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Self De fense Tactics Don't A lways Have to Involve Violen ce

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Let’s face it, most of us believe that effective self defence tactics involve learning an array of martial arts moves that will destroy any attackers that come near us. The fact that such manoeuvres take a lifetime to master and years to even become proficient in is lost on us. Dreams of defeating scores of enemies in one single battle like our action heroes on the silver screen takes the place of reality and can cause people to get badly hurt. You might notice that on occasions when the hero is confronted by several

different enemies at once, the attackers never simultaneously attack which would make things much more difficult. They also never show how much training is required to beat even one man. For this reason, learning how to avoid a fight should be your first priority. It is obvious that attackers will go for the weak and vulnerable souls walking nervously down any side street. It is as easy to avoid becoming a target as it is to re-read the first sentence in this paragraph. Don’t

walk down any side streets and try not to look weak and vulnerable! There is no excuse in this modern era of excessive random violence to ever leave yourself open to attack by walking down a side street. If there is a safer route home take it, regardless of whether it takes you an extra ten minutes. The several months in intensive care you will spend otherwise should convince you not to be so foolish again. Self defense training programs should teach you to

look confident. Individuals who walk alone and are constantly peering over their narrow shoulder in anticipation of an attack are a walking bull’s-eye for thugs. On clear nights you can almost hear them salivating as the thought of another easy victim warms their dark heart. So before you are forced to use self defence tactics such as punches, kicks and weaponry, try walking down the street with your shoulders back and your head held high. Of course, don’t hold it so high so as to be blind to a potential

attack! You should look around on occasion just to be sure of your surroundings but try not to make it obvious. A casual glance should be enough to keep you informed of any potential danger. There will always be occasions when even the most confident looking person becomes the victim of an attack. After all, anyone willing to attack you at random is neither stable nor predictable. If confronted by a thug, don’t launch into your self defence training mode just yet. The mere fact that they have

not immediately attacked you means they are still sizing you up. Don’t give them a reason to think you are an easy target. Speak confidently but be on your guard in case of an attack and don’t make sudden moves. Thugs are like animals, sudden movements frighten them and cause them to act. If all else fails then you will have to fight but it doesn't always have to come to that. There are ways and means to avoid trouble, all you have to do is be smart. Regardless of how good your martial arts

skills are, there is always someone better and perhaps more importantly, there are an increasing number of firearms being carried by thugs. This means the best set of self defense tactics to use in order to get home safely involves staying away from potential trouble altogether.


There is a misconception about street fighting which states the majority of encounters involve kicking and punching. This is not the case at all as there are a myriad of reasons why combat could end up on the ground. You have to remember, attackers don’t like to take anyone on in even terms so they may try to knock you over with a barge when you are not looking. All of a sudden, you are in an extremely vulnerable position. Everything you know about self defense training is virtually useless when you’re on

the floor unless you took the time to learn a solid ground defense and attack. Believe it or not, there are an immense number of moves that can be performed when on the floor. The first thing you need to do is take your opponent off their feet before they can take advantage of their superior position. You need to find a self defense training course that teaches you ground kicks as these could be the difference between spending that night at home or in a hospital. A seated kick to the

the attacker’s knee will more than likely send them crashing to the ground. There is also a drop kick option which involves launching yourself into an opponent’s leg feet first. This is not recommended as it will result in you purposely placing yourself in a vulnerable position. Once both parties are on the floor, the opportunity to do real damage presents itself. This is when you know if a self defense training program is useful. The most worthwhile videos will show what needs to

be done when you are grappling with your assailant. One of the most popular ground techniques is the choke hold. You put both arms around your attacker’s head and drive your forearms into their neck. The pressure you place on them should restrict the flow of oxygen to the brain which may make them pass out. There are also dozens of pinning maneuvers as well as techniques which could see you injure their joints and tendons. It is also possible to break an attacker’s fingers without much difficulty when you

are both grounded. Another important aspect of ground fighting is the ability to return to a standing position quickly. It is rare to find a self defense training program that can teach you this so do your best to locate one. This is a vital skill and one which may turn the tables in your favor for the final time. There are several ways in which you can use your body to instantly take you off the floor. Useful techniques include the forward and backward shoulder roll, the sideways roll and the

two-knee recovery. All of these will help you surprise your opponent and take away any advantage they once had. Learning how to fight on the ground should be the cornerstone of any great self defense training program. The fact that it isn’t utilized enough is an indictment on the industry. If you can learn how to take a man down from the ground, subdue them when both of you are horizontal and quickly recover your feet, your attacker won’t stand a chance and you

will show there are no weaknesses in your self defense technique.


With a rather dispiriting increase in the rate of random attacks, the options facing anyone involved in a vocation where they may have to walk the streets alone in the dusk or dark are grim. You can either assume a panic stricken stance and run like the wind all the way home or you can engage in some self defense training. While there is nothing wrong with getting on your running shoes and improving your fitness to make option ‘A’ a viable one, there is no excuse not to learn how to defend yourself in the

bargain. After all, if you have the impetus to go out and jog, you should have no problems exerting a little bit of extra energy to fend off attackers who can match you stride for stride. There are a few handy and very basic ways of keeping yourself out of the clutches of any nefarious criminals that are lurking in your locality. The ultimate number one special self defense move on the planet, the groin strike, is not one of them! This may shock, alarm and possibly even cause certain

trainees to weep. Perhaps this devastating news will cause them to stop taking arms against a sea of villains and head for the hills. This is because women in particular are taught that this is the be all and end all of defensive maneuvers and are simply lost without it. So why is this a stupid self defense move to teach anyone? Well, the simple fact that every single attacker in the whole world is expecting you to aim there first is reason enough! Even novice thugs know

that this is their weak spot and will do everything to protect it. At some time in their lives, virtually every man in the world has experienced the pain of being hit in that sensitive area and it is something that only masochists would like to be repeated. Everyone else guards this region of their anatomy like it’s Fort Knox and even mentally deficient thugs are no different. Let’s imagine that’s your only move. What is your next step once your assailant cuts you off at the pass? For most people, panic strikes and they assume the

the position of scared victim that every attacker loves. This means proper self defense training is required which teaches you more than one predictable maneuver. The good news about the groin kick is the fact that every thug will be selfconscious about the area when they are attacking you and this will leave open various other options. As your training will involve counter-attacks, it will teach you how to spot openings made by an attacker. In just about any situation, your opponent will leave

their throat free to hit. A hard strike to that area is just as effective as any groin kick. So don’t be content with learning just one pointless move in your self defense training. While it is unnecessary to be a black belt in karate to properly defend yourself, you do need a handful of easily remembered moves in order to fend off the evil elements of society.

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Self Defense Tactics Don't Always Have to Involve Violence  

Let’s face it, most of us believe that effective self defense tactics involve learning an array of martial arts moves that will destroy any...

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