Almeida, Founding 10:40 Board Member, CASPA - The Care Software Providers Association

Delivering the very best care at the 10:15 intersection between technology and people 10:45 Dr Charles Armitage, CEO & Co-Founder, Florence

From chaos to clarity: empowering your 10:50 employees and driving efficiencies in 11:20 uncertain times for social care John Coldicutt, CMO, Planday How do you support the diversity required in care planning to enrich people’s lives? 11:30 David King, Co-Founder, Resolve Care 12:00 Alan Allman, Trustee, Pure Innovations Limited Anne Graham, Co-Founder, Resolve Care How to recruit and retain great talent for 12:10 your business and why 12:40 Scott Sherriden, Founder & Managing Director, The Care Hub 12:50 Trusted assessors - Sharing good practice Melanie Weatherley, Chief Executive, 13:20 Walnut Care Ltd 13:30 STORM Care Inner 14:00 Circle Conference Improving palliative and end of life care – 14:10 free resources to support people get the care they deserve 14:40 Maria Sinfield, Clinical Project Lead, Marie Curie Role of Robotics – cost saver or social care saviour? Dr Nicola Bellotto, Reader, School of 14:45 Computer Science, University of Lincoln 15:30 Dr Sanjeev Kanoria, Chairman, Advinia Health Care Madeleine Starr, Director of Business Development and Innovation, Carers UK

11:35 Finding Dave Andy Begley, Director of Adult Services & 12:05 Housing, Shropshire Council How do you support the diversity required in care planning to enrich people’s lives? 12:15 Anne Graham, Co-Founder, Resolve Care 12:45 David King, Co-Founder, Resolve Care Alan Allman, Trustee, Pure Innovations Limited The struggle to recruit Care & Support staff 12:55 and what you can do about it 13:25 Claire Dalton, Co-Founder and Director, NFP People Digital social care Claire Sutton, Digital Transformation Lead, 13:35 National Care Forum 14:05 Tommy Henderson - Reay, Digital Transformation Lead, National Care Forum An equal partnership - coproduction in 14:10 action 14:40 Kate Pierourdis, Coproduction Development Manager, SCIE

15:40 STORM Care Inner 16:10 Circle Conference ‘Going digital’. How using technology can 16:20 increase productivity and promote staff wellbeing Taffy Gatawa, Chief Information and 16:50 governance officer, everyLIFE Technologies


‘Going digital’. How using technology can increase productivity and promote 10:55 staff wellbeing 11:25 Taffy Gatawa, Chief Information and governance officer, everyLIFE Technologies

The beating heart of care: 14:50 Supporting care workers better 15:20 Richard Muncaster, CEO, The Care Workers’ Charity


The Care Show




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10:15 10:25

Introduction and welcome to the UKHCA Conference 2019 Trevor Brocklebank, Chair, UKHCA Jane Townson, CEO, UKHCA

10:25 10:55

Re-framing social care Tamsyn Hyatt, Communications Strategist, FrameWorks Institute

10:10 10:40

Panel session: Shaping the future of homecare – building services around people, place and provision Niall Dickson, Chief Executive, NHS Confederation 10:55 Yvonne Hignell, Managing Director, 11:45 Bluebird Care Sarah Pickup, OBE, Deputy Chief Executive, LGA Max Wurr, Policy and Communications Director, City and County Healthcare Simon Hewett-Avison, Assistant Director of Services, Independent Age 11:45 12:30

UKHCA Members’ meeting (including AGM)

12:30 13:45

Voting for election of UKHCA board members

Regulation – working with providers 14:00 to encourage and understand the improvement journey 14:40 Kate Terroni, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, CQC Panel session: Making homecare a career of choice Neil Eastwood, Founder & CEO, Care Friends 14:40 Dr Karla Zimpel-Leal, UKRI Innovation Fellow, University of Sheffield 15:30 Karolina Gerlich, CEO, NACAS Roger Booker, Managing Director, Direct Health David Chalk, Managing Director Windrush Care Martin Jones, CEO, Home Instead Senior Care UK 15:30 16:00

Extra Time: Living better longer Baroness Camilla Cavendish, Contributing Editor and Columnist, Financial Times



Understanding consumer law – Learnings for homecare providers from the Competition and Markets Authority review of care homes Emma Watt, Associate, Anthony Collins Solicitors

Technology in homecare Dr Ben Maruthappu, Co-Founder & CEO, 10:50 Cera Care Horus Patel, Chief Technology Officer, 11:20 Cera Care Dr Ansgar Lange, Chief Product Officer, Cera Care 11:30 12:00

Safeguarding in homecare Veronica Monks, Policy Officer, UKHCA

12:10 12:40

Homecare providers use of technology and how this is inspected David James, Head of Adult Social Care Policy, CQC

National recruitment campaign - Every Day is Different: getting the most out of the campaign locally 13:30 Chloe Nuttall-Musson, Marketing 14:00 Campaigns Manager, Department of Health and Social Care Jennifer Sheils, Head of Marketing and Brand, Department of Health and Social Care 14:10 14:40

Running a commercially sustainable care service Jane Orr-Campbell, Homecare Consultant Veronica Monks, Policy Officer, UKHCA

Considerations for purchasing a Learning Management System 14:50 Steven Embleton, Chief Cloud, 15:20 My Learning Cloud Jayne Easterbrook, Learning and Development Specialist, UKHCA 15:30 16:00


CQC – preparing for inspection Barbara Hobbs, Owner, BHC

The Care Show



ISSAC THEOPHILOS Q. If there was one piece of advice you could give our delegates for the next 12 months, what would it be? A. Stop and reflect on how you deliver the care now. Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of your service. Remember, you can self-assess your service only to the extent of your knowledge and expertise. Get a third person to evaluate if you are not confident in your own assessment. It is hard to find out what is going wrong in front of you when you see it every day. Q. Professionally, what inspires you? What do you enjoy most about your job? A. Inspiring others to do their best to achieve better results in their personal and professional life. I am pleased when I see the residents in care homes get a better service because of my input. I love creating bespoke systems and process for care home business to ensure smooth operations resulting in predictable ‘outstanding’ outcomes for the people we care. My life is about #missionoutstanding, as everyone deserves outstanding care when they are unwell. Q. What do you see as the biggest challenge for the sector in the next 12 months? A. Implications due to Brexit will make everyone’s life hard to predict how things are going to be in the next 12 months. The providers should be vigilant about the impact of Brexit on their dealings with banking, staff recruitment and green paper (if any). There is only so much a single care home can do in terms of a national crisis, the strategy is how,

Issac Theophilos, Author, Outstanding Care Homes

as an individual business, you can cope with the stress and move on. The challenge with the care sector it keeps on evolving with new opportunities and threats, success happens when we navigate tactically to achieve the results we would like to see. Q. Why is it important for delegates to attend your seminar? A. I will be sharing some new analysis about Outstanding care home business with other care homes. It has been five years since CQC introduced the rating type inspection system. Still, only 3.5% of the care homes are rated as Outstanding. I will be giving my best tips on how to align your ‘why’ in line with CQC regulations to achieve Outstanding rating. The session will be fun, emotional, analytical and engaging. I will leave you with lots of questions to ask yourself when you go back to running your own care home. Q. If you were attending the show as a delegate, why would you take time out of your busy schedule to attend The Care Show? A. As a delegate, I would take a day off from my day to day monotonous work to stop and reflect. Attending the Care show has a lot of benefits in understanding what all services and products are available out there to make my job easier. Listening to speakers who have already achieved what you are aspiring to achieve is a shortcut to reach your goal. I did the same when I was a Manager. Reach, listen, learn and improve! Best wishes.

