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A year in review: UC Ball





It Takes a Village

Many students look forward to the day when they can leave the dorm and move all the way across the street. I asked around to see if the grass really was greener on the other Chelsea side. I found Bernice TumangZumwalt keng working in the library. Tumangkeng lives in Kern Apartments as a senior nursing & IRR major. Why did she move off-campus? “I wanted to have freedom and practice living independently,” says Tumangkeng. “There’s a different feel to paying bills and cleaning your home. I feel like this is very important to experience in college before the real world.” Adam Neep, who lives in an apartment on Meredeth Street, agrees with the desire to have independence. He explains, “When I was in the navy, I lived dorm style for two years. It was fun at the time, but I’m at the

age where I want to live on my own. There are no guys yelling and no one has to worry about me.” Josh Heinrich, a junior nursing major, has a slightly different reason for moving off campus. “Sarah and I got married and the other apartments cost quite a bit to heat and cool. They were small, whereas Coopers was the perfect size for two. Coopers also seemed safe.” Tumangkeng loves the freedom she got. “I can have all my friends over at the same time. It also saves me a lot of money. If my friends want to eat together, I can cook a meal for them rather than go out.” Neep agrees, “I love that I can cook. I don’t have to share a bathroom with anyone. I can have friends, regardless of gender, over for Sabbath lunch and I never have to sign out.” Says Heinrich, “Before this year I lived cont on page 10

Manny Emmanuel opens the door to his apartment in Bancroft Street.

Could Proposed New Tax Reforms Affect Student’s Tuition?

Governor Dave Heineman has recently proposed a reform on tax bills in Nebraska. The plan by Heineman in his State of the State budget message is to remove individual and corAnnie Pongo porate income taxes. Sounds great! However, this $2.4 billion cost would have to be covered somehow. To pay for this reduction on sales tax, Heineman plans to take it out of current tax exemptions. This could affect citizens of Nebraska if it is approved. It also could affect Union College students. Governor Heineman has proposed $2.4 billion worth of tax exemptions that he would eliminate to pay for the removal of income tax. In his introduction of the bill to the committee, he stated that he believed the tax changes would “bring new jobs to the state and keep young people here.” Some of the exemption modifications would include agricultural equipment and

fuel, supplies purchased by charities and nonprofit organizations, hospital stays and equipment, and, most importantly for us, dormitory rooms. Opposition to the bill has risen from people who feel that raised costs will put health care services in Nebraska at risk. According to Scott Wooten, senior executive from Alegent Creighton Health, the bill would jeopardize health care in Nebraska by making substantial increases in operating prices. “It’s the consumer, it’s the individual who will pay for the tax shift,” he said. Although many Nebraska colleges and universities have worries regarding the new bill, Union College has extra concerns as a non-profit institution. According to Harvey Meier, Union College accounting office controller, “a decision would have to be made about whether the expense would be passed on to students.” He calculated that it, combined with the possible tax on school supplies, could raise costs for

the school by $200,000. In his opinion, these elevated expenses would most likely, of necessity, be passed on to the students through their school bills. Malcolm Russell, the Vice President for Academic Administration here at Union College, noted that the bill would create more of a burden for private colleges and universities because they are non-profit and will no longer be exempt from the taxes. “It will put pressure on private colleges and universities,” he stated. “We already do a better job at getting people to graduate than the state universities. Why pick on us?” At this point, a committee has begun research into the bill and is expected to give their preliminary report by December 15, and their final report to the governor by November 15, 2014. What are your thoughts on this new tax bill? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Meet the new ASB Execs! Carl Dupper, ASB President

Major: Business Management (Marketing) Dream Job: CEO of the Denver Nuggets Superpower: Teleportation Book: Tuesdays with Morrie Disney Movie: Wall-E Animal: Blobfish Nickname: Hot Carl, AccordiCarl

Meredith Nichols, Executive VP

Major: IRR/Pre-Med Dream Job: Start clinics in Cambodia Superpower: Run super fast Book: Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman Disney Movie: Up Animal: Sloth Nickname: Moo-Moo, Mer-Mer

Zach Morrison, Financial VP

Next week on Clocktower Online

Major: Accounting Dream Job: CEO of Microsoft Superpower: Teleportation Book: Ender’s Game, Cloud Atlas Disney Movie: The Incredibles Animal: Tiger Nickname: Zachary Dacquiry

Kody Hines chats with an Artist and Repertoire Rep for Epic Records about the future of music and what it holds.

Maile Hoffman, Social VP

Saul turned to Paul, thanks to God’s power. We say that God has all the power, but does he have the power to change hearts? Mollie Cummings will take us through this one.

