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How To Use This Catalog 1. With your most adorable smile :) ask your family and friends if they would like to buy something to support your school. 2. Let people know they can place orders online at or record orders on an order form. 3. If you are using an order form, collect money with your orders, and submit everything together to your school. Schools will let students know order deadlines and to whom checks should be written. Please make sure all parts of your order form are complete. Keep a copy for yourself – you’ll need it later!

Special Thanks to photographer extraordinaire, Winky Lewis, our copy editor, Miranda Ward, our models, Jia, Loli, Lucy, Vera, George, Raha, and the folks at McLaughlin Paper, Dan, Barb, and Melissa for tirelessly pitching in and for helping to make our catalog beautiful and our system effective. A true community effort! Front and back cover photographs, (and then some) ©winkylewis

102 Exchange St., Portland, ME 04101


Louis Sherry (New York)

World Renowned Tin Truffle Box: Designed in 1919 as a gift for steamship passengers, this tin has been enjoyed by kings and queens, sultans and majarajas, princesses and presidents. Contains a house selection of 12 exquisite truffles famous for their creamy texture and exceptional silkiness. $ #

sweet grass farm (new hampshire)

Meadow Triple-Milled Soap: This vegetablebased formula features pure buttermilk for skin conditioning, and natural vegetable glycerin for moisturization. Lightly scented and comfortably molded to fit your palm, these soap gems are triple milled for long lasting, lush lather. Approx. 4 oz Pure Lavender Vanilla Milk Sweet Mint

Herbal Revolution (Maine) Lemon Squeeze Tea: A delightful blend made with lemony herbs and a hint of rosemary. Enjoy this iced or warm. 1.5 oz

Restore + Relax Tea: It’s time to find a sweet ol’ porch, big shady tree or a warm cozy nook, and kick up your feet. This herbal blend is made with lemon balm, tulsi and hibiscus — relaxing, beautiful and delicious. 1.5 oz

It's tea time, baby!

NEW FOR 2017

Haven's Candies (Maine)

One Pound Milk Chocolate Lobster: This life size lobster is molded out of premium milk chocolate. Perfect for the lobster / chocolate lover in your life. No butter required!

Butternut Mountain Farm (vermont)

Pure, Infused Maple Syrup: Adding vanilla bean or cinnamon stick to pure Vermont maple syrup creates an exciting flavorful twist on the timeless taste of maple. 8.5 fluid oz Cinnamon: Vanilla:


Math Facts Tumbler: Stoneware mug with a multiplication math facts chart imprint. Holds 10 oz Handmade so slight variations may occur.

Fletcher's Mill (maINE) Wooden Condiment Bowls: Made from solid, premium New England Hardwood. Use for prep work or condiments, spices, herbs and sauces. Set of four, 2.5� diameter


EHChocolatier (MAssachusetts)

EHChocolatier (MAssachusetts)

Peppermint Bark: A holiday classic! The perfect combination of white & dark chocolate and crunchy bits of peppermint candy (natural red dye). 4.3 oz $22 #6035

Brown Butter Toffee: Made with deeply browned butter and sliced almonds, dipped in chocolate, and topped with sliced almonds and fleur de sel. A few pieces each — dark and milk chocolate! 4 oz $22 #6037

Harbor Sweets (Massachusetts) Sweet Sloops: Sailboat-shaped almond butter crunch toffee, a mainsail and jib of white chocolate floating in dark chocolate with pecan spindrift washing her sides. Packed in an elegant gold gift box. 12 pieces, 4 oz $18 #6055

Q's Nuts (Massachusetts)

EHChocolatier (MAssachusetts) Maple Roasted Chocolate Pecan Clusters: Fresh pecans roasted in maple syrup and a touch of sea salt, surrounded with soft Knob Creek caramel, and topped with 65% dark chocolate and a sprinkle of fleur de sel! Approx. 5-6 pieces. 3.8 oz $22 #6038

Spicy Nut Trio: Q’s spiciest flavors! This snack pack includes cayenne mango pecans, flaming cashews, and sweet and sassy hot almonds. Approx. 7.5 oz total $19 #6041


Q's Nuts (Massachusetts)

Fan Favorite Trio: This trio has Q’s most popular flavors: chocolate raspberry almonds, vanilla cinnamon sweet roasted cashews, and Bananas Foster pecans, packaged and ready to gift in a sweet organza pouch. Approx. 7.5 oz total

Spring Break Maple (Maine)


Maple Cotton Candy: Super maple flavor, light, fluffy, sweet and fun. Gluten-free and Kosher certified. Plenty to share! 2.5 quarts

Big Picture Farm (vermont)

Goats Milk Caramels: The finest caramel in the world, made with fresh milk from Big Picture Farm’s herd of happy, healthy goats. Winner of several national prizes for quality and innovation. 3.2 oz Raspberry Rhubarb Sea Salt & Vanilla


Dean's sweets (Maine) D&D sugarwoods Farm (vermont)

Flower Maple Candies: Delicious maple candies shaped like flowers. Each gift box contains 11-12 pieces of premium maple candy. 4 oz

Maine Sea Salt Caramels: Eight hand-made, butter-rich, burnt sugar caramels, dipped in 70% cacao bittersweet Belgian chocolate. No preservatives, and no nuts, ever. $22 Milk & Dark Chocolate: #6043 Dark Chocolate: #6044





D&D Sugarwoods farm (vermont) 4

1. Maple Syrup Sampler: Contains four grades of syrup: Fancy, Grade A medium amber, Grade A dark amber, and Grade B so you can try them all. 6.8 oz $19 #6019 2. Pure Maple Sugar Brick: Solid maple sugar, perfect for grating on oatmeal or into coffee, on ice cream or with cheese. 8 oz $14 #6002


3. 100% Pure Maple Cream: 100% pure maple syrup, but creamy and spreadable. Made in a dairy-free and nut-free kitchen. Delicious on toast, ice cream, or with a sharp cheese. 8 oz $15 #6018

FARM SteaDY (New York)

4. Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese Kit: Everything you need to make a dozen everything bagels and homemade cultured cream cheese. Instructions included.