“ I am pleased when I see the residents in care homes get a better service because of my input. I love creating bespoke systems and process for care home business to ensure smooth operations resulting in predictable ‘outstanding’ outcomes for the people we care.”

Listen to Issac at The Care Show on the 9th October in the Keynote Theatre at 11:35-14:05.



‘We were delighted to discover Oral Care Innovations Ltd. The products are very easy to use and we have had very positive feedback from staff, residents and their relatives. This product has made such a positive impact on the oral care in our care home and resulting improved resident wellbeing.’ Carol Rhind Home Manager

IMPROVING THE SAFETY AND RELIABILITY OF ORAL CARE FOR OLDER PEOPLE As the UK’s population continues to grow there has been a shift in the age structure towards later ages meaning we have an ageing population. While growing older does not necessarily equate with increased morbidity and dependency, ageing is often associated with increased needs for care and support.


tudies show that older people are retaining more of their own natural teeth. Whilst this is, ‘a good thing’ the oral health needs of people receiving support is now more complex and changeable with increasing dependency levels. Oral and general health are closely linked, and, poor oral health can have severe consequences on the general health of older people. For example, the relationship between advanced gum disease and cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and obesity are an undisputed fact. Mental health disorders such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease also affect the oral health of older people. Removing barriers to good mouth care: With age, the level of dependency of older people tends to increase. Highly dependent older people, whether they are at home or living in a care setting, may not be mobile


enough to visit a dentist. We need a care system that provides support for improving the safety and delivery of ‘good mouth care’ on a ‘daily basis’ as well as access to dental services. Maintaining good mouth care is a fundamental factor for improving quality of life when in a care setting since many oral conditions are chronic in nature, cumulative over time, and socially patterned. Provision of good mouth care: As older people are retaining their natural teeth, care providers will face an increased need and demand for the delivery of good oral hygiene on a daily basis. They will need to ensure that staff have access to the ‘right tools for the ‘right job’ to deliver safe mouth care every time first time. They will need to ensure they provide training and education to the whole workforce, at all levels, to meet the increasing needs of the elderly, understanding that age-associated changes in systemic health and medication use

can impact oral health and function. At Oral Care Innovations we concentrate on what we know best. We work closely with health and care professionals from across the UK to develop new innovative mouth care products that meet the needs of our residents and patients. But that’s not where it ends. We want to share best practice and support care homes and care home providers to shape and develop a ‘mouth care toolkit’ that suit your needs. Come and listen to a member of our team presenting on the the 9th October in The Design, Dementia and Wellness theatre at 13:50-14:20 meet the whole team on stand B62 at the Care Show. You are welcome to contact us before the event via email or by telephone: Jette – jette.cowan@oralcareinnovations.co.uk, 07818 667030




By Scott Sherriden, managing director of the social care recruitment transformation experts, The Care Hub.


ecruiting the right people in any sector is important. But what does ‘right’ mean, and how can you ensure you find that person rather than just finding a person to fill the vacancy? Skills for care are quoted as stating “Recruiting people for their values and behaviours helps you attract people who know what it means to provide high quality care and support”1 Not only does the right person for you require good organisational, listening and communications skills, they should have the

Consider this: How will you determine if a candidate’s personality is a good fit for care? How will you determine if a candidate’s attitude is right for a role in care? It’s a big risk not to mention a time consuming cost draining exercise if you get it wrong. Employers have told Skills for Care that a values-based approach to recruitment has resulted in lower recruitment costs, positive ROI, lower staff turnover, and better staff performance. Working with The Care Hub to recruit in this way will lower your recruitment costs,

“The more facts and data I have the better equipped I am to make informed decisions for the good of my business.” ability to understand and follow policies and procedures, have good numeracy and digital skills, and good writing skills to fill in care plans. However we all know it’s about so much more than that. You’re not really looking for someone who has a long track record in care. You’re looking for someone who is kind, compassionate and thoughtful, someone who respects the dignity of a vulnerable individual in his or her care. In our trade this is called Candidate Screening. For you it’s about finding the right people for your business. But don’t leave this decision to a gut reaction.


lower your staff turnover, and provide you with better staff right for your business, which in turn will produce much better staff performance. When I make a decision I like facts and evidence that supports my decision. I like this because it gives me confidence. The more facts and data I have the better equipped I am to make informed decisions for the good of my business. This is what you need from your recruitment process, confidence in your processes and confidence in making the right decision.




Register now for your ticket at www.careshow.co.uk/care2

ETON HOUSE AND ONICELL eMAR “Six months into using Omnicell eMAR, we made the decision to change the pharmacy that provided our prescriptions as they were based far away from us and didn’t entirely understand our processes. The transition moving to Datchet Village Pharmacy was really smooth and caused no disruptions to our medication management. Datchet Village Pharmacy understand the dynamics of our home and have tweaked their processes so that the system works better for us. The smooth transition is a result of Omnicell and Datchet Village Pharmacy’s detailed planning and has allowed us to provide the best possible care to our residents.” Patricia Gooden-Husbands, registered Manager at Eton House 28


ton House Residential Home is a 26bed home for the elderly in Datchet, Berkshire. The majority of residents who live at the home have a diagnosis of dementia and every resident has a care plan tailored to their needs which includes complex medication regimes. Eton House wanted to digitalise and make their mediation management and administration even safer, which led them to the decision to invest in Omnicell eMAR. Implementation Goals • Introduce an innovative solution that would help to reduce the risk of medication errors. • Provide management with an efficient audit trail and reporting system. • Improve how medication stock is managed in order to minimise waste. • Free up staff time spent on medication management and direct it back into activities.

Benefits realised by Eton House after introducing Omnicell eMAR: • Improved stock control • Easy to learn and simple to use system • Reduced risk of medication errors • Clear audit trail and reporting dashboard • Improved the handover process • Easily customise cycle changes A Strong partnership The home have been well supported by the pharmacy (Datchet Village Pharmacy) and the providers of the system (Omnicell) which has developed into a strong partnership between the parties.

To find out more about Omnicell eMAR please join us at this year’s Care Show at Stand E88 or visit www.omnicell.co.uk/emar/


EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY IN THE SOCIAL CARE INDUSTRY A market leading workforce management technology company is urging local authorities and care providers to embrace technology and digital solutions to tackle the social care crisis.


art of HAS Technology Group, CM (previously CM2000) provide innovative mix and match technology to suit the needs and budgets of local authority and private care providers. With the social care industry at a tipping point, and many providers struggling to be financially sustainable, technology is providing the ability to gather intelligence, support the achievement of outcomes and ensure the right care is delivered at the right time. Launched in 1999, CM created the electronic homecare monitoring market at a time when manually processing timesheets was the norm and transparency of care delivery was non-existent. CM started as a simple visit time recording solution and has grown rapidly now supporting 122 local authorities and over 3,000 care provider branches with integrated care monitoring, scheduling, safeguarding and financial management solutions, as well as latest innovations including wearable technology. CM has continually innovated to meet the changing needs of the social care market

and has been at the forefront of supporting outcomes-based commissioning and continuity of care delivery, with over 240,000 service users currently benefiting from CMs technology services. North Tyneside Council commented: “One word we associate with CM’s technology is SAFE – safe in the knowledge my customers are receiving the best possible service, delivered at the right time providing the right care and that my staff are safe while at work.” Mark Kennion, CM director, added: “CM has come a long way since its inception, initially adopted as an efficiency tool. Advancements in technology, and the innovative nature of our business, has enabled us to continually adapt and develop systems that will ultimately improve the quality of care delivered to the end user. “Our technology has already proven to enable capacity, reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. This has to be about improving the quality of care people receive and the social care industry need to treat digital projects as longterm business change projects.” CMs vision is to help improve the efficiency

and quality of home care delivery with the belief that care should be good quality with services that are transparent. Whether care is funded by an individual or the state, CM believes that you should only pay for what is actually delivered and this needs to work in tandem with a fair price for care. Cllr Kathy Williams, Cabinet Member for Long-term Care, Gloucestershire County Council added “Our top priority has always been to make sure vulnerable people across the county receive the care they need. CM has helped us ensure that care is being met”.

