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How Much Is Too Much? Public Displays of Affection, otherwise known as PDA; responses highly depend on whether one is receiving or observing it. Haunting experiences on both sides are comKatelyn mon, from walking in on that Kovalski one couple to realizing the pastor just witnessed your boyfriend snapping your bra strap (that last one may or may not be from personal experience). The problem with PDA is that many people seem to have differing opinions on how much is too much. Is the infamous bra snap kosher, or should it be kept behind closed doors? The same question goes for extended hugging, kissing and every other kind of legal public display of affection. When one asks around the Union College student community, nearly every possible opinion of PDA can be heard, including “people need to share the love.” “Depends on the couple,” says Dillon Conley. “If they’re always with each other and on each other, it’s not okay. But if they haven’t

seen each other in a while and they hug, that’s fine.” Shortly thereafter, Conley proceeded to yell “GET A ROOM” and chuck an inanimate object at a nearby couple. Emilian Grigore agrees. “I wouldn’t want

people to make out in front of me. They can kiss good-bye in front of me.” Kissing and/ or hugging good-bye seems to be accepted as appropriate; so, what isn’t? John Roney says, “If they’re making out in cont on p.6

A kiss on the cheek may be innocent for some, but awkward for others.

iSleep: Technology’s Love-Hate Relationship with Sleep How did you sleep last night? Did you see the time change on your phone from p.m. to a.m. or see your online post transition from today to yesterday? Or maybe, taking Brianna Schenkelberg advantage of cable opportunities, you watched all the way through the late night TV shows into earlymorning infomercials. If you’re like 95% of Americans, you were probably basking in the artificial light of some kind of electronic within an hour before hitting the sack, according to a study done by the National Sleep Foundation.

However, when you expose yourself to any artificially lit screen between dusk and bedtime you are actually hindering your body from generating the sleep hormone melatonin, says the same study. The glowing light of electronics ups your alertness and suppresses melatonin release, therefore launching your sleep cycle to a later hour. “Unfortunately cell phones and computers, which make our lives more productive and enjoyable, may also be abused to the point that they contribute to getting less sleep at night, leaving millions of Americans functioning poorly the next day,” says Russell Rosenberg, PhD, Vice Chairman of the Na-

tional Sleep Foundation. But hey, technology isn’t all bad for sleeping habits. It can sometimes even enhance or speed up the process of falling asleep. So don’t denounce the droids, TV, or Apple paraphernalia yet. An abundance of technology is aimed at providing users with a more satisfying night’s sleep. Let’s face it, while we may not need 100 years like Sleeping Beauty, we all still need our nightly quickies of beauty sleep. Ambient noise, sleep cycle alarm clocks, and relaxation methods are some of the smartphone apps featured in this article’s sidebar. All you have to do is search “sleep” in your app store to find hundreds cont on p.6


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Buy a Giraffe, a Boat, or an Elephant on February 24 “Cassi, I want you to build a well for the Maasai tribe in Kenya. There’s a drought and my African children need your help. Are you ready to do something amazing? Because I Cassi choose you for the task.” Meelhuysen ”You want me to do what!? I’m a ‘poor’ college student, barely making ends meet. And time? Helllloooo. I have none. I want to help but how can I?” This is my typical reaction to God’s leading—fear. But here I am today, over a year later and still “answering” His call. As a 2012 Union College grad, I had high hopes to land the perfect career. Six years of college should get me somewhere right? Well, maybe. What I see is God continues to close the doors for me at this point to a stable job, and keeps leading me back to Not “Oh Well,” for this to be the center of my pursuits. This leads me to the why I’m writing this article. I’m inviting you to join me for a small step in this journey. While I say a “small step”, it has almost unconceivable rewards. February 24, which is a Sunday, 6:00-8:00 pm, Not “Oh Well” is holding our second annual art show fundraiser. Six artists from different universities around the United States will be using their talents to raise funds and awareness for the project. There will be a variety of art, such as: photography from the United Kingdom, which

beautifully encompasses the architecture and vibrant colors, paintings of giraffes and an African three piece series called Spectrum, Colorado’s hidden treasures, and photography from Kenya at the Slums and Maasailand. All paintings will be by donation. There are no price tags. This is our way of saying: We want you to enjoy our art, and also have the freedom to help as much as you are able.