Stonewall Kitchen (Maine)

5. Pancake & Waffle Mix: Makes a light and fluffy, delicious breakfast that everyone will love. 1 lb $12 #6020 6. Wild Maine Blueberry Syrup: Perfect with pancakes and French toast, or drizzled on top of ice cream. 8.5 oz $12 #6021




Anne Riggs (Maine)

7. Eco-Friendly Fabric Sandwich & Snack Wraps: One snack bag, and one sandwich bags, stitched locally, and made of cotton cloth and lined with nylon, with a Velcro strip closure. Flip inside out and machine wash. Set of 2



New England Cupboard (Maine)

Authentic Maine Whoopie Pie Mix: Natural and delicious, these little regional cakes will make you the hero of the bake sale, or the birthday party champion. Makes 12+ Whoopie Pies. $12 #6048

nom nom nom!

The Original Bangor Brownie Mix: According to Maine legend, in the early 1900s, a Bangor woman was making a chocolate cake and it fell. Rather than dispose of it, she cut it into squares and served it to her guests. Thus, the first brownie was born and it was delicious. $14 #6049

Wilbur's of Maine (Maine) Chocolate Covered Blueberries: Blueberry fans, listen up! These berries are dried, then covered in luscious milk chocolate for the perfect bite of local goodness. Packaged in a sturdy, keepsake box. 1 lb $25 #6012

Fudge Everything! (MAssachusetts) Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce: Decadent and creamy, artisan dark chocolate sauce. Delicious on ice cream, toast, cake, or straight from the jar! 8.7 oz $14 #6039


2 1

Lost Woods (Maine)

1. Hot Sauce: This chili-based hot sauce has incredible flavor. Heat-wise it’s about a 5 out of 10. Like jeans, it goes with everything. Sold individually. 8 oz #6061

Stonewall Kitchen (Maine) 2. Classic Jam Gift Set: One of each, Wild Maine Blueberry Jam and Strawberry Jam, packaged up fancy and gift-ready. 25 oz total. $29 #6022

Fletcher's Mill (Maine)

3. Mortar & Pestle: Gently release the natural

oils and flavors from cinnamon, garlic, cloves, nuts and other dried herbs and spices. Grind your own in small batches for healthy, fresh cooking. Made from solid New England Hardwood. 3.5” diameter.

D&D Sugarwoods Farm (Vermont)

4. Pure Maple Sugar Candy Frogs: Delicious maple candies shaped like frogs. Each gift box contains 11 pieces of premium maple candy. $14 #6003

VermontSmoke & Cure (Vermont)

5. Uncured Summer Sausage: This delectable snack has a clean, tangy flavor and is made from slow fermentation, without sodium nitrite. Antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed beef and pork, and no added hormones. Sold individually. 12 oz $10 #6058

Maine Sea Salt (Maine)

6. Natural Maine Sea Salt Jar: These fancy salt jars come boxed and gift-ready, full of 100% Maine Sea Salt. The sea water used comes from Buck’s Harbor, and is evaporated in shallow pools in solar greenhouses. 6 oz $14 #6059

3 4

Local flavah

Sugarwoods Maple (Vermont) 7. The Original Maple Pepper: The age-old flavor of sweet maple sugar combines with the zest of black pepper to create an exciting taste for grilling, salads and vegetables. 3 oz





Bedrock Tree Farm (Rhode Island)

Bedrock Tree Farm Fir Needle Products candle and soap products business began in 2011 on Angie and Tom Geary’s tree farm in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Their products were developed with a desire to find a use for the endless fir needle branches that Tom shears to the ground and are left to turn to mulch. All candle products are made at the farm with all- natural, 100% soy wax and their signature fir needle base.

Bedrock Tree Farm (Rhode Island)

Scented with freshly harvested fir needle powder, dried right on the farm!

Wooden Wick Lavender Pine Soy Candle: Lavender Essential oils meet a fir needle soy base, creating a unique and pleasantly surprising scent. Topped with lavender buds, for extra loveliness. Wooden Wick Fir Needle Soy Candle: An award-winning candle, handcrafted using freshly harvested fir needles, dried fir needle powder, and premium fir needle essential oils to enhance the incredible aroma of a freshly sheared branch.


8 ounce, hand poured and made with renewable, water soluble, US-grown soy wax, and a cotton wick. Burn time: 50 hours

Sweet Shoppe Candles (massachusetts)

Italian Garden Tomato Candle in a Can: 100% organic soy and no dyes, this garden fresh fragrance smells just like tomato stems freshly snapped from the vine. 16 oz Apple Bread Jar Candle: This soy jar candle evokes the wonderful aroma of freshly baked apple bread! Slightly sweet notes from brown sugar and clove with a burst of spiced apples 16 oz. Banana Nut Bread Jar Candle: This soy jar candle evokes the mouth-watering aroma of oven-baked banana bread. A delicious combination of walnuts, creamy ripe banana, vanilla, and a touch of spice. 16 oz.