Major: Elementary Education Dream Job: Special Education Teacher Superpower: Reading Minds Book: The Magic of Thinking Big Disney Movie: High School Musical 1,2,3 Animal: Dolphin Nickname: Smiley Maile, Miles

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Meet the Newbies, Part II Chelsea Zumwalt

What do you plan on doing for the Clocktower? Writing for the campus life column. If you could spend fifteen minutes with anyone who ever existed, who would it be? I know this sounds completely cliché, but I would chose to spend fifteen minutes with Jesus. I would love to be able to see His scarred hands and His loving eyes. What are three words you would use to describe

yourself? Optimistic, compassionate, and determined. Recommend to Union… A book: Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh A singer/song/band/album: Walk Off the Earth’s “Gang of Rhythm.” I’m not sure if they have an album yet. I found them on YouTube. What do you want to have accomplished by the age of 30? I want to be married to my fiancé; be a tender, competent nurse; and have my Union College loans paid off. If you could learn how to do anything, what would it be? I would learn how to surf. I love the ocean and miss it every day. Who’s your favorite superhero? Iron Man because he is sarcastic and brilliant to develop all he has.

Cassie Johnson

What interested you in working for the Clocktower? I have such a passion for writing and fashion, so the ability to combine those two things was appealing to me. What is something unique (a perspective, a topic, etc) that you are bringing to the paper? I’d like to think I bring an element of popular culture to the paper–fresh, current ideas that students will be interested in reading about. What are you most excited about? I’m most excited to research current trends so I can keep up to date myself. I just love reading about all things fashion! I’m also enthused about roaming campus on the prowl for fashionistas here at Union. What inspires you about fashion? What makes you so passionate about it? Fashion is an opportunity to wear your personality every day. Even if I’m dying in physics lab, you can bet my glittery shoes are keeping the spark alive. Anything random you would like to comment on? Be prepared to be photographed, Union. Consider the campus a catwalk from here forward.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Unpardonable Sin? In third grade I heard a sermon about the unpardonable sin. The pastor said the unpardonable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Committing this sin disables you Spencer Way from feeling the influence of the Holy Spirit and results in complete separation from God. He explained that, though we may not know if we have committed the unpardonable, the things we love most often separate us from God anyway. I went home in a cold sweat and prayed for a long time. I mentally scanned through my toys searching for the one separating me from God. My cowboy whip came to mind over and over. It cracked if you swung it right. I tried to avoid it, but in the middle of the night I took the whip to my older brothers’ room and gave it to them. Over the next few days I gave them my hatchet and some of my camouflage clothes. I could no longer whip things, hide in wartime, or hack wood into small, useless chips. Still, I feared the unpardonable. One

This Week in Campus Ministries Wednesday- Laboring Youth for Christ @ 8pm at Erin Schlenker’s home, 4931 Calvert St. Everyone is welcome. Hour of Power @ 7 in the Heritage Room of the church with Pastor Ron Thursday- 9 O’Clock @ 9pm in Rees Hall Chapel. Come sing for 30 minutes and be blessed in this worship time with your peers. Friday- People’s City Mission to feed the homeless. Leave at 4 and be back for vespers. You MUST sign up in Campus Ministries because spots are limited. 7:15 starts the Matthew video followed by the lighting of the Sabbath candle and our time of worship at 7:30 in the church. Sabbath Many Sabbath Schools to choose from. Watch for signs! Our new SS- “Jesus at the center of…” with Tyler Morrison and friends was amazing last Sabbath. Be sure and check it out in the Rees Hall Club room starting at 10:30. CVC @ 9:15 and Noon will feature Pastor Ron SOS sponsored by Job Ministries! Watch for signs and details. V2 @ 6 with IRR in the church

prized possession remained. I grew up as a Native American, in my mind. The Christmas before, I built a faux eagle feather headdress with my dad. Because of this headdress, I was the war chief at home and nothing was more important. I could not give it away. Yet I needed sleep, and I needed to go to heaven even more. Tired, I broke down after a few days and asked my Mom if there was any way around giving up my headdress. We read the Bible commentary, Ellen White, and all the verses about the unpardonable sin. What a relief it

Don’t worry, God’s on your side

was to find that the Bible says the unpardonable sin is a state of mind achieved after ignoring the Holy Spirit with such consistency that you can no longer hear it. As White writes, as long as you are concerned about committing the unpardonable, you have not. In third grade I almost chose life without God rather than give up my headdress. It is a crazy story to look back on, but I find myself in the same place as an adult. The crises and confusions are different now, perhaps more sophisticated. But I find myself on the verge of leaving God when I cannot reconcile doctrinal misunderstanding to a God who loves. The catch is the good my crises have done for me. My faith is stronger for having misinterpreted; my relationships with the people who have guided my search are invaluable. What is the Indian headdress in your life? Maybe you do not misunderstand the Bible like I do and your crisis is more tangible. But still it is worth asking: Is the unpardonable sin in my life just misinterpretation, or is a God of love waiting for my questions to make things more clear?