Marissa Dawn: If you can barely see the sidewalk (or can’t see it at all) it should be a snow day Elliot Mosley: How about whenever there’s any snow at all... James M. Mello: Two feet minimum. (New England, represent!) Cody Blake: If one must put on snow boats to walk to breakfast, it should be a snow day

Extra Info: The Art Show’s Goal? 1 Year of Water = $2,000 in donations For more info, find Not Oh Well on FB

Mr. Giraffe wants you--to join the cause.

CT Feedback Union, what are your thoughts on what should be considered a snow day?

So drop by and join us at the McClelland Art Gallery for an amazing night of art, saving lives, and saving a tribe.

Comments on the Gun Control Article Curtis Mishleau says: “I feel that the debate over gun control is a highly misguided debate fueled by mass emotional reactions by society caused by over-emphasized publishing of mass murders. The media and politicians want to ban semi auto, military look-a-like rifles, although in 2011 about 0.012% of gun-related deaths were caused from such weapons.”

Next week on ClocktowerOnline Kody Hines will tell you why Spotify is now your new best friend. As busy college students, do we have time for God? Mollie Cummings will answer that question. Check us out at clocktower/issue


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What is Too Great a Risk for Truth?

Should We Get to Know Satan Better to Understand Jesus’ Perspective? I believe truth is original. It is the first fact from the beginning of time. Truth is of first importance behind everything: knowledge, evangelism, destiny, even faith. Evil is not Spencer Way truth – it is not original. Evil is a response to truth, and cannot exist without truth because truth is the standard by which we define evil. Just as the absence of light is darkness, and there is no darkness without the existence of light; the absence of truth is evil, and there is no evil without truth. For the sake of this article, I assume that truth came from God, and Satan either proved it wrong

This Week in Campus Ministries Wednesday- Laboring Youth for Christ @ 8pm at Erin Schlenker’s home, 4931 Calvert St. Everyone is welcome. Hour of Power @ 7 in the Heritage Room of the church with Pastor Ron Thursday- 9 O’Clock- @ 9pm in Rees Hall Chapel- 30 minutes of singing. Friday- People’s City Mission to feed the homeless. Leave at 4 and be back for vespers. You MUST sign up in Campus Ministries because spots are limited. Vespers will be a concert by Phil Wickham . Doors open at 7; the next segment of the “Matthew” video will start at 7:15; then at 7:30 we light the Sabbath candle and prepare for the evening’s blessing. Sabbath Many Sabbath Schools to choose from. Watch for signs! This week we will be hosting the SS in the church sanctuary to accommodate the basketball guests. Tyler Morrison and friends are going to kick off their new idea for a college SS option so come on over to the church at 10:40 and check it out! CVC @ 9:15 and Noon will feature Pastor Ron V2 @ 6 with Vicki and the Women’s Ministries team in the church

or failed to do so. I read part of The Satanic Bible to see how Satanists describe truth. Anton Lavey wrote The Satanic Bible and founded the first Satanic Church in 1966. The Satanic Bible appears to balance a mix of evil and common sense. The introduction to Chapter 1 says that truth has been misrepresented by followers of Christ for long enough. Satan has stood quietly by, playing the gentleman, as Christians railed against him for centuries. Now [1966] he is voicing his opinion. The satanic religion is not trying to prevent you from going to heaven or steal your soul, but is dedicating itself to redefining “truth” as humans perceive it. Our identity springs from the depth of our philosophies, our truths. If God’s existence as a definition of truth is false, then nothing prevents man from choosing to create individual truth by which each person can become his or her own god, as Satanists believe we are. The pursuit of truth risks exposure to evil and the resultant contamination of our identity, yet a blind acceptance of unproven truth is also risk. Are the risks worth it? Does the search for

truth risk a fall into truthlessness? Or does it strengthen our identity in truth? If we do not look in more than one place to discover truth, how do we know we have found it? Is my mustard seed of faith sufficient for me to see and accept the picture of truth that God paints in my life, or is my effort, risk, and research a necessary supplement? I hope someday it will be for me, and pray it is for you.

