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Clone TV Interview – Steve a.k.a SithLord229 His name is Steve, but I guess he’s better known as SithLord229, the name of his Youtube Channel which he describes as “the Number one channel to check out on YouTube for HD reviews on the NEWEST & COOLEST Star Wars Collectibles, ranging from Hasbro, to Sideshow Collectibles”. And we here at Clone TV agree with him, as we don’t miss one of his reviews while craving to, one day, have a collection as awesome as the one he shows in his videos. And because we believe that fans have a major role in keeping Star Wars alive, we asked him a few questions that he kindly answered us.

Ilustração 1: Steve himself

Clone TV: Hello Steve. First off all thank you for your time. To begin, because we’re guessing many people know you only as SithLord229, could you give us a little more info on yourself?

Steve: Hi there, thank you for your questions! I’m looking forward to answering your questions! So, obviously my name is Steve, I’m 20 years old & outside of YouTube & the Star Wars community, I enjoy a wide range of film & television, I have a passion for design (I am a Graphic Designer by profession) I also enjoy socializing with friends & family, visiting restaurants, and other things like that. I’d like to think I’m a very open minded person who will try anything once!

Clone TV: And do you remember your first contact with the Star Wars Saga?

Steve: If memory serves me correctly, it was in 1997-98. It actually wasn’t the movies that got me into Star Wars, it was either my first Star Wars purchase, which was a “Shadows of the Empire” 2-Pack featuring Darth Vader & Prince Xizor, or my first time playing a Star Wars video game, which was “Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.” I was very young at the time, so my memory is a

little blurred, but it was definitely one of the two aforementioned events that got me hooked on Star Wars!

Clone TV: About the SithLord229 project. How did it begin and what led you to do it? And, by the way, why that name?

Steve: What led me to begin the project was basically having no close friends who shared my hobby of collecting. In 2007-08 when I first began doing what I’m doing now, a lot of my collection was in storage, and was gathering dust. I was still collecting, but didn’t display to the extent I do now. One day I was browsing the web & decided to Google “Star Wars figures.” I clicked on videos, and a video review by “Jedim4str” popped up, so I decided to watch it. I then watched more of his videos & realized this was a great way to share your collection with people who share your interest, and I eventually began doing my own reviews. They were very amateurish at first, and in fact were not even uploaded to my “SithLord229” account, I actually signed up to YouTube originally under the username “StarWarsNutter” but unfortunately decided to close that account after an encounter with internet trolls. When I decided to start doing them again, I signed up as “SithLord229.” There was no real reason behind the name, and the number 229 has no meaning, it’s just a number I came up with off the top of my head.

Clone TV: I saw a video of yours from 2009 where, at the time, you said you had about 700 to 800 figures. How many would you say you have now?

Ilustração 2: A Sample of Steve's collection

Steve: Oh my! I really couldn’t tell you. A lot more than 800 that’s for sure! Last time I Interview made for CLONE TV – visit us at Thanks for reading!

checked, I had around 300-400 Clone & Stormtroopers alone, so that should give a rough estimate as to the amount of figures in my entire collection, but I couldn’t give you an exact number without counting each & every one of them & to be honest, I just don’t have that amount of time on my hands!

Clone TV: From your videos we can see some of your action figures are out of their boxes while others are still kept in their original form. Is that for any particular reason?

Steve: I choose to keep figures carded for two reasons. One is because the figure is either hard to find, or exclusive, and the second is that I love the look of the packaging it comes in. Most of the figures I keep carded I end up buying two of so I can display it in my loose collection as well, but such as with the current “Vintage Collection,” I always dreamed of having a complete carded collection of Vintage figures, and this is the closest I will ever come to that. I grew up with the Prequel Trilogy, so to get figures like the Clone Troopers on my favorite card design is just awesome! I guess that’s where my career as a Graphic Designer comes into play as a Star Wars collector. I love the packaging!

Clone TV: By the way, how do your family, friends and girlfriend deal with such a big collection? I have the collectors bug too and I know by first hand that some people just don’t understand the joy of having action figures (not toys ehehe) of our favorite movie characters.

Steve: My family & friends are very understanding & supportive of my hobby. My girlfriend fully supports it, in fact she collects toys herself. She is a big fan of Tim Burton & “The Nightmare before Christmas” and she has a large collection of toys from that movie. She moved in recently, so part of my collection was put away so that she could display some of her items in my room as well. My room isn’t huge, so it’s a little inconvenient sharing a bedroom full of toys with two people, but it’s nothing major. We intend to devote a full room to our collections when we decide to move out.

Clone TV: Usually, how and where do you do your shopping: you go searching for something very specific or you just take a good deal when you see one? And you prefer the good old stores or online shopping?

Interview made for CLONE TV – visit us at Thanks for reading!

