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November 2010

Equipping a new Generation of World Changers PO Box 439, White River, South Africa, 1240 013 751 2341 (t) 013 750 1340 (f) registrar

ASM’S FOCUS: Dear Friends God continues to call His church to reach lost people and to disciple the church. Many South African churches have strong mission awareness, yet there is still a need for relevant mission training. The church faces the challenge of reaching a fast changing society, marked by rapid urbanization. However, this also creates the opportunity to reach many who were previously not as accessible and now live in our own communities. The dedicated staff of ASM is fully committed to serve students with support, encouragement and guidance during their formative years of missions and ministry preparation at ASM in order to be part of reaching the lost. Izak Cloete—Principal

Training Program The ASM training program is moving from strength to strength. 2010 has been a year of renewed focus and passion for offering quality, cross cultural, nondenominational and nations-focused missions training. This in turn is resulting in a greater drive towards training excellence from the staff and also a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment in the lives of our students as they prepare to reach a very diverse world for Jesus Christ. Two definite highlights this year have been the six week intensive Nations course offered by World Outreach and the “One-to-One” personal discipleship course that was facilitated by Every Nations at ASM! Students were left challenged and inspired to fulfil their God-given calling to reach the nations with good news of Jesus Christ. Edward Ackerman—Program Coordinator

To develop the Head, Heart and Hands of students in order to make them effective in serving God in the nations of the world.

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It is indeed a joy to assist new applicants who enrol at ASM. It is also a privilege to be the first to have contact with prospective students who answer the call of God to surrender their lives for His cause. After the approval period it is a delight to hear their excitement when informing them that they are accepted to study at ASM. Cecilia Engelbrecht—Registrar



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ASM’s new initiative to Equip a New Generation of World Changers y P inistr m D a MM nd M rogr P a ns nt si sio pme M elo v De

4th Year Practical Field Service Year 2nd and 3rd Years Preparing Ministry and Missions Leaders 1st Year Missions Service Year

The new initiative offers courses which are presented in the Missions and Ministry Development Program. It covers a wide spectrum of relevant topics, forming a good foundation for leaders who want to be on the cutting edge of World Missions and Ministry. The Missions Service Year is a vibrant and exciting foundational year in the preparation for Christian Ministry. It is for emerging

leaders who want to give a year of their lives for growing and serving the generation in which they live. It also serves as a foundation to the MMDP and Nurses Training Program, aimed at those wanting to enter into fulltime ministry and missions. The Mattersey Hall Distance Learning Program is still recommended for those who want to formalize their studies.

King David writes in Psalm 45:17 that ‘I will perpetuate your memory through all generations; therefore the nations will praise You forever and ever’. We are grateful for what God has done through His Holy Spirit in the lives of the students in 2010. It has been a privilege to be part of a training team that invest in student’s lives in order for them to meet the challenges of life in ministry and also to become who God called them to be. The student’s spiritual lives are very important and the spiritual program involves ASM staff to help students to develop their spiritual skills in worship, preaching, praying, discipleship, personal devotions and practical ministries. We are looking forward to 2011 with enthusiasm to continue investing in the lives of our students in order for them to go out to the nations to be the hands and feet of Jesus, fulfilling the Great Commission according to Matthew 28:19. Nico Engelbrecht—Pastoral Care Giver Today I choose

I was blind

Dear God… Father of my heart I thank You in this hour for You have chosen me You have taken my captive heart and set it free

I was blind, But since I've entered the gates of this college my life changed The light appeared into my eyes to see the good way

Oh Father of my heart, Thank You for knowing my name And Thank You for knowing my life just the same You’ve chosen me, made me Your own You’ve paid my debt, a debt you did not owe I stand in awe of You, Maker of all Things I surrender my life to You, King of all Kings I ask You, Father to lend me your ear… Please take away my hurt, my ‘me-mind’ and my fear Give me assurance to know I am walking on Holy Ground And please allow me to be Your hands and feet to work in Nations all around Here I am, send me where You think is best Whether it be North, East, South or West And I will GO – Because You did not ask but nicely said… SO today I choose you, because I think it’s the best!