Noon Designs (Rhode Island)

Enjoy Today Soy Candle: Grapefruit & white peach ripe, citrusy grapefruit balanced with sweet peach nectar. Stand Tall Soy Candle: White tea and thyme Bergamot, lavender, mandarin, thyme and ylang ylang essential oils.


Use the warmth of your hands to mold the wrap and create a seal. Made from organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil, Bee's Wraps are the perfect alternative to plastic wrap. Naturally antibacterial. 1

Soulshine Soap Co. (Maine) Organic Solid Lotion Bar Made with Maine beeswax and premium organic butters, and lavender oil. Thoughtfully hand-poured, in small batches. Simply hold your lotion bar in your hands and the butters will warm, providing a smooth, natural moisturizer for chapped or dry skin. 1.5 oz.


Bee's Wraps (Vermont) 1. Button Sandwich Wraps: Taking lunch to go? Build your sandwich, fold in corners and wrap string around wooden bee button. Can also be used as a placemat. Sold individually. 13” x 13” $26 #6073 2. Beeswax Food Wraps Multipack: Wrap bread, cheese, vegetables, or cover a bowl! 3 wraps: 1 small (7” x 8”), 1 medium (10” x 11”), and 1 large (13” x 14”). $24 #6072

The Bower Studio (Massachusetts) 3. Bee Seed Card Set: Four plantable seed cards featuring bee designs by artist Isa Wang: Honey Bee, Bumble Bee, Squash Bee, and Mason Bee. Kraft envelopes. 4.25” x 5.5”

Sunbeam Candles (New York) 4. Beeswax Lotus Flower Candle: Hand-carved in the studio from 100% pure beeswax. Burns 40 hours, 3” tall 5. Beeswax Honeycomb Pillar: Poured solid, rather than wrapped, for a long burn time. Burns 50 hours. 3” x 3”




a tiny bit goes a long way!

Touch 'n Go farm (Vermont)

Best Bee Savvy Beeswax Salve: This natural beeswax salve is made with organic coconut oil, natural beeswax, and essential oils. It helps distressed, dry skin, minor burns, cuts, abrasions, and eczema. Its naturally antibacterial and antifungal properties help protect the skin, and... it feels amazing. Packaged in a 1.8 oz jar, for ease while traveling.

Hudson Valley Seed Library (New York)

Pollinator Garden Seed Set: The top five powerful pollinatorattracting flower varieties are in this special assortment. Each seed pack is aimed at attracting a specific class of pollinators, and when combined, creates the ultimate habitat for our sweet friends. $26 #6241

Liddabit Sweets (New York)

Fresh Pickins Farm (Maine)

Raw Maine Wildflower Honey: Honey from happy bees! A broad spectrum of nectars creates a wonderfully floral taste. This honey is “raw” which means it comes straight from the honeycomb, with no pasteurization, keeping beneficial nutrients intact. 9 oz jar. $15 #6027

Fletcher's Mill (Maine)

Hardwood Honey Dipper: Made from solid New England hardwood. Precisely blended contours and exceptionally deep bottom grooves are designed to capture and disperse the honey effortlessly.

It's The Bee's


Simply add one teaspoon to a cup of hot water for a delicious soothing cup of tea.

Honeycomb Candy: Sponge candy. Hokey-Pokey. Fairy food. Seafoam. Ambrosia. It’s crispychewy, light and airy; flavored with golden honey from Tremblay Apiaries in the Fingerlakes region of NY. Made in small batches, broken into pieces, and dipped in dark chocolate. 4.5oz $15 #6016


Sunrise Tea: A turmeric-based caffeine-free blend, including lemon and orange peel, licorice, black pepper, ginger and coconut milk. 8 oz Bee-ing Better Honey Tea: Contains herbs and citrus for soothing and healing, ginger root for defense, and a spark of cayenne to combat the blahs! 8 oz


Hand Printed


Erin Flett (Maine) 1. Navy Floral Clutch: Hand printed onto high quality natural oatmeal linen. Gusset bottom to stand up. USA-made industrial metal zipper. 9” x 4” Soy Wax Candles: Hand-poured with high quality soy wax, essential oils and cotton wicks. 2. Orange: Citrus/grapefruit 3. Navy: Warm & woodsy




Velvet Clutch: Super soft 100% cotton velvet, with hand-printed linen navy dot pattern inside, industrial gold brass zipper and recycled leather tab. Gusset bottom to stand up. 9” x 4”

New England Bells (New Hampshire)

6. Navy:

Traditional Strap Door Hanger: A deep-tone brass bell that easily fits over any standard size door knob. A stylish way to be informed of people’s comings and goings. 5.75” long with a 2.5” ring. $20 #6106


Heavy Canvas Tray: A desktop organizer, magazine catch, storage bin, phone tray, jewelry tray, serving tray, anything you like. Adds a pop of color to any room. 8.5 x 11 4. Goldenrod: 5. Navy Floral:

7. Berry Pink:

8. Linen Pencil Bag: Hand printed and sewn, 100% linen, canvas lined, USA industrial metal zipper, gold brass pull with recycled leather, gusset bottom to stand up. 9” x 2” Glasses: Dishwasher safe. 4 per set, screen printed with lead-free soy inks. 9. Rocks: One of each design, 8 oz $49 #6122 10. Tall: One of each design, 12.5 oz $52 #6123




7 10



Noon Designs (Rhode Island)

Tea Towel: Super soft, lint-free and absorbent. Silk-screened onto unbleached USA cotton flour sack fabric. Red Radish Green Urchin Blue Waves

you clean up REAL Nice!