Well, what do you think? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Don’t let the devil get you down.

Hiding His Word in our Heart My Pathfinder leader once asked which verse we wanted to memorize. Most of my friends chose the shortest one. However, I had challenged myself to memorize the longest verse Rachelle Nelson from each category. While my friends memorized Galatians 6:1-2, I tackled 1 Corinthians 13—the whole chapter. They learned Hebrews 11:3, and I recited Revelation 14:6-14.

“Would you like to get started memorizing more Scripture?”

The commitment I made that year stuck. As a senior in high school I decided to memorize the Sermon on the Mount, found in Matthew 5-7. Though I only got through Matthew 5, it was still a big accomplishment.

There is a blessing to be gained through Scripture memory that you can’t get any other way. My theory is that when you memorize it, you become so familiar with it that you see it with more clarity. The Sermon on the Mount is full of lessons we reference daily, yet many people don’t realize that it’s one sermon that Jesus gave and they miss the thought flow from lesson to lesson. This year, I will be finishing the Sermon on the Mount in about ten days. I am also working on the book of James, so by the end of the year I will have memorized an entire book of the Bible! Would you like to get started memorizing more Scripture? You can start with a simple flash card posted in a place you see often. Whenever you see it, try to say the verse. Another great way is to learn a verse while you take a walk—between classes, to the cafe, or for a longer distance. There are also many smartphone apps to help you memorize Scripture—I use ScriptureTyper. Happy memorizing!

If you would like to share in your spiritual journey, go to


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Valentine’s Day Shout outs

Ruby Ruano

Annie Pongo

Curtis Mishleau: Emily Segura, you’re Smoothie awesome!

Lindsey Parsons: Well hello there, its Valentines Day, make it happy!

Hugo Orieny: Deanna Morgan, holla at your boy!

Brittney Kean: Nate Wolfe, happy six month anniversary. I love you!

Jared Henry: I would be nowhere without Drew Mekleburg my co-captain!!

Zuri Cevallos: Jocelyn Mena, you’re beautiful. Thanks for being such an awesome friend.

Kristal Montgomery: Alexis Day you are my boo!

Maile Hoffman: Shout out to my bestie twinsie teacher, friend, Amelia. I love you girl!

Ryan Nelson: Ashley Walker, I love you. DeAnna Drake: Jessica Demitor, Thanks for the super glue. We’ll stick together! Lydia Pongo: Caleb Pongo, hi.

Tyler Morrison: Nola Michelle Young I’d be honored to be your first Valentine, thanks for asking me. Makenzy Jean: Want to give a shout out to all the girls who get no love on Valentines Day.

Adam Neep: Dr. Becker, ‘cause you’re my gurl.

Nikki Ducklow: Adam, you still know how to melt my heart!

Charlotte Messer: Baby Lydia, happy birthday!

Slade Lane: For all the great times, for all the love, thanks Zooey Deschanel.

AJ Valcin: Rosten Dieter, I’m in love with your facial hair. Arcelia Gomez: Harry Smith, I promise you will be the background on my phone after we go to a show together. Rachel Downey: My handsome Mitchell, I love you more. And yes it is a competition ;) xoxo Azriel to Zack: Hey you’re a cool bean.

Will Pineda: Less than 3.

Amber Alas: Hey dude babe, I love you and your sexiness and your weirdness! Eric Bing: Hey hun, I hope you enjoy the awesome date I have planned for us! Katy Reyes: I love Anna, her big and beautiful brown eyes and her long eyelashes *sigh* CJ Middlebrooks: Shout out to all the fine Union women ;) Elena Cornwell: I like her with all my heart, I hope we are never apart. Unless by a poisoned dart.

