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SEPTEMBER 25, 2013

Union College


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, or “Obamacare,” is among the most divisive legislations in the last 20 SPENCER years. Few congressional WAY bills have had as much impact on our constitutional rights or our bank accounts. As I have argued against Obamacare and fought for it, sailed from the far left to the far right, and been proven right and wrong on both sides, I have been forced to ask questions and accept conclusions that threaten my identity as someone who is not Tyler Ellis. This article does not have enough space to completely cover the debate and details about Obamacare, but it can help to shed light on some misconceptions. For a complete and unbiased overview of the legislation and all the details that may affect you and those around you, visit and begin with Kimberly Amadeo’s article “What is Obamacare?” The website has links to articles that discuss the pros and cons of the legislation and offers answers to questions that I do not even know to ask. Here is the fact of the matter: Obamacare is here to stay. The debate over whether or not it is a good thing is history, but how

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Now that the Affordable Care Act is here to stay, what will be our next step? we collaborate with our government to mold it into a sustainable, uniquely American solution for the health needs of our country could not be more current or require more unity of purpose from each of us.

Comparable government healthcare programs around the world have been tweaking their policies for decades, so I do not expect Obamacare to look the same (continued on page 2)







SPIRITUAL VS. RELIGIOUS SHOWDOWN Hipsters, Beliebers, bloggers, foodies, young money—the 21st century has given birth to many labels for people. On the Union level, we even have SMs and PKs. What about SBNRs (spiritual but not religious)? In the past, spiritual and religious meant the same thing. Today, the BRIANNA two have evolved separately. SCHENKELBERG Spirituality The SBNR crowd disregards labels of denomination or religious calling. They simply see all as equals and focus on personal discovery and fulfillment. In a CNN article, John Blake quoted New York City-based author Heather Cariou as saying, “I don’t need to define myself to any community by putting myself in a box labeled Baptist, or Catholic, or Muslim. When I die, I believe all my accounting will be done to God, and that when I enter the eternal realm, I will not walk though a door with a label on it.” However, SBNR people may have a huge weakness. Since they think they don’t need organized religion to live a life of faith, they are not held accountable for their actions, are not encouraged to be active, and often live a self-centered spiritual life. If it’s just you and God THUMBS UP/ THUMBS DOWN when meditating in your living room, why leave FROM THE CLOCKTOWER STAFF to volunteer at the Red Anna: to realizing at Cross?

midnight that you have an assignment due the next morning. Brianna: to whistling while you work. Taylor: for awesome professors!

Spencer: to my brain giving up on being rested and starting to function anyway. Megan: days.

to the nice fall

Chelsea: to allergies when it is beautiful outside. Steven:

for autumn!

Cassie: to the beginning of pumpkin pandemonium!

Religion Contrastingly, religion is a structured spiritual community providing caring guidelines. Religion is going to noon church service and staying for free potluck. Religion is “Jesus points” and prayer at the start of class. However, many also blame religion for violence, wars, and suffering. Religious people tend to become bad examples of God’s love when they begin adopting a “holier-than-thou” attitude toward other denominations. From doctrines to jewelry, religious debates erupt that can tear churches apart. When acting out of compassion and grace, religious congregations can be a loving guide and spiritual support for their members. They can motivate others to be passionate disciples in a lukewarm Christian world. Yes, religion takes more work and responsibility, but the relationship you have with Christ may benefit in the end. What Both Can Learn Though spirituality and religion may never be one, there are things each can learn from the other. Religion provides motivation, support, and action. Spirituality seeks a deeper personal relationship with God and makes time for meditation. The true sweet spot may be in the middle of both, a balance of spiritual religion or religious spirituality. BRIANNA SCHENKELBERG is a senior studying communication at Union.

(continued from page 1) in a decade. But how it looks then will be decided by the debate, collaborative commitment, and informed advocacy of citizens like you and me today and throughout our lives. Debate and advocacy begin with questions. When I was on the far right, I wondered, “Does everyone really deserve healthcare?” The question is worth a look, but now I think it is equally important to ask, “Do you know anyone who does NOT deserve healthcare?” The law before Obamcare required anyone that visited the emergency room to be given treatment and it still does. Hospitals collect three cents for every dollar spent on those that are uninsured and cannot pay. Is this cost sustainable? In my opinion, no, and I question who is to blame. Did healthcare costs spiral out

of control because of the insurance industry paying too little, or because healthcare providers raised prices to unreasonable heights? This question is similar to the chicken-before-the-egg debate. It may be better to ask, “Do we need to reform how healthcare is provided or how we pay for it?” Most importantly, what does Obamacare change about who has healthcare, how much coverage they have, how much they pay, and who really pays? And is it right? We can improve good or bad legislation, but not without understanding what is being changed. Here’s to knowing enough to make a difference. SPENCER WAY is a senior studying business administration at Union.



YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT “This year I’m going to eat better and exercise regularly.” We hear it stated across campus and often say it ourselves. When we are so determined, why do we still struggle each year to

accomplish this goal? I began my investigation in Union Market and came away with five steps to take toward eating healthfully. Step 1: Get colorful. Scientists believe that our ancestors followed their attracCHELSEA tion to color as a guide for nourishing their ZUMWALT body. While color entices us, the authors of The Kitchn (an online recipe and information center for all things related to food) inform us that white and beige foods cause us to be ambivalent towards food and can lead to overeating (pizza anyone?). Aside from enticement, vibrant colors often indicate high nutrient levels which will fuel your body throughout the day. It’s like comparing apples to oranges... until there’s pizza.

Step 2: Get creative. How many times have you felt like the cafeteria just doesn’t have anything new? This idea may feel warranted, yet students have direct influence on all food choices. For example, the salad bar doesn’t have to only provide you with a salad. With beans from the main bar, salad toppings, and chips, you can make yourself a colorful and nutrient-rich haystack. Cantaloupe and Swiss cheese make a surprisingly sweet and savory combination. Whole wheat bread, peanut butter, and bananas make for an open face sandwich with grains, protein, and carbohydrates to fuel your busy morning. If you’re still not satisfied, a comment box is available in the main dining area—the food service director is constantly open to new ideas. Step 3: Get picky. Your food choices are under your control. If you don’t like the oil on the deli sandwiches, ask to toast your bread and have them put your toppings on the toast instead. Ask the cooks if you can taste the foods at the main bar to see if you (continued on page 5)

GETTING TO KNOW SHAWNTAE Meet Shawntae Horst, the newest member of the health and human performance program. She teaches exercise science courses ANNA such as sports nutrition, PONGO exercise physiology, weight training and conditioning, and fitness walking. Horst lived in North Dakota until she was 11, when she moved to Nebraska. After graduating from College View Academy, she studied pre-allied health and exercise science at Union for three years before earning her doctorate in physical therapy from Loma Linda University in 2011. Now back in Lincoln, she shares her

home with her tabby, Zeus, and her workplace with her mother, Larson Lifestyle Center Office Manager Mary Jean Horst. “Teaching has always been at the back of my mind,” says Horst. “I’ve always loved learning.” Having observed the teachers in her own life throughout the years, she has carefully reflected on the qualities that empowered her to learn and those that didn’t. Fitting for her division, Horst loves all things sports. An avid runner, she has participated in one full marathon and eight half marathons. She enjoys playing basketball and makes sure to catch the latest Husker game. If you need a P.E. class or motivation to get moving, why not join Dr. Horst in running class for her favorite hobby?

A warm welcome to Shawntae Horst. ANNA PONGO is a senior studying communication journalism at Union.



AN APPEAL FOR PLEATHER My favorite thing about my business law class is my teacher’s suspenders. The other day I found myself admiring the leather embellishCASSIE ments on them as he JOHNSON discussed the details of ex post facto and judicial review. If there’s one thing my professor knows about, it’s fashion. I’m sure he has been taking cues from the trend that’s been dominating the fall runways this year. This season, you’re likely to see more leather than you will Miley Cyrus memes.

