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Clocktower Wednesday, November 14, 2012| Issue 87.10


It’s safe to assume that nearly every person has fallen victim to poor elevator etiquette. And if you can’t think of a single time you’ve felt irritated after an elevator ride, you might Brianna Schenkelberg be one of the following: The one-floor-riders, or Hoppers: perfectly able-bodied riders who don’t even have time to finish their text because they’ve boarded the elevator just to hop off at the next floor. Ding-dong Ditchers: They want to take the elevator but don’t have the patience to wait for it, so everyone on the elevator rides to a vacant floor. The Great Walls: These riders provide an immovable obstacle course for you to maneuver through as you’re frantically trying to make it off at your floor. Last week I was especially entertained by this elevator etiquette fail: In Prescott lobby, a student ran to make the elevator, desperately threw both hands into the inch-wide crack left between the doors, and attempted to Superman-push the doors back open, resulting in a temporary stall during which Eric Bing peered out from the doors’ small gap.

“At first I was kinda confused ‘cause I thought the elevator had broken,” recalls Eric, “but then I realized some guy had attempted to do the impossible and open a closed elevator. But it was alright because I had Panera bread.” Here are a few more guidelines from fellow students: “When it’s crowded, wait for your turn. Don’t squish in. I don’t like the physical contact in the elevator ‘cause it’s super awkward.” —Stella Park “Unless you’re doing laundry, the buttons from 2-4 [in Prescott’s elevator] should be gouged out or cemented.” —Eddy Klaman “Obnoxious behavior in a tiny space is a no.” —Emily Carson “There’s a minimum: you have to go up two floors to ride the elevator. Also, you should never run when the doors are shutting to stick your hand in there.” —Chase Shireman “Stand in opposite corners if possible. If they have a baby, talk to them about their baby.” —Cassie Johnson “I don’t take the elevator. I feel like it’s a great way to exercise to just run up the stairs.” —Brittney Needles

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Exhibit A: Stand in opposite corners of the elevator

Relief: Tony Cameron with Carl Dupper

Last week we caught Tony Cameron just as he was leaving to devote his week and offer relief efforts to our friends on the East Coast who were hit by Hurricane Sandy. This week Carl Dupper I had the honor of sitting down with him again for a little debriefing. Carl Dupper: So you made it back from the East Coast in one piece. Tony Cameron: Yes. We got back Friday night at 9 o’clock. CD: And was that earlier than expected? TC: Yeah. We came back a little earlier because the shelters began shutting down and they had the rescue part of it pretty well contained with all their local teams. CD: Where did you stay? TC: Well, the first night we stayed at Blue Mountain Academy in Pennsylvania, and from there we went to Philadelphia and stayed at a church for the rest of the time. CD: What did your relief efforts entail? TC: The storm was over by the time we got there, so we didn’t do any rescues, but we did a bunch of relief. You know, it’s Interna-

tional Rescue and Relief, and a lot of times I think people forget that last part. We did a lot of moving furniture, helping people attempt to salvage possessions from their houses. I mean, they had 18 inches of standing water and 4-foot waves coming in so we tried to pull out everything we could to help these people. CD: What was the craziest thing you saw? TC: When we were in one seaside neighborhood, a boat had sailed down the street, up someone’s driveway and through the back of their car. CD: When did you feel like you made the

most difference? TC: I remember one woman specifically whom we were helping pull things out of her house. I saw her retrieve a bottom drawer full of old family pictures that were just soaked and destroyed. She started bawling and giving us hugs, just needing some support. Even after five minutes, we were there for her. Even in a short time she was so thankful for just the little relief we could offer. Tell us your adventures! Post them on our Facebook or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Tony Cameron, back from his adventures on the East Coast. Find him to get the rest of the story!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Celebrating More than Thanksgiving

Family. Food. Football. We all are itching in anticipation for the annual “turkey day” that awaits us at the end of the month. Sometimes, however, Addi I feel disappointed to find Hudgins that November flies by in anticipation of Thanksgiving, while only one day is spent on the actual celebration. November gets a rep for boasting only pilgrims and pie, but the month holds many more fascinating holidays. National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month. NaNoWriMo. The anniversary of Sesame Street’s debut; Mickey Mouses’s, Charles Schultz’s and JFK’s birthdays. In fact, today, November 14, is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. It falls at an apt time, as soon we’ll all be stuffing our refrigerators (and our stomachs) with the feast leftovers from Thanksgiving. This month seems to focus on food predominantly, with November 15 as Pack Your Mom Lunch Day, and the 17th dubbed Homemade Bread Day. As we’re all sitting inside stuffing our

stomachs, though, we can also take the extra digestion time to whip out our laptops and type up a little something creative. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) runs every year for the month of November. The goal is write the draft of a novel between November 1-30. Those who “officially” sign up at have the opportunity to update their progress on online forums and profiles, network with other readers, and find support from others trudging through the same haul to the end of the month. While most of us likely are fans of the food coma-inducing holiday that falls at the end of this month, we can find holidays and events every day. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to celebrate November. Have something to tell the world? Submit your article to! You could be a paid, published author!