SoulShine Soap Company (Maine)

Laundry Stain Stick 2-Pack: These unscented, pure coconut oil stain sticks are tiny powerhouses when it comes to stain removal! Works on setin or fresh stains. No harsh chemicals. Two, 2 oz bars. $15 #6152


Stonewall Kitchen (Maine)

Hand Soap: Vitamin-rich hand soaps that leave your skin soft, clean, and smelling like the French countryside. 16.9 fl oz $16 Lavender Mint: #6150, Herbs de Provence: #6151

The SNO Company (Connecticut)

LooHoO (Maine)

Wool Dryer Balls: A reusable, energy-saving alternative to dryer sheets. Naturally soften clothes and reduce dryer time, with no chemicals. Colors vary. $30 #6148

Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner: This multi-purpose powerhouse cleaner is formulated from nature’s most powerful cleaning agents, and can be used on just about everything! A fierce stain remover, this solution is the best. Safe for children & pets, 100% plant-based, kosher certified ingredients. Made in an FDA food grade facility. $19 #6149


play, create, practice, enjoy! Crumble (Maine)

Crumble is a multiplayer family board game in which players take turns moving across a changing tile-based board, collecting treasure, learning skills and creating tools, while avoiding treacherous terrain and keeping ahead of the crumbling coastline. Crumble has simple roll-and-move rules with additional components that allow for strategic play and planning, encouraging face-to-face social interaction in the form of teamwork, trading and more.

"It's great! It's the perfect game to keep in a backpack to play with my friends." (Graduated classmate, T. Howard)

Student-Made! Ages 10 to Adult (small Pieces, not for little kids)

Teknikio (New York)

Activating Origami Set: This kit teaches you how to add circuits to paper to make your paper sculptures light up and move! Sparking Sense Set: This kit teaches you how to design and build gadgets and walks you through several different simple sensors and mechanisms. Fabtronic Sewing Set: Learn how to add circuits to your clothes, plush animals, and other textiles! Custom sewable boards make it easy to integrate circuits even if you’re just learning how to sew.

design & build gadgets!

Julian Bernard is a student at Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, a high school in Portland, Maine. Crumble is the culmination of two years of Julian’s playtesting and revisions. He designed all aspects of the game, including layout, packaging, & artwork.

Bring paper to life!

Textiles meet tech styles!

Created by an 8 year old girl from massachusetts!

Ceaco (Massachusetts)

Sleeping Queens: A super fun, award-winning family game that teaches addition, subtraction, and strategy.


Pets Rock Puzzle: A 550 piece jigsaw puzzle of stylized Pop icons. Can you name them?

Selfies Puzzle: 550 piece jigsaw puzzle of an adorable animal group selfie.

The Cowboy Yoyo (Maine)

The Cowboy Yoyo is one of the greatest American games no one has ever heard of. Handmade in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, by Teddy Stoecklein, a Maine cowboy with roots in Idaho, these cult classics are named in honor of Teddy’s uncle, David Stoecklein (who was inducted posthumously into the Idaho Rodeo Hall of Fame).

The Cowboy Yoyo (Maine)

Simple? Don’t be fooled. This Western game is more of a puzzle than a toy, and has been around since the days of the Wild West. The Cowboy Yoyo is a wooden ball at the end of a one meter rope. The object of the game is to throw a loop over the ball, tying a knot in the line. Tricks and video online at For kids and adults age 9+

MAKE YOUR OWN NATURAL CANDY! Glee Gum Teck (Vermont) (Rhode Island) Cardboard Pinbox 3000 Cardboard Tabletop Pinball Machine Kit: The sky’s the limit for your

DIY Candy Kits: Educational and eco-friendly, each kit comes with natural ingredients, simple instructions, and a brief history. Connect to the global community and create something yummy in the process. Everything you need is included. Adult supervision recommended. Ages 8 & up! $18 Chewing Gum Kit: (makes 30 – 50 pieces of chewing gum): #6176; Gummies Kit: (makes about 15 delicious, sour gummy candies): #6175; Chocolate Kit: (makes about 20 pieces of chocolate, and includes a cacao bean for you to nibble on while you wait): #6177

custom design. Interchangeable play boards allow the user to switch the cartridges. The launcher and the flippers are powered by rubber bands, so no batteries or screens are needed, (unless, of course, adding electronics is what you do). Each PinBox 3000 contains: 12 sheets containing 39 die-cut parts (two interchangeable play boards in each game) • 30 box rivets • 12 rubber bands • 3 marbles • one hook tool, one mini pencil, one golf tee • Instruction and inspiration booklet • two blank play boards, each with their own flipper/launcher system.


Pirasta NYC (New York)

“Let’s Color America” Mega-Poster: Take a tour of the USA with this map depicting the fifty states with all their splendor and diversity. Illustrated with fun and quirky charm, you can color America while charting its great historical landmarks, its glorious monuments of nature, and the specific foods and people that make every corner of the country so unique. 63” x 36”


“What a Colorful World” Mega-Poster: Go on a globetrotting adventure! In joyful detail, this map celebrates the cultural diversity that can be found across the earth. From traditional dress and historical landmarks to iconic foods and natural wonders. 63” x 39”

Fishcakes (Maine)

Guinea Pig Plushie Kit: Make your own guinea pig plushie! Each kit contains pre-printed fleece, plastic safety eyes, stuffing, and an illustrated instruction book. Suitable for first-time crafters. Makes one little friend.




bes er!

