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CLOSED DOOR SALES -Exclusive Warehouse Sales Events

What is Closed Door Sales? Closed Door Sales is Australia's most exclusive warehouse

shopping club and it's 100%

FREE to join.

You can Gain exclusive access to a wide variety of quality products direct from each wholesalers warehouse.

Save up to 90% off RRP by shopping at our exclusive warehouse sales in Australia that only open to Closed Door Sales members and their family and friends on set dates throughout the year.

How to Become Member? 1. Join Closed Door Sales Shopping Club for FREE! 2. Enter your shopping preferences 3. Receive email invites to our Exclusive Warehouse Sales Events direct to your inbox!

Why Should You Join?  Exclusive entry in to wholesalers own warehouses  Save up to 90% off RRP on a huge variety of products


100% Free is

 FREE to join, FREE to attend and no commitment to spend  Attend in your own vehicle with family & friends Sales events held regularly in factory outlets Australia

Once you are a member you can view our current and forthcoming warehouse sales events and if any of our current events interest you just RSVP to reserve your spot at the sale.

What type of goods are available at these warehouses? Fashion, Footwear, Jewellery, Lingerie, Leather Goods, Toys, Gifts, Home Wares, Manchester, Confectionary, Licensed products, Cosmetics, Art & Craft products, Body Care Products, Sportswear

and lots more!

Each warehouse specialises in different stock. Not all the above goods are under the one roof and each wholesaler doesn't open on the same day.

Why pay retail prices when you can buy top quality products (as seen in retail stores) at wholesale prices and below direct from each wholesalers own storage warehouse at our exclusive member sales events.

Join today to receive regular email notification of forthcoming sales events in your area.

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Closed door sales