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Now Clients can Overcome Email Outages with CloNav’s Trusted Email Continuity Providers Email is undeniably the most important form of communication in business;one cannot affordrisks like an email outage for any extended length of time. However, now, you can overcome every email outage with the help of CloNav,a trustedconsultant for companies comparing email continuity providers. What is email continuity? It is an always-on feature of the Archive. What does email continuity do? It provides a copy of your mailbox which allows you to Send, Reply, and Forward emails in the event of an outage. You will also have total access to contacts, calendars, distributions lists, addresses and past emails. The outage is practically non-existent with email continuity. Over 100 billion business emails are sent every day and there are currently 897 million mobile email users in the world. Businesses are sending their most important and time sensitive information via email these days. To ensure it has the best security and continuity, your best option is to entrust it with experts who specialize specifically in managing email solutions. While explaining email continuity further,Courtney Humphrey, President and Founder of CloNavadded,“It’s hard to argue with such a seamless solution that has so many benefits – automated start up, it integrates with Outlook, has low TCO, high data security, allows for IT staff optimization, the list of benefits goes on.” Moreover, when it comes to purchasing cloud based services, CloNav is unbeatable. These cloud services are chosen and designed with the needs of the client at top priority. Some of the immediate benefits of using cloud services includereduced IT costs, fast and reliable deployment and increased productivity. Whether or not to move to the Cloud all depends on what your priorities are. About CloNav CloNav, a Raleigh, NC Cloud master agent, was founded on the premise of providing businesses with a simplified way to purchase and manage Cloud solutions. By leveraging their network of Cloud providers, CloNav can simplify the procurement, implementation and management of Disaster Recovery, Email, and Virtualized Server and Cloud solutions for their clients. CloNav serves as an experienced advisor and primary contact point through the entire life cycle from solution architecture to implementation and ongoing account management.

To learn more, please visit: Contact Details: CloNav Headquarters 5660 Six Forks Road Raleigh, NC 27609

Now Clients can Overcome Email Outages with CloNav’s Trusted Email Continuity Providers