Maple Landmark (Vermont)

Mancala: A game loved the world over. Pine board, 60 colorful stones and a pouch for storage. $28 #6183

Mancala (left): Based on the African stone counting game, this pine board comes with colorful stones and a pouch to hold them. Great educational game and fun to play. Instructions included. Two Person Chinese Checkers (below): This beautiful Chinese checker board is made of solid cherry and has a clear finish. Instructions on how to play are laser engraved on the back. A pouch is included to keep the marbles safe when not in use. Marble colors vary.

Maple Landmark (Vermont)

Backyard Birds Memory Tiles: The classic matching game with beautiful, full-color images of common backyard birds. Art by Roger Tory Peterson. 24 tiles and a cloth storage pouch. $32 #6234

All Aboard!! Train Whistle & Blast Chart Learn how train workers communicated up and down the line. Sounds just like the real thing. Crafted from responsibly harvested, unfinished pine and high quality birch plywood. 8.25�


Stitch, Weave, Hammer & Build

1 2


You Can Learn Kits (Connecticut) 1. Tin Punching Kit: Learn to punch tin like an early American tinsmith’s apprentice! Kit includes: 12 pre-cut tin circles, 3 nails, ribbons or string for hanging, sample designs and template, easy, photo-illustrated instructions. Ages 8+ $18 #6174 2. Weaving Kit: This learning kit teaches ages 8 and up how to weave on a loom. They have crafted a simple loom for weaving mug mats or bookmarks. The various colors of yarn produce a unique, fringed mat. Yarn colors are assorted. 3. Embroidered Drawstring Bag Kit: This learning kit teaches ages 8 and up the basic skills to embroider on embroidery cloth. Kit includes illustrated instructions and all the supplies needed. Floss colors and design patterns are assorted.

Katrinkles (Rhode Island)

Ornament Kit: Includes one set of two un-stitched birch ornaments, a 7” length of cotton cord, a small tapestry needle, felt to cover the back and 2 yards of thread to stitch them (colors vary). Snowflakes: 2” x .125” Mittens: 2.5” x 2.5” x 1/8”.

Universal Knitting & Crochet Tool: This versatile and accurate laser-cut gauge has holes for measuring knitting needles size 0-50, metric sizes, crochet hooks sizes B-P and a gauge swatch cutout marked with both centimeters and inches. Made of domestic hardwood.


Eco-Kids (Maine) Meet Cammie, Kip and their kids Jack, Maggie and Gus. They are eco-kids

— a family run business that produces all natural art supplies. It began simply, as all good things do, with the molding dough recipe Cammie’s mom made for her as a child. From there, eco-kids evolved. Their line of art supplies gives children the tools to create using non-toxic, natural ingredients with environmentally friendly packaging. Ž

Eco-Crayon Sticks: Triangle-shaped for easy grip and no-rolling! 20 per pack.

Made with All Natural Plant & Fruit Extracts Eco Dough: Safe and beautiful dough, featuring allnatural ingredients from plant, fruit and vegetable extracts and essential oils that keep the dough soft and pliable. Five 4 oz containers. $22 #6171 Eco Paint: Powder-based, tactile and exploratory. For fingers or a paintbrush. Five 4 oz pouches. $22 #6172

Eco-Soy Pas: A classic pastel made with soy and earth clay. 6 per box.

Maineland Design (Maine)

Rock Blocks: This 30-piece set of irregularly cut wood blocks combine to form intriguing landscapes, challenging stacks, and beautiful color arrangements. Made from northeastern ash, stained with water-based pigments, and sealed with all-natural PolyWhey.




COZY COMFORT Grampa's Garden (Maine)

1. Eye & Sinus Pack: Heated or cooled, this silky compress soothes sinus congestion, headache and eye strain. Removable, washable cover. $29 #6088 2. Organic Cotton Thera Pack: This pack conforms to the upper back, shoulders and chest. When warmed it offers soothing comfort and helps to reduce stress and tension. Removable, washable, cover. $46 #6089 3. Focus Essential Oil Blend: Encourages concentration and grounding. Roll onto ear lobes, chest, feet, pressure points or simply inhale. 100% therapeutic-grade lavender, atlas cedar wood, vetiver, and jojoba oil. .34 oz roller bottle



4. Relax Essential Oil Blend: Encourage relaxation with this beautiful blend of essential oils, including lavender. Roll onto pressure points, or simply inhale the aroma. .34 oz roller bottle

All products are microwaveable for warmth or can be put in the freezer for cool comfort. Packs are made with all-natural grains and spices for a pleasing, mild, comforting aroma.


5. Flannel Body Shawl: When warmed or cooled, this generous pad provides therapy for full back, belly, shoulders, knees, arms and legs. It is the best bed warmer ever. 20” x 28” $58 #6090


6. Red Healing Heart Pack: Everyone needs a little love. Warm your heart, heat your bed, soothe aches and pains. 9” across $28 #6093


7. Hand Warmers / Cooling Packs: Heat these reusable little helpers for 30 seconds, then pop them in your mittens or coat pockets. Good for aches and pains, too! 8. Sleepy Teddy Pack: This sweet teddy face will soothe aches and pains and provide a cozy, peaceful night’s sleep. Makes a great wintertime bed warmer! Face is embroidered for safety. 8” across.



