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Gun Control:

Through The Eyes Of Union College Students Recent mass shootings across the United States have generated a massive, very mixed outcry from the government, and from the general public. Katelyn On January 16, President Kovalski Barack Obama revealed what Huffington Post referred to as “the most sweeping effort at gun control policy reform in a generation.” The National Rifle Association (NRA) responded negatively to President Obama’s gun control proposals, stating that if stricter gun

control goes into effect, “Only honest, lawabiding gun owners will be affected and our children will remain vulnerable to the inevitability of more tragedy.” On January 21 in New York City, the organization One Million Moms for Gun Control marched on the Brooklyn Bridge, demanding stricter gun control laws. Of quite the opposite opinion, many activists have been promoting “Guns Across America” rallies against gun control, in response to President Obama’s gun control proposals. The nation is quickly dividing over the debate; should the government increase gun

control or not? What do the students of Union College think of the debate? Deanna Morgan, a sophomore, is for gun control. She says, “I think that the only people who need to have guns are the ones that protect us, like police officers. Normal people shouldn’t be able to just carry around guns.” Kristal Montgomery, a sophomore, believes “it’s a bad idea to remove guns from society completely. And you can’t take away people’s guns—US citizens are too “cray” for that. cont on p.6

To the Border and Beyond From eating a warm baguette under the Eiffel Tower to floating down the canals of Italy in a gondola, students across the world are earning school credit while embarking Brianna Schenkelberg on an unforgettable adventure. “Living in a different country gives you such a different appreciation for another culture and broadens your whole world view,” claims Tamara Seiler, ACA representative for Union College. “It gives you more humility in situations where you’re not the norm; more empathy. The food internationally is usually one of the best parts.” “There’s so many reasons why students should study abroad. It’s like a vacation!” Recalls Maureen McCarthy, who studied in Austria this past summer. “Yeah, you’re going to school, but not for the whole day and you don’t have a job or lots of homework to stress about. Then, they take you traveling every weekend, at least for the summer sessions. And you get to meet people from all over the world who become your best friends super-quick.” While I can’t promise you a kiss under the

Union students Maureen McCarthy (left) and Cassie Johnson (middle) studied in Austria last summer.

Eiffel Tower, there will be free desserts this coming Monday, February 4th in the Presidential Dining room. At 6:00 p.m. you can bring your dinner with you to a presentation. If you’ve ever wondered about studying in-

ternationally, come hear Italy and Germany directors as well as the ACA president from England give presentations and answer your questions. cont on p.6



Wednesday, Janurary 30, 2013


Welcome to your new Clocktower. We had a great run last semester, and we want to make this one even better. Over the break, we decided to make Pablo Colindres some changes to the Clocktower to better serve you, the reader. Changes we made to the Clocktower: We added four more pages! This means: a new features section, designed to create conversations with the whole campus; a culture page, with music and fashion advice from Cassie Johnson and Steven Foster; a calendar with all the dates you won’t want to forget; and a new online version, with online correspondents Mollie Cummings and Kody Hines giving us new looks on religion and technology. As always, we want you to send stuff in to us—we want you to make the Clocktower truly your newspaper. You can send articles, pictures, and any poetry, creative stories, or opinion to our email at If published, you will be paid!

with us, and we want you to take advantage of them all. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Next week on ClocktowerOnline Kody Hines takes us through Redbox Instant: is it better than Netflix? As busy college students, do we have time for God? Mollie Cummings will answer that question. Check us out at clocktower/issue

There are a million ways to get involved

Meet the Newbies Spencer Way

Chiyunga Chiyabi

Steven Foster

Lexi Johnson

Major: Business Administration. Major: Business Administration. Year: This is my senior year but I have another year to go. What area of the CT are you writing for? I am writing for religion and excited to discuss and debate religion and more with whoever reads the Clocktower. Let’s debate! What would be your dream job? I would love to travel the world and write about my adventures. What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time? I love to read and play games. Why Union? Great Business Division