I was poor in spirit But now I'm rich because I received the Bread of Life I was unrighteous But now I'm righteous I was useless But today I'm useful I can proclaim the good news to the unreached people I can witness to those who do not believe that Jesus is Lord And I can never fear to tell them that Jesus is the One we can trust He is the One we can fear and He is here forever Rebecca Nthabiseng—Life Skills student

Elana Gouws—1st year student

Developments in ASM’s Academic Program We started the year 2010 with a new team heading up the training at ASM. We asked ourselves: “What is the heart of the ASM Academic Program?” The Academic Program should clearly reflect the Vision and Mandate of ASM, which can be paraphrased as “Equipping a new generation of world changers to reach the Nations”. We are striving to achieve this by constantly developing and adjusting our Academic Program, resources and curriculums to best reflect the vision of ASM. This year we have been blessed to host a six week training course from a leading missions organization, World Outreach. Staff and students gained a new understanding and passion for reaching the unreached people groups of the world. Students have the opportunity to formalize their studies through a distance learning program, presented by Mattersey

Hall, setting very high standards of academic excellence. Our training program not only focuses on the gaining of knowledge, but we also look at developing the hearts and hands of students. We had valuable input during a Spiritual Emphasis week on campus, morning devotions and intensive teaching on leadership, evangelism and church planting. Students were also involved in practical outreaches, which included local communities, Transkei and Thailand. We are looking forward to the year 2011, expecting to host a vibrant program, not only enriching the minds of students, but also growing their hearts and equipping their hands to truly become a New Generation of World Changers. Werner Momberg—Training Director

It is a privilege to walk with the student’s day by day; listening to their hearts and also attending to their suggestions, concerns and challenges experienced on campus. The existing student body ranges from different backgrounds, cultures, countries and they also differ in age groups, which makes the task of listening and understanding them on their level very important. The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) is a very creative and supportive group of students who are committed to serve the Lord and the students of ASM. Staff and students are daily encouraged to live in obedience and submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, which results in unity amongst staff and students and is indeed a blessing on campus. Scharl van den Berg—Student Affairs Supervisor

NURSING SCHOOL What an amazing heavenly Father we have! Those of us who live and work at ASM are blessed beyond our hopes and dreams. For a number of years the registered nurses at ASM felt that we needed a special training area where we could teach and equip the students to care and look after the sick on the mission field and in the local community. This year we have been blessed to see this vision become a reality. In October 2009 the foundations were laid and by March this year the building was completed. As I watched the rapid progress the builders were making I was so aware of the faithfulness of God. God supplied abundantly through the generous donations of four Trust Funds. On Friday the 19th of March we had the official opening service when we honoured God for His amazing goodness. Since then we have had the joy of using this lovely new building for the current class of nursing students. This year we have eleven nursing students. Each one very different, and yet all with a common goal in their hearts to serve the Lord as nurses. Some are so enthusiastic you can see the excitement as they work on the wards. Others are most studious and spend extra time in class and after class to get each concept correct that we are teaching. Two who struggle with the theory, and have to work very hard to pass, but who do well in the wards. For us, their tutors, it is exciting to see these new students really apply what we teach, showing dignity and empathy to the patients. What is important for us is that we emulate Christ to the sick, being Christ’s hands to reach out to those that need care, a listening ear to show that they are important. We are proud of the progress they are making and trust the Lord to fulfil His plan for each of their lives.

The mobile clinic has been running for about 10 years, in those years the staff have been faithfully taking care of the sick, treating illnesses, teaching health care to patients. We see 50-80 patients a week. The nurses do not see this as a job, but as a calling and the time spent with patients is very rewarding. The fruits of our labour can be seen in the 80+ patients that have heard the gospel and have made the decision of asking Jesus into their lives. Yvonne Woods—Program Coordinator