HAS Technology Group offers a variety of services, including CM, PAMMS and ARMED, which provide holistic prevention, commissioning and a delivery package of solutions. The group is leading the way with an innovative approach to social care technology solutions to ensure ongoing improvements in delivery and quality of care.




Q. If there was one piece of advice you could give our delegates for the next 12 months, what would it be? A. Remember in all the busy-ness, you are not alone – create your own or join a peer network and share to learn. Q. Professionally, what inspires you? What do you enjoy most about your job? A. I am inspired to make sure every resident, patient, carer and practitioner feels listened to. Q. What do you see as the biggest challenge for the sector in the next 12 months? A. Sustaining a skilled, competent and compassionate workforce. Q. Why is it important for delegates to attend your seminar? A. To understand they are no alone in their provider concerns and that others are keen to provide a listen-ear, mutual aid or pragmatic solution.

KENNY GIBSON National Head of Safeguarding, NHS England and NHS Improvement

Q. If you were attending the show as a delegate, why would you take time out of your busy schedule to attend The Care Show? A. Anything relating to the lived-experience.

250 exhibitors 100+ hours of CPD accredited educational seminars 1000’s of your colleagues in attendance

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Caring has its problems. Let us help with solutions Register for ticket at WWW.CARESHOW.CO.UK/CARE2 Register foryour yourFREE FREE ticket at WWW.CARESHOW.CO.UK 30




his family-run home has been managed by current owners Jack and Ben Redhead since 2006. Since then they have developed the home into one which can boast a ‘caring’ rating of Outstanding and are currently expanding to help meet its current demand for care. With the quality of care paramount and their drive for continuous improvement, the team decided back in 2011 to tackle their most common complaints made by residents - lost or missorted laundry. General Manager Sue Seal looked at sourcing a system which would meet their expectations as a quality product and reliable service, whilst ensuring the product was not too invasive or uncomfortable for their residents. Sue tried a handful of common solutions such as stick in labels but it was quickly established that this type of solution would not withstand the laundry process or meet the expectations of the home and its residents. After searching for alternative solutions, Sue opted to trial the Attach A Tag system. The benefits of being extremely durable and

Well Springs Nursing Home is a stunning Victorian home built in the 1800s. In 1984 it was transformed into a Nursing Home with the focus on providing quality care to its residents.

quick to apply were key factors which made this system appealing but ultimately the tags allowed for a more dignified naming solution which could be kept subtle to the residents, whilst being easy to identify by the care team. These key benefits ultimately made it an easy decision to adopt the Attach A Tag method permanently and make this part of their new resident admittance process. Sue and the team at Well Springs have been ordering consistently since their trial in 2011. “By far the best solution we’ve had after trying many alternatives” – Ben Redhead, Director. The Well Springs Director made further comments on the system explaining that Attach A Tag offers such a high level of dignity to their residents, and it is the preferred system over any other option. Ben commented “because there’s a standardised place to apply tags for each different garment, every team member knows exactly where to look for the name. This has

dramatically reduced the sorting time of our laundry” Attach A Tag align with the ethos of providing quality care. The forward-thinking company ensure resources are available to introduce the system to new residents, whilst also making it easy to implement at a very low cost. Well Springs Nursing Home will continue to use Attach A Tag within their 17 new rooms which will be available in January 2020 alongside its new laundry facility. For details on the Attach A Tag system, contact info@attachatag.com expressing your interest OR visit the stand B80 at the 2019 Care Show.


A ‘NEW GENERATION’ CARE FACILITY Edinburgh Weavers Ltd working together with Katie Mcgoff to create gorgeous yet practical healthcare fabrics for a residential and nursing home.


ormby Manor is a purpose-built 76 bed ‘new generation’ care facility which offers a lovely and luxurious care home located in the coastal town of Formby. Formby Manor is a purpose-built 76 bed ‘new generation’ care facility that has been expertly designed to meet all current CQC requirements and provides the highest standards of safety, comfort and care. The care home offers residential, nursing and specialist dementia care. We worked closely with their Interior Designer, Katie Mcgoff, who created a rich and sophisticated scheme which meets all the criteria necessary to provide safety, stimulation and comfort. The Stylish lounges provide the perfect environment to relax and unwind in. Our beautiful soft furnishing fabrics where carefully selected to coordinate with the wallcoverings and furniture. Along with all the soft furnishing fabrics, we created a Heron themed bespoke design for


the upholstery. Our brief was to create a fit for purpose product which didn’t compromise on aesthetics. We printed onto FR anti-microbial, water and stain resistant upholstery base cloth. The treated fabric retains the appearance, hand, and feel of textile material while being transfer-printable. The themes provoke topics of conversation and help to unlock memories allowing the residents to fully engage with their new home environment, enabling them to feel comfortable and safe, this is paramount to their quality of life. Strong deep colour fabrics on chairs can appear as a black hole to the visually impaired thereby making the resident anxious to sit. However, using a contrasting fabric design helps to outline the shape of the chair making it easier to see. It is important that the interior has a personality and is a place that the resident will be proud to call home. Katie’s aim was to give the schemes a sense of place, to connect the Home to the local environment. With this in

mind, and inspired by the Formby Red Squirrel Reserve, we created a wallpaper covering for the Hairdresser & Nail bar. Internally, the attention to detail is impressive. The high specification and décor of Formby Manor have been carefully considered by Katie, the interior designer, creating stylish yet comfortable and practical spaces for residents to enjoy. Edinburgh Weavers enjoyed working with Katie, developing and supply of beautiful fabrics.

“The themes provoke topics of conversation and help to unlock memories allowing the residents to fully engage with their new home environment”





Call us on 0800 088 6109 and book your free demo today!

An intuitive solution created by a Skills for Care Endorsed provider

70+ CPD certified courses written by subject matter experts

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Registered Address: My Learning Cloud Ltd. South Wing, Admiral House, 43 High Street, Fareham, Hampshire, PO167BQ

“Jolly Trolley”


ic Qui z z e s e d i a 1 9 5 0 ’ s R e m i n i s ce n c e M u s M O n w ce 1970’s R c en s i e n i m e 1 e nc e Chu v ic e m e H a p p y B i r t h d a y ! 9 6 0 ’ s R e m i n i sc h r c h S er T z e s Select - a u iz S l i d e shows Food & D e 9 6 1 r r 0 i n u ks ’ Pict Reminis R e l a x a t io n c e n c e Fish Tank nce 1940’s Party K a r a ok e Reminisce Aftern oon T ea M u s i c Songs ia round B I N GO P n o B a r th e C ou nt ry Nam S ing-a-Long e that TUNE s


“We LOVE the Jolly Trolley! It’s a fantastic idea which has had a massive benefit to all our residents and our staff too.” “A lady with learning disabilities and no communication was distressed, hitting herself and crying. We introduced her to the Jolly Trolley and she calmed down totally. It was amazing!” “We were so pleased with our first Jolly Trolley purchase that we bought three more!” “The Jolly Trolley is quite simply the best money we have ever spent on resident enrichment”

Little Islands, Vivary Buildings, Spring Lane, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 9BD FREEPHONE: 0800 093 8499 www.littleislands.org


HOW CAN UNIFORM INFLUENCE YOUR BUSINESS? Dencowear, an award winning national uniform company are launching their new modern collection of at the Care Show this year at the NEC.