Major: Public Relations Year: Sophomore Hometown: Grand Junction, CO. What area of the CT are you writing for? I’m writing as a music columnist, and I’m excited because it allows me to share music that I really enjoy and that you may have never heard of before. What would be your dream job? My dream job would probably be a filmmaker for ski and snowboarding flicks. What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time? In my free time I enjoy listening to music (duh), being outside, biking, Call of Duty, videography, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

Major: Graphic design Year: Sophomore Hometown: Lusaka, Zambia What do you plan on doing for the Clocktower? Making the design cleaner and more interesting and design it in a way that appeals to everybody. If you could spend fifteen minutes with anyone who ever existed, who would it be? My late grandfather—my mom’s dad. I never met him but my mom has so many stories about him. I wish I could talk to him. What are three words you would use to describe yourself? Patient, outgoing, and curious.

Major: Communications with an emphasis in journalism. Minor in business administration. Year: Senior Hometown: Minnetonka, MN What do you plan on doing for the Clocktower? Write articles that people actually want to read. If you could spend fifteen minutes with anyone who ever existed, who would it be? John Lennon. What are three words you would use to describe yourself? Fun, sassy, unpredictable. Recommend to Union… A book: White Girl Problems by Babe Walker.


Wednesday, Janurary 30, 2013


Why Go to Church? John Lennon wrote that time you enjoy wasting was not wasted time. Perhaps this is an appropriate reason for attending church, but something in me begs for church to be more Spencer Way significant than the fastest way to a good potluck. The Bible tells us that the church is a body—it never references a weekly gathering. Acts is the only book that mentions corporate worship as a necessity, and this references the gathering of a small group. Theologically, the body of Christ—the church—is necessary so that members can gather in unity and do good works. Other-

This Week in Campus Ministries Wednesday- Laboring Youth for Christ @ 8pm at Erin Schlenker’s home, 4931 Calvert St. Everyone is welcome. Hour of Power @ 7 in the Heritage Room of the church with Pastor Ron Thursday- 9 O’Clock- @ 9pm in Rees Hall Chapel- 30 minutes of singing. Friday- People’s City Mission to feed the homeless. Leave at 4 and be back for vespers. You MUST sign up in Campus Ministries because spots are limited. Vespers will be the Music Festival Concert. Come at 7:15 to watch the next segment of the “Matthew” video; then at 7:30 we light the Sabbath candle and prepare for the evening’s blessing with the great music for us and our guests by UC music groups. Sabbath- Many Sabbath Schools to choose from. Watch for signs! One BIG new Sabbath School for this week only will happen in the church sanctuary at 10:40 to accommodate all our guests. It will be led out by Tyler Morrison and friends. Don’t miss this great program (and with a little encouragement and help I’m sure they could be convinced to move it to campus and make it a regular addition to our SS menu!) CVC @ 9:15 and Noon will feature Travis Sager, Kansas-Nebraska Youth Director. V2 @ 5:30 in the gym with a Music Festival concert and a V2 combined.

wise, we become raving theologians making harebrained theories about soybeans, or the about the amount of seconds required in daily devotions. All good things, but is the church effective? Could we not find community in the actual community, a philosophically balancing force among other seekers of truth with or without the possibility of being promoted from usher to elder? Do you do good works only because you are a tithe paying member or would you cease to do nice things if church was not available? Without doubt, the introduction is acerbic, unnecessarily harsh, and disrespectfully sarcastic. But are you thinking about why you go to church? Ultimately, church has done more good for me than bad; so I attend. But I believe that attending church for the wrong reasons does more harm than good. If you do not enjoy church, or find community, balance, or good works lacking within; consider rethinking why you go at all. Church attendance is a step towards God, ordained and organized by man, but it may not be part of God’s plan for your relationship at all. Seek community outside the pew. Do something nice without a pastor’s inspiration, and bounce your crazy idea that church is not

as necessary as it seems off the entire readership of the Clocktower. I would love for you to disagree; so talk to me.