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Walking Different “And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking and leaping, and praising God” Acts 3:8. It had been 40 years of deRicky Melendez pendency. Year after year, this lame man had come to the Beautiful Gate in need. Much of the time, he was being passed over by believers walking into the temple courts, merely satisfying his temporary need for money in order to allow him to survive another day. No believer had truly satisfied his ultimate desire: to be healed and walk again. Fortunately, God was going to work in spite of his non-working people. Enter Peter and John, walking to the temple. They notice him, a lame man on the side of the road, who seems to fade into the background. They notice his eyes filled with desperation, crying out to those around him for something. Anything. Peter and John walk towards him and the beggar notices. Fixing his eyes on Peter, he pleads with expectancy to these men who arrive at the gate at the right time. Stretching his hand forward, Peter gives this lame beggar what all of these other believers only claimed to have—Jesus. He leaps up, walks, jumps, and praises God into the temple. He couldn’t resist this reaction: he

had just been touched by Jesus. His life was forever changed the moment he was touched by Jesus. Never would he walk normally after such an experience. Notice how his first instinct after leaping up was to step into the temple courts where all the other believers were. I would like to suggest to you today that he did this in order to show those who had passed by him for years—stepping into the temple only to fulfill their religious duties—what it really looked like to walk after being touched by Jesus. We, as Christians, bear a heavy name, and with that name comes big responsibility. We claim that we have Jesus. But how can we claim something that we have never really received? How can we give something that we have never really had? By claiming we are Christians we claim to have Jesus, and if we claim to have Jesus, we claim that he has done something in our lives. If this is the case, the moment we were touched by him we no longer should have walked normally. Those around us should be able to know us by our walk, by the way we leap, jump, and praise God. Our gait should be different, for how is it that it could be normal after being touched by Jesus?

If you would like to share in your spiritual journey, go to


Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Business Club, Business Party Being part of the business division, I clearly have a bias. That may have something to do with why I chose to cover the business division’s news. But bias aside, the business field Tyler Ellis day is a great experience for students to shadow local business men and women. Before I expand further, let me rewind a little bit. In the late 90s, the business club at Union College started a division field day. During the field day, business students went into the community to complete a scavenger hunt. This activity kept the business students happy for a few years. But as the years progressed, the business club officers realized that field day was an ever-evolving process. As they changed the format, it evolved from a scavenger hunt into meeting local business people. For about the last eight years, the format has remained essentially unchanged. Currently, business students meet in the Dick building at 8:30 a.m. for a light breakfast provided by the advisory board. They are then paired with a local business professional that they shadow until around noon. The students are greeted back at Union with lunch and smiling teachers who are happy that the students are back because they missed the students so much.

The business club officers are the ones who reach out to the local business leaders to get them on board with mentoring the business students. Some of the businesses that have helped mentor the students are Union Bank, Talent Plus, Edward Jones, and Wells Fargo, just to name a few. It is not out of the picture for a student to score an internship, a reference, or (if they are extremely impressive) even a job from the field day! This field

day is open to non-business students as well, but they need to let their teachers and the business club officers know that they are attending. Hope to see you there next year! Barry Forbes contributed information to this article. Send a shoutout to your favorite Business professor! Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Courtney Shoemaker and Andrew Morgan participate in Business Field Day

New Humanities Emphasis: Emerging Media

Move over, there’s a new emphasis at Union College. Are you a communications student, but don’t want an emphasis in journalism or public relations? Well, you’re in luck. Lexi Johnson Starting this spring semester Humanities is offering a new emphasis! The new emphasis is emerging media and is for the communications major. The emphasis deals in communication, social media, Internet and other emerging media relevant to jobs and internships that now center on social media. According to humanities division chair, Michelle Mesnard, “This new emphasis responds to a need in the job market and provides our students with training that makes them more marketable. In addition, this is an emphasis that is not offered at any of the Adventist colleges and universities and very few schools across the U.S. offer this type of program.” New classes created for this emphasis include: Writing in the Digital World, Web Research and Analytics, Interacting with Online Audience, Digital Storytelling and Social

Media Public Relations and Marketing. These new classes will be taught by adjunct teachers who will use the latest technology. Ryan Teller, the current Director of PR here at Union, will be teaching Digital Storytelling. Brian Weed, vice president for Web and Membership Services for the Society of Adventist Communicators, and Scott Cushman, Union’s Director of Digital Communication, will be teaching Interacting with an Online Audience. Writing in the Digital World will be an online class. The rest of how the teaching load will be divided is still being determined. Emerging media student, Harry Smith, who currently writes for a music blog, is particularly excited for the class Writing for the Digital World. If journalism or public relations isn’t for you, but you still want to work in communications, I urge you to check out this new emphasis. The opportunities within this field are endless. Give your division a shoutout! Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Harry Smith, member of a new emphasis offered at Union College


Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Praise All Semester Long We are lucky to have such an awesome group of leaders that bring us some of Christian music’s best performers. If you haven’t already heard, JJ Heller is next in line! But, just in case Ruby Ruano you feel like you don’t get your Jesus on enough during the year, I found you guys some more awesome concerts coming to Lincoln and other nearby cities! The Winter Jam Tour will kick off the month of March with performances by Toby Mac, Matthew West, Newsong, Jaime Grace, Sidewalk Prophets and Capital Kings. This amazing collaboration was brought together by a youth ministry. The event is happening on Friday, March 1, at 7pm with doors opening at 6 p.m. It will take place at the Omaha Civic Center and tickets are only $10 at the door! What a steal. Just a few miles away from Union, the praise-loving Casting Crowns band will be performing at the Lincoln Berean Christian Church. This will be an all-acoustic session put together by the members of the Lincoln Berean to support the World Vision organization. They have also previously partnered with Tiny Hands and Compassion International to bring awareness and raise funds for their causes. The event will take place at the Lincoln Berean on March 22 at 7 p.m. Tickets

are $30-$40. Chris Tomlin, one of my favorites, will also be at the Omaha Civic Center on April 13, a Saturday night. He is currently on tour for his most recent album, Burning Lights. On tour with him is female Christian singer Kari Jobe. Tickets are between $25-35 and the show will begin at 7 p.m. These are just a few artist that are coming to the area! Other bands such as Sanctus Real, Third Day and a few others will also be

in the area in the months of March and April. To find out more information about the concert information for any concert you are interested in be sure to visit christianconcerts. com or visit Lincoln Berean’s website, www. to learn all about their concert series and the organizations that they are involved with. What Christian artist do you want to see next year? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Phil Wickham, who recently came to Union, led us in worship at a packed CVC

What Every Guy/Girl Should Own in College When you were a little kid, the only thing you wanted to own was a scooter or a pair of sock’em boppers. Now that we are in college we all have different wants in life. Everyone has Amber Alas different wants and needs in life but here are some ideas to help you out! Every girl should own a good pair of pumps. Doesn’t matter the color, the material or how comfortable they are. As long as you girls go out and buy a decent expensive pair that you know will last at least a couple of years. What can go with any good pair of pumps? A little black dress. Not blue, red or pink- it has to be black. I think you can never go wrong with a mini black dress. You can wear it mostly for every occasion there is. But enough about fashion, every girl should own pepper spray! We have to be prepared for the worst and I am a firm believer in having protection in your purse. As for entertainment, every girl should own the movie, Mean Girls. Mean Girls is a classic that has every girl I know laughing hysterically. You can’t just watch it once. Most guys don’t understand

the humor of that movie, which is why it’s on the girls’ list. Lastly, a planner should be every girl’s best friend. If you don’t have one then you must have the best memory ever. Now for the guys. Everyone should own at least one nice watch along with a nice fitted suit. A suit can be perfect for church, a date or a wedding! Fellas, if you want to attract a girl let them know you are a member at a gym! I can promise your hotness level will go up. A man who is committed to being healthy is an A-Ok in any girls’ book! As for the money that you guys currently have, a money clip is the fastest, simplest way to take care of your money. Lastly, every guy should own a cologne. Everyone has different taste, but smelling good is probably the best thing you can do for everyone else. As for both guys and girls, you should own confidence! Here are some things your fellow classmates said; Elizabeth Pierson: Every girl should own a good boyfriend. Allissa Wright: Every girl should own running shoes.

Chavez Morris: Every guy should own chicken seasoning. Adam Neep: Every girl should own a library card. Did Amber miss something? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Lupe Williams and Russ Huggins have the essentials


Wednesday, February 27, 2013


To Break or Not to Break Comfort Zones What is your personal bubble with your roommate? What about the cashier at The Mill? How about Dr. Linda Becker? Chances are, your bubble expands and contracts based on Brianna your relationship with whomSchenkelberg ever you’re interacting. Unfortunately, we’ve not yet developed the technology to visually display our bubble sizes for outsiders. If we had this ability, it’d be much easier to avoid the awkward invasion of acquaintance-zoners misunderstanding

themselves for friend-zoners. Or, my source tells me there’s an unspoken rule regarding personal space, when it’s available, in a lineup of urinals. “Always have one urinal between you and the next guy. Nobody wants to be caught in the splash zone.” There are countless invisible walls guarding our physical comfort space that, when broken, can cause unease and discomfort. To make sure you’re not being a “space trespasser”, the following may help. According to an online article from Discovery News, our smallest “intimate” comfort