nspired by the latest fashion trends under the ‘Uniforms4Healthcare’ brand, the new collection features a variety of modern and classic styles in a range of fabrics to suit the needs of the healthcare industry. Highlights include the new 4-way stretch Allure Tunic (available in 5 colours including our new Turquoise colour) and the soft-touch new range of fashion scrub suits in a host of bright colour ways. Managing Director Ilan Sherman says: “At Dencowear, uniforms are our passion. Since 1966, we have pioneered cutting edge design while maintaining the family values that have been here since day one. From introducing the first dental coat to the UK over 50 years ago, we have seen our ranges showcased in care homes, cosmetic surgeries and hotels throughout the country. Our commitment to truly outstanding service has gained us numerous national industry awards, including the 2019 Best Fashion Uniform Supplier and the 2018 Best Uniform Brand. We frequently hear how looking and feeling great has lead to an increase in staff happiness, higher conversion rates from consultation to procedure, and ultimately significantly higher profits. This caused the team at Dencowear to think: Just how much can a uniform influence your business? In any given unfamiliar environment, we rely on our senses to tell us how to feel. In 20 milliseconds, your eyes have told your mind


everything it needs to know about what’s around you. When you walk in to any place of business, pleasure or otherwise, before any words have formed in your mind, you have a ‘feeling’. Having the right image forms part of the foundation of any successful business, therefore it is essential that it is right. What is the right image? The stereotype of the institutional care home is one that deters many from enjoying the benefits that a care home offers. The ever present belief that going into care is to be quarantined, shut off from reality and comfort has lingered in the care home industry. One certain way to abolish this stereotype is to give the industry a simple face lift. Our ‘Dencowear collection’ sees the fusion of clinical hygiene and stylish comfort, projecting precisely the environment that a candidate for care would want to see. What can this image do for you? From listening to our current clients, we have learned that since implementing our fashionable uniforms, existing residents have felt ‘at home, not in a home.’ The staff have remarked on the comfort and practicality, and ultimately an increase in happiness in the work place. In terms of acquiring new customers, when a potential client walks in to a care home where the residents are at home and comfortable, the staff members are happy and bubbly, and everyone looks and feels great,

then the conversion rate from enquiry to decision absolutely soars. Is it practical? At Dencowear, we have a choice of different fabrics to suit the client. Our unique four way stretch fabric is exclusive to us and is incredibly durable, resistant to products and materials that care staff encounter on a daily basis, and hard wearing. As well as requiring significantly less maintenance than a traditional health care uniform, the durability of the garments means that the need to replace is also significantly reduced. We also provide the more traditional polycotton which can be laundered to industrial standards.” Dencowear Ltd is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of high end health workwear. They are available for personal consultations to discuss bespoke designs, as well as offering an exclusive stock range of uniforms. Call the team on +44(0) 113 237 9010 or email of Business Development Manager Ruth Horsman on ruth@ dencowear.co.uk for more information.

Register now for your ticket at www.careshow.co.uk/care2


TIME TO TRAIN IS LIMITED IN HOMECARE – MOBILE MICROLEARNING CAN HELP Time is a precious resource in homecare, including time to train. Yet training is key to safety and quality, particularly in homecare.


ot only is homecare inherently varied, unpredictable, and increasingly complex, but staff work remotely, and usually alone. What’s more, with each new client assigned to them, staff must get to grips with a new set of needs, including conditions they have not previously encountered and may know little about. To equip staff to meet these demands, homecare providers need to deliver targeted, just-in-time learning. Over the past 12 months a number of homecare providers, including Walnut Care in Lincolnshire and Caretree in Oxfordshire, have been working with CuppaCare to show the potential of mobile microlearning. What is mobile microlearning? Mobile microlearning is bitesize digital learning accessed via mobile devices. It can be used to support both formal training and informal, self-directed learning. It can also deliver information and tools to support performance directly in the flow of work. CuppaCare’s mobile microlearning

system, developed specifically for homecare, makes short items of digital learning – we call them ‘Sips’ – available via a smartphone app, online or offline. The system includes an administration website with automated tracking, digital badges for learners and a content authoring tool for managers and trainers. What do care providers make of CuppaCare? David Weatherley, Walnut Care: “I had not heard of microlearning before, but we had identified a need for it. We wanted to enable staff to use the ‘little spaces’ in their shifts – the time spent sitting in the car between visits – for learning. We had already invested in phones for our staff, for call monitoring. CuppaCare helps me get more value from our phones. Particularly our less experienced but tech-savvy carers absolutely loved it.” Linzi Prendergast, Caretree: “It is paramount that training is accessible to all levels of our team. For some, a workbook that takes hours to complete can be off-putting. CuppaCare fills this gap beautifully, by being

accessible on a phone and only taking 5-10 minutes to complete. The information learnt through Cuppacare can be built upon and integrated into further study. My team liked the way CuppaCare looked and felt. They liked the content: they were hungry for knowledge.” Lydia Nicholas, Programme Manager at Doteveryone, the responsible technology think tank, said: “We repeatedly hear from professional carers, employers, and informal carers, about the need for accessible, flexible learning that people can access at the time they need it, in the form they need it, often while they are on the move, or in the middle of work. CuppaCare is bringing modular, flexible learning tools to this particularly complex field. We are really excited to see a team with such deep experience in the field working to address these needs.”

www.cuppacare.com info@cuppacare.com twitter: @cuppaHQ



COULD TECH PROVIDE THE KEY TO OUTSTANDING CARE? The technical landscape is changing, especially when it comes to our health. From watches that can tell you your sleep patterns, right through to AI systems that can diagnose and prevent conditions - it’s no surprise that home care is the next industry undergoing a digital revolution. Meet the newest player in home-care tech Birdie, a revolutionary new tool, is poised to change the home-care industry. Already making waves in home-care agencies all over the county, this insight-led platform helps you to make better decisions, frees up time wasted on admin and auditing, and ultimately, gives you the tools to provide outstanding care. Not only that, it gives you much-needed visibility over your care delivery and uses a real-time alert system to keep you in the know about issues and changes. A model for success Emma Johnson, Director of Care at Elite Care, is just one of Birdie’s success stories. Recently securing an outstanding CQC rating (in responsiveness) thanks to the help of tech,


they’re on a mission to “break the mould” when it comes to the care they provide. With Birdie, she can see what’s happening at all times with real-time alerts. This means that she doesn’t have to wait to hear from her staff, and she doesn’t have to rely on auditing paperwork at the end of the week to check if tasks have been completed and medication administered correctly - helping her to focus on delivering the best standards of care and freeing up her staff to focus on what matters. Outstanding care at your fingertips When it comes to earning an outstanding CQC rating Emma believes “It’s about the evidence” and that’s where Birdie comes in. With everything at her fingertips, it helps her keep track of changes - safe in

the knowledge that nothing is going to go unnoticed in a paper file somewhere. And this, in turn, helps her to provide better and safer care for her clients in their home keeping them independent for longer. Emma said: “You want to be on top of it all. The only way you can do it without something like this is to be out there physically. Sometimes, as all care managers know, there aren’t enough hours in the day. [Birdie] just gives you that extra peace of mind.”