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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

RELIGION In the section I read today in Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller talked about his friend Andrew Josh the Protester, who Marshall often experienced tear gas while engaging in protests. He told Miller that “what you believe is not what you say. It is what you do.” Andrew would go out and cook for the hungry homeless people. He’d give them food and hang out with them. He did what he believed. This made me consider my own life. A big thing on my mind has been embracing life and trying to make great memories and experiences happen. Part of accomplishing that is doing what I believe. However, in the daily grind, it becomes difficult. Visions and intentions are lost on the back burner. All I know is that it takes consistent contemplation. You have to be ready to leap at opportunities when they show up. These are the things I mull over in my mind and tell myself every single

Life and Such

day. It gets old and I ask myself why I make myself “need” to try and do these things. And then I remember . . . I only live through this life once and I might as well make the best of it. This includes following God’s calling. So as I, and hopefully you, reader, strive to find the big things in life that we’re meant to do, keep in mind that the small things matter, too. They make memories and keep us young. Whether you’re taking a trip on a whim or stepping out of what you’re used to, it’s all important in our grand story. Find something to believe in. What you believe in is what you do. What you do will shape who you become.

Project Impact is one way to find out what you believe in

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This Week in Campus Ministries Tuesdays—9pm in the Lang Lobby (upstairs of Ortner Center) COD (Christ on Demand!) Wednesdays—CVC prayer meeting called “Hour of Power” with Pastor Ron @ 7 in the Heritage Room. Wednesdays—8 pm in the Student Center; join Rayshaun and friends for “Laboring Youth for Christ,” a time of Bible study and prayer. Thursday—“9 O’Clock” in Rees Hall worship room with Mikey and friends. 30 minutes of singing—you figure out what time! Friday—No official Vespers this week due to Thanksgiving break. Enjoy your time off!

Bread and Water

“The angel of the Lord came back a second time and touched him and said, ‘Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you,’” 1 Kings 19:7. I have a severe problem: I Hector like to take control of my life. I Melendez like to be in charge of every detail. Every decision that is made, every problem that I face, I like to have control of the situation. There have been plenty of examples in my life where I have taken God out of the situation and tried to handle my problems alone without first seeking Him. I have this skewed belief in my mind that I know what’s best for me and how to solve the problems that burst in. Most of the time, it is because I take things into my own hands that more problems arise. It seems as though Elijah has the same problem. In the story of Elijah running away from Jezebel, he is confronted with a life or death situation. He flips out and decides that he needs to run; he doesn’t know where he’s

going, how far he is running, or even how he is going to survive when he reaches his unknown destination. He gets scared and thinks that the best way for him to avoid this situation is for him to leave. He ends up making things worse. Since he was escaping to keep his life, don’t you think it is a little ironic that he ran into a desert? No food, no water, no shelter. Elijah is all alone. He is desperate and scared, cursing his life and wanting it to end so he doesn’t have to deal with the consequences of his actions. As he lays His head to rest, an angel of the Lord comes to him, touches him and says, “Get up and eat.” Baked bread and water appear, allowing him to be replenished and restored. He falls back asleep. The angel of the Lord comes back to him, touches him once again, but says something a bit different: “Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you.”


Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Train Like Bruce Lee in Lincoln

During winter everyone’s animal instincts kick in and all we want to do is eat and hibernate. Walking to classes becomes your leg workout; typing those final papers, your Ruby Ruano upper body workout. Its tough, I know. So I found some fun options in Lincoln that will hopefully keep you working out! A close location that has received great

reviews from UC students is the Lincoln Racquet Club. It’s about a mile down the road on 5300 Old Cheney Road. They give special membership prices to UC students and a free 7-day pass! The club offers classes for kickboxing, Pilates, body combat, Zumba, boot camps and many more all year round. It has an outdoor pool, tennis and racquetball courts, and a cardio/weight room with all the essentials. Visit for more info.

