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Stan Hardt has been serving Union since when some of your parents attended | PC: Kayla Potts



t the conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year, Stan Hart will bring his 23 years of service to Union College to a close. When talking with Stan, he described the various roles he’s held during his time on campus. “I came to run a small group program for spiritual growth and we did that for 15 years here. We’d have groups every evening for an hour. My wife ran the women’s groups, I ran the men’s groups. We had a wonderful experience and then during the day, guys and sometimes girls would come in and talk to me. Eventually, when that program ceased, it morphed into what I’m doing today, which is personal counseling.” When asked what one of the highlights of his time at Union has been, Stan responded, “Probably one word: students. It’s

truly been wonderful. I’ve had so many great relationships with so many kids. "It’s been great to see what wonderful people come to Union. I consider them my future because I’ve helped them get through this time by just chatting with them and then I get to see what they become and it’s wonderful.” Stan’s response for what he would miss the most about Union was very similar to the highlights of his time on the campus, “Students. The relationship with students. Obviously I’m getting older and I just feel what a privilege it is for kids to come talk to me and in my heart I’m still 30 or 35, but my body I’m a lot older, but I’m still a little goofy--a bit of a goofy guy so I feel like I can still relate to kids.” In our conversation, Stan’s humble kindness shined through and through. [ continued on page 2 ]


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If you saw something good in me, that's God; if you saw something you didn't like, then that was me.

When describing what he believed were his accomplishments at Union, he elaborated, “Well, I would say hopefully my influence which is just the influence of God in my life shining through. Influence isn’t something you can measure so the only way I’ve been able to measure is when students come back and say, ‘Thank you for being my friend and helping me,’ and I respond, ‘If you saw something good in me, that’s God; if you saw something you didn’t like, then that was me.’ So, I really give God the glory because it’s absolutely true. Any good within me has just been a light shining to other kids. "I consider myself a spiritual electrician because I’m trying to connect students with God and I’m just the guy trying to

I say really, the only thing I can take to Heaven besides my inner person here is the relationships that I've had with students.




[ continued from page 1 ] encourage them. I’m trying to pick up the wires because once you’re connected to God, you’re connected to life.” After retirement, Stan plans to still spend some time on campus and in the community, but not before taking some well deserved rest. Stan explained, “My plan is to do virtually nothing for six months. We’ll go to the cabin so I’ll do a lot of physical work, but my plan is not to take on any heavy responsibilities until I’ve had a chance to evaluate things. "Eventually, I’ll get into volunteer service here in Lincoln, probably in the church. I'll also possibly hang out with students still a little bit, especially the ones I know from my time here. I’d like to come visit campus occasionally.” In closing our interview, Stan wanted students to remember these words of wisdom, “There’s a quote that I live by by Jim Elliot, ‘There is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.’ I say really, the only thing I can take to Heaven besides my inner person here is the relationships that I’ve had with students that I want to continue in Heaven.” If you haven't yet had a chance to talk with Stan, even in casual conversation, stop by the Campus Ministries office. You'll never be disappointed by what Stan has to say, or even just getting to share in his joyous smile. Stan, you'll be missed and have certainly made a profound impact on the campus of Union College. Thank you!

Kayla Miller is a junior studying nursing.



TIANGONG I COMES BACK TO EARTH he Chinese Space Station, Tiangong 1, has crashed down in the Pacific Ocean.

While it did hit the ground at considerable speed, the actual fall has been a continuous process from the time it was launched by the CNSA (Chinese National Space Administration) in 2011. For weeks, there was a (small) fear that the station, since it was falling uncontrolled, would strike a heavily populated area, potentially devastating several acres of land. Michigan, not taking any chances, even set up an Emergency Operations Center to monitor its fall and potentially dispatch resources if the worst happened. Fortunately, however, with the Chinese government’s confirmation, the people of Earth can rest easy. Tiangong 1 was designed to be a test bed for many of China’s experimental technologies, and as such was not considered a grave loss. However, the station was not supposed to fall as early as it did, and many experts consider the premature fall of the school bus sized station to be somewhat of a setback to the nation’s early space ambitions,

precipitating the eventual launch of the Tiangong 2. The launch and fall of the Tiangong 1 is a reminder of the ever-growing crowdedness–and riskiness–of space, as more and more players start entering into a field that was once dominated by the Russian and US space agencies. In 1960, there were only two organizations in space: NASA and ROSCOSMOS. Today, there are dozens of countries, companies and organizations, with more joining an ever more crowded space. China’s space station is just the start of its ambitious plans. However, many of the new entrants into the multi-billion dollar space industry are different this time. Not even 15 years ago, the only organizations with enough money and resources to launch something to space were wealthy, advanced governmental space agencies. In recent years, private companies and developing countries have started to become the norm. China’s Tiangong 2 is currently the only independent space station in operation; the International Space Station is currently run by multiple space agencies.