Noon Designs (Rhode Island) 1. “Salty Sea” Sugar Whipped Soap: Fine sugar gently polishes and softens skin, with tons of bubbly lather! Salty Sea is a sweet yet salty combo of oceanic accords with cardamom & clove essential oils. 10 oz.

Dr. DandelioN (Maine) 2. Botanical Soap 3-Pack: Made by hand in small batches using organic plant oils. Gentle & moisturizing, with rich, creamy lather. One each, Orange Blossom, Peppermint & Lavender. 4 oz each bar. $22 #6130 3. Loofah Soap 3-Pack: A loofah inside each bar! These luscious bars exfoliate as they melt around their inner loofahs, leaving skin smooth and soft. Orange Blossom, Peppermint & Lavender. 4 oz each. $22 #6131 4. Lavender Bath Oil: All-natural sweet almond oil, infused with lavender. Use in the tub, or directly on skin. 4 oz $16 #6132

coryelle Clayworks (Maine) 2

5. “Om Spout” Neti Pot: Irrigating your sinuses provides entirely natural relief from nasal congestion, sinus headaches, and sore throats. Made of true vitrified porcelain, this high ­quality material ensures that your neti pot will remain hygienic, durable and dishwasher safe throughout its use. Made by hand in Maine.

Ollie + Max (Massachusetts)

6. Winter Therapy Kit: One moisturizing lip balm in a soothing, minty herbal scent and a 2 oz container of natural vapor rub, to help ease the discomforts of winter ailments. $20 #6147 7. Lavender Mini Spa Set: Includes a 2 oz jar of lavender bath salts, a .5 oz lavender mini solid lotion bar and a .15 oz lavender vanilla lip balm, packaged as a gift.



Good for you!

5 4





ts er!

Whimsical Lip Balm Trio: A three-tube set of creamy beeswax and butter lip balms, snug in their own little handstamped muslin bag. $18 #6144


Long Winter Soap Co. (maine)

(Spearmint & cotton candy) (pumpkin & peanut butter)

Mad Gab's (Maine)

Holiday Moose Smooch Lip Balm 3-Pack: Best-selling Moose Smooch in Candy Cane, Hot Cocoa & Sugar Cookie. New formula is 93% organic, 100% natural and great for all ages! Hydrates lips with organic olive oil. $12 #6141

Curious Nature Apothecary (Rhode Island)

Self Care Gift Kit: Ideal for gifting or travel, this kit features uplifting citrus aromas. Included: 1 oz bottle of Juice and Juniper Body Oil, a pouch of Ember Bathing Salts, and a signature-scented, hand-poured natural soy candle.

cubes) (Apples & sugar

The Orange Owl (Vermont)

Lemon Twist Body Butter: Zesty essential oils of lemon and lime, with sweet grapefruit, will remind you of bright summer days. The concentrated oils will leave you feeling smooth and fabulous without the grease. 7 oz

Blissful Brine Bath Salts: Made using an optimally balanced combination of Epsom, Dead Sea Mineral and Himalayan Pink Salts, these bath salts are your gateway to a blissful spa experience. Calming essential oils of lavender, peppermint, grapefruit and lemongrass rejuvenate your senses. 7 oz


Florapothecarie (connecticut)

great gifts for

Acne Spot Treatment: Roll this on twice a day at the first sign of a blemish and it’ll zap it away like magic. White willow bark (high in salicylic acid, acne’s biggest enemy), lavender essential oil, and tea tree oil.


Deodorant Cream: Finally, a natural deodorant that truly works, made with ultra-moisturizing coconut oil and antibacterial shea butter. Bergamot, orange, and tea tree essential oils combine with arrowroot and baking soda to keep odor-causing bacteria at bay all day.

Ollie + Max (Massachusetts)

Sore Muscle Balm: Arnica oil and St. John’s Wort oil combine to help soothe and ease the discomfort of sore, overworked muscles. Add menthol, cayenne and cinnamon essential oil and it sounds hot, right? Mild, so folks with sensitive skin can use it, too. 2 oz

For face, pits, bath, body, hands, muscles & gear bag, everything teens need to keep it fresh!

"BYe Bye Blemishes!"


Premium Natural BodyforCare

W.O.D.Welder (New Hampshire)

2. Natural Peppermint/Eucalyptus Bar Soap: Long-lasting with thick, skinfriendly suds, this bar provides an antifungal and antibacterial protective shield. Also contains comfrey root, a world renowned antiinflammatory and cell regenerating compound.


3. Odor Crushers: Sick of offending everyone within a one mile radius of your gym bag? Pop an odor crusher sack into your gear bag, your shoes, your sock drawer, your car, your hamper - any place you need to freshen up. Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils squash the stink and provide natural antibacterial and antifungal action. 3-Pack 4. Solid Salve: Hydrate those calluses! Allnatural ingredients hydrate your hands like no water based lotions can, and help them recover from the toughest workouts. Sold individually.

2 3


1. Muscle Recovery Bath Shot: Feeling super sore? Soak it out with this winning combination of epsom salts, peppermint and eucalyptus oils, milk thistle, and aloe vera. Two baths per tube. Sold individually.


Totes Adorbs!