Why do you go to church? Do you agree or disagree (or neither) with Spencer? Tell us on Facebook at facebook. com/clocktowerasb or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Studying is one way in which we enrich our spiritual life

To be lost and found again Luke 15. Three stories all having the same purpose. We see a lost sheep that represents a person who is lost, knows he’s lost, but cannot get himself out of trouble. JeRicky Melendez sus goes to him and saves him from his lost-ness. We see a coin that is unaware that it’s lost, and doesn’t have any feeling about being lost. Jesus sweeps and reaches into the dust to pull it out and restore it to its box, where it belongs. Last, we see a lost son. He knows he’s lost, but knows exactly how to get back home. Jesus waits for him at home. The sheep, the coin, and the prodigal son all represent a person, once lost and found again. Did you know that there is a fourth lost person in the parable? The second son, out in the field, asked what was going on at the moment his brother returns home. Notice that the older son does not go into the house to greet his brother; instead of being happy about his brother’s return, he complains about not receiving a reward for staying home. I heard a quote once that sums up this story to the fullest: “Terrible is the person in the church who loses his sense of feeling for

the lost.” The mission of the church is to never lose its feeling for the lost. The purpose of claiming our Christianity is to reach into the slums, where there is no righteousness, and pull the lost back home where they belong. How dare we ever reach the point that being in the church immunizes us against our passion for the lost. How dare we ever reach the point where we don’t rejoice over the return of a brother back home. The most lost person in the parable was not the sheep, coin or even the prodigal—it was the son who stayed home. The sheep was back in the fold, the coin was back in the box, the son was back home, but the elder son stands outside at the end of the parable. We can only assume that he was not willing to celebrate his brother’s salvation. In this story, we see a Jesus who tells the story of how his passion was for the lost. We, as a church, should have the same passion— we need to go and reach the lost. What really makes a Christian? It’s certainly not your name on a church roll. A Christian has the passion of Jesus and his passion was saving the lost. If you would like to share in your spiritual journey, go to


Wednesday, Janurary 30, 2013


First In:Sight Video Awards Held On January 16 the first In:Sight Video Awards, sponsored by Christian Record Services for the blind, were held in the Collegeview SDA Church. Each video centered on the Annie Pongo theme, “You don’t need sight to have a vision.” Six Union College students entered videos, which were judged by a panel of six individuals. The entries, by Marielle Solis, Jack Sauder, Eric Bing, Elliot Moseley, Ben Baugher, and Steven Foster, reflected each student’s perception about the life of the blind. The videos ranged from interviewing blind people to stop-motion stories built with Legos. Elliott Moseley took the third prize of $250 for his video titled Staying on Key. Ben Baugher claimed second prize, $500, for his video titled Ed Carpenter. And the video Color, by Eric Bing, snatched up the first prize of $1,000. Competition judges were Terry Benedict, Chris Blake, Rajmund Dabrowski, Mark Robison, Jeri Lyn Rogge, and Alan Wheeler. Guest judge Terry Benedict is a profes-

sional director, screenwriter, and producer, who is currently working on a documentary about human trafficking in Nepal. A short clip of this documentary was shown following the screening of the video contest entries. The winner of the first place prize, Eric Bing, when asked about creating his video entry, replied, “The most challenging part was the final editing. I spent 18-20 hours in filming and about 60 hours in editing. The most enjoyable part of this process was the filming. My crew and I had a good time hanging out and filming the video.” The plan is for this video contest to become an annual event. For people who are interested in entering the next time around, Bing said, “My advice would be to really focus on how the story is portrayed to people outside of your own mind. It really helps to have several people read through the story and don’t be afraid to scrap one idea entirely to make way for a better ideas.” What was your favorite video? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Eric Bing with his First Place Trophy