zone extends around us by only 1.5 feet and is populated by family, pets, and close friends. Next, inhabited by friends and acquaintances, our personal space reaches 1.5-four feet away from us. Four-12 feet beyond us lies our social space where routine social interactions take place with friends or strangers, and anything past 12 feet is public space open to all. However, it’s rarely physically possible or socially acceptable for us to get strangers jousted four yardsticks away from us. Just be mindful of the personal space of the stranger ahead of you when waiting in the cafeteria’s endless line for Indian food. And when forced to be closer than comfortable, don’t make it worse with eye contact or shoulder brushing, unless you’re Scarlett Johansson or Ryan Gosling. But still, even Scarlett Johansson has comfort zones that go beyond even physical bubbles. In 2007, it became known that she insisted on a no-nudity clause in all her movie contracts. Emotional and social comfort zones such as this exist as defense mechanisms. Sometimes the discomfort generated from rebelling against our gut feeling is legitimate cause to retreat to our cave of comfort. It’s healthy to have a comfort cave as long as it remains a weekend retreat, not a permanent residence. When making life choices, comfort zones are what you make them: a safety net or a crutch. When to break comfort zones: • If they prevent you from achieving your goals or creating change. • If discomfort is the sole justification for not breaking them. • If the benefit of breaking them outweighs the discomfort. When to leave comfort zones: • If they keep you from violating personal values, morals, or beliefs. • If they keep you from putting yourself or others in danger. • If breaking them causes additional, lasting stress and discomfort. Put briefly, there’s a time and place for everything. A friendly conversation in the cafeteria is not the place to invade the intimate zone, save that for a crowded elevator. When an acquaintance is bawling their eyes out at you, it may be time to enter the intimate zone via a comforting hug. Don’t forget to continually reevaluate your emotional and social comfort zones. Never risk jeopardizing who you are but don’t let comfort zones keep you from spreading your wings to fly.

Hovering over soneome’s shoulder is not okay.

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Going the Distance Many of us know the feeling. The day is Valentines Day, a day to celebrate love and enjoy the company of our significant others. We’re surrounded by snuggling couples engaged in Katelyn hand-holding and eskimo kissKovalski es. We want to strangle them with their matching charm bracelets, because all we got to enjoy with our significan’t other on Valentine’s Day was a phone call. Long-distance relationships are particularly painful around the holidays. So many people throw themselves into one of two categories: happily taken or forever alone. But those of us in between, missing our long-distance lovers, are often overlooked. What are some of the biggest difficulties surrounding long-distance relationships? Drawing from personal experience, one of the biggest is missing one’s significant other

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down from the Clocktower Staff Pablo –

to snow.

Amber –

to snapchat!

Annie –

to cold weather

Brianna – Lexi –

around holidays or special times of the year. My boyfriend and I had a huge fight over Skype on our one-year anniversary. Why? Stress and heartache over not seeing each other on what was supposed to be a big day for us. For Natalie Bruzon, “the downside [of a long-distance relationship] was that I couldn’t kiss him.” Physical touch is often of great importance in many relationships. “The downside, obviously, is that the other person isn’t physically there,” says Josue Cabrera. There is something to be said about conversations face to face, as opposed to over the phone. However, there are surprisingly a few upsides to long-distance. Bruzon says, “The upside was that we talked a lot more than we would have if we got to see each other. We were constantly on the phone.” “You get to see how strong the relationship is,” says Cabrera. “You see how much the relationship can make it through.” In my own relationship, both of the above opinions have proven to be true. My boyfriend and I treasure the opportunities we get to converse, and our relationship has grown much stronger over the last nine months we’ve spent apart. Joylyn Crews sums it up saying “I believe long-distance does not have to be the death

sentence for your relationship. Although long-distance does provide extra challenges, it can strengthen your ability to communicate with your significant other.“ On the flip-side, in my opinion, it is not beneficial to be separated by the distance at the beginning of your relationship. You may very soon find out that your desire to be with that person was based more on infatuation than anything else...and then it’s hard to end things because you don’t want to seem like a jerk.” For those who may face long-distance in the future, Crews offers, “It’s easy to hide huge character flaws when your relationship is limited to Skyping, texting and occasional visits over holidays/weekends. I would strongly suggest dating for at least a year before going long-distance.” Long-distance relationships can be difficult and are not for everyone, but if a couple manages to hang in there, it just might be something special. Even if it can be a little painful around the holidays.

Do you think it’s a good idea to be in a long distance relationship? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

to Zumba! to snow days!

Steven –

to spring break CO trip!

Katelyn – to overdosing on hot chocolate to combat the cold! Chelsea –

to spring break

Chiu –

to super awesome girlfriends ;)

Addi –

to poetry

Carl – to being an underdog at intramural basketball! Tyler – to Fox news being fair and balanced Emily –

to cold, then hot, then cold...