“ Eventually, flying to the stars will no longer be something to hear about, but rather, an experience to witness.


Just under five years ago, India launched its probe, Mangalyaan, to Mars for the first time, costing less to produce than the movie The Martian. In addition, SpaceX, a private American company, is launching satellites to space and landing the rockets in a way that seemed like something out of science fiction just a few years ago. The space industry is changing faster than ever, and with more energy being put into space travel by previously nonexistent organizations, stories such as Tiangong will become more common. Eventually, flying to the stars will no longer be something to hear about, but rather, an experience to witness. nation-now/2018/03/30/chinese-space-stationemergency-operations-michigan/473566002/

Tiangong 1 cost approximately 12 billion yuan or nearly 2 billion USD | PC:

Jesse Shoghi is a junior studying computing.



#unauc | PC: FB @UNA - Union College


The club was created in August of last semester and there are currently

“ The theme of the club is 'Local Leaders, Global Goals' with the overall idea that young people can make an impact on a larger scale.

fairly new, membership recruitment and future planning are first on the club’s agenda. Future plans include expanding its current membership as well as having a bigger budget in order to have more events that are easily accessible and open to the community.

PC: FB @UNA - Union College

33 members. One interesting element of the club is that it’s free to join! No more worrying about extra club fees when signing up. “The club isn’t about the money, it’s about recognition in the community of the work that we do,” comments Rutebuka. The University of Nebraska, Lincoln had their own globally recognized United Nations Club but it’s no longer running. Aside from networking and outreach events, the theme of the club is “Local Leaders, Global Goals” with the overall idea that young people can make an impact on a larger scale. Another goal of the United Nations Club is to work within our communities while promoting the principles of the United Nations. “My favorite part about the United Nations Club is learning skills that are useful in a professional setting,” comments junior prenursing major Mikaal Ellis. “Putting together events that are helpful to the community is another great thing that we get to do.” Since the club is still

[The club] is recognized by the United Nations Organization.

he United Nations Club is the newest club on campus to keep a look out for. Started by club president and senior international relations major, Senga Rutebuka, networking and helping the community are the club’s main goals. “The United Nations Club is a nationwide organization of colleges that advocate for the United Nations and its goals,” comments Rutebuka, “Basically the United Nations is a global organization that was created to maintain international order, and the United Nations Club is a smaller version of it that with the same rules that they follow.”

The first official event that the club put together is a TED Talk screening in Woods Auditorium, on April 9, 7pm that’s about the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. The proceeds from the donations will go to the EDGA Foundation in Uganda which provides help to women and girls who have been in situations where rape has occurred. The club benefits our campus by being nationally recognized by the United Nations Organization in Washington, D.C. by using the hashtag #unauc at all of their events. To keep up to date on the club’s events, make sure to check your email and Squirrel Hub, look for posters, or even talk to a club officer.

Caroline Guchu is a junior studying communication.




veryone enjoys spending time with friends and going out to eat, but sometimes narrowing down a restaurant that everyone can agree on can be difficult, especially for those eating vegan and wanting more options than just salads. Luckily, there are several places in Lincoln that provide many delicious vegan options that are just as good, if not better, than the non-vegan ones. Although pizza usually isn’t the first food to come to mind when thinking of a vegan dish, it can still be an option. At Mellow Mushroom, you can order your pizza with vegan cheese and specify vegan crust or gluten free as well. In addition to their meat toppings, they also have tofu, tempeh and a wide variety of vegetable toppings as well, including avocado, caramelized onions, portobello mushrooms and sun-dried roasted tomatoes. With pizza, soup, calzones and salads, there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

AmuManu Ramen Bar is another place that has options for both vegan and meat-eaters alike. The small downtown restaurant is a favorite of many students; their reasonable prices and delicious options make it easy to see why. Some of their vegan options include spicy vegetable miso, vegetable dumplings and vegetable shoyu. There are also rice noodles available for those who are gluten free as well. Many customers enjoy their homemade cucumber lemonade with their meal. Although the ramen is pricier than the instant microwavable packets students are familiar with, the taste is definitely worth it. High Vibe Cafe is known for their juices and acai bowls. Unlike the other places in this article, High Vibe Cafe has no tables or seating, only an area to order and a pick-up window. The graband-go style of their cafe is perfect for grabbing a quick and nutritious snack. Their juices contain only fruit and/ or vegetables and a small amount of coconut water. They also sell oatmeal bowls with your choice of toppings.