In my life, there are no Mundane Days My backpack is light this morning: a simple notebook and pencils accompany me to my communication course. There we discuss our emotions, feelings, and cultural norms in Chelsea order to understand how we Zumwalt communicate with the world around us. I eagerly soak up each word as if it were molasses falling from the sky. At these

moments the nerd in me is revealed. Just hours later, a “new” me emerges, clad in red with a stethoscope hanging from my neck. The once light backpack now bursts at the seams. For the next 10 hours I become a nurse, trusted by my patients. Medications have to be administered. Patient education must be provided. Documentation must be timely and accurate. I rise to the challenge and when

Backpacks ready to explode are a norm for college students

I leave that night I feel accomplished. Union College pushes me each day to balance between academics and nursing. I do this all the while juggling two on-campus jobs and a social life. Mondays are very different. While Tuesday throws me curveballs, Mondays expand my mind to the possibilities. I wake early to exercise and eat breakfast with my little sister. I brew coffee as I get ready for class. 9:30 AM finds me in my seat ready for Medical-surgical 2 to begin. My analytical thinking is put to the test as each imagined scenario is offered. The two hours rush on. Origins, with discussions led by Dr. Webb, follows lunch. The final course in my honors curriculum ponders the intimacy between science and religion. My most anticipated course is the Leadership Cohort. Styled after a book club, the tabletop discussion is conducted by Linda Becker, whose passion guides her students. Monday is wound down with studying and YouTube dance breaks. My fiancé calls from California for a goodnight conversation. My mind takes me on an adventure as I thumb through the pages with Sherlock Holmes and then drift off to sleep. Tell us about your daily routine. Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!


Wednesday, Janurary 30, 2013


Advancement: Boosting Union’s Self-Image When struggling with low self-esteem I’ve seen people use many different methods to cope: large amounts of alone time, excessive emotional breakdowns or maybe starting Carl Dupper a new workout routine. When Union College suffers from the woes of a negative self-image, they turn to the advancement office. Not many students know what happens behind the doors marked “Advancement” on the first floor of the Dick Building, so this week I decided to venture into the unknown and find out what goes on beyond those doors. What I found was quite interesting. Advancement actually funds a part of every students’ educations at Union, whether they know it or not. The freshman and transfer scholarships are come from the Union College Fund, donated to by alumni, parents

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down from the Clocktower Staff Pablo – to none of my teams doing good in the playoffs. Amber – Annie – bills.

to gel nail polish. to cold causing big electric

Brianna – out there! Ruby –

to all the amazing mothers to 3 months till summer!!

Aphee – to lingering scraps of Christmas decorations. Steven – plasma!

to making bank giving

Katelyn –

to Ethiopian cuisine.

Chelsea – to the MLK break and what he accomplished. Joe –

to playoff football.

Chiu – to the Celtics beating the Heat in double OT! #CelticsNation

and others. Have you been witnessing the erection of the new Science/Math building? Well, you can thank the advancement office for about half of the money raised for the construction. But how do they do it? What is advancement all about? What happens in the mysterious office that makes money pour in? I asked LuAnn Davis, advancement maestro, and she had this to say: “Advancement encompasses marketing communications, guest services, college promotions, alumni activities and development. “We work together to build a positive image of Union so future students and philanthropic partners will want to be part of Union’s future. We focus on adding value to the campus experience for our current students through gifts for scholarships, new facilities, and programs. If prospective employers and graduate schools have a strong impression of Union, then we can help students successfully take their first steps off campus after graduation.” This sounds like a department I want working for my college. So next time you walk by the advance-

ment office, don’t hesitate to smile and put those thoughts of a mysterious office at ease, because the advancement office at Union College is working in your best interest.

Advancement a shoutout! Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Next time you pass by these doors, pop in and say hello!