Cassie – Cullen!

to the skin hue of Edward

Joe –

to “Cashflow” Ellis

Michael –

to having a thumb again. Couples can keep a long- distance relationshiop alive through communication.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Dishing the Rock with Devon Intramural basketball season started a couple weeks ago, so I caught up with Devon Morris to get his opinion on how the season has gone so far. Joe: How long have you Joe Hoffman been playing for? Devon: Since I was 10. Joe: Your favorite NBA team? Devon: The only true LA team, the Los Angeles Clippers. Joe:Favorite player to watch? Devon: Chris Paul. Joe: Your prediction for the NBA finals? Devon: Clippers and the Heat. Joe: Let’s talk about intramurals, what do you think of your team so far? Devon: We’re good, just learning how to play together. Joe: Are you happy with how you’ve played together so far? Devon: Yeah we’ve played pretty well together so far. I just wish we could play more games so we could get use to playing with

each other and it’d also help out in deciding the rankings for the playoffs. Joe: Who’s the best player on your team? Devon: Will Campbell or Curt Carlson. Will is a magician he makes some crazy shots; and Curt is the reincarnation of Larry Bird. Joe: Who do you think will play in the championship game and what is your prediction for the final score? Devon: My team versus either Sean Lawson’s team or Richard Young’s. Obviously I think we will win by atleast 10 points. It should be a close game since it’s the two best teams, but we will win. Joe: What if anything would you change about intramurals? Devon: The Mercy Rule. The Mercy Rule is when one team is up by a large deficit the referee’s seem to make more calls on the team that’s winning. I think the refs should just let us play and not help the losing team. Joe: Speaking of the refs, how have they been with their calls? Any controversial calls so far?

Devon: The first game the refs called a foul on me for a block, but the guy I blocked flopped. In my opinion it was probably the best block in intramurals so far. Joe: Do you talk trash when you play? Any rivalries with any of the other players? Devon:Yes of course. I’m probably the biggest trash talker here at Union College. (Laughs) I have rivalries with Sean Lawson and Richard Young. Sean because we’re suite mates and Richard because he ranked my team low in a preseason ranking. Joe: Going back to the NBA, what’s your take on the Los Angeles Lakers’ poor start so far? And who’s to blame? Devon: The ownership is to blame for hiring the wrong coach, and their problem is that superstars don’t equal championships, teams who play well together do. What is your prediction at the championship this year for basketball intramurals?Tell us on Facebook at facebook. com/clocktowerASB or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

One on One: Chavez Morris Losing a member can be a killer blow to any team. The talent and drive of any one person can be a valuable asset that is irreplaceable. This is exactly what is happening to Carl Dupper our Warriors basketball team, except now multiply that by five. Chavez Morris, Jonathan Kemper, Teddy Griffin, Ben Vasconcellos, and Sam Adams are all graduating seniors this year, leaving a gaping hole of talent and drive in our Warriors basketball team that needs to be filled. I had a moment to catch up with Warriors basketball legend Chavez Morris to discuss what fans still have to look forward to, his thoughts on this season, and what’s in store next for him. Carl Dupper: How many years have you been on the Warriors basketball team? Chavez Morris: Three and a half. CD: How would you sum up this season? CM: Overall I think we came up a little short on the expectation side as far as our record, but I do think as a whole we hung in there and fought and made the best of the situation. CD: What do you think the Warrior fans have to look forward to next season? CM: I think one thing they can definitely look forward to is having pretty much a new team. I mean, over half the team is going to

be gone, so having come new faces and then some of the freshmen we picked up this year definitely made some progress and will continue to make that progress going into the next season. CD: What will you miss most about Warriors basketball? CM: I would say I’m probably going to miss traveling with the guys, eating at the restaurants, and just acting pretty crazy. CD: So what’s next for Chavez Morris as

you move off the court and into life beyond the Thunderdome? CM: Well, my major is theology, so I got an internship lined up next semester. After that, I’ll apply to some conferences and eventually get my masters of divinity and someday hopefully be the pastor of a church. What are your thoughts on this years’ basketball season? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Graduating members of the Warriors men’s team. Hout out to the graduating ladies!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Blow the Roof He still can’t stop. I’m talking about Joshua Steele, of course; but you probably know him better as the one and only Flux Pavilion. After recovering from his New Year’s Steven Foster Eve antics, Flux has kicked off 2013 with his latest EP, Blow the Roof (2013). To put into perspective how excited I am about the new release, which times out at just over 30 minutes, you must first understand Flux Pavilion’s fast rise to dubstep fame. Dubstep has climbed its way to the top of radio charts, with hit songs like Calvin Harris’ latest collaboration with Florence (and the Machine) Welch, “Sweet Nothing.” But so many have forgotten, or just simply don’t know, that dubstep has roots in a sub-genre of reggae called dub. Flux Pavilion has always stayed true to the original dub sound, emerging onto the scene in 2008. Just one year later, he formed Circus Records and from there went on to create dubstep hits like “Got 2 Know” (2010) and “I Can’t Stop” (2011). He’s collaborated with many producers, such as Skrillex and Datsik, but this year he’s set his eyes on new sounds: trap and hip-hop. Blow the Roof begins with his first attempt at trap, a genre of electronic that has recently exploded in popularity. “OneTwoThree