Issara Modern Asian Cuisine was started by the owners and managers of Blue Orchid when they wanted to offer more than just Thai food.

Some of their vegan options include spicy vegetable miso, vegetable dumplings and vegetable shoyu.

At Issara, they offer Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai options to choose from. Although their dinner menu is pricier, many of the dishes on their lunch menu can be purchased for under $12.

Try ramen reimagined at AmuManu Ramen PC: Kayla Potts

help make suggestions to help you get a wonderful vegan meal. Some of their vegetarian options include tom yum soup, green curry fried rice, pad thai,and khao soi.

They offer many vegetarian options that can easily be made vegan, including one of their desserts: sticky rice with mango. They suggest that when visiting, to inform their servers and they can can

Amanda McCarter is a junior studying biomedical science.




ylia Capote attended Union College until Spring 2017, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in elementary education.

She grew up in Oshawa, Ontario, and now lives in Abilene, Texas working as the head teacher at the Abilene Junior Academy. She took a trip to Argentina in 2011 in order to learn about their English as a second language program. Melissa Ratter: What is your favorite memory from Union College? Xylia Capote: It would have to be teaching art at Skyview Learning Academy. Close to the end of the year, I had the kids make totem poles and a couple of my students had some Native American in their blood. It was great seeing them connect with the lesson and making it their own.

attribute that to three factors: seeking experience, having an open mind and taking advantage of the resources Union has. MR: What were the types of resources you used at Union to help you find a job? XC: I don't know about the other departments but the education department gives its students opportunities to meet potential employers all throughout their time at Union, and by senior year you could be on a first name basis with your next boss through the pizza feed and other events. Another opportunity that every Union student is the Career Center. Teresa helped me a lot with my cover letter and resume.

“ This is something I would never have found if I weren't willing to look into unknown territory.

“ MR: What do you think you did differently than others in order to land a job?

PC: Xylia Capote

MR: What was your experience like getting a job after you graduated? XC: Finding a job wasn't too bad. I knew by February where I was going. I

XC: Having an open mind really helped me get my job. A lot of my classmates were looking for a specific grade or location to find a job which limits your options. I wasn't tied to either a grade or a location and that landed me a teaching job in a oneroom school in the heart of Texas. Yes, I'm the only teacher and it can be overwhelming but I love it! This is something I would never have found

PC: Xylia Capote

if I weren't willing to research into unknown territory. MR: What’s your graduating seniors?



XC: Being proactive is a tremendous benefit. It not only helps you learn but it often leaves a positive impression. Once you leave a good impression you have found a new person you can add to your reference list. Most of my jobs and volunteer experiences from high school and college were things that could apply to elementary education or at least get me into contact with other teachers that I could learn from. Not everyone can task force, working the children's department of a church or teach a class one a week, but there is something out there to help you get your foot in the door.

Melissa Ratter is a senior studying language arts education.




legant, refined, organic and mystical: descriptors of the Art Nouveau style. When most people think of this style, they think of Alphonse Mucha or Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Although their contributions to the movement are important, the pioneers of the movement included two sisters from Glasgow, Scotland. Margaret and Frances MacDonald were both born, raised and educated in Glasgow by an upper-middle-class family. Margaret entered the Glasgow School of Art in 1884, Frances joining her in 1890. It was here that the sisters trained to become professional artists. At Glasgow School of Art, the sisters met their classmates Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Herbert MacNair. They became friends, forming a group called the Glasgow Four. Here, the group experienced Art Nouveau as it was taking shape. Inspiration came from Celtic spirituality and Victorian Puritanism. They created graphic works that included elongated forms and silhouettes. Their color palettes were light, metallic, and neutral. The inspiration and palette, together, empowered them to create mystical and ethereal compositions that were groundbreaking at the time.