Why not try it for yourself? Discover Birdie and get a free demo at stand H30. Read the full case study with Elite Care at medium.com/birdiecare


A FLEXIBLE APPROACH TO SENSORY CHALLENGES MohuDesigns has created a range of adaptable sensory blankets called MohuComfort to support the sensory needs of people with sensory processing difficulties, including those on the Dementia journey. TO HELP REQUIRES ONE-ON-ONE INVESTIGATION AND INDIVIDUAL SENSORY STRATEGIES THAT CAN BE USED TO: Help people to: »» feel calm »» self- soothe »» comfort

Promote feelings of: »» safety »» comfort

Distract from; »» difficult thoughts such as

confusion/ paranoia »» Emotions such as anger,


ach of us gathers information using our senses and these sensory experiences that we encounter each day help to “nourish the nervous system” (Ayres 1979, 2005). Sensory input is received by receptors in our sensory systems, the processing and organising of the information gathered is part of the function of the central nervous system, throughout our lives. When you think about it you will realise that this is how we perceive ourselves, others and the world we live in. It also determines or at least influences, whether we feel safe, in balance and able to communicate with others and engage in activities. The sensory systems also play a protective role, warning us of potential dangers or concerns. The ability to process sensory information can be reduced with age. This is more severe

sadness & fear among people with conditions that attack the part of the brain where information is processed and lead them feeling anxious and may cause dramatic responses to seemly minor triggers. When we look at people with Dementia and consider the way their senses work in the context of their lives we can get cues as to how we may help them. Meeting the unique sensory needs of each individual can be a challenge, as can finding adaptable, quality tools to support these needs. The CE quality marked MohuDesigns range, including the MohuComfort & MohuCover sensory blankets, can be adapted by attaching texture and activity patches, called MohuPatches, to the sensory blankets and adding a weighted blanket. Hard and soft textures, fidgets, pull straps , picture frames and pockets can all be used to personalise each MohuComfort in an individual way.

Encourage: »» Social participation »» reminiscence »» communication

Help decrease the incidence of: »» Agitation »» Aggressive Behaviours »» Use of restraints.

MohuComfort is a beautifully crafted sensory blanket that is so much more than a comforter. Available in a range of designs suited to a wide variety of individual tastes. Find out more and buy yours at www.mohudesigns.com or contact Alison Power at info@mohudesigns.com



ENHANCING THE DINING EXPERIENCE FOR CARE HOME RESIDENTS A good meal can offer more benefits than just nutritional value; food plays an important part in social life and activity; especially in the elderly. A good meal is often used to mark welcomes and goodbyes, celebrations such as birthdays and other special days.


ver the years, science and social experiments have proven that such occasions can help to encourage eating, release memories, and stimulate conversation amongst elderly people - even enhancing morale within care homes in some cases. In residential care accommodation, residents are often encouraged to invite guests, whether it be friends or family members, for a simple meal or even just for a cup of tea. As residents will be used to dining with family members prior to residing in their care home, this idea also creates a sense of familiarity, too and is beneficial to the wellbeing of residents. Mealtimes are a mainstay of life in a care home in which residents’ experiences are


characterised and enhanced. Understanding how residents interact with one another, accommodating their preferences and encouraging autonomy are pivotal aspects in enhancing dining experiences. The transition from independent-living, to life in care can be stressful for some residents, and accommodating their needs during social events such as mealtimes can improve health and wellbeing over the long-term. Blueleaf has identified some key elements in improving the dining experience for care home residents and discuss the importance of doing so. Enhancing well being using interior design It goes without saying that every effort should be made to make the eating environment

as attractive and as culturally appropriate as possible. A recent trend known as Biophilic Design which involves connecting with nature to improve health and wellbeing would be an advantageous trend to consider, as it is proven to reduce stress and improve cognitive function. A recent study, in which 7,500 people were surveyed across the world showed that there was a 15% increase in perceived wellbeing and creativity and a 6% increase in productivity when people were exposed to biophilic elements. A dining environment that is welcoming, relaxing and comfortable has the ability to increase food intake and social interaction. This is important within a care home as levels of loneliness tend to be quite high. A nice


environment to dine in can make the eating experience more enjoyable and reduce feeding difficulties in people with dementia living in care homes. Spatial planning within care homes is also an important consideration; generally, residents are used to and familiar with eating in a relatively confined space. i.e. the dining room at home. They would have only experienced a wider space for dining when attending a restaurant or were staying in a hotel, for example. Nursing home dining rooms tend to be large, open space and this contrast has the power to change the paradigm for eating. Therefore, it is a good idea to break the space down into smaller areas, which can be done with clever use of free-standing screening or using furniture pieces as room dividers. This will help to make a smaller, more homely space feel without creating a navigational nightmare or spending large sums of money on renovation. Using familiarity and routine to help tackle dementia People with dementia can have problems eating and drinking, often putting them at risk of malnutrition. Regular mealtimes are good biologically as they provide rhythm and routine, eliminating the risk of malnutrition or dehydration. In addition to arranging set meal times, nurses and other caregivers should consider exploring ways of providing a social environment that promotes individual dignity and comfort, whilst encouraging residents suffering from dementia to eat. Turning meal times into a social activity will help create and maintain independence, so offer company if the resident doesn’t enjoy eating alone. Familiar sounds of cooking, smells of food, and familiar sights can help offer stability within residents suffering from dementia; as

do regular meal times. Although people have different eating routines and preferences some like a light lunch and larger evening meal whilst others prefer to have a main meal in the middle of the day, it is important to arrange consistent meal times. Don’t overlook the importance of variety and options It should be ensured that elderly people living in residential care accommodation are offered variety and an alternative choice of food. It is also beneficial to keep records of the food preferences of each resident in some cases, a food diary. This will allow nurses to keep track of what residents are eating and drinking when, and how much, to reduce the risks of malnutrition and dehydration. In 2018 it was reported that hundreds of care home patients have died suffering from malnutrition or dehydration. From 2013 to 2017, dehydration was noted in 398 cases, whilst malnutrition recorded 226 times, so more needs to be done to ensure less patients are at risk of these conditions. One of CQC’s regulations is meeting nutritional and hydration needs. The intention of this regulation is to make sure that people who use services have adequate nutrition and hydration to sustain good health and reduce the risks of malnutrition and dehydration while they receive care and treatment. Forwardplanning menus with various options not only allows nutritional food to be planned in, but also allows residents to create an appetite for a particular meal. A recent report which comprised the opinions of 302 residents, 81 visitors and 250 staff from 31 care homes, showed that within care establishments across the UK, there was no publication of a second

food option and no menu plans for the week ahead displayed. This shows that resident choice and control was limited and that more needs to be done to create a menu that reflects the needs and wants of residents. Another way to stimulate appetite can be done by planning and encouraging residents to go on trips and outings outside the residential care home. This may activate appetite by providing exercise, fresh air and a change of food choice. Reducing loneliness through social activities As mealtimes are a pivotal part of day-to-day life in a care home, the experience that come alongside is often an important stimulator of wellbeing and quality of life of residents. They represent more than just the provision of nutrition as they may offer residents (and staff) the opportunity to form and sustain important social relationships. As humans need structure and routine, regular mealtimes offer a sense of containment and familiarity, and can evoke deep feelings of contentment and security. Mealtimes offer the opportunity to listen to and interact with others and are a time in which worries, and concerns can be expressed and listened to. Food is used to provide comfort, express feelings, celebrate or reward success, and nurture companionship. No matter what your budget is, you can still promote a sociable, positive experience; that will have residents looking forward to their next meal.

Meet the Blueleaf team at The Care Show stand B70.



Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Home Group

Challenges With more than thirty years of experience and an estate of six nursing and care homes, Stocks Hall is a family run care home group passionate about delivering excellent person-centred care. They were keen to move away from paper-based care records to improve efficiency, free up more time for care and to deliver visibility across the group. Previous electronic systems had failed to integrate their records in one place or keep up with developments in care.