– Make Your Body Wanna” hits heavy with that deep wobble-bass–that all dubstep enthusiasts can’t get enough of–while the synths scream wildly. If you aren’t already hooked, next up is “The Scientist.” Classic Flux Pavilion shines through with this melodic yet bass-filled new dub-influenced track. “Blow the Roof,” “I Still Can’t Stop,” and “Starlight” are all reminders of the classic Flux Pavilion. Perhaps what really stole the spotlight with Blow the Roof was his surprising new collaboration with the upcoming hip-hop star Childish Gambino, “Do or Die (Clean).” The new hit starts off simply with Childish Gambino rapping, but as the bass drop draws closer, the backbeat begins to build until pulsing into a massive dubstep-filled chorus. No talent was spared in this one. Steele also goes big with his other hip-hop infused banger, “Double Edge” feat. Sway and P Money. British rap and dubstep is a great duo, guys. Loud heavy bass co-dominates the song’s drops, fighting for attention against horns that sound almost Arabian by nature. Everything considered, there really isn’t a song that I don’t like on this EP. Flux Pavilion really has outdone himself (again), recreating his own sound while capturing so many others and staying true to his roots. By far, the best part about Blow the Roof is its musical

variety. If you’re a fan of unique style, this is it. You won’t find another EP like it. You can listen to Blow the Roof for free on Spotify, or SoundCloud. Looking for a constant stream of great music that your fellow Union students are listening to? Connect by searching for Union’s Freshest, Union’s own music sharing community, on Facebook! What other genres do you want Steven to cover? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Trends In middle school, you might have found me cruising the halls in a poncho. Or perhaps a really awesome t-shirt that said something to the effect of “Girl’s Rule!” Yes, I have Cassie Johnson had my fair share of not-sofashionable moments. I blame the allure of trends. They cruise on by, beckoning me to jump aboard. Later, I look back and wince at my acceptance of such unacceptable fads. Here’s my list of trends I hope never return. 1. Ponchos. I don’t have exact statistics here, but I’d guess approximately 99.9% of people are not flattered by ponchos. Every body has a shape, and that shape is not a box. 2. Short, fat ties. Skinny ties are huge this season, and for good reason. They elongate the body, giving the appearance of tall and thin stature. Short, fat ties only

serve to make you look short. And fat. 3. Capris. Long legs will never go out of style, so wear pants that aid in lengthening. Capris have exactly the opposite effect by cutting off the leg. Unless you’re the little teapot, “short and stout” is never the goal. 4. Statement tees. As I’ve said in every article to date, fashion is your chance to make a statement. Your outfit should speak for itself but not literally. Leave the American Eagle statement tees where they belong—middle school. These are just a few of a long list of trends that need not return, including camo, gauchos, shoulder pads, and Livestrong bracelets. Some are unflattering, most are tacky, and all look awful in a yearbook photo. How can you avoid fashion remorse when reminiscing over old yearbooks? Invest in timeless pieces. Union College student Christi Daniels has mastered this practice by donning colorful cardigans, dark, fitted jeans, and classic boots. When asked to describe her style, Christi deemed it, “Classic, with touches of inspiration from traveling in Europe.” Here’s where I must digress. Every single one of the pieces on the above list have at one point or another made their way onto

my body. I love trying out trends. It causes cringing now, but at one point, nothing brought me more joy than rocking 20 jelly Livestrong-esque bracelets on each arm. Ten years from now, we will likely all make fun of our Ugg obsession, but for now I’m enjoying waltzing on clouds. A good rule of thumb is to follow the 80/20 rule. Invest in timeless pieces for 80% of your wardrobe, and allow 20% for experimentation, such as colored jeans or statement necklaces. In the realm of fashion, the goal is looking fabulous, but white T-shirts and jeans won’t get you there. Embrace neon, glitter, and multicolored nails, fully knowing you may regret it one day.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It Takes a Village

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continued from page 1 with my mom, but I do enjoy how quiet our neighbors are. I don’t have a curfew and enjoy cooking for myself. If you want something in particular, you can just make it.” Heinrich remains optimistic when listing Cooper’s faults. “The apartment is harder to keep clean. You have to pay utilities, and they don’t allow dogs. Other than that, there’s not much I dislike.” Adam lives a little bit further than many off-campus housing. His biggest problem is “getting over to school, especially with snow on the roads. If I forget something, I have to go all the way home and get it rather than simply run to the dorm. Rent and bills in general are also upsetting.” Tumangkeng sums it up, “You miss out on the sense of community you get in the dorm. I’m always asked if I still go to Union. Plus, it takes more initiative to get to friends.”