Jesus made an impact in the lives of many people during His three years of public ministry on earth. As His followers in this generation, we want to emulate Him by also making an impact in the lives of those we serve. Many lives have been touched through the weekly practical ministries done by the students. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about cross cultural evangelism and working in teams. The emphasis of missions and the need to go to the unreached nations was once again placed in our hearts while different mission agencies informed us of their specific fields of ministry. During the month of September students were given the opportunity to partner with some of these agencies as they went on practical missions outreaches. Sidney Moss—Missions Coordinator. BLOEMFONTEIN OUTREACH I joined Kohin Acts Ambassadors with the vision to empower the youth with hope and vision for the future and to answer to all the unique challenges they face daily. Their mission is to train a group of students in Life Skills and Performing Arts Skills, in order to live a balanced and godly life and also to influence society with a relevant message in a creative way. I have noticed this passion in every single student in the Kohin Acts team. The team made me feel like one of them with their friendly and warm spirits. To see them living out their passion for Jesus Christ was really inspiring. I joined the program which involved reaching out to the local community by visiting schools, orphanages, children's homes, and malls, sharing with them the message of hope. We also hosted a youth camp for an AFM church in Bloemfontein, which involved different productions with the main goal to see God's presence move and touch the lives that attended these events. This was indeed an experience I would never forget.. Jacqueline Postma – 2nd year student

THAILAND OUTREACH The time we spent in Thailand was absolutely life-changing. God revealed himself to us in amazing ways and he revealed more about ourselves. We were so blessed to meet so many different ministries and amazing people who have blessed and impacted us. My boat has been shaken and a new, passionate vision has been cast. I am inspired to really be sold out to the cause - Jesus Christ. Beka Berkovic 3rd year student

LOCAL OUTREACH—TEAM 1 We left ASM not really knowing what to expect but with the assurance that God had a plan for us during the two weeks set aside for service. The first week we partnered with Hands at Work, participating in house visits and improving our gardening skills. Week two was jam-packed at Hosanna Community Church in Hazyview. Our serving involved, amongst other things, polishing floors, selling vetkoek in the community and sharing the Word of Gospel to farm workers. The assurance that God was with us made this outreach a great success. The highlight was the look on people’s faces when God’s love had been shown to them through the service of only a few students who know that they have been chosen to reach the nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Jaun du Preez – 1st year student

THAILAND OUTREACH It is hard to put into words what I have experienced during my 17 days in Thailand. I went with a very big expectation and I definitely returned to SA as a changed person. I realize that God had a plan and a reason for me to go to Thailand, even if it was only for a very short period. It was an incredible journey and no-one will ever be able to take away what I have learned and experienced! During my time in Thailand I worked with World Outreach missionaries, being involved with their ministries and projects. I did lots of travelling and spent quality time with Thai people, which allowed me to experience their culture, food and lifestyle firsthand. To spend time in a different country is definitely extremely meaningful. It opens up a different world to a person and it shakes ones life and worldview which make it possible to grow in knowledge, love, compassion and closer to God. Edrei Engelbrecht 2nd year student



The outreach to the local community was a very good learning exper i ence for all of our team members. We observed how people live in the nearby community and experienced the desperateness of people for God’s Word, because they cannot go to church. We worked with the Hosanna Community Church which reaches out to the community, especially to the children. They have a children’s program which provides education, counselling and lunch to the children. The church also reaches out to the community by planting trees and by going to homes to help to cook for those who are unable to do it themselves. We also visited different farms in the surrounding area, as well as factories to share the Gospel with the workers. Promise Cibe, 1st year student

After the kombi broke down twice and a flat tyre we reached our destination - Canzibe outside Umtata in the Transkei. It was a very challenging journey, but God is good and he protected us. The accommodation was comfortable and the food was good. Although we traveled far between towns to visit about 5 different schools we were prepared to share the gospel through dramas, Bible stories and our personal testimonies. We also visited one TB hospital and prayed for some of the patients, which for some of us was a new experience. In the center where we stayed we helped in the pre-school and we also fellowshipped with the youth from the church that visited the center. Toward the end of the week we hosted a youth conference of about 250 youth. We had the opportunity to preach and share our testimonies. My experience about the people was that they were very poor and they really need a lot of help spiritually and financially. But they are also very friendly and hungry for Jesus. We praise God for the opportunity we had to bless many people in Canzibe. Bill Valijora 1st year student


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