Ruby Ruano: To the most annoying person in the world, I love you my black Valentine!

Zach Morrison: Katie and Tyler, Every time you walk into the room, my heart starts beating faster. You’re like the moon to my night sky. You are the last piece to my puzzle. From your loving cousin!

Meredith Nichols: Lindsey, thanks for keeping the room clean, love you.

Caleb White: To blessed to be depressed on Valentines Day!

Ana Torres: Yessi you light up my world like no body else! JK!

Zach Leyda: Vanessa you are my shooting star!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


One on One: Gary Bollinger CD: As we know, you recently announced your retirement from Union. When exactly do you plan on ending your time here? GB: Right now were looking Carl Dupper at possibly the end of September, maybe earlier. Those details are still being worked out. However, if it ends out working for all parties involved, we think there may be the possibility having me work part-time until December to see through the building projects we have going on right now. CD: What is your official title here? GB: Vice President for Financial Administration CD: What advice would you give your successor to be successful in this job? GB: I think the thing I’ve found over the years is that every day is different and you just never know; so the advice I would give is to just expect the unexpected.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down from the Clocktower Staff Pablo – to having a heater! As opposed to the 1800s. Amber –

to kickboxing classes!

Annie –

to the three day weekend!

Brianna – Ruby – Aphee – Steven –

to holes in pockets to stickygrams!!! to plaid patterns. to my new coffee maker!

Katelyn – to having someone for Valentines day, even if they’re far away. Chelsea –

to all this snow.

Chiu – to Rondo being out for the rest of the season. Addi –

to not being a vegetarian.

Carl –

to on campus housing.

Tyler – Emily –

to auntie Ellen. to cold, then hot, then cold...

CD: Do you plan on staying in Lincoln or do you have plans elsewhere? GB: The current plan is to stay in Lincoln. CD: What’s the largest challenge that you’ve had to overcome while working at Union? GB: Well, when I first started here, we were just two or three years into an aggressive debt management program. In 1986 Union College was $8.9M in debt, enrollment had started to drop off. The largest challenge for the next number of years was to get rid of that debt, which we finally did in the early 2000s. It took a lot of discipline to not lose focus on that goal of eliminating the debt over that span of time, so that was the number one challenge. CD: If you had to sum up your experience at Union College in one word, what would it be? GB: Well one word is hard, but if I had to, I would say enjoyable. I think it’s been a really

fun experience to work at Union College. It would be pretty tough to find a better place to work.

How would you sum up Union in one word? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Make sure to say hi to Gary Bollinger before he retires!

Not Just Any Monkey’s Business The days when business classes were only for business majors are over. The division offers a wide range of classes that prepare students for more than just running a business or Lexi Johnson business-related jobs; they offer classes that are beneficial for non-majors preparing for the real world. Some classes you may want to take, suggested by business professors Kim Steiner and Barry Forbes, include Personal Finance, Conflict Management, Business Communications, as well as Marketing and Economics. Personal Finance provides a great opportunity to understand how to manage your own finances. Everyone will have bills when they grow up and will need to know how to make payments. This class helps students apply this skill, whether it’s for work or their own personal finances. Conflict Management covers so many important aspects of the workforce, including how to work in a team and how to handle accountability. Business Communications teaches students in areas of writing resumes, cover letters and emails, professional communication and the ability to work as a team. These are aspects of the workplace that everyone is going to have to know to apply for jobs. It will

prepare you for a multitude of areas. Business student Shannon Inkelaar suggests, “Marketing is a class that is really helpful. In whatever you choose to do when you grow up, marketing will play some kind of role in your future. Whether it’s church fundraising, working for a specific company or even marketing yourself for a job, you’ll need to have these skills.” My personal business class pick would be Economics. Whether it’s Microeconomics or Macroeconomics, the material provides an understanding of the government, the world around us, and how it works. I’m a journalism major and I’m taking Macroeconomics this semester; I can honestly say I’m learning content that I’ve never heard of and I know will give me a better understanding of our world. How am I supposed to write about the world if I don’t know how it works? Now I can. There will come a time when you will have to step out into the real world. You may know how to give someone a flu shot or teach kids algebra, but through these business classes you can gain basic knowledge and skills that will help you advance in your career. Give your division a shoutout! Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!


