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An Overview Of Close Protection Training UK

The role of bodyguards is critical in safeguarding the life of the principal(s) to whom they are contracted. The duties of these security personnel are typically to protect an individual or family from murder, kidnapping, abduction, loss of confidential information or other threats. Hence, the need for well trained security details properly equipped to handle any attempts to compromise the safety of their client. There are many private and state institutions providing close protection training UK .

Security escorts are generally armed and trained in first aid, advanced driving and unarmed combat. Although, the most crucial skill for a security detail entails the ability to evaluate the operational environment to minimize risk to the principals. Many public figures are protected by personnel working in groups using specialised vehicles and in some cases decoy vehicles to protect the principal.

In situations deemed to be less risky, the principal is protected by a single bodyguard. High ranking officials are accompanied by more security officials whenever the risk levels are deemed as high. Training manuals for security officers involved in VIP security duties grooms them for tactical monitoring and combat roles. They also stress the importance of commitment since in the course of carrying out their duties, bodyguards must be willing to risk life and limb to save the client.

close protection training UK