IN GOOD HANDS: The humanities division

The humanities division at Union College is a thriving department and my favorite aspect of humanities is the professors. Their dedication and willingness to go the extra mile Lexi Johnson with students has impacted me in more ways than one. My first couple years at Union were a struggle and I wasn’t planning on ever coming back, but my advisor and humanities division chairman, Michelle Mesnard, helped me identify and enact all my options for staying at Union College. Because of her I can say that I’ve flourished and genuinely enjoyed my time here. The student/teacher relationship is one of the most important relationships for both faculty and students. It’s a partnership that both parties have to work at and invest in. This relationship helps both parties advance their careers. I appreciate the diligence of the humanities division more than I can express. I know that without the relationships I’ve formed with my teachers, I wouldn’t be successful in college. If I could make one improvement to the humanities division it would be to add more workshops and events for the students in

their majors, incorporating activities that would help students learn lessons that can’t always be approached in classes. It would provide a real world experience. For example, the division could coordinate outside class writing workshops for the journalism students or field trips to PR firms for the public relations students. I think having opportunities like this would excite students about their majors and help them form a better idea of the jobs they want in the future. Give your division a shoutout! Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Mrs. Michelle Velazquez-Mesnard, chair of the humanities division and all-around great person.


Wednesday, Janurary 30, 2013


Gun Control continued from page 1

The 2nd Amendment talks about rights you have to defend yourself. When that was written, the most dangerous thing out there was a musket. Today, people can own way more dangerous things. Do I think that guns should be completely taken away? No. Do I believe that firearms should be regulated? Yes.” Ron Dodds, director of campus security, says “We need to keep the assault rifles out of circulation as much as we can. We need to do more background checks on individuals applying for permits to carry guns. The guns are not the problem, it is the individuals that use them.” Ricky Melendez, a junior, rounds out the debate with a simple, “Jesus saves.” From a spiritual perspective, many people are placing their faith in God, believing in his protection and salvation regardless of the governments decisions. With such a wide range of opinions, from the streets of New York to nationwide-rallies, and from the White House to the campus of

Union College, it’s important to look at all sides of the debate before arriving at a decision. The citizens of the United States are grieving the loss of many lives and bursting with vastly different ideas on how to prevent the loss of more.

Where will you choose to stand on gun control? What is your stance on this issue? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Should ordinary citizens have the right to bear arms?

To the Border and Beyond continued from page 1

And—spoiler alert—in addition to dessert, there may be some free paraphernalia handed out. Then, from Monday through Tuesday the directors will be handing out bulletins, answering questions, and providing information to students in the Dick building lobby.

Of overseas studies, Seiler says, “It gives you a completely different perspective. And it can be more affordable than you think to study abroad. Spain even gives students some travel money.” Whether overseas studies have only been a fleeting thought or you’ve seriously con-

sidered it for months, come to the presentation on Monday evening and find out if ACA could be your next adventure.

What is one country you would like to visit? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Countries with ACA Programs

If you’re not convinced, i’m sure a chat with any former ACA student will change your mind.

France Austria England Italy Brazil Argentina Spain Thailand France Lebanon Israel Japan Brazil Ukraine


Wednesday, Janurary 30, 2013


Dating Mr./Ms. Wrong You would think by the time we got to college we would know who’s worth our time. See, some of us have found our perfect match, but others Amber Alas are still in the process. We all have that one friend who’s dating someone they shouldn’t be with. But in that person’s head he or she may think everything is perfectly fine (or they know and are waiting for things to “change”). Certain indicators can tell us if this person is husband or wife material. Does your significant other constantly talk bad about his/her parents? Or even worse, do you witness them being disrespectful? In my opinion, someone who is impolite to his parents is a major turn-off. If he disrespects his parents when life gets a little bumpy what makes you think it won’t be the same with you? As soon as a situation goes south you see your boyfriend or girlfriend’s true colors. This also goes for your significant other’s interactions with friends and co-workers. Will you take being mistreated? Do you catch him/her in lies? If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my experiences with friends and ex-boyfriends, it’s to run the other way when you encounter a liar. Nothing good ever comes out of associating with someone who lies. Have you ever heard the saying, “A good man is an honest man?” Trust should be