Solutions The Stocks Hall team started using MED e-care's eMAR solution in early 2018 and rolled it out across their six care homes. The eMAR solution gives you complete transparency into medication administration giving confidence that you can deliver the best person-centred care possible while complying with CQC / other regulators guidance. Working with the MED e-care team, suggestions for bespoke adaptations to the solution were received from people at all levels in the group and rapidly implemented. Convinced by the strong performance of eMAR and its ability to adapt to their needs, the Stocks Hall team expanded their system with MED e-care's Care Plan Solution in late 2018, seamlessly integrating their records and measurably improving care. MED e-care's care planning solution provides an easy to use, integrated system, which allows you to record care in your own way, whilst ensuring that you can evidence high-quality person-centred care and that your records are compliant with CQC / other regulator's requirements.

‘We are passionate about delivering excellent, person centred care. The MED e-care Solutions actually help my teams deliver better care for our residents. They are integrated, visual, easy to manage and we are able to work with the MED e-care team to rapidly implement changes to the system that meet our own specific needs.’ Sam Potte Potter, Operations Manager

Results The team at Stocks Hall enjoyed the positive benefits of the solution within a very short timeframe. Recording has become far more efficient at the point of care, freeing up valuable time to spend with residents while visibility of and sophistication of your Care KPl's is made easy via the simple Dashboard. Sam Potter, Operations Manager at Stocks Hall has been delighted to recommend MED e-care's solutions to other care home groups and pharmacies.

For more information or to book a demo:

Your Care, Our Mission

sales@mede-care.com | 0161 232 4575 | www.mede-care.co.uk Greenheys Business Centre, Pencroft Way, Manchester, M15 6JJ


A PARTNERSHIP GOING THE EXTRA MILE A family affair Wellburn Care Homes are one of the leading providers of nursing and residential care homes, across the North East of England. With an outstanding reputation for dementia care, and other specialist areas. The family run business has over 30 years of experience, with 14 care homes in total, covering all corners of the North East of England, including Newcastle, Northumberland, Sunderland and York. All 14 homes have their own individual style and range of facilities, but all have one thing in common. Their friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere - creating that ‘home from home’ feeling. Wellburn’s Executive Chairman Rachel Beckett explains how it’s achieved “We try to make our homes as cosy and homely as possible. Quite often, care homes can have a hotel feel about them. That’s just not what we’re about. We aim for a much more personal touch, drawing on the traditional and familiar feelings the thought of home conjures up. The buildings lend themselves to that, so we’re able to develop a fantastic look and feel, working to develop the experience for those staying here. We want family members to be able to come here and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and feel relaxed and at home, whilst spending time with their loved ones.” A blossoming partnership Prior to the arrival of apetito, each of Wellburn’s 14 homes had its own team of cooks, preparing and serving food for its residents. A key point of focus for Wellburn was to establish a level of consistency across each of the homes, maintaining the same high level of food quality and presentation. Rachel expands on the partnership, “When I took over the business from my father, working closely with my team, we identified a few areas we thought could be improved. We decided to look for an external specialist that could help us maintain nutritional

value in all the meals we were serving. From our very first meeting, I was convinced that they were exactly what we were looking for and could offer us everything we needed.” Rachel and her team accepted an invitation to visit apetito HQ in Trowbridge, allowing apetito to share their ideas on how the partnership could work. “The visit to Trowbridge sealed the deal for me”, Rachel explains, “The team were fantastic, and having the opportunity to take a tour of the kitchen and meet some of the local farmers who supply apetito, was invaluable. They also walked us through the nutritional side of things, explaining how their ever-developing range of options meet all dietary requirements and how the menus are always being improved and developed to offer choice. It was clear they shared the same principles and values as we did, and because we’re both family owned businesses, that really resonated with me. The level of attention, communication and support we received from apetito from the get go, was pivotal and has helped us subsequently build a fantastic relationship.” From strength to strength When looking to establish a relationship with an external partner or supplier, it is always of the highest importance to find a partnership that will become an extension of the business. As well as providing Wellburn Care Homes with healthy and delicious food, apetito also offers support in other areas of Wellburn’s operations. Rachel adds, “We do a lot of marketing and events inhouse, and apetito is always available for support and advice. We recently organised a festival in the grounds of our Grimston Court care home in York, in support of Age UK York and St Leonards Hospice. We welcomed over 2000 people on the day, and apetito’s help and support at the event was fantastic. It’s moments like that, when I really appreciate just how much the partnership with them offers us.”

The presentation of apetito’s food, is another aspect of the offering, which has really struck a chord with members of Wellburn’s team. “We’ve just been through another round of apetito training. For the team, the training sessions have been hugely beneficial. Over the last few years, we’ve really focussed on the way our food is presented to our residents. I wanted to develop the kitchen staff’s sense of ownership and make them feel included and part of the partnership, and apetito has played a huge part in helping us to achieve that.” says Rachel. Fundamentally changing their whole way of preparing and serving food, was always going to be a challenge at the beginning. With initial aspects of uncertainty, the partnership is now firmly established and flourishing. The menus have been extremely well received, with more than encouraging feedback from residents and their families. The future’s bright apetito’s partnership with Wellburn is now into its third year and continues to thrive and grow. Working around the core service of offering nutritious and tasty food to the residents, the partnership is developing other new exciting areas of collaboration. One currently being developed is the creation of a staff award scheme, which apetito will sponsor, which will aim to reinforce the sense of ownership amongst the team at Wellburn. Rachel concludes, “It’s great to have a partner which looks to go that extra mile, not just satisfied with offering a fantastic core service, they’re also working together with us to introduce new and exciting initiatives across our business. I couldn’t be happier with them and our relationship.”

Meet the Blueleaf team at The Care Show stand B70.




As people become more and more aware of shortcomings within the care sector, the Care Campaign for the Vulnerable’s aim to get safety monitoring made mandatory is gaining strength. In this article, Claire Feldkamp from Almas Industries, presents the case for safety monitoring.


ith an aging population, the decay of the traditional family unit and an NHS which is struggling to cope, the provision of care is making the headlines more than ever before. As supporters of Care Campaign for the Vulnerable, we understand that abuse happens, and that it is always deeply saddening when it does, but we also know that harnessing modern technology, along with a commitment to operating with transparency and openness, can help to prevent abuse, accidents and other issues from happening. What many people do no know about safety monitoring, is that rather than a means of spying on staff or residents, it is a powerful tool that can help care home managers respond to the challenges of day-to-day care. Shedfield Lodge – also supporters of the CCFTV - have spoken many times about the positive effects of safety monitoring. Their proprietor, Andrew Geach, said that his ten years in the Police Service is what initially inspired him to seek out safety monitoring to help prevent and monitor incidents such as falls. Since installing a complete system


in 2012 Shedfield Lodge has been able to access factual evidence of incidents when needed. This has fed back directly into their staff training, meaning that staff are more fully aware of issues, and when something such as a fall occurs, staff are able to respond much more quickly. Despite some resistance from the CQC during an inspection, Andrew stood his ground on the installation of cameras in communal areas, exits and outside areas. They now have 21 cameras which Andrew says ‘they could not be without’. On numerous occasions the footage from the monitoring has proved invaluable: • One occasion a resident was seen on the floor picking up crumbs having put themselves on the floor. As soon as a staff member approached they lay down. Normally an ambulance would have been called but the footage from the cameras clearly showed that it was not needed. This incident was dealt with in house saving time, money and stress. • On another occasion, a resident was found on the stairs in a seated position. The family were informed and the next day the resident stated to them that he was pushed

down the stairs. Footage from the cameras revealed that he had lost this footing and fell. In this case the footage immediately resolved any potential issues with the family and safeguarding. Other benefits of safety monitoring include remote access, removing the potential for accidents by highlighting issues with the layout of a home and reducing the number of times an ambulance needs to be called for. Almas Industries is committed to aiding care homes to become more transparent, open and flexible in their day to day running. Safety monitoring is one of the keys to this. Let’s all start to embrace what modern technology has to offer – after all, one day we will be old and may need that care ourselves.