“ They were artistic powerhouses.

Approaching their graduation from school, the sisters opened up a studio. Together, they produced a large number of works that not only included commercial works like posters and advertisements, but also pieces of fine art and craftworks like watercolors, metalwork and textiles. They were artistic powerhouses that knew how to work together in harmony. They often would cosign works and present their pieces together across Europe. An excellent example of their commercial work is their poster for the Glasgow School of Art. Two long feminine figures create a vertical line in the design. They have geometric attributes in their features. This creates a sense of androgyny in nature. However, they, along with other parts of the design, are in perfect symmetry. There is a definite sense of the Art Nouveau style with it’s organic and plant-like forms around the figures. However, the sisters’ harmonious relationship changed and they drifted apart, Frances marrying Herbert and moving to Liverpool and Margaret remaining in Glasgow after marrying Charles. They remained like this until 1900 when they found themselves being brought together once again. The Glasgow Four were invited to exhibit their respective pieces together in Vienna, where they found huge success and sold all of their works before going their separate ways again. Still, I come back to the MacDonald sisters and their art. They were half of a core group that helped further a major art movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I can’t help but notice a distinctive feminine, yet powerful imprint upon the movement that the sisters may have influenced. The famous artist Gustav Klimt, during the 1900 Vienna Secession

Glasgow School of Art Poster by Frances Macdonald, Margaret Macdonald, J. Herbert McNair (1885) | PC: MCAD Library

Exhibition, became enchanted with the sister’s work and is said to have been influenced by them and the rest of the Glasgow Four. This goes to show that even behind the famous artists in art history we can find male and female artists that inspired them to create greatness.

Cameron Cizek is a junior studying computing.





WE ASK HUMANS OF UNION COLLEGE, WHAT'S YOUR BEST ADVICE FOR STUDYING FOR FINALS? Always keep up with your classes. Do the reading and study little bits through the week. Then when you study, it is more of a review than cramming the week before. - Alex Armstrong

Do whatever you know helps you focus best. Whether that be studying with a big group, small group, or alone. Eat well and drink lots of water! And make sure to get enough sleep! - Ivy Arreguin

Time yourself when studying. Set alarms that allows you to study and then take a 5-10 minute break. Also get enough food and sleep. You’ll have a harder time remembering what you studied if you stay up too late. - Amber Fellers

Allow yourself to get enough sleep... not that I do that. - Logan Kennedy

Try studying while exercising cause it helps you retain information faster. - Alyssa Mather I would say study early, little by little. It is much easier to study for finals 20 minutes a day than studying long hours a day or two before finals. - Gemedi Bakuto

Divide the material to be covered before finals and commit to studying a little bit everyday so that the night before finals, you're not studying new material but instead reviewing it! - Salem Ndaissala I would say make sure you review all the material from this past semester and don't stress out. Most importantly pray to God for Him to help you remember it all. - Michael Amankwaa


HOUC is compiled by Mike Ayala.

nion College is completely different than all the other colleges I’ve visited and it’s because of the people. Here at Union College there is a community feeling where everyone knows each other and generally everyone deeply cares for one another as well. No matter where you go you’re going to find people that have similar interests as you. Personally, that group of people for me is our gymnastics team and joining gymnastics was like joining a second family. The people there really care about everyone on the team and everyone wants the best for each other. Now gymnastics may not be for everyone but there is going to be a group for you that you will feel connected to. Whether its band, choir, art or sports there is a group for you and they’re going to embrace you as a member of their family.

Cesar Grijalva is a sophomore international relations student.



INHERENT LONELINESS o you ever experience a deep, heavy longing that seems to eat away at your heart?

Oftentimes, the emotions that bleed out from its existence are so deep and so real that words fail to describe them adequately. What is it that you are craving so desperately in those moments? Have you ever stopped to think about it? About five years ago I encountered a perspective that radically changed how I saw God, myself and those around me. It can be summarized like this: the deepest desire of every human heart is to be fully known, fully accepted and fully loved.

It's an unfortunate reality that, although we keenly hope for the best possible rendition of love in our lives, we're too often violated by those we love and we go on to violate those around us. If we're honest with ourselves, we're bankrupt of true love, unable to fully live up to the high and noble picture of what it should really look like. Instead, our hearts are hurting, the hearts of everyone around us are hurting, and the sure result is relational violations of all kinds. Hurt people hurt people.