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PDA: How Much Is Too Much? continued from page 1

public, it’s probably too far.” Many students expressed disgust at fellow classmates tendencies to have intimate moments out in the open. Kayla Wakefield’s opinion: “When they rub each other, and that’s all they’re doing all the time, that just creeps me out! No petting.” This may be eye-opening for some couples, but many students think that the “P” in PDA should stand for private. Even hand-holding is deemed inappropriate at times.” If a couple is holding hands, and there’s a door right there, you two can separate to go through the door. You don’t have to go in sideways,” says Demion Dublin. Kody Hines agrees, saying “I kicked peo-

ple out of the Ortner Center lobby for making out the other day. Holding and caressing is too far.” No constant hugging or hand-holding, no making out, no petting, no caressing. With all these negative thoughts and opinions toward PDA, where should couples draw the line? “Don’t do anything in public that you wouldn’t do in front of your parents,” says Vicky Edelbach. Adequate advice, seeing as most young adults avoid playing tonsil hockey in front of their parents, but ultimately, it is the couple’s decision on how much of their affection they want the public to observe. Olivia White asks, “PDA is almost totally to your own discretion, but how much

of your intimate moments with your significant other do you want the public to see? Do you really want to broadcast it to the whole world?” Those of us in relationships should ask ourselves this question: Does PDA steal the intimacy away from special moments with our significant other? Although it is the couple’s decision, it is my responsibility as a girlfriend to warn other couples out there: it’s all fun and games until the pastor sees you get your bra snapped. What is your stance on this issue? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!


continued from page 1 Smartphones weren’t the first, and most definitely won’t be the last, technological device aimed at perfecting our slumber. The Philips wake-up light, for example, wakes you with a gradually brightening light and wakeup sounds. Likewise, with WakeMate you can set an alarm on your phone, put on the WakeMate wristband, then be woken by vibrations at the optimal time in your sleep cycle within a 20 minute window that you set. And to help you fall and stay asleep, there are countless ambient noise CDs and machines. While we love technology for the com-

fort it adds to our daily and nightly lives, it only improves lives when used properly. So, tonight instead of delving into your endless Hulu queue or playing that new mobile game, break out a yoga mat to perfect your downward dog or pick up an old-school book, the one with pages you have to physically flip. Because in any relationship, love-hate or not, a little break can be beneficial. What helps you fall asleep? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

10 Free Sleep Apps: • Relax Melodies: 5 stars, 46 relaxing sounds to help you sleep, alarm & timer • iDream: 3 ½ stars, journal your dreams, over 4,000 dream meaning interpretations • Sleepmaker Rain: 3 ½ stars, choose how heavy a rain to listen to, set time for rain noise • Smart Alarm Clock: 10 wake up tunes, algorithm tracking sleep cycles, personal statistics • Yoga Free: 4 stars, 250 yoga poses with instructions, videos, photos, and yoga tune • White Noise Ambience Lite: 5 stars, 18 relaxing sounds, personalize mixes • Take a Break! Guided Meditations: 4 ½ stars, listen for 7 or 13 min. to relaxing music, nature, and podcasts

Get off the phone and into bed!