The Thanksgiving Spirit Amber Alas

I don’t know about you, but I love Thanksgiving. A day to enjoy family and friends, to eat all the pie you want, a whole week off of school and of course you can’t forget about the turkey (at least for some of

us). In my family, all the girls get together in my grandma’s kitchen and cook. (The way it’s supposed to be, right?) Another of our traditions is that everyone brings a dish and we hold a huge potluck. It’s a miracle if you actually get a plate of every dish. By the end of the night my food baby has formed to about 5 months. But no matter how full I am I can never say no to pumpkin pie! After we finish our dinner we take turns saying what we’re thankful for. Every year I have something new to add to my list. We have an awesome God who keeps blessing His children every single day. Let’s not wait until Thanksgiving to tell Him how thankful we are. I asked some students about their Thanksgiving family traditions. Here are some responses: Allie Lee: We eat lunch at my grandma’s house! Brandon Learned: Most years we have cranberry relish.

Hiboombe Haamankuli: Sometimes we travel out of state. Shaina Adams: My family has a “Thankful Bowl.” Every year we write down all the things we are thankful for since the previous year and we take our lists and read them aloud to remember how much we have to be thankful for. Then we make new lists for the next year. What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Post them on our Facebook or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

My food baby has formed to about 5 months

Aspen Athletic Club is another local favorite that leans toward the fancy side but is absolutely worth the trip. They have two locations in Lincoln about 2 miles away from Union with over 100 pieces of cardio equipment—so fighting over the treadmill will never be an issue. Some extra perks include luxury showers and lockers, access to personal trainers, tanning beds and a sauna. They also offer group exercise classes like yoga and Pilates. You can get more info and a free 3-day pass by visiting their website, If you feel like channeling your inner Bruce Lee, the Tiger Rock Academy will help you do just that. They offer classes for Kickboxing, Taekwondo and Brazilian JiuJitsu. The classes are for beginning adults, so don’t worry about being bad when you start! Prices vary by the program you are interested in. Visit their web page for more info. Exercising keeps your mind happy with endorphins, and you get to keep that great body for summer. It’s never too early to start! Where do you like to work out? Post them on our Facebook or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down from the Clocktower Staff Pablo – Thumbs up to James Bond. Aphee – Thumbs up to Lilo and Stitch, Disney’s most underrated movie. Addi – Thumbs down to the Nebraska wind that makes wearing skirts so tricky. Brianna – Thumbs down to anything less than 8 hours of sleep per night. Joe – Thumbs up to almost Thanksgiving. Annie – Thumbs up to field trips for class! Kristen – Thumbs down to Sandy. Amber – Thumbs up to winter socks! Ruby – Thumbs up to visiting DISNEY WORLD!!! Tyler – Thumbs up to another 4 years with President Obama. The Inspector – Thumbs down to not finding my pen on stage.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Honoring Veterans Day

I love chatting with Dr. Fitts. I usually visit him when I know I have a couple of hours to spare. Dr. Fitts loves to tell stories. Pablo Colidres Monday afternoon I left the Clocktower office for a break and decided to visit him. Alas, when I got there he was prepping for his class in twenty minutes. “I just dropped by to say hi,” I said, feeling rather awkward. He was fumbling around with his computer. “I know yesterday was Veterans Day and I thought I’d pay my respects.” He stopped what he was doing and turned in his chair. He was in full uniform. “You know,” he said as a smiled formed on his face, “I’ll mention that today when I eat.” I smiled, confused. “I get a free meal at Golden Corral today!” he said, ecstatic. “It will be packed, we’re gonna have a chow-down today. Good food.” “Free food,” I added. He laughed. Then he looked out his window and turned sullen. “Every Memorial Day,

What’s the scariest place at Union? Riley Sicher – Engel Hall: demons and noises. James Carlson – The science building at night. Chase Shireman – Girls walking from the lower parking lot by Kern. That is the scariest. I always make my girlfriend call me. Olivia May – Parking in the lower lot. Jared Messinger – The girls’ dorm. Ryan Chaffee – Directly under the Clocktower (because it could fall on me). Deanna Morgan – Jorgensen and Engel at night. Carrie Johnson – The showers on 4th West in the girls’ dorm. Amanda Goss – The old sauna area in the bottom of the girls’ dorm. Hayley Essex – Anywhere in the dark. I’m afraid of the dark. Andrew Morgan – 3rd floor of the music building.

every Veterans Day, I get to thinking about those who aren’t with us anymore. Some very near and dear to my heart, my age—or, would be my age today.” He paused, and I didn’t know what to say. He finished, “I guess some of us just don’t get to grow old.” Dr. Fitts then gathered his things, reminded me that he would mention my visit at his dinner, and politely told me he needed to finish preparing for his class. I realized then that he meant that conversation to be rhetorical. Dr. Fitts wanted me to think his answer through. I‘m still pondering that one. The more I think about it, the more I convince myself that veterans deserve respect. Thank you, veterans.