Our hearts ache for an authentic, trusting relationship, but our relationships often fall far short of that ideal.

But how often we have been hurt by those who claim to love us—friends and family, those who we dared to trust? The very word can bring with it miserable heartache and open up traumatic wounds. Indeed, the word "love" in our culture has become so trite and meaningless, relegated to the monotony of the next pop song and tainted with the blight of our broken relationships.

and it's what our hearts crave in our most anguishing moments.

Let it ring throughout eternity that you are perfectly known, perfectly accepted and perfectly loved.


PC: Ron Smith,

Maybe what we really need is a purity of love that is unfailing. It appears that human hearts cannot manufacture it, for if we could, wouldn't life be better and wouldn't history have different stories to tell? But here we are, broken, restless, the void in our hearts keeping us awake at night yearning to be filled. Where can we find this love? And does it even exist? The unfailing love we so long for has its beginning and end in the heart of the One who is the very source and definition of it. God is love and we are made in His image (1 John 4:7, 8; Genesis 1:27). We were created to experience the joy and ecstasy of giving and receiving unfailing love

Unfortunately, this life is one full of loss; it's inherently lonely. We lose friends and family through distance, death and a myriad of other circumstances, and we also sustain deep wounds from those who violate us. Our hearts ache for an authentic, trusting relationship, but our relationships often fall far short of that ideal. In the words of the poet Sylvia Plath, "Yes, there is joy, fulfillment and companionship — but the loneliness of the soul in its appalling self-consciousness, is horrible and overpowering." It's only in Jesus, God manifest in the flesh, that we find the relief to our inherent loneliness. Only the Author of love itself can satisfy. Let it ring throughout eternity that you're perfectly known, perfectly accepted and perfectly loved. You're not alone. Let Him love you. Kukil, Karen V. The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath, 1950–1962. Anchor Books, 2000.

Sean O'Brien is a senior studying computing.




YOU HEARD IT HERE LAST he “Greatest of All Time” discussion is one of the most interesting (and frustrating) in the world of sports.

The most difficult and heated comparison is that of LeBron vs. Jordan. No question has divided sports fans (and often generations) more than that of which player is truly greater. And barring some sort of wild dropoff to end his career, I will argue for LeBron until I’m blue in the face. Yes, MJ won all six of his Finals appearances. MJ was (probably) more clutch in the biggest moments. And yes, he was a better pure scorer. But that’s where his superior qualities end. LeBron James is (by far) a more efficient scorer and a better passer, driver and finisher, rebounder, defender and teammate.

Michael Jordan v. LeBron James | PC:

Insert the typical Jordan fan, who would undoubtedly bring up the discrepancy in finals appearances/ wins between the two. My counterargument is that a) Jordan never faced a team in the Finals that was incredible (like LeBron has with the Spurs and Warriors), and b) Jordan had an alltime great coach in Phil Jackson, whereas LeBron’s best coach was Erik Spoelstra (who is a good coach, don’t get me wrong, but he wasn’t sure how

to use Lebron James for over a year after his acquisition).

and were one game away from making the Eastern Conference Finals.

In contrast, once LeBron left the Cavs, they finished dead last in the East, missed the playoffs and in fact finished only two games ahead of last place in the league. When he left the Heat in 2014, they missed the playoffs as well, even though they still had Spoelstra, Wade and an albeit injured Bosh.

And while LeBron did abandon the Cavs, Jordan may have done the same thing if put in a similar situation.


The Jordan fan would likely debate me on the discrepancy of teams faced, and I would point out that Jordan was part of a 72 win team, whereas LeBron managed to beat a team that had 73 wins. According to 538, a subsidiary of ESPN which deals with advanced statistics, the worst team LeBron has faced in a finals series was better than three of the six of the teams Jordan faced in his finals trips. Another way to look at this is that the worst team LeBron faced is about as good as the average team Jordan faced. Perhaps here's where the Jordan fan would assert that LeBron has had to seek out so-called “super-teams” while Jordan remained loyal to the Bulls. And while LeBron did abandon the Cavs, Jordan may have done the same thing if put in a similar situation. Jordan not only had a great coach, but got to play alongside Scottie Pippen (who is easily a top 50 player all time) for essentially his whole career. When Jordan took his first retirement from basketball, the Bulls finished at 55-27, made the playoffs,

So the argument that LeBron has done less with better teams is invalid. He's actually carried teams that had no business being in contention on deep playoff runs. He has an innate ability to make those around him significantly better. The last argument I often hear is that LeBron isn't clutch in the biggest moments. And while Jordan never lost in the Finals, LeBron has yet to lose in the first round of the playoffs (something Jordan’s teams did three times). LeBron may not be as good in the Finals, but he is certainly better at getting there.