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Something Sweet for Your Sweetie If there was a time I can remember when I was so broke that I couldn’t even afford a pack of gum, it was after Valentine’s Day. Valentines Day is full of surprises, love, Amber Alas sweetness, roses and lots of romance. And guess what? All the girls love it! Yes, there’s a few anti-Valentine’s Day people but if you notice they are the ones without a Valentine. Having a Valentine is exciting and mysterious! It’s exciting to guess what your Valentine has planned for you. Valentine’s Day can be expensive but just how much do we spend? According to the National Retail Federation, “Couples will spend an average of $63.34 on gifts for their significant other or spouse, compared to $67.22 last year.” I personally don’t have 60 dollars lying around so creative ideas for gifts that I can make are the way to go! Plus, the fact that you made it makes it more special. It may take less money but more time. Let’s take the challenge to be an inventive creator and think of unique ideas your loved one might like. Attention men, women love anything small and cute! Any woman would

love a frame with a cute picture of her and her significant other in it. So try buying an inexpensive plain frame and adding your own decorations to it. You could glue fake rose petals all around, conversational candy hearts or cute stickers. (Cheesiness is the way to go). But I can tell you the number one thing ANY woman would go crazy for... chocolate covered strawberries. All you need is strawberries, chocolate recipe and a microwave. It’s simple, yet exquisite. Attention women: men are easy to please! They are not picky and would be thankful for anything you make him. According to junior, Makenzy Jean, “The easiest way to my heart is food.” So how about making your honey a nice cooked meal. You can look up low-cost recipes online at I’ve tried many recipes from this website and they all came out great! One clever idea would be a coupon book! Make a fun booklet for your guy and have different coupons that they can use for different days such as; foot massage, dinner on me, get out of jail card. Anything that can cater to him. For all the single ladies and fellas this Valentines Day-Even if you don’t have a Valen-

tine you could still make a gift for your friend, siblings or parents. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! What’s your go-to gift for V-day? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Be mine, Valentine.

It’s a Dorm Life We have all heard stories about living in the dorm. Some are positive while others are negative. All of us have our ideal, but then there is reality: how do students feel about the Chelsea dorm they call home for nine Zumwalt months? I interviewed students from each dorm to find out. Shelbie Zumwalt Freshman; Major: Elementary Education Current Rees Hall Resident Me: What do you like about living in Rees Hall? Shelbie: I’m not sure what I like… Don’t get me wrong. I like Rees Hall. I just miss my dogs and wish I could live somewhere where I can have a dog. Me: That’s understandable. What do you dislike about Rees Hall? Shelbie: I don’t like having to share a bathroom with people, and the bathroom is far away from my room. Me: Alright, if you could improve one thing about Rees Hall, what would it be? Shelbie: I would appreciate better insulation. It would be more energy efficient. Right now my room is so cold. Before, it was sweltering.

Me: If you could choose any dorm to live in, which one would you chose and why? Shelbie: Prescott because it has more men in it than Culver does (chuckles). Zachary Morrison Freshman; Major: Business Administra tion Current Prescott Resident Me: What do you like about living in Prescott? Zach: (Pauses) I like having suitemates and a personal bathroom. I also like having an elevator, though I usually take the stairs. It’s the golden rule. Me: What golden rule is that? Zach: It’s the golden rule to take the stairs if you live on third and below. You get yelled at otherwise. Me: Oh, I see. What do you dislike about Prescott? Zach: That it’s not closer to Rees Hall (laughs). I’m just kidding. Really everything is alright about it. There’s nothing to hate. Me: Would you improve anything about Prescott? Zach: I would make a hang-out room with a bunch of games, couches, and a TV. They don’t really have one of those. Me: I’m glad you feel that way. If you could

choose any dorm to live in, which one would you chose and why? Zach: I’d probably choose Prescott because of all the things I like about it. My friends are in Prescott so they’re easy to hang out with. Daniel Daum Freshman; Major: Engineering Culver Resident Me: What do you like about living in Culver? Daniel: It’s close to the café so I don’t have to go outside. Me: What do you dislike about Culver? Daniel: (Pauses) I don’t know. I guess it would be nice if it were a bit more social. Me: If you could improve one thing about Culver, what would it be? Daniel: Bigger rooms. Me: If you chose any dorm to live in, which one would you chose and why? Daniel: Culver because it’s close to the café and I’m a man of many foods. What are your likes/dislikes about dorm life? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!


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Where Did College Sports Start Anyways?