There are a few simple rules to follow to avoid looking like you just rolled in off your Harley. Leather can be best worn: 1. In light brown hues. 2. As detailing. Union juniors Stella Park and Emily Carson demonstrate perfect utilization of leather as an accent piece (A). Piping on a dress, elbow patches, and collars are all perfect areas to integrate leather in a tasteful, simple manner. 3. Paired with lace. The harder edge of leather can be tamed by adding feminine, soft touches of lace (B). In contrast, there are a few ways NOT to Leather meets lace. Sag is not swag. wear leather. 1. Saggy pants. Kim Kardashian (C) utes to the torture of such animals, not to shows just how unflattering leather pants mention the contribution of torture to your can be, especially if not properly fitted. wallet. Besides, think of all the sweat! Join my law professor in his fashion2. Jackets with excessive studs or forward leather ways. Choose pleather, metal details. Do you really want to revisit and save a cow in the process! your sixth grade emo phase? 3. Real leather. It’s a dicey topic, but my cows back in Iowa are begging you to CASSIE JOHNSON is a senior pursuing a go pleather. Buying real leather contrib- business pre-med degree at Union.


A Accent-uate your outfit with leather.



As an ever-expanding map of culinary discoveries, Foodspotting gives you a glimpse of what you could be eating before you even sit behind a table. Users capture their restaurant meals and contribute to the photographic archives of delectables. Use foodspotting to sniff out a new favorite cuisine that might have been right under your nose all along. Or if you’re exploring a new city, this app will show you what other foodies near your location have spotted. What will be your next sighting?



ASK AMBER Dear Amber, I want to take my boyfriend out to an authentic Mexican restaurant because his favorite food is Mexican. Do you have any suggestions? AMBER ALAS

Sincerely, BoyfriendLovesMexicanFood

Dear BoyfriendLovesMexicanFood, This is a perfect question for me to answer because 1) I have been to multiple Mexican restaurants here in Lincoln, and 2) I absolutely love Mexican food! Places like D’Leon’s and Chipotle aren’t going to cut it for an authentic Mexican date. To start with, El Toro is a great place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They start you off with the best salsa and chips! The food is amazing and they are not stingy with their portion sizes whatsoever. I would advise sharing a plate with someone if you want to leave room for the delicious desserts. It’s a small place, but they cater to your needs quickly. Out of all the places I have been too, this place is one of the most authentic ones in town. It is located in the Van Dorn Plaza on 2600 S. 48th St. La Paz is another place I have tried before, and I don’t have any complaints about this restaurant. They have been in business for over 20 years, and they seem to be doing great! The only difference between this place and El Toro is that they are more “Americanized.” You can make your own combo and mix and match. It’s a fun place to go with a group of friends, and you can eat lots and lots of tortilla chips with cheese dip. It is located on 321 N. Cotner Blvd. A nicely decorated place to go on a fun date would be at Tico’s Mexican Restaurant. Tico’s has a cool Mexican vibe with lots of paintings and designs on the walls that make you feel like you’re not in Lincoln anymore. They are known for their burritos and quesadillas. The portions are just a little bit smaller than the others, but still very filling! Tico’s is located on 17th & M St. All three of these places have wonderful people and amazing food. You will find yourself being indecisive because everything looks so good (trust me, I know). To get a good feel for other restaurants, visit Yelp before you go to see if it’s worth the trip.

Sincerely, Amber

Have a question or situation that you think could benefit from someone else’s perspective? Ask Amber at All inquiries are anonymous, so you get the insight without being in sight.

AMBER ALAS is a senior nursing student at Union.


DONUT Dash Is it my birthday? It must be my birthday, because Lancaster County’s CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for kids is combining my two greatest loves—donuts and running— into the same event: The 2013 Donut STEVEN Dash. FOSTER On September 28 at 10 a.m. CASA will be hosting a race for your inner (and outer) fat kid on UNL’s East campus at 35th and Holdridge. The Donut Dash is a 2.5-mile race in which you run half the distance, eat a gut-busting dozen donuts, and run the final half to the finish line. If that hasn’t grabbed your interest, then nothing will! It’s fair to say that this race will make boys into men, and losers into champions. To peak your interest even further, The Clocktower’s own Spencer Way and I will be running this beast together, conquering a dozen donuts, and crossing that finish line hand in hand. We’re bringing Go-Pro cameras so that we can capture the entire experience. We’d love it if you’d join us! The cost of entry is $20, and you can choose to either eat all 12 donuts or consume a smaller number. Plus, can you say FREE T-SHIRT? Oh yeah, this race has it all. Sign up at lincoln-ne/running/donut-dash-for-casa-2013 and we can dash to donut victory. But don’t throw up. Because that’s nasty. STEVEN FOSTER is a junior studying communication at Union.