Steve: I like to online shop, as well as visit my local stores. I still get a rush finding new figures on shelves in stores like Toys ‘R’ Us, but I also like purchasing items online, and enjoy the anticipation of awaiting a package to arrive at my door. Most of the time I will look in my local stores for something I want, and if I can’t find it, I will buy it online. Such is the case with the new wave of Clone Wars figures featuring Captain Rex in his Phase II Armor, Commander Wolffe, Republic Commando “Boss” and many others. Availability in stores in the UK isn’t great, so sometimes online is my, and many other collectors’ only option.

Clone TV: In 2010 you received a custom action figure with your head on it. How did it feel to have that given to you, considering you’re an action figure collector

Ilustração 3: Steve doing one of his video reviews





Steve: It was great, but very creepy at the same time. To see your face, and your

facial expressions immortalized as a plastic action figure is a very strange, but cool feeling! It’s definitely one of the coolest items I own!

Clone TV: Would you say that that action figure is your favorite Star Wars collectible or do you have another one?

Steve: No, it’s not my favorite collectible by any means. It’s so hard to pick a favorite collectible. I guess the item in my collection that means the most to me sentimentally is my scratch built E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster that my father constructed. You can’t replace something like that. My entire collection is my pride & joy, so I couldn’t possibly narrow down an ultimate favorite piece!

Clone TV: Is there any particular action figure or collectible that you always craved for but never managed to have it in your collection? What would be the “jewel of the crown” in your collection?

Steve: I always wanted an AT-AT when I was younger, that was the one item I wanted, but never got because I missed my chance when the “Power of the Force” version came out in 1997. I jumped at the chance to get the Endor version in 2006. Now, I don’t really have an item Interview made for CLONE TV – visit us at Thanks for reading!

that I absolutely must have! There are new products being released all the time, and I will always say “WOW! I really need to add that to my collection.” And nine times out of ten, I usually do. I guess the one item that still eludes me that I would really love to pick up is the Sideshow Collectibles Clone Commander Cody 1:6 Scale figure. I’d love to own that!

Clone TV: You are also involved in other projects, such as the "Boring Conversation Anyway” Podcast. What can you tell us about that podcast or other project you’re working on?

Steve: The podcast is great! I have an absolute blast recording it with Fly Guy

Ilustração 4: Another photo of Steve doing his reviews

from & Whit from, and any other guests we have on the show! We were lucky enough to have Stephen Stanton, who played Governor Tarkin & Moralo Eval in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” on the show a few months back, and that was great! He’s such a talented guy! We also spoke with James Burns & Mark Newbold from recently, which was really good for me personally, as I’ve been working closely with Jedi News for them to feature my videos, and also on collaboration projects such as written reports & articles, charity raffles & much more! The Star Wars community has really opened up a lot of windows of opportunity for myself & many others, and I’m lucky to be a part of it all!

Clone TV: You’ve recently said on your Facebook page that you gave your first autographs on the The Star Wars Fan Fun Day. Considering that your YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers worldwide, how do you deal with fact that you are becoming a celebrity among Star Wars fans and collectors alike?

Steve: Haha! I don’t really consider myself a celebrity, which is why I was so shocked when I was approached for photos & autographs at The Star Wars Fan Fun Day. It was a great feeling, because it’s given me a chance to interact with a whole variety of different fans & collectors & I am humbled by the fact so many people enjoy my videos, but I certainly don’t consider myself a “celebrity.” I’d say if anything, I’m just a fan who is lucky enough to know a ton of people who share my love for Star Wars & collecting!

Interview made for CLONE TV – visit us at Thanks for reading!

Ilustração 5: Steve showing that you can love Star Wars and yet, be sexy!

Clone TV: Are there any last words you would like to leave to our readers and, maybe, some advice for someone who wants to start collecting Star Wars memorabilia or even start their own videocast about it?

Steve: I’d like to thank you guys at Clone TV for giving me the chance to answer some awesome questions! I had a lot of fun answering them, they really gave me something to think about. In terms of advice for budding collectors/videocasters, I would say just have fun with it. Enjoy doing what you do. For young collectors, I’d say purchase what appeals to you. There is no strategy to it. Just walk into your store, or browse online & if you see something & you like it, buy it! There’s no right or wrong way to collect. I’d also say compare prices & shop around before making an immediate purchase. In a hobby like this, being ripped off is common, so watch out! Be sure to get the best deal. With regards to videocasting, I would advise anyone who is thinking of doing it, to just have fun! Again, there is no right or wrong way of doing it, but if you want to appear informative & knowledgeable, do your best to research what you’re talking about. Ensure you have a good quality camera & decent lighting so your viewers can see & hear what you’re showing them, but above all else, just enjoy it! If you get a kick out of doing it, and it makes you happy, you’re doing it right!

Sites you should check: SithLord229 at Youtube, Facebook, Blogspot Boring Conversation Anyway at Internet, Facebook and iTunes at Internet and Facebook DBSW at Internet Jedi News at Internet e no Facebook

Interview made for CLONE TV – visit us at Thanks for reading!

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