It is amazing how much impact college sports can have in our lives without us even knowing it. While there are different views on whether college sports should be played or Tyler Ellis not, how they should be played, and why they should be played, one thing remains the same: They impact our daily lives. College sports started in 1843 at Yale University (of all places). They created a boating club, but you must know that Harvard was soon to follow because they couldn’t let Yale be ahead of them! These two “teams” set the stage for the first collegiate sporting competition, which came to a head in 1852. The rowing teams of both Yale and Harvard went to battle at lake Winnipesauke, igniting the beginning of college competition and die-hard fans. Because of the amazing turnout and reception of the first head-to-head competition, Yale and Harvard couldn’t stop there; they began to expand their sports program, as did other colleges. By the late 1850s, a little sport that eventually became known as baseball emerged as a new college favorite. The first intercollegiate baseball game occurred in 1859 between Amherst College and Williams College. At this point, colleges were only playing between 3 and 5 games a season, but by the late 1870s, baseball had become so popular that colleges were playing with extensive schedules and by

1880 an official college baseball league had been formed, marking the official beginning of organized college sports! Some notable intercollegiate sports beginnings are soccer and football in 1869, track and field in 1873, and rugby in 1874. Although intercollegiate sports are prevalent all around the world, the only nation that has embraced them to the fullest is the United States. In the United States, the average NCAA school spends between $41,000 and $164,000 per athlete. That is the highest perstudent spending of any nation. The revenue that college sports programs make is unbe-

lievable. The University of Nebraska makes around $54 million a year from their football team—and they aren’t even the number one revenue: the University of Texas nets $95 million a year from their program. It’s amazing what college sports have formed into from its humble beginnings. It has turned from a simple competition between two rival colleges to a multi-billiondollar industry. Looks like Union needs to start charging more for tickets.

What is your favorite college sport to watch? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

A good team prays before it plays.

Sports: Breeding Ground for the Growth of Violence As I flipped through the channels on a Saturday night trying to find something to watch, I noticed something everything has some form of violence, from your average Joe Hoffman sitcom where someone gets hit upside the head for a snarky comment, all the way to teen mom, where domestic violence occurs between one of the couples. We see violence emerge most in sports. A sport is defined as a physical activity governed by a set of rules or customs, often engaged in competitively. The definition itself specifies a “physical activity.” Everyone knows a sports player risks serious injury in addition to the expected bumps or bruises. It’s just the way sports are played. But are sports becoming more violent? Fox Sports released an article listing sixtyone players who had major injuries during

this last football season and this list only includes some of the well-known players. The players’ injuries included torn biceps, torn triceps, torn ACLs, broken bones, shoulder and knee issues as well as a few concussions. Now you might say that football is a physical sport but I think other sports, especially the increasingly popular MMA (Mixed Marital Arts), demonstrate a growth in violence as well. The Ultimate Fighting Championship held an event in Chicago on January 26th. reported that over 3.7 million people watched the event. The event also won the 18-49 male demographic. Out of the 12 fights that were shown half of them had to be stopped by the referee due to submission or knockout of one of the fighters. It seems as though we are turning into an increasingly violent nation. We see it on TV, hear it in our music, and even perform it when we play sports. We practically eat,

sleep, and drink aggressiveness and violence. This becomes a problem when everything becomes a competitive must-win situation. Be careful you don’t become consumed by it. As Shakespeare once wrote, “Violent delights have violent ends.” Do you agree/disagree with Joe? Tell why us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

“It seems as though we are turning into an increasingly violent nation.”


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Throwback – Young the Giant Ask almost anyone and they’ll tell you they have goto music for every imaginable mood. If you’re sad, you may put on John Mayer. When you’re happy you may throw Steven Foster on the Beatles. When my blood boils and I want to punch a wall, a heavy dose of Rage Against the Machine does the trick. But one band in particular is always my goto—Young the Giant. Young the Giant is an eclectic indie rock band from Irvine, CA. After meeting in high school, these musicians joined forces to create a unique, world-influenced sound that reflects many of the members’ European and Eastern roots. In my opinion, they capture the California indie sound better than anyone else. The indie rockers have released only one album thus far, and it’s the self-titled Young the Giant (2010). I was instantly hooked as soon as I heard their hit single “Cough Syr-