Almas Industries will be on stand C63 at the Care Show, where we will be running a fantastic raffle for a giant hamper of goodies. We will also have some special offers just for the show. Learn more about Almas Industries by visiting www.almas-industries.co.uk




ver recent years Care Homes have faced well known funding challenges. Fees are under pressure as local authorities struggle with social care budget cuts. It therefore sounds counter-intuitive that Care Homes, usually loyal to our OLA brand, are spending more on their pressure relieving mattresses and moving over to Simpulse. Delve a little deeper though and it’s clear that for many it’s not all about upfront cost. Increasingly Care Providers are thinking longterm and making canny purchasing decisions based on multiple factors. We asked one of our customers why they had chosen Simpulse? “I was looking for a cost effective and reliable pressure relief system and was introduced to Simpulse 8. The ‘write up’ promised the earth – 18 months on I would not consider any other make of pressure relieving mattress – it delivers what it promises. The cost is favourably comparable, the reliability is

excellent and our ‘React to Red’ and Pressure Care Audits have returned only positive feedback,” said Karen Fairclough, Support Services Manager, Springhill Care Home

Simpulse also comes with the usual features you’d expect to find in an airflow mattress, but with extra safety features and functionality over OLA.

Setting Simpulse Apart Since OLA’s launch 14 years ago, we have used our expertise to build on the design, quality and specification to bring you Simpulse, with only a modest increase in the purchase price! Simpulse cells are made from a more durable nylon/PU material, compared to nylon/ pvc in OLA. These hard-wearing cells provide uninterrupted care for longer. Simpulse also has an Xtreme® fabric cover incorporating infection control and anti-decubitus characteristics. Standard coated fabrics become brittle when constantly laundered, bubbling and delaminating. This can lead to fluid ingress and an infection control risk. Xtreme coatings are resistant to this problem.

Lifecycle Cost Analysis Since the launch of Simpulse, 5 years ago, we now have a clear picture on the performance and costs of our different brands. We’ve analysed OLA 8 and Simpulse 8 data to work out the average lifecycle costs. By investing in Simpulse 8 you can expect to recoup the initial extra upfront expenditure in around 2 years. Over a 5-year period the savings increase considerably. There will also be savings on Care Provider’s and Carer’s time who will have to deal with any issues arising from a faulty mattress. Perhaps most importantly there will be less interruption for residents.



OVERCOMING THE UNSEEN COSTS OF PAPER-BASED SYSTEMS As a care home management software provider, we support many businesses taking their first steps on the digital journey. Making a persuasive ROI decision can feel difficult for care homes investing in software for the first time, especially when working from paper is “free”.


he myth that keeping the status quo of paper-systems is “cost neutral”, couldn’t be further from the truth. Care homes have untold amounts of costs associated with paper-based systems that can prove hard to spot. Remember: just because you aren’t paying a monthly subscription doesn’t means you aren’t paying for them! It’s well established that utilising software to manage business processes can increase efficiency. The more the machine can do, the less time workers need to spend finding, inputting and analysing data. That means more time spent on tasks that add extra levels of quality to services like caring for residents. CoolCare has pulled together some of the hidden savings that going digital will unlock for care homes.


The top four savings to look out for are: • Space: Will a software system reduce the amount of space you need for archives and records in the home? • Time: Does it give you efficiency savings in the time take to create and find a record? • Money: Through the time savings and the new processes you’ll introduce, will this lead to a cost saving for you? Will you need to buy less paper or reduce the number of printers (and expensive printer contracts!) you need to maintain? • Compliance Investment: Can you easily demonstrate your compliance with data protection rules? How much will you have to invest in managing your data records if you don’t record it all digitally?

Some of these may seem obvious, however, they are worth taking into account. For example, how much time is currently being wasted because the team have to wait until the office is free to add a new record? Or perhaps archiving is piling up because there is no room for a new filing cabinet – perhaps you are even going to have to consider paying to get archive storage off-site. One or two of these savings alone might more than justify the costs of purchasing software services. If you would like more information on the savings moving to a digital system could unlock for your business, please contact CoolCare on: info@coolcare4.co.uk or 01133853853. Ready to go? Sign-up online at: www.coolcare4.co.uk/signup

USING TECHNOLOGY TO EMPOWER CARE HOME MANAGERS AND EMPLOYEES According to the Skills for Care 2019 report there are now 1.49 million UK care workers providing much-needed support for our ageing population in the care sector workforce. Care work can be both rewarding and challenging, and with increasing demand on our healthcare sector it is more important than ever that employers provide the right support for their workforce.


he care sector is made up of a wide variety of skilled workers, many of whom are shift-based to provide the flexibility required to run a care home 24/7. Managing these different teams with different areas of focus can be complex, and it is often mission critical that the right skilled people are in the right role at particular times. One such example is the Disabilities Trust, which provides specialist rehabilitation, care and support for adults with acquired brain injury, autism and physical disabilities. The Trust runs services across the whole of the UK alongside two hospitals in York and Glasgow helping to support around 600 people with complex requirements. Geraint Thomas, Technology Transformation Leader at the Disabilities Trust, says they knew the growing complexity could only be managed with a digital solution, which it implemented in 2018. Geraint says the move to Planday came

after listening to the Trust’s staff about the need for greater flexibility. “We wanted to invest in technology that would help to reduce the amount of manual time being spent on staff scheduling. We also needed one reliable platform for all the staff to communicate information about the requirements and shifts available in the quickest way possible – paper and static solutions just weren’t working anymore.” “Our staff are our greatest asset. The dayto-day work our staff perform is demanding, and we wanted to ensure we provided a system which helped them achieve the right work-life balance. Many staff have let us know that they love using the Planday app, as they can organise their schedule whilst on the move and at home. The Punch Clock is another feature they really like, as they can sign in and out easily without having to keep a paper timesheet.” Christian Brøndum, CEO of Planday,

believes providing care homes with the right technology will empower managers and employees. Christian says, “Flexibility and transparency are essential when it comes to employee management. By providing one clear channel to communicate, managers and staff can streamline their conversations and make real-time changes and updates. This ensures they are able to focus on what matters most: providing care to their patients.” Planday will be available for questions and demonstrations at the Care Show 2019, on October 9th and 10th, 2019 at Birmingham NEC, Stand 3A F60. To find out more about the Planday platform, John Coldicutt, CMO at Planday, will be speaking at the Technology and People Theatre at 10:50am on 9 October.


OPUS for learner homework and revision. The last session included the learner facilitating a 10 minute ‘microteach’ and receiving one-to-one feedback on performance.

TRAIN THE TRAINER - THE NEW APPROACH Background Opus were approached by The Fremantle Trust, a large not for profit care organisation providing first class care and support services for older people and adults with a learning disability. After concluding that their current model of medication training (served by way of free e-learning) was not working as effectively as it might have been, the Trust undertook comprehensive research in order to source an alternative approach. Reaching out to Opus in 2018, the idea of developing a ‘Train the Trainer’ programme to be prepared and delivered by Opus to the Trust’s employees, was born.