Sea Bags (Maine)

Sail Cloth Totes: The original! This tote is beloved for its durability, generous compartment, and bold graphic statement. Made from recycled sail cloth, on the beautiful coast of Maine. 14” x 5.5” x 14” Navy Anchor $140 #6248 Red Heart: $170 #6251

Morris+Essex (Maine)


Handprinted Jersey Scarves: Super-comfy and three-season, these original patterns are printed on sustainable bamboo-cotton jersey fabric, using non-toxic water based textile inks. The result is an unbelievably soft fabric with a beautiful drape. Generous 18” x 56” size with raw edges. ORDER ONLINE AT CLOSEBUYCATALOG.COM


Kiki Keychain Multi-Tool: Tool box meets key ring! Kiki is that tool you need when the rest are out of reach. Measure, pry, tighten a screw or simply open a bottle. Made of stainless steel.


Stringin' along with me (Maine) 1. Entwined Hoop Guitar String Earrings: A single guitar string wrapped around itself to form an endless hoop with a hand forged silver accent at the top. 1.25” diameter

Beadlebot (Maine) Port Living Co. (Maine)


3. Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings: A single freshwater pearl hangs from hand-forged sterling silver earwires. Earrings measure approximately 1 1/8” in length.

Culinarium Concrete Pinch Bowl: This minimalist, elegant distinctive design is food-safe, and perfect for salt, rings, quarters, chocolate chips... whatever you’ve got. 3” x 3” x 2” $18 #6013


4. Freshwater Pearl Orbit Necklace: A single freshwater pearl is suspended within a silver ring, hanging from an adjustable sterling chain. Measures approx. 16”- 18”. 5. Horizontal Bar Necklace: Sterling silver hammered horizontal bar pendant on an adjustable sterling chain. Measures approx. 16”- 18”.

Anchor me (Massachusetts)

Anchor Me Bracelet : Is someone your anchor? This sweet little bracelet will remind them all day long. Silver ox, navy waxed cotton, adjustable bead closure. Heal Me Bracelet: Seeking a calmer mind, body, and spirit? Wear or give these beads as a reminder to slow down, breathe, and listen to your inner voice. Silver ox, black waxed cotton, adjustable bead closure.

2. Freshwater Pearl Cluster Earrings: A trio of tiny pearls cluster together and hang delicately from hand-formed sterling silver ear wires. Approx. 1” in length.


6. Brushed Gold Heart Necklace: Brushed gold metal bead strung on sterling silver adjustable chain. Necklace measures approximately 16”- 18”.




6 25

Pop Chart Lab (New York)

In 2010, a book editor and a graphic designer joined forces with one modest goal: to render all of human experience in chart form. They went on to amass no small renown (that is, a ton of renown) for their infographical treatments of the varieties of beer, the full array of culinary tools, a taxonomy of hip-hop, and dozens more mappings of cultural touchstones. Now, with a small team of researchers, designers, and soldiers, Pop Chart Lab continues to assemble, sift, cull, and arrange massive amounts of cultural data into meaningful works of art and information.

Scratch the foil to reveal a story-specific cover detail! 100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Chart: Need a book recommendation? How about 100? Scratch that literary itch with this stunning scratch-off chart of essential novels from 1605-present. Each timeless work is represented by an evocative, hand-drawn cover design. Gently scratch the gold foil off each novel you’ve read and reveal an additional, narrative-specific design detail hidden underneath! 18” x 24”

For Book Lovers

Princeton Tec (New Jersey)

Point Hat Clip Light: A flexible neck to direct light wherever it is needed and 10 lumens and 36 hours burn time, the Point Hat Clip light is the perfect tool for a variety of tasks.


Out of Print Clothing (Rhode Island)

Library Card Tote: Celebrate the iconic library check out card motif of our youth. Inner pocket. 14” x 18” $26 #6155

Banned Books Tote: Stick it to censorship with this original design, highlighting 50 of the most banned or challenged books, according to the ALA. Inner pocket. 13.5” x 15.5“ $22 #6156

ello there (new York)

National Park Checklist Map with Stickers: This map lists all of the official National Parks of the US. Each park is marked with a numbered tree that goes with a corresponding sticker to mark the park once you’ve visited. Once you’ve visited several parks your map will fill up, making a personalized forest of your travels! 11” x 17”

ello there (new York)

National Park Illustrated Calendar: This detailed, fully illustrated calendar showcases twelve of our nation’s beautiful National Parks, includimg Olympic, Everglades, Arches, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Smoky Mountains, Sequoia, Hawaii Volcanoes, Glacier Bay, Crater Lake and Acadia. Printed on thick white stock, with a hole at the top, ready to hang. 8.5” x 11”

Yaya Organics (new Hampshire)

Tick Ban: An effective, 100% plant-based tick repellent. This Deet-free solution is made with a special blend of essential oils that ticks avoid! Use on people and pets, skin and clothing. The scent is fresh and uplifting. 4 oz

for Outdoor Adventurers Sea Bags (Maine)

All Purpose Tool / Picnic / Knitting / Everything Bucket: This design features six exterior pockets constructed from navy waxed canvas. Collapsible for easy storage and transport, this bucket is the perfect holder for anything at home or on the go. Hand-spliced hemp rope handles. 11” high x 7” wide.

Zootility (Maine)

Pocket Monkey: A multi-tool that fits in your wallet! 12 functions, incl. bottle opener, 6 hex wrenches, Phillips head, & flat head screwdrivers, micro screwdriver, ruler, straight edge, headphone cord wrap, door latch slip, TSA compliant! $18 #6229

Princeton Tec (New Jersey)

Impulse Keychain Light: The ultimate personal multi-task light! Powered by 2 lithium coin cells, the Ultrabright LED burns up to 36 hours and has 3 modes: low, high and flash; features both a quick release clip, and a hat clip. For your keychains and backpack!