[ continued on page 12 ]




few semesters ago, we had a dryer in the girls dorm that would no longer accept coins but would still run if the ‘start’ button was pressed. Because of this mechanical glitch (aka a poor college student’s saving grace), that dryer was in high demand. Girls knew about it but had to keep it hush hush because we didn’t want it to get fixed. We also didn’t want the dryer to get to a point where so many people were using it that none of us could. Someone would finish a load, and minutes later the dryer would be running again. It was literally a never-ending cycle for the dryer.

numerous other end-of-the-semester responsibilities, and I didn’t even have the interview for the article. After doing everything I could, I broke down. I felt defeated and at my wit’s end. It was gone. Fortunately, I was able to call my dad and my editor and we got it worked out. Unfortunately, the interview was lost, but there were alternative routes I could take. This morning when I woke up, I reflected on the experience: my feelings about it then, how I reacted and what I can do now with a clear mind.

The stress of the semester may be getting to you, but spending time stretching and exercising your spiritual body is vital!

I think you can spare ten minutes, because how else is a sinner supposed to find his or her Maker?

We have tests on top of assignments on top of presentations on top of more tests, plus that group project that nobody wants to do but is necessary for a reason beyond understanding.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matt. 6:33) “[Blessed is the one] whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night.” (Ps. 1:2)

Every time we think the cycle is over, another one begins, and soon enough it’s load after load, leaving us exhausted and overheated.

I rushed off to class and he prepared for his next meeting. Later, when I sat down to write, the interview was gone. I had limited time to get the article in, on top of school work and the

He talked about the peace he has in his life and decisions, as well as how he's training and stretching his brain every day. He exercises his spiritual body daily, just as we understand Jesus did.

And it doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It just has to be sincere. So maybe today, you can join me and Pastor Rich as we spend quiet time in the Word and reflect on the words on the page in front of you.

I don’t know about you, but I most definitely feel like that dryer sometimes. I’m especially feeling it at this point in the semester. We have a month of school left, but that’s not enough time because it’s just go-go-go until Wednesday of finals week.

Yesterday, I experienced my own set of frustrations in relation to deadlines and technology. I interviewed Pastor Rich for my next article and we were able to talk for 20 minutes while I recorded the conversation.

His methods are simple: he reads the scripture, commits quiet time to it and truly meditates on it. He mulls it over in his mind in the quiet. Notice I said quiet. No music, no noise, it’s just him pondering the scripture, questioning the passage and looking at it from different perspectives.

“Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him.” (Ps. 62:1) Devotions can help keep a smile on your face PC: Kayla Potts

Then something popped into my mind. During my interview with Pastor Rich, he talked about his devotion to setting aside time to memorize and meditate on scripture. He stated that he has experienced only positive change from this small adjustment he made to his life.

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” (Mark 1:35)

Kasondra Reel is a senior studying nursing.




[ continued from page 10 ] any way). I would bet that when it’s all said and done, he gets at least a couple more rings. Here’s the ultimate question that I think settled any debate in my mind: if you had to put together a starting five all in their primes to compete against someone else’s for a million dollars, and you got the first pick in the draft, who would you choose?

But LeBron isn't done yet.

I would pick LeBron every single time. I’m sure my opponent would immediately pick MJ with a smile on their face.

Additionally, LeBron actually has more go-ahead shots in the last ten seconds of playoff games than Jordan did. So the notion that LeBron is not “clutch” is false.

Don't miss out on extra income, resume experience, and awesome staff perks!

But I wouldn’t flinch. Because in a five on five game of basketball, nobody is, has been or ever will be a better (or greater) player than LeBron James.

To finish up, I do realize that 6>3 and in terms of the debate of “greatness” it seems that championships trump all. But LeBron isn’t done yet (in fact, this season is becoming one of his best, and at age 33, he seems to somehow not be slowing down in

For more information email:

Tyler Dean is a junior studying business administration.


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