the foundation of every relationship; without it there is no relationship. Hopefully you realize he/she is a liar before the 20th time. I don’t think it’s bad when your boyfriend/ girlfriend is a little jealous. As in, “Aww, babe, you’re so cute when you get jealous.” But when someone gets overly possessive and crazy it’s not so cute anymore. When I say possessive, I mean like if your boyfriend or girlfriend makes you drop your close friend that you’ve known your whole life just because they feel intimidated. Also, telling you what to wear and what not to wear, getting mad at you for not texting back right away, isolating you and constantly checking up on you 24/7 are all warning signs. Personally, I

don’t want to spend the rest of my life with a control freak. The last one I’ll mention is this: take note when you’re feeling doubtful. If you’re having some doubt about your relationship that is constantly there, it’s probably because your gut-or God-is trying to tell you to end it. Everybody has certain standards they want in a partner. And if you have to lower those standards, it’s not a good sign. Listening to your intuition is the best thing you can do. At the end of the day we know what we deserve—the very best. What other advice do you have? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Nobody wants thier relationship to head this way.

Who is Mr. Lee? Most of you may have been surprised to find that Dairy Queen was gone after break, and in its place was Mr. Lee’s Chinese food restaurant. My curious nature entered Mr. Ruby Ruano Lee’s doors in a quest to find out who he was and what he was all about. The light green walls with painting of bamboo instantly made me feel at ease. To my surprise, when I was greeted by a friendly Hispanic face behind the register. It wasn’t long before I realized the whole kitchen consisted of Hispanics! I was introduced to Jennifer Galdamez, general manager, and my first question was, “Who is Mr. Lee?” Jennifer smiled. “There is no Mr. Lee here,” she replied, “but it was because of him that we have this restaurant.” Originally from El Salvador, Jennifer’s husband, Fred Gladamez, worked in the food industry. He formed a culinary friendship with Mr. Lee, who was originally from China and the head cook of the restaurant Mr. Gal-

damez worked at. Mr. Galdamez learned all the tricks of the trade from Mr. Lee and came to America. He had the dream starting his own Chinese restaurant. “It took Fred 18 years to finally decide to make his Chinese restaurant,” said Jennifer excitedly. The menu offers a range of classic Chinese plates including kung pow chicken, broccoli and beef, sweet and sour chicken, soups, egg rolls, wontons, steamed rice, fried rice and a variety of fountain drinks. There are two serving options: lunch and dinner. Lunch is a full serving of rice and your choice of entrée. Lunch varies between $6-7, depending on how many entrees you choose. Dinner is the same thing but is piled with almost double amount of food. Because the servings much larger, dinner will run you between $10-12. “We are excited to have Union close by and we offer a tofu alternative with any of our entrées,” said Jennifer. “We also make sure to keep all our meats separate from our vegetables.” They are also student friendly by offer-

ing free WiFi! Mr. Lee’s is located on 48th Street beside Da Vinci’s. It’s open everyday Tuesday to Sunday between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. They offer dine in and delivery and carryout by calling (402) 489-5337. If you need an extra lucky meal, make sure to go by Mr. Lee’s and finish with a yummy fortune cookie! What is your favorite entree at Mr. Lee’s? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Some of the delicious selections at Mr. Lee’s


Wednesday, Janurary 30, 2013


For the Love of Winning, Lance Armstrong Cycling is my passion. I try to get on a bike whenever possible, and I am all too addicted to owning bikes. I have a few bikes here in Lincoln, while back at home in Florida, I have Tyler Ellis five more. My love for cycling run deeper than just owning many bikes, it also roots in watching the sport on television. For those who might not know, cycling is more than weekend entertainment, it is a very competitive sport. About 30 professional cycling events occur per year, but riders do not attend all of them, usually because they are preparing for a more important ride. For example, many riders skip the Tour de Suisse in Switzerland because it is less than a month before the Tour de France, which is the super bowl of cycling. For every professional sport, one player of players tends to dominate the sport, and for many years, in cycling that athlete was Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong was credited with winning seven Tour de Frances, he placed in the Olympics, he was the U.S. National Cycling Champion in 1993, as well as the World Cycling Champion that same year, and the list goes on. Since 1996, Lance Armstrong has been accused every year of doping. Here’s the issue with the accusations though: there was simply no evidence. His tests always came out clean, and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA ) could never find anyone to testify against him. Eventually, the federal government started a case against Lance Armstrong that they ended up dropping due to lack of evidence. After the federal government dropped the

