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CLM Health & Fitness Newsletter Welcome to our new look

Trainers Tip - Seated Row

newsletter. Being the 1st issue of the new year we thought it was time to change things up abit with a different look. I hope all of you are well and managed to get some quality R & R in between all the rain, lightning and thunder we had over the holiday period.

This issue • • • • • • •

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Target Muscles • • • •

Latissimus Dorsi Trapezius Rhomboids Biceps

Key Points • • • • •

Sit Tall Lean back Pull handles to stomach Squeeze Shldr blades Breath out as you pull back

Nutrition - Garden Salad

Theres nothing like a garden fresh salad on a warm summers evening. That crispy crunch of freshly picked lettuce and tomatos bursting with homegrown flavours. Yummm! If you don’t have your own garden get down to the growers market on a saturday morning and take your pick from the best of what northlands growers provide.

Trainer Profile - Davey Mullins Hey, I’m David Mullan. I was brought up in a quiet town called Waihi before I moved up to Northland to live in both Dargaville and Whangarei. Sport has and always will be a huge part of my life.

I have played almost every sport you can think of from rugby and golf to under water hockey and lawn bowls. Health and Fitness is key to living a great life not just physically but in all holistic aspects of life. This is why im drawn to a career in the sports and fitness industry. When im not working I love to go to the beach and just surf and relax in the sun. A wise man once said “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

Member of the Month - Waltraud Mittmann Waltraud sailed to NZ from Europe in a 28 - foot steel yacht in 1986. Upon arrival she bought a block of land at Mount Tiger and started 2 nurseries selling cacti and succulents and unusual edibles and heirloom seeds.

and decided to join the gym .

In 2004 she was involved in a car accident which severly damaged her lower body. Waltraud has rods in both femurs, several plates and numerous screws holding it all together, but what really keeps her together is her unwavering determination to heal and repair herself. She joined the pool for rehab (the hydro pool wasn’t built then) and in 2006 she was fit enough to walk with crutches

What motivates you? Looking back to last year or the year before and seeing that gym and pool DO make a difference to my physical abilities. And noticing that if I do not go 3 times a week (missed some days over Xmas due to the facility being closed) I do get quite stiff . I’m looking forward to the aquaerobics starting again next week!

Why do you train? Because I want to walk without crutches again – getting a bit impatient after 7 years!

Whats on @ the WAC Scrapbook

Our next challenge is kicking off on the 13th of Feburary. This is a great opportunity to get your new years W8 loss underway with a programme that has a proven formula. For more details check out http://www.

Wipeout day at the Pools

Final Note Ed n Jase on the big tyre

Stealtrider is up and rolling and keeping you all on your toe’s. We’re currently running Mon (pm), Tue (pm) and Wed (am) classes. Check out the full timetable here http:// w w w. cl m n z . co . n z / wh a n ga rei / gym/25/

Drill Sargent Mo has got the troops going again in 2012. 3 x a week the troopers are out there sweating and cursing, huffing and puffing all in the name of becoming fitter , stronger n faster. For more details check out whangarei/gym/49/

Joe smashing the laps

We are running a Special on gym memberships at the moment - Pay for 12 months Get 14 and pay for 6 months get 7 months. A great opportunity to get yourself a free month or 2 added on. This applys for rejoins as well. A thought to leave you with - Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbours and let each new year find you a better man - Benjamin Franklin

January Newsletter  

CLM Health & Fitness Whangarei January Edition

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