up.” Mellow guitar and calming ambience carries through the whole song, and lead singer Sameer Gadhia gently soothes the ears as “Cough Syrup” builds and breaks. The entire album is unique in sound, and every song stays true to the group’s style. “Apartment” is a love story, “St. Walker” tells the tale of a mysterious vagabond, and “Guns Out” has a chorus that you can’t help but belt out in the shower. Young the Giant inhibits a sound so soulful and creative that it makes any mood a Young the Giant mood. The band’s freshman album offers catchy guitar riffs, soft-spoken drumming, whimsical lyrics, blended vocals, and steady progression from song to song. To put it simply, it’s a musical masterpiece. If you’re into Foster the People, Mat Kearney, or Two Door Cinema Club, give Young the Giant a try. You won’t be disappointed! As always, you can find Young the Giant on Spotify. But wait—there’s more! If you enjoy music as much as I do, search Facebook

for the group “Union’s Freshest.” It’s a musicsharing group that I made for Union College students, so join in and be part of the discussion.

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Glass Act Prepare your eyes for a party. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: This is the season for statements. This bold trend even extends into eyewear. Fashion trends tend to repeat Cassie Johnson themselves over the years, but this year, statement glasses are drawn from almost every decade in recent history. Take a quick quiz to find which decade’s fashions fit you best. How would you describe your style? A. Quirky B. Trendsetting C. Classic If you chose A, check out the cat-eye trend of the 1950s. For B, proceed to the dramatic, giant frames of the 1970s. Lastly, if you chose C, head on the 1980s, where effortless style originated. Here are photos of the trends from each decade, as well as modern day applications featuring a few of our Union students. Embrace your quirky side with cat-eye style glasses (1). This shape has been huge on the runway this season. You can easily incorporate them by trying out cat-eye sunglasses. Union sophomore Annie Hanson (2) shows how a simple touch of drama can add flare to any outfit. 1970s As evidenced by reruns of That 70s Show and quick flips through our parents’ yearbooks, the 70s were a time of huge frames (3). This style is coming back today with

slight twists, such as detailed edges or curved earpieces (4). Taking on this trend requires confidence, but being on the cutting edge requires a bit of risk. (1)


of glasses and sparking a trend that has stood the test of time. Whether you know them as the “nerd glasses” or Wayfarers, this style is here to stay. It is a perfect look for college students, as it is both functional and wearable on a day-to-day basis. Union students Leif Ellstrom, Anup Singh, and Ben Vasconcellos (6) demonstrate how these glasses can be carried over into church attire. My tip: Check out Urban Outfitters online for a similar shape that won’t cut into your wallet quite as much as original Ray-Bans. Now that you’ve determined your fash(5)




ion decade, it’s time to nab your perfect pair. Rock them with confidence, and enjoy your time in the sun. 1980s Ray-Bans created the infamous Wayfarer glasses (5) in 1982, revolutionizing the shape

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UPDATE Hola Mi Gente! As you take that two or three minutes to read this article, I want you to remember one thing: One day, the snow will be all gone. For some, that is the most awesome news. For others—well . . . we build a special little place for you far, far away. But seriously—what a semester it has been! It’s only a few weeks on and we can all start the countdown to summertime! In the meantime, however, senate has been working hard to make the campus much better and safer for all of us. We are working hard on a new campus security bill headed by Geoff Doctoroff and Adam Neep that will make Union a better safe haven for us all. If that does not get you excited, how about Kristen Engen and Leasha Locati’s bill to change curfew times? If none of that gets you excited, well, then that place with those snow lovers can welcome you there. Senate aside, what a night it was at SPLASH for CASH. I don’t know about you, but I know my date last weekend was happy when I asked her if she wanted some popcorn with butter. Yeah YUH! I hope the semester keeps treating you

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well, and for all of us seniors—let’s make this one special. Your Executive, Chappy Dube

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