case, Armstrong thought that he was free and clear. About a year ago, the USADA picked up the case again, but this time they found previous teammates of Armstrong to testify against him. To shorten the story, the USADA presented their findings and Armstrong was stripped of most of his titles and humiliated as a rider. After many years of lies, they finally came back to bite him. Although Armstrong does admit to dop-

ing, he denies any doping for the past five years and claims that he has been completely clean. He also admits that his main drive for doping was his simple passion of winning. For me this begs the question, is there anything in my life that forces me to make ethically unbalanced decisions? Is cheating ever justified? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

College Playoff The dust is settling on the 2012 season of college football and a playoff system has never looked better. College football has a bowl game system that includes five games featuring Joe Hoffman the ten top-ranked teams. As anyone who watches college football knows, this isn’t always the case. A perfect example of this was the latest Bowl Championship Series game which had Alabama vs. Notre Dame. By halftime, Alabama was up 28-0. By the end of the game, Alabama won 42-14, winning their second consecutive championship, the third in the past four years. In the BCS game the year before, Alabama won 21-0 against Louisiana State University. Even though the BCS game puts the

two “best” teams in the country in a game, one team is leagues ahead of the other. This gap demonstrates that the best teams aren’t playing each other. A playoff system would fix these mismatched games and make them more exciting. Instead of the two best teams going against each other in one game, you put the four best teams in an elimination round. The final game could get a lot more interesting that way. This kind of system would mimic the National Football League’s playoff system. Instead of one game to decide the best team, there would be three in addition to the other college bowl. This system would also bring in more revenue. It’s time for college football to get a change, a breath of fresh air. The old system has worked for a while, but after watching this

season’s bowl games, the new playoff system can’t come soon enough.

To what college do you give your loyalty come football season? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!


Wednesday, Janurary 30, 2013


2012: A Music Review For 365 days, millions of aspiring artists slaved away tirelessly trying to establish their place in history. Every one of them had specific goals: to have their voice--their instruSteven Foster ment—heard, to bring forth a message, to experiment wildly, creating bizarre but curious new sounds. Glory. Money. The girl. But for all, to make a difference in someone’s life. So without further ado, I give you my top 9 list of songs of 2012. Claiming the #9 spot is “Language” by Porter Robinson. You just can’t help but move to this house anthem. Progressively, “Language” transitions between melodic and dirty house, delivering a sound that caters to most anyone. At #8 comes Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You.” The 2013 Grammy-nominated Ocean has outdone himself with the release of his hit album channel ORANGE. “Thinkin Bout You” reflects Ocean’s fresh take on hip-hop

perfectly with smooth vocals and mellow beats. Stealing #7 is Eliot Lipp with “Sunset”. I’m a huge fan of soul-hop, a newer genre of electronic and “Sunset” really captures the sound. The genre is very experimental and different. In the #6 spot is “Poetic Justice” by Kendrick Lamar. Rap lovers rejoice! Kendrick breathes new and refreshing life into his highly acclaimed good kid, m.A.A.d city, which is one of the best rap albums I’ve ever heard. “Fractals” by Seven Lions claims #5. Ever since hearing it, I begin every workout by listening to it. This tune is MASSIVE. It begins with a soft build, but when it drops, you’ll practically lose control of yourself. Imagine Dragons made a name for themselves with “Radioactive”, my #4 pick. This song launched the band’s musical career with its catchy and powerful indie rock vibes. It truly sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard. Another great workout song is the Zedd remix of “Save the World” by Swedish House