More than Just Foundation Training In order to ensure the medicines administration training that would be delivered to teams by the new trainers at the Trust was put into best effect, it was vital to put protections in place to achieve consistency of approach and implementation. The ultimate goals were to reduce medicines errors, and keep the people being supported by the Trust safe. Train the Trainer Course This 3-day course was commissioned for 30 learners from 2 different service types, and divided into 3 cohorts. It was decided that each cohort would attend the 3-day intensive course, timed with weekly intervals to allow

Ongoing Support Once learners had been trained through the TTT programme, it was agreed that ongoing guidance and support would be necessary to ensure consistency of delivery by the TTT delegates and an optimal learning experience for members of the team from the Trust receiving the foundation training. Opus are in the process of delivering the following additional support functions to ensure confidence and competence of employees at the Trust: • Ask the Pharmacist’ capability where Managers or TTT delegates can send in any questions or queries by phone or email to a Pharmacist • Pharmacist Trainer attending first delivery of foundation training by each TTT delegate to provide guidance and back up, as required • Update meetings twice a year with TTT delegates and course commissioners • Preparation of a FAQ sheet, circulated regularly to all TTT delegates • Revalidation session every year to update course material and provide session for TTT delegates to update on guidance or legislation changes and to answer questions


Aims of the ‘Train the Trainer’(TTT) Programme It was clear from the preliminary discussions that the key was to develop a programme that could be instated organisation-wide for all of the Trust’s employees, from senior management to care teams. This comprehensive programme was developed with the aims of: • Ensuring compliance with regulator • Promoting best practice with medicines administration • Minimising medication errors and incidents • Delivering informative, interesting & inclusive training • Meeting all delegate learning needs


To ensure a compliant and consistent approach to medicines

Comprehensive Manager’s Training Assessors Workship + Medicine Management & Audit Training: to enable support and guidance around best medicines practices

2 Day Train the Trainer Programme To deliver high quality foundation training throughout the organisation

OPUS Outcomes The Fremantle Trust has reported that overall delegate competence in medicines administration has improved across the organisation since the implementation of the TTT programme. Managers feel confident and able to assess and better assist their colleagues. Overall, the number of serious medicines errors has declined, and reporting has increased for minor errors, in line with the training received.

Anne Westcott, the Learning & Development Manager at The Fremantle Trust notes that, ‘Over the process OPUS and the Trust have built up an outstanding working relationship, the service that we have experienced to date has been to an exceptional level. They are always ready to help and offer advice and guidance and truly have our best interests at heart.’



BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE FOR CARE The Residential & Home Care Show returns on 24th - 25th June 2020 at London ExCel, it’s the event where Senior Management teams from care homes, dementia homes, nursing homes, care villages, housing associations and all forms of home care providers gather to gain ideas, products and services to boost their business and improve levels of care.


residentialandhomecareshow.co.uk #RandHCS Part of:

24 - 25 JUNE 2020 + ExCeL LONDON

The Residential & Home Care Show is run in association with:



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CYBER AND DATA PROTECTION; ARE YOU AND YOUR STAFF REALLY IN THE KNOW? ‘We were able to inform our insurance supplier of the outcome and they confirmed within 48 hours that the client would be covered under their cyber insurance policy” In 2018, one of our Care clients purchased a cyber insurance policy from us and when we contacted this client a year later for renewal, they declared that there had been a cyber incident which had occurred during the past 12 months. They had not told us about this and had not claimed for it.


fter discussions with the client, we learnt that a member of their team had received an email purporting to be from their MD requesting a large payment be made to a new creditor. Days later, this was picked up to be a fraudulent email. The client reported this incident to their bank, rather than us as their insurer. Despite taking up a cyber policy with Towergate prior to the attack happening, the client did not think that their cyber insurance would cover them in the event of a fraudulent payment being made. One of our account handlers wanted to help this client as much as he could following their experience and approached our cyber insurance provider with this claim. He explained the reason for the late notification including that the bank was still

seeking a potential recovery for our client. Shortly after, the bank confirmed that no recovery was possible. As the client did make the funds transfer, the bank advised that they were not liable for any losses incurred. We were able to inform our insurance supplier of the outcome and they confirmed within 48 hours that the client would be covered under their cyber insurance policy, despite not declaring the loss during their policy term. Payment was then made to the client by BACS. As well as settling the claim, we were also able to keep the client’s renewal of their cyber policy very close to the original price they paid, despite the situation that arose. We also made their renewal subject to all staff undertaking phishing training, provided via

an e-learning platform, meaning that staff will be more alert and aware of any potential scams coming through their email systems in the future. We always encourage clients to let us know as soon as any potential claim occurs; in this case, an early notification would have meant that our insurance provider could have helped with any potential recovery and helped the client ensure that their systems and procedures were updated to prevent further losses. To find out more about cyber insurance and how we could help your Care business, please call 01438 739 280 or email newcare@towergate.co.uk



‘OUTSTANDING’ WORK: REST ASSURED IN DORSET AND SPAIN! This year, everyLIFE has been visiting PASSsystem users around the country to talk about what the reality of choosing and implementing digital care planning software into a busy office, is actually like.


n a wild and stormy day, everyLIFE visited Care Dynamics Ltd, providers of domiciliary care to around 100 clients in Dorset, to speak with owner John Beukes and manager Simone Garland. John had called in to tell us about his ‘Outstanding’ rating from CQC, because he felt that “PASS had played such a vital part in achieving that”. The Problem For John, it all started three years ago when a local competitor was rated ‘Outstanding’ above him by the CQC. He knew straight away that he had to make changes if he wanted to stand out. Simone did some research and just a few minutes into their PASSsystem demo, they realised, this was their answer.

medications errors are a thing of the past”. Viewing the dashboard, they know minuteby-minute if there are any issues and can react immediately. And the level of detail available allows them to identify patterns and trends in advance, pre-empting issues early on. So “PASS gives complete reassurance that clients are well cared for”. If Simone does have a strange feeling about someone, she just picks up her phone to check in, and knows she can do that at any time of the day and night. As for compliance, John feels that PASS records are so well organized, with everything in perfect order, that they can produce any supporting evidence required, in any moment. The last CQC inspection was

the first time in Simone’s long career that she “didn’t feel any anxiety”. PASS saves money in many areas: paper, printing, travel, admin as well as things that can’t necessarily be measured, “because you can’t always quantify the fallout of a mistake”. John looks at the added value PASS offers too: how “it has completely reinvented the business and created more roles and enabled us to bring in more business”. The Result “PASS gives us certainty and if you can feel reassured that everything’s okay when you’re going to bed at night, well you can’t put a price on that, can you?” adds John.

“I’m calling your office to let you know about our ‘Outstanding’ rating at our latest CQC Inspection, because I felt that PASS had played such a vital part in achieving that.” The Solution PASS has transformed their care into a truly person-centred activity, which is really important for their whole outcome-based approach. Remote access is a game-changer because, although John lives part time in Spain, he is in touch as if he was in the office, at any time, 24/7, immediately updating any change in situation and instantly responding to everything. When it comes to risk management, John now feels that “with PASS in place,


Read more case studies at www.everylifetechnologies.com/case-studies/

No. You. Can’t. No, you can’t carry on thinking that running your business on paper is acceptable in the modern care environment.

Yes, you can make the transition to digital effectively

and quickly with the PASSsystem.

Because once you’ve made the decision to move on from paper, our friendly Launch Project Management Team will guide you through every step of your progress towards a more efficient, more profitable, and much safer care business, positioning you perfectly to tackle whatever the future of care brings. Oh, and don’t worry - our support doesn’t end there! Our renowned everyLIFE Customer Support Team has got your back to assist and advise you throughout your digital journey.

From sales, implementation, product launch and training, to using and ongoing support, it’s been fantastic. Thank you! Romola Ganguli – Owner, Heritage Healthcare Windsor

Start your digital journey and say goodbye to paper today


0330 094 0122



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Care² - October 2019  

Care² is an exciting and educational magazine offering you the most innovative products in the care sector and best practice techniques from...

Care² - October 2019  

Care² is an exciting and educational magazine offering you the most innovative products in the care sector and best practice techniques from...