Kettle cove Enterprises (Maine)

Lobster Trap Bird Feeder: A unique, squirrelresistant, rugged, feeder (after all, the trap components are made to survive salt water). The feeders are simple to fill and the hanger can attach to nearly anything. The lobster trap wire is PVC-coated galvanized steel, and the feeder bowl is galvanized steel. 7.5” long x 7.5” wide x 12” high



Plant-the-Box Candles: Environmentally-friendly candles, in fully recycled, biodegradable, FSC-Certified, plantable packages that are infused with seeds that will grow the flowers of the candle’s scent. 60-hour burn time. 10 oz Heath Lavender Siam Poppy

Droll Yankees (connecticut)

Observer Window Feeder: Get unobstructed and close-up views of birds feeding at your window! Made from sturdy smoke tinted polycarbonate plastic. Fill dish with seed, fruit, meal worms, or suet. Tapered overhanging deflects weather and keeps large birds out. Lifetime warranty against squirrel damage. Suction cup attachment. 7” wide. $22 #6232


Droll Yankees (connecticut)

The Ruby Sipper Window Hummingbird Feeder: Resting on a stainless steel suction cup mount, this features three ports. The clear nectar dish holds 5 oz and features an engraved nectar recipe for the perfect mixture every time. Free port cleaning brush included. $18 #6235

Pop Chart Lab (New York)

Birds of North America Poster: Your field guide to the birds of North America! The product of over 400 hours of intricate illustration work by a talented team of artists, this unabridged aviary features over 740 birds drawn to scale, and sorted by species, covering the continent’s avifauna (both native and introduced, as designated by the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology) Packaged in a Pop Chart Lab Test Tube. 39” x 27” Printed on 100 lb. archival stock certified by The Forest Stewardship Council, this poster is pressed in Long Island City with vegetable-based inks.

features over 740 fair-feathered friends drawn to scale

For bird lovers Maple Landmark (Vermont)

Back Yard Birds Coaster Set: The illustrations of Roger Tory Peterson from his Field Guide to North American Birds adorn these lovely wooden coasters. Set of four, 3.75” diameter

Dr. Dandelion (Maine)

Gardener’s Scrub: A beautiful combination of soap, herbs & oils that leaves your hands smooth, soft, and smelling amazing! A great product to keep sink-side for everyday exfoliation. Also makes an excellent foot scrub. 10 oz $22 #6242

Farm Steady (New York)

Seed Bombs: The purest form of guerrilla gardening with a bouquet of future flowers, encased in mixed soil. Originating in Japan as a method of natural farming, they’re a fantastic way to introduce something beautiful into otherwise unused dirt.


Peace is the


Swallowfield (Maine)

“Stand Up” Print: Archival quality print, made using the giclee process. 8’ x 10” Set of 10 “Stand Up” Postcards: Ten postcard set, packaged in a celo sleeve. 4” x 6”

Jessica Teesdale (Maine)

Peace Pendant: Made by hand, stamped in earthenware clay, glazed and fired. Pendants dangle from adjustable waxed cotton cord. Approx .75” x 1”

Maple Landmark (vermont)

Earth Puzzle: Like figuring out universal healthcare, this 12 piece puzzle is a little harder than it looks! Made of hardwood, this durable globe comes with a cloth pouch for storage. 12” diameter

Long Winter Farm (Maine) Lip Balm Trio: One tube each of Nasty Woman (walnut and hot coffee), Bad Hombre (churro), and Snowflake (hot chocolate) lip balms in a hand-stamped muslin bag.



Akakpo & co. (Maine)

Ebenezer Akakpo creates exquisite jewelry and home goods using symbolic designs originating from his native West African country, Ghana. A blend of industrial design and computer technology has led to his creation of modern jewelry and home goods with meaningful designs. Ebenezer began jewelry-making in gold and diamond, at age 18. At 21, he moved to Italy to study jewelry design and stone settings, then later transitioned to the Maine College of Art to pursue his BFA, then his Master’s in industrial design from Rochester Institute of Technology.

SYMBOL OF HOPE “Represents the acceptance of our physical limitations and our trust in a greater power.”

SYMBOL OF UNITY “Represents the chains that bind together a community for the betterment of all members.”

Wool Felt Coaster Set Each felt coaster caries an important message. Absorbent, colorful, scratch-free and functional. 4” diameter, 3/16" thick, 2 per set $ #

Sunbeam Candles (new york)

Beeswax Buddha Candle: Laughing Buddha is a popular figure admired for his generosity. Some say rubbing his belly brings good luck and prosperity. 100% pure beeswax and a lead-free cotton wick. Burns 40 hours. 4.5” tall Candle for Peace: Beeswax and non-GMM soy wax, blended with eucalyptus, lemongrass, and cedarwood essential oils. Burns 60 hours. 3”x4”

Sunbeam Candles contributes 30% of the profits from the Candle For Peace to humanitarian organizations working toward creating equality in the realms of health care, mental health, housing, social services, and political & social justice.


Harbor Sweets (Massachusetts)

Gather 12-Piece Chocolate Box A flight of flavor experiences, showcasing six distinct flavors that are unified by rich notes of 70% cacao dark chocolate, and complemented by a lighter note of local wildflower honey. Includes: Caramelized Honey, Pomegranate Molasses, Sour Cherry, Sesame Crunch, Coconut Cluster, Cashew Caramel

These partnering businesses care about kids, the environment, and the local economy, and have generously supported Close Buy through their sponsorship.

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