Mafia. This pick rings in at #3. A great song by itself, Zedd turns the tune into a massive dubhouse banger. I love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. They’re my favorite artists this year, and with “Thrift Shop (Clean)”, they found a way into all of our ears, and my #2 spot. The song calls out how we pay for branding, rather than the clothes themselves. This last song is the one song that makes me hate being a baritone. I just can’t get it out of head, ever. This song is so good it could bring peace to the Middle East. The backing choir really made this piece, and it’s a first in popular music. Everyone I’ve met loves this song by Fun., and that’s why “Some Nights” claims my #1 spot. What are your favorite songs of 2012? Post some of your top picks on The Clocktower’s Facebook page. We’d love to hear what you think!

Trends From New York to You Recently, I embarked on a journey with one goal in mind: to bring the world of fashion from New York City to Lincoln, Nebraska. So I boarded a train of whimsy to New York Cassie Johnson Fashion Week, to join the likes of the most prominent, relevant, and inspirational fashion minds of our generation. While sitting front row to the catwalk, I enjoyed a glimpse into the future of fashion for Spring 2013. Here, I relay my findings and opinions to you, the students of Union College. The name of the season is making a statement, so here is your opportunity to throw stiff blazers to the wind, grasping firmly to your inner attention lover. For females, think big shapes, sheer fabrics, crazy cutouts, and (1)


loads of shimmer. If it catches your eye, go for it. My favorite collection from Fashion Week 2013 is Badgeley Mischka, which highlights sheer, glittery fabrics, with modest and original cutout placements, as evidenced by the photo. (1) My advice for bringing the trends to Union: have fun with it. Embrace a new trend. Or don’t. Don’t want to wear an outfit that literally projects from your body? Try dipping your toes in with a peplum shirt. Don’t love the idea of lighting a room with your glitter? Try a sparkly collar or sheer shirt with some shimmer. Check out my pick from Urban Outfitters—a dress that incorporates the bright colors of the season, adding just a touch of glam at the neck and sleeves. (2) Listen up boys! The statement trend continues for you as well. GQ picked their top choices from New York Fashion Week, praising suits of all colors and patterns. The goal of every designer seemed to be finding ways to spice up a traditional suit, be it by doublebreasted collars or use of eye-catching colors. Navy and coral dominated the runway for Spring, as evidenced by this photo from J. Crews’ Spring collection. (3) Want an everyday downplayed application to the potentially flamboyant trend? Try pairing a navy sweater with a patterned shirt underneath for added interest and a pop of color. Now, every runway has its’ “Don’ts” for the season. One that caused my eyes exces-

sive duress is meggings, or leggings for men, which made their way onto one too many chicken legs this season. Everyone from practicing yogis to Russell Brand have been sporting this “Don’t”. In fact, it pains me to report that this trend has even infected Union College. Please, if you see this man wandering around campus, let him know that this is one trend to let pass right on by. (4) Remember, fashion is your chance to say something about your personality. So have fun with the trends you love and discard those you don’t. Take my humble opinions with a grain of salt, or follow them to a T. Whatever you do, proceed with confidence, and others will be sure to follow. What is your favorite seasonal fashion accessory? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!




Wednesday, Janurary 30, 2013


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UPDATE Welcome back Unionites! I will be the first to admit: I have been complaining about the cold, but it is way warmer than it should be as I’m writing this. So enjoy it when you can! We, your ASB team, would like to thank you all for your support and recognition of Union’s Human Trafficking Awareness Week. Love146 is the cause we have chosen to support as a school, and it is great to see the student body taking an interest in such an important need. Throughout the semester we will continue to raise money for Love146, reaching toward our goal of $5,000. We’ve given you all a couple of weeks to get into the studying groove, so the next few Saturday nights are going to be fun breaks for all! February 2 brings the long-awaited Splash for Cash. Be prepared to jump in the Larson Lifestyle Center’s pool and grab free money! You read that correctly: FREE money.

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