Union’s New Website

As most of you have probably noticed, Union College has launched a new website design and layout. Due to using student and faculty talent and free software, Union was Anna Pongo able to make the new website in-house, a task which would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to outsource. Some of the main changes to the website include the main menu dropdown when the cursor hovers over the link; the search bar is easier to locate; and now the links at the bottom, such as Moodle and Self Service, have descriptions explaining what services they provide. These new developments have been in

the making since Scott Cushman started doodling his ideas down in May 2011. From there the ideas moved to Photoshop, then to the computer of Ben Barber, where they became working templates and then a working website. A year and a half after the initial doodling began, the website was launched for the public. If you would like to know more about the new website or look at pictures of the previous websites, visit welcome-new-ucollegeedu. Do you like the new website? Post your thoughts on our Facebook or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

The new and improved Union website, cool mint flavor


Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Let’s Talk About Deficits

Let’s talk about deficits. In today’s society, you may assume I’m talking about an economic deficit. But in this particular circumstance, I am not. In this article I am going Tyler Ellis to discuss score deficits—some of the biggest in history. The largest deficit in the NFL occurred in 1940. The game was the Chicago Bears against the Washington Redskins and the poor Redskins were blown out of the park 700. For hockey, the Detroit Red Wings shut out the New York Rangers 15-0 in 1944. In December 1991, Cleveland beat Miami 14880 during a playoff game. I would like to point out that that is a 68-point score difference! These are all major point gaps in professional sports, but let’s move on to something a little more local. Our own Warriors played a game on Saturday night that did not match the deficit of the Cleveland/Miami game in 1991, but exceeded it! When I first saw the final score I could not believe my eyes. And after talking with many fans who attended the game, I have never heard so much positive feedback about our Warriors. The final score of the game was 109-36. 109-36! That is a 73-point deficit! There is obviously a lot of talent on our Warriors squad this year and they came out and showed that on Saturday night. They gave no mercy and that sets a competitive tone for the rest of the season.

Ben Vasconcellos shoots for three

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NHL Lockout Hurts Fans Most The National Hockey League is at it again, and if you don’t know what I mean, just continue reading. Hockey season should have started on October 11; it is now Joe Hofmann into November and not a single NHL game has been played. This is due to the lockout. The main reason behind the lockout is that the NHL wants to see salaries reduced immediately while the union believes all existing contracts should be honored. As a result, the National Hockey League Player’s Association is unwilling to consider an immediate rollback or any system that would see players pay more money in escrow. Sounds confusing, huh? Basically, the coaches and some league officials don’t want to pay the players the salaries that they said they would. So now both sides are trying to negotiate and figure out what to do. Meanwhile, the average hockey

fan can either watch highlights of their team on YouTube or use the extra time for their fantasy football team. I’ll admit there aren’t a lot of hockey fans in this area; the game is slow and typically doesn’t see a lot of scoring, but these lockouts hurt fans and they also hurt the cities that have NHL teams. If no games are played, no one is working the concessions or at the ticket box, which costs those people their jobs and is a loss of profit. While the average sports fan can take some abuse from a league or from their team, simply not having a season won’t do. Fans can only take so many of these lockouts before they just give up on the sport altogether. And what makes sports thrive? The fans. What are your thoughts on the NHL lockout? Post them on our Facebook or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


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UPDATE After many sleepless nights, hours of writing, and several trips to the Cornhusker for taste tests and table decoration approval, the Evening in Paris banquet was a success! Deanna The French food was delicious, Morgan the musicians were spectacular and the highlight of the evening was the mystery entertainment. It was a fun event to plan and participate in. Being part of ASB has given me so many opportunities for involvement. Last year I only attended some events, but now I’m the one planning the events. It’s added a lot of work to my school year, but it is totally worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing! My goal from the very beginning was to plan events where the students of Union College could create their own memories. The way this year is going, I’d say that we’re well on our way to accomplishing that. We’ve had some great events so far this year but many more are still to come: Ice Skating, Splash for Cash, Game Night and more! We’ve got a lot of events planned for second semester, and more chances to win prizes. So look out for all our awesome post-

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