(continued from page 3) like the options. If you don’t, Cooper’s Corner is a great backup for those days when nothing else seems right. Step 4: Plan ahead. Everyone’s schedules are different and don’t always align with the cafeteria’s schedule. Eating three meals a day is important to your digestive health, so don’t be afraid to send a friend with your card to get food or pack dinner for later when grabbing lunch. Each division should be equipped with a fridge, and they are usually willing to share room. Step 5: Indulge. One mistake many students face when beginning any new habit is a tendency to dive in head-first, expecting to change their old habit overnight. If your meals have consisted largely of sugar and empty calories, eating salad every day is going to get old fast. With any new project, it is always best to start small. Add a new vegetable to your main course. Eat an apple with peanut butter as a snack instead of that candy bar. On those days when even your best intentions fall flat, there’s nothing wrong with an occasional chocolate brownie. CHELSEA ZUMWALT is a senior studying nursing and pre-allied health at Union.

t u , n r . u r e s w t y e



APPLE UPDATE Mark October 15 on your calendar, because it looks like it will be Apple’s big launch date! It seems this date may be Apple’s second biggest TYLER launch day of the year, ELLIS after the new iPhone was announced on September 10. Here are a couple quick statistics that illustrate why the iPhone is the most important device that Apple sells: The iPhone now accounts for over 39 percent of Apple’s sales, generating more than $4.6 billion in revenue for the company. Apple sells more than seven million iPhone units per quarter, which is only going to grow as they continue to expand into other nations. These numbers are huge for Apple, which is why they consider the iPhone the most important part of their business. But how do they accomplish those profits from just one device? Apple has mass production in their favor. UBM TechInsights, one of the leading consultants for technology and intellectual property assets, reports that, to produce an iPhone 5, “the thinner 4-inch touch display costs Apple $18 with the touch screen glass costing another $7.50. The camera runs

about $10, the wifi/bluetooth/GPS costs $4, and the battery only runs $3. The most expensive part of the phone is the new A6 processor, at $28 each.” So it seems that as a whole, Apple is producing the iPhone for around $120. Considering Apple sells the iPhone to carriers for $650, the $530 profit from each phone makes their margins huge. This explains why the iPhone is so important to Apple. With the release of the new iPhone on September 20, there are a few new features, the biggest of which is the new fingerprint sensor. This extra adds huge security measures that were never available on previous iPhones. The interesting part is that Apple has applied to patent a lot of big new features, but has not actually implemented them on the new iPhone. For example, a patent was filed to have Near Field Communication (NFC) technology integrated into the home button and another for a battery that will last more than 24 hours on a single charge. These were all expected to be on the new iPhone, but have probably been pushed back until the next generation. On October 15, Apple is expected to announce a new, redesigned iPad that has a smaller bezel around the edges and an upgraded processor and battery. A

With the new updates, Apple is as tempting as ever. new iPad mini may be announced with a retina display and a better processor, but will keep the current design. New iMacs and Macbooks are expected to retain the current design, but upgrade to the new Intel Haswell processors. This should be the last new product launch of the year for Apple, so definitely tune in on October 15! TYLER ELLIS is a senior business major at Union.


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What’s happening Unionites? I’m Debbie Pinto, a sophomore nursing major and your ASB Executive Vice President. It’s my job to serve as the chairperson of our student senate, and boy am I excited. The year is off to a great start! Classes are taking off and the weather is cooling down. Football season is here and, more exciting than that, our student senate has now been elected by you. I’m excited to say that this year’s senate looks like a bright one. But wait, what is student senate? What does a senator even do? Student senate is composed of students elected by the student body that represent their corresponding districts. Senators serve yearlong terms to ensure that the needs and desires of student life are properly addressed. Have any awesome ideas for Union? Talk to your district senator! Last year, student senate passed the Honor Curfew bill, which now adds an extension to your curfew if you meet academic requirements and fulfill your required worship credits. It starts with an idea. It starts with your idea. Senate is here to be your microphone. Be on the lookout for the new senate Facebook page where you can post those ideas and thoughts. Also, make sure to check out the ASB website where you can find out who your district senator is and where to contact them, find the bylaws and constitution, and stay updated with incoming and passed bills. It’s going to be an awesome year, and I can’t wait to hear what ideas each one of you has in store. Debbie Pinto ASB Executive Vice President


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