Coming soon to Coopers

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013 PAGE 11



◄ Jan 2013










MAUC Basketball President’s Day Tournament Random Acts of Kindness Day

National Tortilla Chip Day


10 Sun

Feb 2013 ◄







MAUC Basketball President’s Day Tournament Random Acts of Kindness Day 3 UC UC Drama DramaProduction Production2:00 p National 2:00 pm Anthem Day 24 Engaged Encounter National Anthem Day Lincoln Choir Holy NationalBoys Tortilla Chip Day Trinity Concert, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 3:30 pm


Middle Name Pride Day




St. Patrick’s Day Angels Theatre Company: Cub Scout Pack 51 What the Wind Taught Me, Pancake Feed and Family Lied Center Raffle, Warren Methodist Church 10:00 am-2:00 pm Angels Theatre Company: What the Wind Taught Me, Lied Center






National Chocolate Mint Day


Tell a Fairy Tale Day




National Chocolate Mint Day


13 MAUC Basketball Tournament



Valentines Day MAUC Basketball Tournament


~ February 2013 ~ Wed Power Pac: Sam Leonor



MAUC Basketball Tournament Phil Wickham Concert




Mar 2013 ►

MAUC Basketball Tournament Do A Grouch a Favor Day






NWU Art Exhibit


Apr 2013 ►

Crescent Moon Coffee Songwriters Open Mic, 7:00 pm Phaedra, Studio Theater, 7:30 pm


Angels Theatre Company: What the Wind Taught Me, Lied Center


National Quilting Day Brahms Meets Beethoven, Lied Center, 7:30 pm Angels Theatre Company: What the Wind Taught Me, Lied Center


Panic Day Linden Quartet- Sheldon Friends of Chamber Music, Sheldon Museum of At, 8 pm



MAUC Basketball TournamentFri Phil Wickham Concert 1 Engaged Encounter “The Vespers,” CVC 7:30 pm


Power Pac: Sam Leonor



International Working Women’s Day


15 Valentines Day Thu MAUC Basketball Tournament



~13March 2013 ~ 14 MAUC Basketball Wed Tournament


MAUC Basketball TournamentSat Do A Grouch a Favor Day 2 UC Drama, 8:30 pm ASB Game Night, Student Center 23 Engaged Encounter The Joffrey Ballet- The Rite of Spring, Lied Center, 7:30 pm


NWU Art Exhibit


SPRING BREAK Ides of March Angels Theatre Company: What the Wind Taught Me, Lied Center

7:30 pm 14

Crescent Moon Coffee Songwriters Open Mic, 7:00 pm Phaedra, Studio Theater,

National Frozen Food Day Grease, The Haymarket Theatre, 4-6 pm

Student Recital 7:00 pm Grease, The Haymarket 26 Theatre, 4-6 pm Tell a Fairy Tale Day


SPRING BREAK Potato Chip Day National Pi Day (3.14) Grease, The Haymarket Theatre, 4-6 pm



SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK Human Resources for Ear Muff Day Small Business- Is Ignorance Bliss? Lincoln Fire Fighters Hall, 1:15 pm Grease, The Haymarket Theatre, 4-6 pm







Angels Theatre Company: What the Wind Taught Me, Lied Center Grease, The Haymarket Theatre, 4-6 pm


Grease, The Haymarket Theatre, 4-6 pm

Angels Theatre Company: Angels Theatre Company: What the Wind Taught Me, What the Wind Taught Me, Lied Center Lied Center Grease, The Haymarket Theatre, 4-6 pm


Grease, The Haymarket Theatre, 4-6 pm

UPDATE Two more weeks, two more weeks! This is the refrain going through my head as I scramble to prepare myself for midterms and the rest of the exciting ASB events coming up! You may not realize this now, but once spring break hits, the school year is basically over. Find some time in between all your studying to take a break this Saturday night for our next event: Game Night. Last year, I personally did not attend this event because I was sick. This year however, not only do I have to go, but I am STOKED to go. Why, you may ask? Because we will be having a ping-pong tournament starting at 10 p.m! Not excited enough yet? How about laser tag from 8-10 p.m! Pool games and board games will also be included in this package of Saturday night fun. Sign-up sheets for laser tag teams and ping-pong teams will be in Student Services by the time you read this article. So, grab a team of five people and run to the DB to sign up. Games will run 10 minutes each, with six teams laser tagging-it-up at a time. Before I let you get back to lunch, dinner, or that physics book, let me remind you

Get Your Clocktower On

that Talent Show is March 30. If you haven’t started already, now this is the time to pick an act and get practicing. It’s one of the most fun events of the year, even if you don’t enter, do come and watch. It will be worth it. Study hard, and come to Game Night this Saturday night! Keep an eye out for emails and posters for more information. Your Executive Secretary, Elena Cornwell

Instagrammers! At the next ASB event, take a picture with your friends on Instagram and hashtag @ClocktowerASB. Your picture will appear on our Facebook and may be included in next week’s Clocktower!

Happy picture taking!


@cpt_sunshine [Chase Shireman] “Bball Team” - ‘Just chilling with my Sunnydale boys team plus stats girl kiaya and stats boy Brandon Kelly @ucollegene #ucollegene @clocktowerasb #clocktowerasb photo cred: @bekahk91’

@lupewilliams [Guadalupe Williams] “Concert Security - ‘Presenting… Phil Wickham security #UFCVespers #ClocktowerASB’

@yarkjimenez “Snow/Clocktower” - ‘Snow Day!’ #ucollegene @ ucollegene #clocktowerasb @clocktowerasb

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